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1 : Anonymous2021/07/05 17:00 ID: oebi4a
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2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 09:45 ID: h4kow1o

On the off-chance that someone sees this:

I'm looking to get into FF and from what I can see, most people agree that 6 was one of the high points in the series. So which version would be better, the SNES version or the GBA? I do have a modded GBA with backlighting if that makes any difference

ID: h4krrp3

There are pros and cons to both versions. The SNES version has a pretty bad translation and the GBA version has lower sound quality and slightly lower image quality. It's also worth noting that the GBA version has a little bit of extra end-game content, but nothing that's really necessary, especially for somebody new to the series. Personally, the lower sound and image quality isn't even hardly noticeable, so I normally would recommend the GBA version.

That being said, I should mention that FFI-VI are all getting pixel remasters this year for mobile and Steam. While we don't know exactly how these remasters are going to turn out, we do know that they appear to be very faithful to the original, but with better translation, remade sprites, remade music, and some QoL features like auto-battle and a bestiary. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you don't mind a little bit of waiting, the pixel remaster for VI is set to release sometime this fall.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/11 08:27 ID: h4sgipv

The Pixel Remastered titles of the first six games.

I literally cannot find any opinion on them, not on TvTropes, not on this subreddit, nowhere.

(One would assume there would be a stickied discussion thread towards the announcement?)

I mean, I've heard some people praise the idea, but I'd just like to know what the general consensus is on it.

Are the general opinions leaning more towards "Love it" or "Hate it?

ID: h4sk64i

There's been a lot of discussion about them on this sub, and the general opinion is very mixed. Some people really like it, some people really don't, and many people aren't sure what to think until they actually know more about them. However, I will say that most of the complaints from people that don't like it are more about the details than they are about the remasters themselves. For example, by far the most common complaint is "Why isn't this coming to Switch/PS4?" There have also been some complaints about the pricing, the apparent lack of some, if not all, of the additional content from the GBA/PSP versions, and the decision to base the sprites off of the originals rather than make them look like the PSP versions, but otherwise, I think the reception for the games themselves has been mostly warm.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/05 17:04 ID: h458yjp

How do you defeat the Yans in FF9? I am level 40-45 and they are just wrecking me because comet is op

ID: h49xo9v

Get it to fall asleep then use an instant death ability. Zidane's Soulblade, Amaranth's Countdown work very well for that.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/07 13:35 ID: h4cops7

I purchased FF 7, 8, 9, and the 10/10-2 remaster on Nintendo Switch when those were on sale back in March-April.

After beating FF7 and currently 14 hours into FF8 (fully learned all GP abilities and got a ton of magic in triple tirade/card mod - all before the SeeD Exam... yeah I take grinding very seriously lol) I'm now considering either:

Purchasing Final Fantasy 12, 13, 13-2, 13-3, and 15 on Steam (alongside the pixel remasters when they arrive). They're all currently on sale.


Purchasing Final Fantasy 14 and playing my first MMORPG (haven't really looked into expansion packs)

I really got hooked, and I'd really be interested in seeing if the other mainline titles are going to be worth my time and money vs the MMORPG. I understand many will say I could go either way, but I am concerned about getting into the MMO pretty late 7 years after it released. I also might not know much of the settings and characters since I didn't play the more modern titles (I remember this sub freaking out about male vieras and being confused at first since I didn't play 12 or tactics).

I understand all of the mainline series have their charm, and I hope I can get some guidance with my situation.

ID: h4hhceu

Since u have 10, play that, it's a great game and the one I'd always tell people to play if they're new to the series. I personally really like 12 and if u like grinding it's good. As for 14, I'd say to save it till the end unless u really want to play it since it's an mmo and basically has unlimited content

ID: h4cu49x

Ha, glad the series has its hooks in you!

So - Most people really like 12, but, it is different gameplay than 1 through 10. It's hard to explain, but most people like it, and especially the lore of the world and the game's plot and characters, so I think you're safe when it comes to that.

FF13, its sequels, and 15, are all very much more of a mixed bag. 15 honestly plays more like an open world action RPG to me, which isn't necessarily bad, but it's different enough that some people don't care for it much. For both, I think you can wait until you play through the other games, though. (FWIW, the games go on sale quite a bit - It was on sale in March, April and June already this year.)

FF14, I believe, has a free trial up to level 50. So, you can thoroughly test it out before you have to make any decision about paying money for it.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/10 11:19 ID: h4ow3kj

I last played FFXIV in March 2018 but I have a craving to play an MMO again so I've been thinking about re subscribing. However I have almost forgotten everything about the story of the MSQ and from what I can remember I have 2 jobs at 70 so I believe I'm somewhere in the Stormblood MSQ. Do you guys think if I do resub I can just catch up on the story to where I am again on the same character (and if so what is the best resource to use?) or is it best if I just start from scratch on a new character? Cheers.

ID: h4q250e

You can just look at your quest log in game to catch up. You can go to the inns in the major towns and re-watch the cinematics, too.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/11 19:05 ID: h4u4i3j

I'm playing ff1, gba version, just restored the earth crystal, got the airship, party level is 40s, and did the trials, am i strong enough for earthgift shrine bosses? Random enemies aren't giving me any issues. And same with the other optional dungeons if i want to tackle them right after each crystal?

ID: h4u4km1

Can y'all give me recommended levels for the other 3 ex dungeons?

8 : Anonymous2021/07/08 05:24 ID: h4fyc35

A couple months back, FF7R Was a free game on the PSPlus Sub. So i grabbed it and now i have FF7R on me for free. But the thing is, i never really experienced OG FF7. I finished 9 but never touched 7. Despite all that, i do know whos the villain, what happened to aerith on the OG FF7, The final boss fights. But never really expefienced the Journey itself.

Now, I've heard that FF7R is quite diff from the OG. With the whole Zack thing and everything. But i dont really know WHATS different. Like the little little minor details and stuff.

I know, you can probably enjoy FF7R as it is, but at this point, im probably contemplating on actually playing OG for the whole "Ohhh that's different from the Original" factor.

But the thing about FF7 is, since they're so popular, they also have ALOT of titles. I remember there's Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core and OG FF7.

In what way do you guys recommend playing FF7 ? FF7 and then Crisis Core ? Do i only need to play those two ?

Also, a side question. Is Intergrade/Intermission (?), not sure what the proper tittle is, Not on the PS4 ? If thats so then im also assuming the 2nd part of FF7R will be on the PS5 ?

ID: h4sgygz

Maybe it's just me personally, but I'm not too fond of tons of bells and whistles.

I'm perfectly happy with the original FF7

ID: h4gxzyl

You should play the OG if you're at all interested. The OG is enough, but if you feel like it you can play Crisis Core after it for some extra details, but it is by no means anything too major. Crisis Core is a prequel but designed to be played after the main game.

You could also wait until the new mobile game Ever Crisis is out, as it's meant to cover all the games + advent children's story, but there's no telling if it'll be a decent game or some pay to win crapfest. One option (that I'd recommend) would be to play the OG, then unless you're super into the universe, wait until Ever Crisis to get the extra stuff from the other games if it's any good. If you absolutely need to have more of the FFVII universe, you can of course play Crisis Core and even the other games, but they aren't that amazing especially after all these years. I did still personally enjoy Crisis Core though.

ID: h4hdnip

I think it's a great idea to play the original game in addition to the remake. As good as the remake is, it does change a lot of things about the story, so you're still getting something new by playing both the original and the remake.

The "correct" order to play everything is like this: 1) Final Fantasy VII, 2) Advent Children (movie), 3) Dirge of Cerberus, and 4) Crisis Core. I will point out that Dirge of Cerberus was not well-liked by many people, so it might be considered optional, but that's up to you (I personally enjoyed it).

If you really want to delve into the Final Fantasy VII universe, there's also a short story collection and a novel that takes place in it that you might be interested in.

ID: h4ihncu

I played OG just to be able to fully see, feel and understand What the remake was. I recommend to play OG first. It is a big phenomenal game with the best music in the series. Just the evolution of the OST to the Orchestra playing it on The remake is worth playing OG first. Enjoy

9 : Anonymous2021/07/08 23:54 ID: h4j8fdd

Playing through FFX for the first time and I'm lil lost on what to do about the Sphere grid. I spent like 3 days grinding on that bridge before the Seymor fight, and I "maxed" out each characters "line" so to speak. Now I just have lvl 3 locks blocking my way into another characters "tree". For example, right after Yuna gets Holy, past the lock is Rikku's tree, am I just supposed bust on in there and start learning her stuff? Same with Rikku, after Bribe is Lulu's stuff? There's still some nodes and skills way back that were blocked by lvl 3/4 locks, am I supposed to backtrack?

ID: h4jgwh9

Essentially, yes. Once you master that first "class," you can choose how to train your character further, via the use of the locks and other spheres.

Rikku can probably already heal pretty well, thanks to her item usage ability, so you might want to send her down Tidus' path. It'll add a lot of power to her stats, and IIRC, Tidus is the second fastest character, so that'll really juice her speed as well. The spellcasters and Auron, I normally send them through Rikku's path, so that they gain enough speed to actually be useful. (Although, to be honest, I'm usually just grinding Tidus, Rikku and Wakka for end game - Tidus and Wakka have the best combination of damage and speed, and Rikku works fine as a healer / utility character.)

ID: h4kr1g7

Just to clarify the other response a little bit, you are indeed meant to move into other characters' paths, but you don't necessarily need (or want, in some cases) to move directly into the next path. For example, Yuna doesn't really make the best use of Rikku's skills, but because of her high magic stats, she benefits greatly from having access to Lulu's black magic skills. Ideally, you should have a few teleport spheres, friend spheres, and other special spheres to help you move some of the characters around a bit or to give them access to certain abilities you think would be useful. That being said, if you don't have those resources, or if you don't really have any specific plans for some of the characters, you're absolutely fine to just move them on to the next path.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/10 13:58 ID: h4p9y4w

I've found a first print FFX/X2 HD Remaster for PS3 is this rare? Please reply as quickly as possible!

ID: h4pb9tj

Not really. It's akin to like a Day 1 Edition and just comes with a single use code for Lightning Returns DLC. I wouldn't pay any more for it than any other PS3 copy of that collection

11 : Anonymous2021/07/07 13:58 ID: h4cre3r

Best way to play ff5 and possibly what to use to speed up gameplay. So most likely emulators

ID: h4gdo8p

The gba version is the best, hands down. I don't care for the sprites on mobile/steam. Or the pixelated remasters. But the steam version isnt terrible and it has all of the features.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 06:57 ID: h4ke1m9

Why does Lightning punch people? She just started punching Snow twice for, well, kind of no reason other than a philosophical disagreement, punching people isn't nice.

ID: h4q2r59

Who said she was nice?

ID: h4l8qtp

She blames Snow for everything that went wrong, plus she does not approve of him and Sarah's relationship.


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