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1 : Anonymous2021/08/02 17:00 ID: owis0y
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2 : Anonymous2021/08/02 17:27 ID: h7g9a34

Hey guys! Any suggestions for good mods to play? I played brave new world 2.0 for FF6 and really liked it. So I would kindly listen to mod suggestions from community.

ID: h7idj0h

I've heard the New Threat mod for FF7 is good, but I haven't personally played it.

ID: h7imouc

Atma weapon mod for the ff6 steam version is really good.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/02 19:19 ID: h7gos24

I finished FF6 for the second time yesterday, and my question is this: what are the most broken character loadouts you've used, particularly for physical damage? I've already used the Dragoon Boots + Dragon Horn combo and Offering + Fixed Dice, which are both pretty good.

ID: h7obgue

You've hit on the bigger ones. A couple others...

- The Atma / Ultima Weapon, and the Valiant Knife, also ignore the damage reduction of Offering. So, it's a matter of keeping HP low or high, to get a bunch of 9999 hits.

- The Psycho Cyan bug works in most games. Basically, have Cyan use his Level 2 SwordTch / Bushido (Retort), then cast Imp on him, and then kill him. Revive him, and have any character try to do an action. Cyan will attack the enemy forever, even things like the Intangir, and even if it'll take him 10+ minutes to kill the enemies.

- Any version of the game that Gau can equip a Merit Award in makes him pretty OP, especially if you pair it with an Offering. The most popular combination is Stray Cat - it has an attack that ignores defense.

- Much more practical but not as high end, Umaro can do really nice damage from the second you recruit him, by equipping a Gauntlet and a Rage Ring. The only issue is that he doesn't really have a way to surpass a single hit of 9999, like most other characters.

- Excluding Gogo and Umaro, all other characters can equip espers. That means anyone can learn Ultima, Quick; equip a Gem Box / Soul of Thamasa; and power up their MAG stat with Zoneseek and Tritoch. The end result is at least three uninterrupted casts of Ultima.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 00:47 ID: h7hvvk4

Does anyone know what "Ekmet Teloess" in FF2 means? Or is it just gibberish?

ID: h7nwglw

Ekmet Teloess


5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:03 ID: h7ltfy2

I have completed every achievement other than Item Detector in FF3. On my main save, using a gnomish bread shows I have every item on both continents, except for the 2 from SW Saronia.

I made a new game and progressed it to grabbing the two items from the old dudes in SW Saronia. The achievement didn’t pop. Do I really have to get all items on a single save to get this achievement?

ID: h7nkfk6


6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:29 ID: h7lwujn

On my first playthrough of FFV (PS1 version playing on fat PS2) I tried to save in the wind shrine save point and was presented with 2 scary visually distorted screens. The game did allow me to back out and I just went and saved on the overworld. Has anyone encountered this before? Wondering if all future 'indoor' save points will be like this? And what causes this? Thank you.

ID: h7oabte

This is a known issue with the PS2 emulation of FFV. Been a while since I’ve been reminded of that though. It’s visual only and should not cause any bigger issues. I think you can actually save using those screens if you memorize the button pushes.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:33 ID: h7lxax4

Whats everyone’s opinion on One Winged Angel (Advent)? I think the OG is better at portraying the tense and harrowing tone without needing to add extravagant downward glissandos and rock guitars.

ID: h7m5dl3

I agree, though I do like the Advent Children version too. For me it's OG > Vengeance on the World from Crisis Core(gotta love that bell) > Advent Children > Remake(just haven't listened to it enough)

8 : Anonymous2021/08/05 13:53 ID: h7t09rl

Hi everyone!
My hubby is a massive FF7 fan and I wanted to get him some merchandise, but I'm not sure where to start? I'd like to get him figurines or items to display, or even things like Lego/Building blocks (if that's even a thing?). Anywhere to purchase needs to be able to ship to the UK!
Many thanks!

ID: h7xk4b5

Why not get on Etsy and have a look.. The rabbit hole goes deep with FF7, so his interests maybe broad or particular. But I will recommend to take note of: is his interest more inclined to the original or the the series in general. If the former, then focus on getting merchandise related to the original game 🙂

9 : Anonymous2021/08/04 02:38 ID: h7mrl5k

Not really a question but had to at least write some of my thoughts down.

FFXIII is such a mixed bag of a game where I go from loving it to hating it in the span of a single hour of play. I'm on chapter 11 so...spoilers scroll by if you need to do this 100% blind....and the game has opened up marvelously. It's beautiful, the side quests are fun and the combat system is currently one of my favorites in the series. All of the characters have finally started to come into their own too.

If it hadn't taken me 25 hours to get to this point then I would be over the moon. Right now I'm caught between wanting to explore and do everything and rushing to the end. I feel both burnt out and highly motivated to play it.

I also think that sometimes encounters blind side you with how difficult they can be. Behemoths should be tough but...why put them in the starting area of chapter 11. For ten chapters you can almost just mash X to win, then all of the sudden the game decides it wants you to be challenged a lot.

Weirdly enough I'm very much looking forward to eventually playing XIII-2 because I hear it fixes a lot of the first game's issues. It's kind of a shame that even if Square did do a remaster of XIII (and they should the 15 anniversary isn't that far away) they can't fix the poor pacing of the beginning which sours everything else about the game. I have a pet theory that the people who really dislike XIII didn't make it to chapter 11 and I can not blame them for that one bit.

ID: h7nw0ig

yes this is a common complaint but a valid one. one shouldnt have to get to chapter 11 to feel like theyre enjoying the game... but if you do stick to the end, i highly recommend XIII-2 because it does fix pretty much everything that people had issues with in XIII.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:13 ID: h7luqob

Thinking of making the switch to FF14 from that other game. Something that’s not really talked about anywhere is how much the community is into the whole “bro-sexualisation “ of female characters. How is the community regarding that behaviour? If you look at certain streamers it’s quite rampant with things like ‘this character is hot, boobslider that’ and the ERP-crowd is mentioned alot.

What Im essentially asking is if I could bring a 12 yo into the game without them getting fucked up?

ID: h7mlvbo

In terms of the characters themselves, some of the outfits can get a little revealing, e.g. the Dancer is a class and you can imagine what their attire might look like, but it's nothing that doesn't seem too much for a T-rated game. In terms of the community, I think it's either well moderated enough or has a self aware enough player base that I've never witnessed anyone overstepping any bounds in that sort of way. Obviously there are a lot of horny fans but from what I've seen they keep to their own discords and mod sites. If you're worried about the community being toxic in that sense, I can say that from my experience most people in that game genuinely just want to have fun and make it fun for other players too, and I think that extends to that aspect of the game. There's no doubt that you'll be able to find a place that is exactly what you're looking for.

Again though, it is T-rated, and it is Final Fantasy, so stuff like how short the default female human skirt is sort of comes with the territory. But that sort of thing is never the focal point of the game, and there's plenty of more reasonable armors and outfits so really it's up to you regarding your tolerance for that sort of thing

11 : Anonymous2021/08/04 02:59 ID: h7mtz9n

I’m confused about final fantasies 1-6. I grew up playing on SNES final fantasy 2 and 3, and then at some point got an emulator and played ff1. But then I saw how ff2 and 3 were actually ... 5 and 6?! I know I’ll be wrong here but you see the point. 2 questions -

1) can someone clarify what the first 6 games actually are?

2) is it worth playing the games ive missed, or are they virtually exactly the same as the NES and SNES FF1, FF2, and FF3?

(It’s tough for me to even phrase the question correctly since I’m so confused. I hope this makes sense!)

ID: h7mxyu8


FF2 (JP only) [NES]

FF3 (JP only) [NES]


FF5 (JP only) [SNES]


ID: h7nyyka

4 was called 2 in the US, and 6 was called 3. It's because the real 2, 3 and 5 didn't get released in the US originally.

They're all worth playing, and they're all distinctly different from each other. The first 3 (i.e. the ones originally on NES/Famicom) have just got new versions on PC and mobile. 4, 5 and 6 will be following soon. So now is a great time to start playing them.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/02 22:00 ID: h7hakn3

Anyone know offhand if the Bad Breath bug still exists in the PSP version of FFIV: The After Years? The bug being that if you're item to one status effect that Bad Breath causes, the entire attack will always miss. All the guides I can find are for the Wii version.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/03 02:54 ID: h7ibld0

I started recently playing FFVIII following some guide. I am going for a perfect save, but my starting seed rank is 8.

The guide has 10 marked out for a "perfect game," but what I want to know is there anyway to track seed rank after tests to increase rank?

I have not finished FFVIII so I cannot remember

ID: h7iddxj

It should show your rank when you get paid, along with increases or decreases.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/03 07:32 ID: h7j0nnf

Playing FF7 original… anyway to navigate the massive list of items faster during battle? I’m In the section where all your materia is stolen and it takes forever to scroll down to pretty much any item. They’re all spread out on the list too.

ID: h7j5rjp

You can use L1/R1 to scroll much faster and you can sort your items in the inventory to get some form of order in there.

But if your issue is with the enemies attacking while you're searching for stuff, then just set ATB to Wait. With that you can take as much item looking for items as you need.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/03 12:34 ID: h7jnqkj

Final Fantasy II - PSP

What's the best way to get Minwu's weapon in the Arcane Labyrinth? Any general advice?

ID: h7krnez

Focus on raising Evasion and Agility. That way, you won't be wiped out by a random sorcerer. The rest of the mobs are manageable enough in the early game, IIRC.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:56 ID: h7k4ua3

As I'm planning out what version to play as I go through the series, I'm wondering about 3 and 5, because now there's the 3d remake and pixel remaster of 3, and the old version of ff5 is gone from steam with the pixel remaster not out yet. For 3, which should I pick? For 5, is it likely the pixel remaster will be a good way to experience it (perhaps with a mod to add better font)?

ID: h7kfvow

For 3, unless you want to play the original NES release which I wouldn't recommend, you pretty much only have the 3D remake and PR. The remake has named characters that talk, some extra stuff like cutscenes, and obviously the 3D aesthetic. The pixel remaster version has a LOT of quality of life improvements over the 3D remake but is more true to the NES version. I would recommend the PR version since there are some dodgy design choices in the earlier releases.

For 5, I think the PR version has the potential to be the best version. IMO the mobile port is ugly as sin and the only other ways to play it are the original and GBA versions, the latter of which has some extra content but worse sound quality, although that can be fixed with a mod. If you REALLY want to play 5 right now I would recommend a sound restoration mod of the GBA version, but if you can wait I would say the PR will probably be a good get.

ID: h7nwbi9

part of the design philosophy of the PR appears to be to retain the visual style and feel of the original games to a much greater extent than any of the other ports/remakes that have come before. this is definitely true for 3, so in all likelihood the same will be true for 5.

having played the NES/SNES versions i find that the faithful experience is actually more enjoyable

17 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:19 ID: h7kovrx

Short question for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, is the buster sword retained if I choose to play new game plus? I like it way better than Zack's default sword. 🙂

18 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:38 ID: h7kronl

I have heard the the pixel remastered versions wont have any extra content. For V and VI specifically, what will I be missing out on?

ID: h7kxfii

Aside from a few miscellaneous items/accessories, the major things are -

FFV: a total of four job classes not in the original, an optional dungeon called the Sealed Temple and a superboss called Enuo

FFVI: four new Espers, two optional dungeons called the Dragons' Den and the Soul Shrine, and two superbosses called the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon

Missing the FFV content isn't that big of a deal, but losing the FFVI content does kind of hurt. Not as much as the missing bonus content from FFII, though. Without Arcane Labyrinth and especially Soul of Rebirth, the game just.... feels incomplete

19 : Anonymous2021/08/03 21:02 ID: h7lkyjv

I got ff tactics and played a bit of it and really liked it, now I got ff 9 and I really want to play it, witch game should I play first

ID: h7nzpw6

I've finished 9 and played the tactics a little bit (you'll get busy with all the job customizations and longish battles here and I couldn't commit). I say if you want customization, different job classes and strategy, and one of the greatest character development, FFT is the way to go. FF9 offers fixed character job class (and Vivi). You'll watch these characters deal and overcome their own struggles. Both of these have a great story, FFT is more serious and FF9, while having a childish aesthetic, actually has some dark bits in the story and can give you existential crisis, but the ending is worth it.

Regarding the game's length, 9 can be finished in 40-50ish hours, even less if you skip the side quests. The game's pretty easy too. Tactics can have long battles and it all depends on your strategy and party. I've read that you can beat it in 40-50+ hrs and put in 70+ hours if you're a completionist.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/04 04:02 ID: h7n0t7a

Hey what does DoL stand for?

ID: h7n180x

Assuming FF14, bc that's the only time I've seen it used. It means Disciple of Land

21 : Anonymous2021/08/04 18:52 ID: h7pleme

Hey guys, just started playing the FF1 Pixel Remaster and enjoying it. I have a question about the Bestiary though; I'm about half way through the game and I've popped a couple of achievements for the bestiary entries (I believe I just got the 50% one today, and I got the 10% one several days ago of course). However I can't find in game where the bestiary is to see what monsters I've unlocked. Is there not a bestiary in game? and anyone find a good source for a bestiary? thanks!

ID: h7pojpy

I don't have the game but I've heard you can only access it from the main menu, not in game.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/05 15:20 ID: h7tfm97

I just finished FF1 and the "Master of I" achievement didn't pop. I waited through the end of the credits, got to the "The End" screen and clicked, and then saved a completion save and then the "finish the game" achievement popped, but nothing out of the next achievement. Anyone run into this, any ideas what to do? thanks!

23 : Anonymous2021/08/06 12:18 ID: h7xde53

Hi everyone, I was wondering which version of FFI is the best when it comes to Android. I don't mind playing on an emulator, but since there are official versions available for purchase I wanted to know if they're worth the price. I've actually played some ff games, but only ever completed FFI (nes version on an emulator), FF type-0 and FFXV(before the dlcs came out). I also tried FFII, but i guess i downloaded a corrupted rom and i couldn't progress through the game. I tried ffVI (also on am emulator) and i loved it, but when i found out i could wait for the ninja character (i forget his name) to get on the ship instead of letting him die, i got bummed out and stopped playing for a while, then i got a new phone and lost the saved data. Anyways i decided that i want to play all the mainline games, starting from FFi, but from what i remember, the nes version was kind of... well, it's an old game. I heard that the newer versions are a little too easy, and while i do like a challenge, are the qol changes worth getting the new version from the play store? Is there a version to play on android (between school and work i spend a lot of time on trains) that is not necessarily the official one? And if so, where can i find it? I'll probably need this information about the other games too, but for now FFI is my main concern.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/06 15:43 ID: h7y3luo

2 Questions

For the Pixel Remasters, it sounds like they're just extremely updated versions of the Orgins versions from PS1. Is this true?

Instead of a guide, does anyone know if there's like a checklist of missables anywhere inline for each game. For now I'm just looking for the 1st 3, but one for each game would be cool as a nice way to replay each game without a guide. I've played through every entry at least once except 8 or 9 so I'd love to try this if possible.


25 : Anonymous2021/08/06 16:56 ID: h7ye1w5

Is there a chat log in FF7R and how do I bring it up?

27 : Anonymous2021/08/07 12:04 ID: h81pxrf

About to start Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Steam. Is the game doable without ever playing Triple Triad? I know that you can be broken early on with it, but, the card games really are just unappealing to me lol. Just got lucky to win in the mandatory one in 9. Will there be a super hard wall of a fight if ever I fully skip it?

28 : Anonymous2021/08/07 15:22 ID: h82bcbn

It is entirely optional on VIII. But ignoring it entirely does make it harder to get spells and upgrade materials for your weapons because a lot of it comes from refining cards. If you don't want to play at all make sure you learn the Card ability from Quetzalcoatl so you can turn enemies into cards then you can still refine stuff if you need to.

That all said, I suggest you try it out at least a couple times. It is so, so much better than the card game in IX.

29 : Anonymous2021/08/07 15:44 ID: h82e4eb

I did the first playthrough almost entirely without playing cards (or rather, I played cards but didn't refine them) and was quite fine. I did make good use of the games systems otherwise though, and refined some of the cards that I got as drops.

30 : Anonymous2021/08/07 16:15 ID: h82i2m7

So not sure what the best way to ask this is but...

What would you say the minimum requirement would be to beat the main story of FFXIII on easy mode would be?

I'm on chapter 11, got up the tower towards the end of grand pulse and ran into an enemy called Tyrant. It's beaten me three times and I'm realizing that I need to heavily grind.

Currently I have at least two main roles for my party maxed out as far as I can go. I'm using Fang, Lightning and Hope as my main party. I've enjoyed my time with the game to a certain extent but I'm starting to feel a bit burnt out with it all. I'm mostly in it for the story and do not care about 100% the game or seeing everything it has to offer in terms of challenge.

31 : Anonymous2021/08/07 22:02 ID: h83pmq2

I think I might be in the minority, but... The differences aren't really huge, so go with the platform you like the best. For me, that's the OG SNES version, which I grew up playing. I just like the "feel" of a SNES game more than a GBA one. But, I imagine that might be flipped if you grew up with a GBA.

When it comes to the translations, pretty much all of them have people who like and dislike them. If you want a thorough rundown, check out Legends of Localizations. Most of the translations are fine, as long as you avoid the J2E one for the Japanese ROM.

32 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:20 ID: h7u5xdv

Any chance theres a way to fix the fonts for the Pixel Remasters on ANDROID like there is on PC?

33 : Anonymous2021/08/06 00:06 ID: h7vhql4

I haven't tried it yet, but this supposedly works. I'm digging the snes font.


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