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1 : Anonymous2021/06/21 17:00 ID: o4zuvr
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2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 02:05 ID: h2u8jx9

Is final fantasy tactics a good way to get into the tactics/strategy style of genre? Ive never played a tactics style game before.

ID: h2uayct

Sure! The mechanics are a little dense, but heck, that's kind of a staple of the genre. FF Tactics, Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Vandal Hearts... They're all good 16 and 32-bit starting points. From there, things like Disgaea and X-Com can involve more variables and complexity.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/22 08:20 ID: h2mq2gh

Does anyone have any good recommendations for some more unconventional challenge runs?

For context, I've just finished a FFXII TZA NG- randomizer run with some pretty gnarly variance and have have done a bunch of "Solo" and Low Level runs for plenty of entries. Really I'm just looking for something new. I was thinking about FFVIII No Junction since that's so integral to the battle system, or maybe something from FFIX like an Attack Only run I saw online. Really I'm open to any suggestions from all throughout the series that I may be more unfamiliar with. There are only so many low level runs I can do lol.

Also as a side note, I'm not really interested in any challenge runs FFVII related at the moment. I've just been a bit FFVII'ed out for the time being and am looking for something different. So please go crazy with recommendations and I would love to hear from some people. Older titles, newer entries, spin offs, vaguely connected FF media, or FF adjacent franchises, go nuts.

ID: h2ogzat

FFVI: fewest steps; natural magic only; no healing (except what the game forces upon you)

FFTactics: double dare (2 characters only, each has 2 jobs only)

FFVIII: Magic only (the only commands you can use in battle are Magic and Draw)

FFXIII: mandatory fights only; one stage behind; 5-star all missions at stage 9; 5-star all missions at stage 8

ID: h2nikax

You could always try the classic all white mage party in FF1. Or try your hand at doing a single character run in that game.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:43 ID: h2vu8xf

Does Type-0 make extensive use of the Fal’Cie/L’Cie concepts? I enjoyed that part of XIII’s lore and want more of it, and I understand that they exist in Type-0 and in the distant background of XV’s lore. I’m just curious if they actually have much importance in them

ID: h2zqpvs

The l'Cie and fal'Cie appear in Type-0, but they're a bit different than in XIII. The main characters aren't l'Cie like they are in XIII. Most of the l'Cie are side characters who only make brief appearances (although they're still pretty important to the plot). The fal'Cie are the four crystals that reside in each of the four warring kingdoms, and they don't seem to be as sentient as the ones in XIII. You'll still get these concepts in the game, but they won't get as much focus.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 17:45 ID: h2wqgmc

With summer sale 2021 here.
Thinking of picking up ff 8.
But there are two versions. O.G. and a remaster. I was planning on modding the o.g. one.
Would it just make more sense to get the remaster to avoid the headaches.

ID: h2zq0u0

I'd go with the remaster. The two versions are identical except for the improved renderings in the remaster. The port of the original wasn't great either, and the remaster improved on that. You can definitely mod the original, but you can mod the remaster too and just save some time.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 20:10 ID: h2x9xyo

How good does Type-O runs nowadays? Or are the negative reviews are people who have low end PC.. Thinking of picking this up for Steam Summer sale but have heard of how badly (supposedly) it was optimised

7 : Anonymous2021/06/25 02:21 ID: h2y8jkq

Alright, I'm planning on getting the FF7 remake on PS4 secondhand (can't afford a PS5 at the moment). Just as a background, I have never played any Final Fantasy game ever, and most of the information that I know about the game is mostly miscallanious details that I've obtained from random Kingdom Hearts videos, Smash Bros trivia (like I know the names of the characters that were included in that game as spirits), and a few plot points (I've been spoiled to death about the fact that Aerith dies, albiet I know it won't happen in the remake because they haven't made that part yet)

As a general gaming background, I'm fairly new to the JRPG scene, as my first true JRPG experence was Persona 5 about a year and a half ago as well as Persona 5 Royal, so just as a beginning introduction to Final Fantasy, what would you advise me, a new player, to expect?

ID: h2ybyq7

first of all FF7R is just part 1, you won't get the full story of the orignal FF7, and there some theories that the game may not follow the original story so don't worry if you feel confused with the ending or have too many un-answered questions.

as for FF you have to go in knowing that each game is it's own thing in far too many ways, Final Fantasy is an anthology not a saga each game provide a different experince, and unlike other franchises like Pokemon or Persona where you have baseline on what to expect with each game FF provide a different experince in every aspect (from gameplay to story).

to give you a example, (the scenes are from events that happen early in the game so don't worry about spoiler, i use them for visual represantation in this example):

Final Fantasy 9:

a game more adventure like, with a colorful cast of characters who set into a journey trying to uncover something that is happeing in the world, with a lots of happy and sad moments. gameplay wise it's ATB (which is more active take on turn base combat), and character learn abilities based on their weapon/armor. it's main criticisms are: the combat is quite slow and the cartoonish art styles makes many people question the qualty of the game (like Wind Waker).

Final Fantasy 10:

a somber story set in a world where the threat of dead is constant people cling to religion and faith in other to find peace, a lot of personal grow and overall an emotional journey. gameplay wise it's a full turn base RPG it's main criticisms are: the voice action and the game can be a bit linear.

Final Fantasy 12:

a more grounded story, there a mayor focus on political intrigue and war, it's far less of an emotional journey and more about duty. gameplay: it plays closer to a MMO but not quite there yet. criticisms: the main character Vaan is not the driving force of the story he is more of "point of view" of the story for the player, the story can be a bit boring if you are not into more serious/normal stuff.

Final Fantasy 14:

it's a MMO... never played but this is how different each FF is, I choose that cinematic because it show more aspects of the world than the other cinematics.

Final Fantasy 15:

a story far more personal if anything else, there a lot of focus in the strong bonds of brotherhood and duty between main party. gameplay: it's a basic an action game (or average), not really hard but it's mechanics are not all that intuitive. critisims: the first half is quite slow not thing really big happen, and first and biggest complain is how the story was divided, you need to watch this movie (try netflix) and anime (free on youtube) first and get the Royal Edition or Windows Edition which have most DLCs you will need them.

that's how different each FF game can be and that's only from main titles, side games and spin off are more experimental, even FF7R and FF15 which are the only main games (for now at least) to be action game have way different gameplay.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/23 19:43 ID: h2sy8c7

Does anyone know if FF 13-2 works on Steam? Planning to buy it soon, but after reading the reviews, afraid it might be unplayable.

ID: h2t23n5

Honestly, the best way to know is try. There's one series of GPU's it performs very badly on, but I don't remember which one it is. Worked fine for me though, for reference (that was on gtx 970). There's always the refund if it's not okay.

If XIII worked fine for you, it's just about as likely to work.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/21 17:40 ID: h2k5mwq

How do I force myself to actually finish the Midgar portion of FFVII (the original)?

ID: h2kih9u

This section of the game isn't particularly hard, so, just push ahead as quickly as you can. Buy new equipment when applicable, but you should get a decent amount of materia just from exploring and what not, so that can be a secondary purchase thing. To me, the first really cool "action set piece" occurs as you're finishing up with Midgar, and if that doesn't grip you, well, maybe FF7 original just isn't for you! No shame in that, we all like different things.

ID: h2khlep

It’s not very long, and if you’re playing the modern versions you can use the x3 speed or invincibility cheats to make it more tolerable

ID: h2llrci

Immediately after midgar you get a dive into clouds past with a sephiroth and tifa cameo in it. Not too long after that part you get to come across a fan favorite character, yuffie (through a wild encounter after you cross a certain cave via chocobo). Those are just some of the immediate things after midgar. But like the other user said, if that doesn't fuel you to want to continue then maybe ff7 og isn't for you and it's perfectly fine

ID: h2thpkt

Just tell remind yourself that there's a whole world to explore outide Midgar. And Midgar should only take a couple of hours to get through anyways, it's not that long of a section. What part are you at exactly?

10 : Anonymous2021/06/22 00:42 ID: h2lm5mu

FF6 on the GBA. I just finished the Jidoo

/Opera House area. Roughly how far am I into the game percentage-wise?

ID: h2lw6fl

Hm, maybe about 25 to 30 percent? The game has a very obvious half-way point. For this next part, you'll learn how important attacks that ignore physical defense are - attack magic, Edgar's Drill and Flash, Sabin's Blitz, Cyan's first SwordTech / Bushido, and so on.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/22 13:50 ID: h2ngkqj

I re-played FF XV recently and was wondering if there are any other FF games that have the same/similar game mechanic as XV

ID: h2ni32h

You'll have to specify what you mean by game mechanic?

ID: h2thegv

No, there aren't ff15 was the first to use pure action combat. Every mainline entry before was some kind of turn-based/ATB system. Type-0 has action combat, but it is not open world and the battles take place on a separate screen.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/22 15:05 ID: h2npvbl


ID: h2o0p1a

At this point in the game, yes, you're mostly understanding things correctly. Some things will change as you proceed, though - the narrative of FF7 is intentionally muddy, because you're playing from Cloud's perspective.

ID: h2ou22y

Removed this until you get the spoilers fixed. Thanks for at least trying to put them in though.

ID: h2nxqqb


13 : Anonymous2021/06/23 07:09 ID: h2qsc42

Question about final fantasy 4 on psp

So up until 5 hours in I swear the first character in the order was the one i could see when moving around but afterwards it became the second character in the order? Is this a bug or was I not paying attention the first 5 hours??

ID: h2quuvq

if I recall correctly, you can change what character sprite is show in the over world in two ways:

pressin L or R (I think) switching your party order.
14 : Anonymous2021/06/23 14:00 ID: h2roey2

Is there any way to get notified if the ff games go on sale for switch again?

ID: h2s0hd9

A quick Google search reveals this site. Alternatively, Steam has a built-in wish list feature, and there is PS Deals for Sony systems - Typically, the games are discounted on all platforms at once, or close in time to one another.

ID: h2vu1c3

I get emails from Nintendo often when things on my eShop wish list go on sale. I’m not sure unfortunately how to set that up, but it might be worth looking into if you can find out

15 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:43 ID: h2sqeew

Which Final Fantasy game should I play if I loved FF7R?

ID: h2t8tms

that depents on what you loved about FF7R, gameplay or story and why, each FF offers a different kind of experinces (read this for a small example).

and aswell of how tolerant you are to old games.

ID: h2th219

Have you tried the original ff7? You get the complete story with that game, and it has the same story, lore and atmosphere. 13 has sort of the same kind of cyber-punk feel and a great story with lots of mythology behind it, in my opinion at least.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/24 19:49 ID: h2x71rd

Did we ever get an intermission discussion thread? That’d be cool. Just beat it and I wanna know what others think.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:26 ID: h30mfc4

Has the multiplayer in Crystal Chronicles Remastered been fixed at all? I know on release it was handled very badly, just wondering if they've made an effort to fix it, and if so, what changes have been made?

18 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:34 ID: h30nht2

I'm going to get back into Final Fantasy XV, and am wondering if anyone could recommend a gameplay guide that has minimal spoilers, but can help me make sure I'm not hamstringing myself as far as game mechanics, missable items, etc.

ID: h31lxpp

There's really not too much to the game mechanics and almost no missable items (the only one I know of is in post game content), so I'd say you don't really need one. If you nevertheless want one on the other hand, I'm sure someone else can recommend one.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/25 21:34 ID: h31i9yo

I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 6 and just got to the floating island or continent (can't remember its name). So I was just wondering about how long is left in the game?

ID: h34zo2b

You are roughly halfway.

ID: h357kiv

More than you think.

20 : Anonymous2021/06/26 21:06 ID: h358mah

Any thoughts on what the individual pricing for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters of FF I-VI might be and if they’ll come out all at once or on separate dates?

I’m guessing $9.99/ea with one title released a month.

21 : Anonymous2021/06/25 21:34 ID: h31i909

What other rpgs would a die hard ff7 fan enjoy? Other than kingdom hearts I can't seem to find one that keeps my interest enough.

ID: h31qw3y

what other RPGs have you tried? are you looking for FF related or any RPG (or just JRPG)


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