The Navalny Saga continues as he gets sentenced to 30 months in a penal colony, with people in multiple subreddits stating he’s “worse than Putin” among other things. Also, comparisons are made with Star Trek VI’s Rura Penthe scene. Also, “penal colony” is misread as “PENILE colony”.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:33 ID: lz6lfk
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Sounds like he tried to argue all his political beliefs in court rather than deal with the charges at hand. Courts hate that. Not sure what’s up with trump and his lawyers but asking them to argue the fraud case isn’t likely to help him. He can say he believed it was fraud and wanted a peaceful demonstration (mostly peaceful protest) to demand a recount but arguing his political beliefs are real and yours aren’t isn’t going to sit well with democrat controlled house and senate. Nor would it help in an actual court of law. One of his buddies not sure which was told he can’t argue it’s a political witch hunt when he was convicted. I doubt nalvany really expected to argue these things in court would work but like the Venezuela leader who left and had to go back he’s hoping this will be the thing to inspire the revolution and he has no claim to the throne sitting in a cia bunker in Germany. Similar to Ukraine pres folding too soon and Belarusian one knowing he there’s little hope folding. I think it was the movie Brazil an old one about some revolutionary figure in the end he’s dreaming his comrades bust in and save him in the end but it’s a dream. We were told the moral in philosophy class is that no special commando unit is going to break in and save you if you end up like Socrates persecuted by the state for whatever reasons.

excited to see all the ways in which Reddit figures out how this is hypocritical

Law is law. He can think about it in jail.

good riddance. Navalny is a white supremacist. good for RUssian judge for that sentencing .

so basically he is thrown into the jail for seeking treatment for the poisoning.. aha... sounds a great country as great as trump america!!! /s

Not sure why you had to bring up Trump.

I don't get this. Why did he go back?

Once again, if you know you are going to die, why do it? We ALL know that until Putin is dead, nothing is going to change. He's like Hitler. Hell, how many times have they changed the rules for him to stay in power? And it's like 90 percent! Martyrdom is one thing, but waiting out until am old motherfucker dies, which will happen within 8 to 10 years, if not sooner. All he is doing now is giving space for a Putin wanna be to replace HIM while he is in prison after Putin dies and take the oxygen out of the air.

The prisoners are going to defend the shit out of Navalny. Anybody sent by the state will have some bodies to get through first. I bet he even had new volunteer everyday to take the first bite and sip.

That’s what I feel a lot of people are missing. This poor bastard isn’t going to die fast. It will be long and extremely painful. We can quip, make jokes, and write random shit on the internet, but it’s about to get very real, very fast for this guy.Sure he has a noble cause, but a noble cause never stopped the pain or internal bleeding. I feel sorry for him, and only hope that his death inspires change down the road.

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That is a shame. Don't anyone get attached, though, not just in case it goes badly for him, but also because he's a huge anti-Muslim bigot. It's a widespread problem in Russia which makes it worse, not better. I hope they keep the pressure on, and get him out, and get someone even better to get Putin out.

You may not like Putin, but Navalny is worse. He’s a Russian Ethnonationalist and advocated for committing genocide against minorities in the Russian Caucasus along with assimilationist policies. He’s to the right of Putin and isn’t even the leader of the Russian opposition. The main opposition parties are the liberal democrats (insane ultranationalist meme party) and the communist party (old and ineffective). Navalny also advocates Yeltsin era market policies which destroyed the Russian economy 30% of Russians in extreme poverty along with heroin and prostitution everywhere. Putin’s not good don’t get me wrong but Navalny is worse.

I was reading some comments and it’s funny to see, none seems to talk about :

he was and still is a fucking racist and fascist, and I invite you to check for old articles from 2010 about him. he was involved in many corruption cases way before he started politic. he is not the main opponent, he is... almost nothing in Russia. Just the western media’s are presenting him as the big opponent but, no, just no. he is funded by England and USA, so come tell me again, after 4 years hunting Trump for a fake « Russia gate », that you find normal to support someone who is really funded by foreign forces.

You can dislike Poutine, ok. Doesn’t mean you ve to loose all common sense about Navalny. This guy is just a Guaido bis. Oh and, btw, check novitchok’s effect. Tell me again he was poisoned...

A penile colony would probably be a good time if you're into that though

2.7 years in colony. I'm happy for this guy 🙂 Hate me now

Deleted thread

This guy is a clown. I don't even believe he was poisoned....I think it's a western attempt to delegitimize the Kremlin...

Yup. In America same thing. The good ones go to jail. The bad ones get rewarded with the presidency and Republican congressional seats.

Not sure why this is controversial. Break probation, you get sent to jail. Pretty standard

Reminder: Rura Penthe was a penal colony planetoid utilized by the Klingon Empire. Located in the Beta Penthe system in Sector 21166, in the Beta Quadrant, it was widely known as "the alien's graveyard," due to the fact that the life expectancy for a prisoner there was, at most, one year. The prisoners labored at a dilithium mine installation, which was located at 35.27 N 52.12 E. He's not expected to last a year. That's what Putin wants.

The Biden’s won’t do a thing since Hunter Biden has been getting paid by Russians for yesrs

He is a spy and deserves more than that. From an Angry Russian<3

Time to take out the trash, Russia.

A divided and morally weakened America can’t muster a loud enough voice or actions to do much about Navalny or Myanmar. Only thing Biden Adminstration can do is to issue statement of protest. Great Game is over. And our leadership for the last 30 years allowed it to happen and Trump is no exception. He never understood America’s geopolitical leadership and its’ soft war capabilities.

Wow. Trump is out of office for a month, China threatens to invade Taiwan AGAIN, There is a Coup in Myanmar, and Russia goes back to beating the sh*t out of people.

Removed thread

Stupid Russians! They support their country even after they leave that horrible place

At what point do other countries step in to take putin out of office? Or are there crazy putin supporters like there are Trump supporters

Another deleted

“Traitor Alexei Navalany fairly handed generous sentence by the uncorruptable Russian authorities in the free Russian federation” - RT NEWS

It’s weird that Russia has this jacked up dictator Putin installed at the head of government and over in America they’re trying to install another Putin type dictator named Trump. The people fighting in our capital were fighting to put a dictator in. A real nut job. America should be fighting to keep Biden as president.

Russians need to rise up.

> Russian history is very long and sad, it's people have been through a lot

You do realise that Russia is not something existing separately from the Russian people? Russian people want this. Russian people supported the annexation of Crimea massively. When Putin attack Ukraine, 80+% of the Russian people supported him. The Russian people supported the attack on Georgia. The Russian people massively supported the subjugation of Eastern Europe in soviet times, including the monstrous millitary interventions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. You don't say "Third Reich citizens were such great and warm people, too bad their country did some bad stuff."

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I would like the NATO flairs to tell me how we could go about extracting him or freeing him from the "not a gulag" clandestinely. Then I would like everyone else to tell the NATO flairs why that is a bad idea.

Sanctions. Now.

Geeze, he's literally getting gulag'd

I've played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 enough times to know how to bust people out of Russian gulags.

Side note: I feel like I'm the only one reporting on Navalny here. The honor!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:00 ID: gpznz7k

This guy is a clown. I don't even believe he was poisoned....I think it's a western attempt to delegitimize the Kremlin...

...J don’t have words for this, honestly.

ID: gpzzi0r

So is Navalny just getting smeared like George Floyd because of the protests?

ID: gq1j3hm

I only have one word for it: "flair"

ID: gq1znzp

It feels like a tier 2 internet wage trolls working hard.

ID: gq2yhai

Fucking tankies.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:21 ID: gq01hvl

Thank you, unholy soulless automaton of Gandhi.

MRW I get nuked by Gandhi in Civ.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:24 ID: gq11zud

The bottom of this thread is absolutely going off.

ID: gq48rkx

a bunch of coordinated trolls trying to spread doubt over embarassment of their boss

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:25 ID: gq0dvzl

All judicial courts in Russia are under Putin control, that's why he didn't try to protect himself, it's like trying to cut water with a knife, they didn't even react after European court stated to let him out.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:17 ID: gq00uc6

And the drama is already here

ID: gq0gabz


ID: gq1bnid

On the best posts, it never takes long

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:33 ID: gpzktcl

Flair nominations:

excited to see all the ways in which Reddit figures out how this is hypocritical

Law is law. Navalny can think about it in jail.

Not sure why you had to bring up Trump.

There's a Penis Colony?

Can Navalny please be cast as 007?

The penal colony is likely called "Polar Bear Den"

Trump, Putin, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Bibi, le Pen... they're on my shitlist

“Vladimir The Poisoner of Underwear,” that’s gotta sting Ol’ Putin a bit.

Fuck, fuck you, fuck you very much, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

A penile colony would probably be a good time if you're into that though

Kremlin still > EU/US in human rights but I don’t expect libtards to understand

No one needs to be reminded of the import of ongoing reality from a fictional TV show.

Hunter Biden has been getting paid by Russians for yesrs

Who is gonna take out Russia, Burger Brigade?

In modern russia trash takes YOU out and puts you in prission for 3.5 years

“Trump. Trump. Trump” - Reddit, 2016 - forever

I've played MW2 enough to know how to bust people out of Russian gulags

ID: gq0050g

There's a Penis Colony?

Yeah, I'll take that one, thanks.

ID: gq1hrw7

Anyone who claims that something is good because it’s the law is just a sociopath admitting they would randomly kill someone if their weren’t any consequences.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:24 ID: gq1w8sp

I'm glad people get the Russian/American implications of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country!

ID: gq2c00a

I would hope people got the symbolism in that film, because they were laying it on pretty thick.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:49 ID: gq1ixec

Won't sentencing dissidents to hard labour just result in a horde of incredibly jacked, wilderness-hardened, even-more-pissed-off enemies returning for revenge? Seems kind of counter-intuitive to me.

ID: gq2lmcq

One time the Russian government stuck a bunch of political prisoners on an island with no food and resources and they resorted to eating each other alive.

ID: gq1zy54


Not if you are fed bad.


AFAIK, it is not wilderness and it may be in a not very ecological zone.

more pissed off

Most of them are more tired than pissed off.

ID: gq26wgx

Sounds like a generational problem. That's not an issue these days. No one is afraid of someone's grandkids anymore, legacies are made and solidified too quickly

ID: gq3qe6j

More like, half starved, frost bitten and mentally broken

10 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:15 ID: gq0bo45

the propaganda crew is here

yes the guy who says bad things about a group is worse than the guy who invaded a muslim breakaway territory due to Russian imperialism and kill their people in a long brutal civil war..... it doesn't make any sense. Maybe the non-murderer guy is better than the actual literal murderer? but thats just me and my evil western ways...

edit: the changes in votes is crazy, went from 13 to 3, who the fuck is battling it out over internal russian politics? I thought there was like 5 of us, not enough to make relatively big swings in the votes....weird how my russian internal politics commentary seems to get so many fans compared to the other topics I talk about... lots of russian politics fans on reddit....

ID: gq0hz3m

One guy had the opportunity to murder. One didn't, but had ties with far right groups.

If you're not actually living in Russia, the difference between the two is very likely to be negligible. Well, maybe power transition chaos is going to give everyone a break. Then it's very likely to return to business as usual when it comes to geopolitics.

Not good enough. Stop treating him as a fucking savior.

ID: gq0nef4

'The propoganda crew'

I mean these are not lies. So i don't know what you are on about.

You say that he is better than Putin, I mean he's not in power, I give you that.

But being better than Putin just because he's not in power is not a great comparison. It's crazy that you think he's that different from Putin.

ID: gq1swbf

Didn't the Chechens invade Dagestan?

ID: gq0snym

Probably because you know jack shit about russian internal politics and sound like an fool?

Not only you refuse to do basic google research, you also think that living near russian emigrants for a few years in southern Cali, makes you an expert on russian politics. You also found a way to compare Navalny and Obama hate.

Also, worst of all, you are crying about downvotes on Subredditdrama.

Jesus man....

11 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:39 ID: gpztn91

i support this purely because navalny is reddit

12 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:07 ID: gq4a2yo

Heres a list of the places Putin and the current Russian military have invaded or gone to war with

- Crimea




-Syria (where they constantly bomb hospitals

but hey shills tell me its ok cuz Assad as "strong" and not in distress at all he is, invited a imperialist power to "help" them get rid of their pesky civilian infrastructure!

- Libya

Here is the list of places Navalny has invaded


damn will you look at that? Isnt it weird how the totally disinterested people here are trying to not only equate Navalny with a murderin dictator they are actually arguing hes WORSE than the guy whos invaded like 7+ countries in a few years. Lots of bad faith bullshit being thrown around.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:45 ID: gpzm78q

people who heard his name for the first time six months ago think they’re experts lol. Putin is a piece of shit robber baron but Navalny is a genocidal racist, the liberal rebrand is a very recent thing probably pushed on him as a condition of U.S. support. Any American seriously supporting him is a naive idiot

ID: gq0axbw


ID: gq119q7

Specifically how is he "genocidal", because that sounds like a really lazy lie.

ID: gq1wk7b

Do you wish the poison had worked?

ID: gpzp6gn


14 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:18 ID: gq6e0ko

I found it very funny during the last three months seeing many progressives side with a blatant neo Nazi just because he's against Putin.

ID: gq6h5pu

"We trade one villain for another", as the Arbiter would say.

BTW, flair?

I played MW2 enough


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