Blasphemous – One Million Players! – Steam News

1 : Anonymous2021/03/03 09:44 ID: lwq1uk
Blasphemous - One Million Players! - Steam News
2 : Anonymous2021/03/03 09:47 ID: gpioam4

Incredible milestone from such a small Spanish team. Really glad to see this game succeed.

I just pick the game up as Prime Gaming free game this month and really enjoying it!

ID: gpki3ao

I haven’t seen this game yet what is it?

ID: gpycok0

I'm a Spaniard, how did I not know they're Spanish?! I feel so proud

3 : Anonymous2021/03/03 13:06 ID: gpj2hla

Free on Amazon prime right now! Great game! LinkAmazon prime

ID: gpj7pe7

i was THIS close to buying it. thank you for this!

ID: gpke75h

Wait what? I can’t seem to find it. Would you happen to have a link?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/03 13:16 ID: gpj3h5p

It just went on sale for PS4 and Switch.

ID: gpjcj0j

Do you mean it just became available on those platforms? I don't see it on sale on PSN.

Edit: PSN says it became available on 9/9/2019

5 : Anonymous2021/03/03 13:07 ID: gpj2kq5

Congratulations for one million sinners now taking pilgrimage, may our hearts be ever sorrowful.

ID: gpjf4zm

And may we always feel the blessings of the miracle.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/03 13:16 ID: gpj3h2t

Great to see this game succeed without a lot of marketing behind it! Great level design, character design, combat, and atmoshpere!

ID: gpjhg3i

Played it all the way through and it's good, but has some crazy huge flaws that sorta ruin it.

Wouldn't be something I'd recommend unless they've ironed it out

ID: gpje9wl

This isn’t marketing?

7 : Anonymous2021/03/03 14:01 ID: gpj8bmj

Just steam too! I got mine on the switch. Great game

ID: gpjbhmf

The news was posted on Steam. But I believe this actually include all platforms. Still really an impressive feat!

8 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:58 ID: gpjnbde

Is this game good? Felt like it was trying to hard with its dark theme and went back to hollow knight at the time. Am I a dumbass?

ID: gpk3bfs

This is fair. I've only played the first few areas and there's a lot of great pixel art and animations. Also it seems like it has some cool upgrade systems, but it's really hard to shake the "this is a wannabe dark souls vibe" like there's a character that calls you "penitent one" which is fine but it was like the cherry on top of all the other seemingly direct correlations to dark souls (ashen one) that said, the gameplay is fun and the art is cool.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/03 13:03 ID: gpj29da

Bought the game never got to it

ID: gpjidc9

its easy enough to finish if you don't go for the achievements and special endings.

I think i spent 25 hours finishing the game. It was fun, I like the mid 16th century Spanish catholic aesthetics

ID: gpj61vt

If you like Dark Souls and metroidvania platformers I would highly recommend it! While the game doesn't hide its influences the vibe is totally different with the Spanish inquisition soaked imagery and I very much adored that.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/03 17:37 ID: gpk173l

Sorrowful be the heart, Penitent One.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/03 16:27 ID: gpjrdwo

Fuck this game, but in a good way

12 : Anonymous2021/03/04 02:45 ID: gplz36r

Ive been summoned... Another challenge i see... ill keep u updated...

13 : Anonymous2021/03/04 03:20 ID: gpm39jj

Great to see this game do so well! I got it within a month of release on a whim and had an absolute blast playing it, so it’s awesome to see other people getting exposed to it. Amazing game that I would highly recommend!

Edit: spelling

14 : Anonymous2021/03/03 14:28 ID: gpjbh73

I got this and Valfaris on the PS4 the other week. Gonna jump into this after I am done with Valfaris.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:13 ID: gpjh82v

Good on their success! Got the game myself, but didn’t quite like the combat and the play forming felt clunky and weird. Ran into a few game breaking bugs too, but the aesthetic of the game and story was cool, even if I didn’t understand what was going on, lol

16 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:18 ID: gpjhx1h

Never heard of this game before. Thank man, looks fantastic. I'll give it a try.

// +1 sold copy 🙂

17 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:55 ID: gpjmwip

Bought it on sale on switch some time ago. Was incredibly suprised by the quality of the game.

The atmosphere especially - an interesting way of depicting more darker sides of the Christian faith.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/03 17:10 ID: gpjxfna

I've had prime for years and just now learning about this?!

19 : Anonymous2021/03/03 23:20 ID: gplbubs

I love the art style so much but I have to say I did not enjoy the game the combat feels a bit to lame for me maybe it was because I just finished playing dead cells but I could not enjoy the fights

20 : Anonymous2021/03/04 05:39 ID: gpmha1z

For twisted are, were, and will be, the paths of the miracle! Congratulations!!

21 : Anonymous2021/03/04 20:31 ID: gpp0lp6

Blasphemous is amazing and I know that 2d is their thing, but I'd love to see another gothic spanish themed game from them but in a 3d environment.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/04 04:10 ID: gpm8rad

Anyone else a little annoyed how often we have to see indie game sales numbers? It’s great and all but I just don’t care. I get it it’s nice to recognize the developers but you’d think the sales numbers are for them and not us

23 : Anonymous2021/03/03 16:22 ID: gpjqmox

I’ll never play it again but I’m curious to see what a sequel would be like.


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