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1 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:01 ID: oni88c
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2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:28 ID: h624hcj

Just going to star FF X HD, which type of sphere grid is better to choose for a complete newbie in Final Fantasy games? ( there are two options, basic and advanced)

ID: h62gnfw

For a complete newbie, the basic sphere grid would be better since it puts each character in a set section and you follow a path (Yuna learns White Magic, Lulu learns Black Magic, etc.). It's generally easier to follow this as you're learning how it works.

The expert sphere grid isn't too difficult, but it does open everything else up much earlier. So you might easily get lost and learn things you might not want by mistake.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/19 20:03 ID: h5silm3

My brother said that a Final Fantasy game got revamped and is getting popular again. Does anyone know which entry in the FF series he is referring to? Thanks.

ID: h5sm1bo

Pretty sure he's talking about FF7 Remake. And why don't you just ask him?

4 : Anonymous2021/07/19 20:08 ID: h5sj807

Soooo.. I was so bored at work I thought, " I made up a Final Fantasy setting(characters and starting story). It's was just so much fun coming up with these. I'm just not sure if I would be violating any rules if I posted it. It's my first time making content in reddit. I'd love to get your advice!

ID: h5t156i

Doesn't violate any rules assuming it's directly FF related and not just inspired. For more freeform writing stuff I'd check different writing subs.

ID: h5t2vz0

I think we'd be OK with this.

If you post a link to another website hosting the story where people might buy more. We may remove it for self promotion. I'd post the story directly to Reddit to avoid that.

If the story contains anything offensive like racism (outside it being a story mechanic, like Al Bhed hate, then we might remove it then.

Outside of that you should be OK. Tag for spoilers if it contains any.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/19 21:21 ID: h5stezw

Do you think Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is overpriced?

ID: h5txd0g

Not at all. 6 games for $90 (or $76 if you get all of them at once) is more than fair, especially when you consider all the work that went into remastering each of them plus the fact that we already know they're all going to be super fun to play through.

I think people are just spoiled by all the cheap games they can get on steam for next to nothing, and so there's an expectation that all games should be like that. But the reality is that video game prices in general are the lowest they've ever been. Chrono Trigger and Earthbound were like $70 each when they were originally released. Adjust for inflation and that's over $100 per game in today's dollars.

ID: h5vdfh9

It's hard to say whether they're overpriced without knowing how good they are. The price is certainly higher than I was expecting. I was thinking it'd be something like $10 each for 1-3, $15 each for 3-6. So $75 for all if you bought them individually, but $60 for the bundle with a pre-order price of ~$48. I probably would've bought it already at those prices. For $75 with the bundle and pre-order discounts, Square-Enix is going to have to give me more information or let me read a review or something before I fork it over.

ID: h66gepc

I personally think it's fine. Already preordered the bundle on Steam. There's so much game play time there, and the games themselves are all classics.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 09:26 ID: h5zg3od

Hello, I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone had any information about a fan made final fantasy deck building game that was on the subreddit some years back. It had a link to a YouTube video that explained all the rules and had a link for you to print out all the cards. If anyone has links to the cards so I could print them off that would be awesome.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 15:47 ID: h60jwrk

Final Fantasy IX. Never played it, it’s on the summer PSN sale. Only ever played Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and just started Final Fantasy X, with VI on the list too.

So is the PS4 edition worth it? Should I be playing IX some other way?

ID: h613elg

The PS4 remaster is more than worth it, there's nothing wrong with it

8 : Anonymous2021/07/22 01:25 ID: h62q9gc

What’s one of the darkest games in the MAIN series not including 6 which I just finished for me to play right afterwards-?

ID: h63w8y7

2 was surprisingly dark for its time, and goes in a direction that no other mainline game touches on, IMO. If you want something a little more modern, however, I would recommend 10. It seems somewhat lighthearted at first, but then you learn more and more about how the world works, and when you think about how the main characters factor into it all, it becomes super depressing.

ID: h64nkfb

FF9 themes are the darkest and deepest, but the aesthetic is very cartoony (which makes it even darker imo).

9 : Anonymous2021/07/22 07:25 ID: h63oumm

7 Remake: Updated everything. Already transferred the saves from the PS4 to PS5 version. Can I now delete the 90GB PS4 version?

ID: h651rnq


10 : Anonymous2021/07/22 10:21 ID: h640g3g

Should I wait for the pixel remasters to play FFIV and FFVI?

I'd otherwise play their PSP and SNES versions respectively, just looking for opinions.

ID: h64yax4

I would say: wait and see what the response is like for the 1-3 pixel remasters. If it seems like they're lazy cash-ins then go ahead and play another version. If, like I'm hoping, these are faithful recreations of the original games with a nice graphical refresh and some added quality of life features, then it's probably worth waiting for the pixel remasters of 4-6.

One caveat to this is, if you think it will bother you not to have all the bonus content that was added to these games in other re-releases, then play those versions instead. There's a really good summary of what may be missing here:

ID: h66g0dd

I mean, you can't go wrong with the PSP or SNES versions of either of the games, but the SNES version of FFVI is kinda buggy. It doesn't detract from the game (if you find the later revision, early revision had some nasty Relm sketch bugs that I *think* were fixed), unless you get into min-maxing stats because some stats are broken and don't actually do anything.

The game doesn't require you do that to get op and beat it, but it is definitely buggy.

But the Pixel Remasters are probably gonna be pretty good too.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/23 11:49 ID: h68ld8j

Couldn’t think of a better place to ask - but anyone else heard some final fantasy music being played just now in the olympics opening ceremony…? Or am I just imagining it…?

12 : Anonymous2021/07/23 05:24 ID: h67tmrb

What stat do you max out for each character in FF6? What I’m trying on my current play through:

-Terra and Celes: natural magic to ~100, then vigor

-Gau: stamina

-Locke and Shadow: speed

-Edgar: natural vigor to ~100, then magic

-Sabin and Cyan: Vigor

-Relm and Strago: magic

-Setzer: natural stamina to ~100, then speed

-Mog: natural magic to ~100, then stamina

These stats seem to suit the character, in my opinion. Between the memento ring, safety bit, and high magic defense equipment like the paladin, force and aegis shields, and force armor, only a few characters would probably benefit from boosted stamina to protect from insta-death. Most characters are nearly maxed out on HP and MP by level 99, so I usually ignore the HP and MP boosting espers when leveling up.

ID: h68w61q

If your goal is to have fun, hey, then do what you want. 🙂 After all, deciding which stats and equipment "suit" characters is more of a personal judgment or opinion thing.

If your goal is to min-max though, or to create the greatest party for actual battles, then I believe Magic and Vigor are the only things that matter because of how the game's battle algorithms work. I think Caves of Narshe has a much more thorough breakdown, but because of how Levels factor in to some things, raising Stamina, HP and MP are usually more inefficient than just dumping as many points as possible into Magic and Vigor.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/20 15:56 ID: h5vzdec

Anyone have a good community/resource page for someone starting FF14?

Their sub is private apparently, but I've only been playing for a few days so I'd bet it's all olde

players anyway.

ID: h64a06b

Honestly you only really need to know four things:

Everything is gated behind the main story quest (usually abbreviated as MSQ) so that's the most important thing to finish. Make sure you do your class quests because you learn abilities. Any quest that has a little plus on the quest symbol unlocks something, so you'll want to check those out. Item level is the most important 'stat' on equipment. Don't fret about gear until you get to max level.

Those are the basics. The game does a good job of explaining most of everything.

ID: h5wsnvz

The sub isn't usually private and is an excellent place for newer players too. Others might be able to suggest other decent sources, I don't really know. I watched youtube videos for info mostly.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/20 20:06 ID: h5wz2o1


ID: h5xal9a

If you wanna go safe then 60-65, but you can beat the last dungeon at 40 if you have a nice setup. If any I recommend you leveling up the magic jobs cuz the dungeons are long and you'll need mp.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:51 ID: h61rlb2

In FF Tactics: War of the Lions (the PS1 version), are there only two flash hats available to steal in the first three chapters?

After I steal two flash hats in the first chapter (while leveling up), nobody else wears them.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/22 16:35 ID: h656w1m

In VII, is it every revealed who Cloud's parents are? I know we see his mom in flashbacks, but what about his father?

ID: h65caiu

I can't speak for the expanded universe, but I don't believe you ever see his father in FF7 proper. I think you're supposed to take it as he's just some guy who isn't notable.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/22 16:42 ID: h657wso

I don't see a way to buy the Pixel Remaster bundle on the App Store yet, only on Steam. The App Store bundle looks like the previous version of the game. Is that correct or if I buy it will it become the Pixel Remaster as they release?

ID: h66d4gz

Pretty sure they recently said that Android and iOS won't have bundles, at least not initially. Plus, if the bundle you're looking at shows the old games, then that's what you'll be getting, not the Pixel Remasters.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/23 03:56 ID: h67lb0a


I'm currently stuck against (FFX Spoilers) FFX final boss and I can't figure how to defeat him, maybe because I didn't explore/grind enough... Tidus has 4700HP, Yuna 3700HP, Auron 5491, Wakka 3800, and the rest of my characters only have about 2000-3000 HP. I don't have secrets weapons, Anima, Yojimbo (met him but didn't have enough money), Secret Aeons... What can I do without spending hours and hours to grind/look for specific items? I've been casting Hastega + Protect but I always end up beaten! Should I also use Regen and Cheer 5 times?


ID: h686jlq

Those HP values seem fine to me, your characters should roughly be near the end of their grid for the final fight.

Haste/Protect/Shell are always useful and a Chee

on top can never hurt. Regen is also a fine choice. I don't quite remember if he can dispel your buffs, so watch out for that. I would also keep Tidus' talk function for the second phase when he becomes most dangerous.

I don't know how much you've kept up with stealing, but if you have any items that grant the above mentioned buffs Rikku can help quicken that process. Also if you've picked up any Stamina Tonics, I advise using them as they help greatly with survivability.

Overdrives are always a good method especially multi hit one from your party members and of course Aeon overdrives, with Bahamut being the best as he can naturally break through the damage cap.

And finally get some good armor. Stone Ward, or preferably Stoneproof, are a life saver. Other than that maybe slap some HP+X% on as well if you can and don't be afraid to use Elixirs/Megalixirs in a pinch.

ID: h68o51t

To add to the other comment, it's fairly quick to get Anima if you go out of the area and its overdrive does a decent chunk of damage + getting it is somewhat interesting lore wise.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:34 ID: h6941hg

Just finished FF4 (PSP) and going to move onto 5.

Just wondering the best console to play this on? Heard GBA which I'll probably go for unless anyone has any other suggestions...

ID: h69i3kz

GBA does seem to be the most highly regarded version right now. Maybe the Pixel Remaster will be better when that arrives, but it does look like it won't have the extra content that was added in the GBA version.

ID: h6aah0r

Play the SNES rom with a couple of translation patches. The GBA version has the best translation, worse audio quality (even after you patch it), worse video quality, a low effort bonus dungeon, and a couple of extra jobs that you don't even get until after you've beaten the game.

This video does a side by side comparison of the SNES and GBA versions. For the GBA version, the video resolution was cropped + zoomed to make the game look better on a tiny screen. I think they messed with the gamma (brightness) of the source material as well, so everything looks a bit brighter than intended.

Go to slash r slash roms and download the original Japanese SNES rom. Then go to romhacking.net and download a program called Lunar IPS. Then download the RPGe translation and use Lunar IPS to patch the rom with this translation. Next, download the GBA Script patch and use Lunar IPS again to patch over your RPGe-patched rom. The resulting file can be played on any device that supports SNES playback/emulation but is best suited on either real SNES hardware or an emulator that supports both horizontal and vertical integer scaling like bsnes-mt, retroarch, or SNES9X EX+. Yes this is more complicated than just playing the GBA version, and yes it is 100% worth the trouble.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:38 ID: h694lfx

Just finished FFXIII on steam, I can’t believe it’s been more than 10 yrs since the PS3 release. I needed 3 patches to get it working smoothly.

About to start the FFX/X2 remaster on steam now. How did everyone find the port? Is the Xbox or PS controller better? Keen to hear experiences, thanks.


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