Latest AC: Valhalla update adds new River Raids mode

1 : Anonymous2021/02/16 14:43 ID: ll57mi
Latest AC: Valhalla update adds new River Raids mode
2 : Anonymous2021/02/16 18:24 ID: gno8gmt

Wait.."unexplored areas of England". So the map is expanding? Sweet!

ID: gnox87p

They're like instances you load into. The base map doesn't change but they are highly enjoyable so far ! All the raiding and a gradual difficulty curve.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/16 19:12 ID: gnof33t

I like reading the patch notes of Ubisoft games because they always have a few gems in there. Like this one.

“Improved vibration feedback during fishing. Fishing goes BRRRR.”

ID: gnqq7ti

That was good, but the best fishing patch note was where they actually fixed spawns on the coastline. The fish trophy is the last one I need for platinum.

4 : Anonymous2021/02/16 18:07 ID: gno61rj

I have a date today so I’m not going to get into the game again till tomorrow. Cant frickin wait!

ID: gno899d

Go get 'em tiger!

ID: gnoad56

Good luck!

ID: gnow7ub

How does one date during a pandemic? Like where do you go? What do you do?

ID: gnpbgz2

Got a court date tomorrow too. Istg I didn't murder and rape the teens, I just murdered them. How is that so difficult to understand!!!

5 : Anonymous2021/02/16 22:36 ID: gnp6c9x

How good is Valhalla? I mean story-wise is it immersive? I'm considering buying it on Stadia. The other Ubisoft games I played were fun to play, but not really immersive

ID: gnplgve

A lot of people complain about it because the gameplay is very simplified from Odyssey - the gear system, the quests, etc. So from a gameplay perspective it feels a little shallow compared to Odyssey.

But I’m playing it just for the story and enjoying it just fine. Each territory has its own self-contained story and on average they’re all pretty good stories without any filler or grinding getting in the way. It will scratch that itch to play a game version of HC Vikings/Last Kingdom, etc if that’s what you’re looking for.

ID: goe88za

I just beat all three consecutively due to pandemic reasons. Started in November and went through them all in a row, and their DLC. Both Origins and Odyssey were better in my opinion. Odyssey was definitely the best. Valhalla is a game where you’re constantly waiting for something to pick up or some shit to go down, and after 100 hours it just never happens. And England looks like shit (which is normal, but depressing coming from the Aegean Sea).

ID: gnpq1rc

It feels like a worse version of odyssey. I couldn’t get into it at all, even after about 10 hours. I don’t think it’s a bad game, just not as interesting as the past 2.

ID: gnpp2jj

It’s good. 100 hours to finish, but that’s a good thing during a pandy.

ID: gnpge5o

It’s fun even with the bugs. And there are alot of bugs

ID: gnqxc1v

It has a few saving graces that make it REALLY good at times, but....maybe get it on sale? Like a REALLY good sale?

I'll be honest, the game has the usual AAA BS of Ubisoft-grade padding pretending to be a decent "open world" despite the level-gating element that renders most of it pointless(good luck going straight to Winchester at a power level of 30 or something and NOT getting smeared across the wall), a ridiculous amount of railroading into open combat(or rather, more so than there should be in a game where stealth is an option, which is a giant 'fuck you' to people who would like to HAVE that option) and many underdeveloped mechanics that could have been better(and outright WERE better in previous AC games, such as Unity's parkour, Syndicate's world scale and Liberation's clean combat).

It is by NO means the best game Ubisoft could have made in this day and age. Not even close. This isn't to say the game is bad,

It'd be faster if I explained what things the game did right:

-Combat is actually REALLY challenging and punishing at times, which is great for people who like that sort of thing, less so for people who like Assassin's Creed.

-Graphics/character models got prettier, I guess? Yay?

-A nice story entry, with many lore tie-ins and fair deal of development upon story threads going all the way back to AC Origins and even AC 3.

-Some of the world quests are REALLY memorable and tug at the heart. By all means, they're something to look forward to.

ID: gnq3kbs

I did a month of Ubisoft+ and played for about 40 hours before calling it quits. Game is actually great, side quests are more streamlined, the exploration Is masterful (at times) and duel wielding adds a lot of fun to the combat. However, it's biggest problem is that it's extremely long in the tooth. 40 hours and I barely dented the game, barely made a step forward in the campaign. I think I was maybe at like 20% completion (I genuinely think it was less then that too) after 40 hours. Friend said it took him around 80 hours to just beat the campaign.

Say what you will about Valhalla, I personally believe it's a massive improvement on the new RPG formula. However, very few games make themselves worth such a massive time commitment. The mechanics of Valhalla are just not as consistently good enough for me to want to pour 100+ hours into the game.

ID: gnq1174

Gameplay and story-wise it differs for each person but imo, the story is really good and it all comes to a full cycle. Plus the world is just candy for the eyes.

ID: gnqtfi6

Worse in every way to Odyssey, especially the combat. Even on the hardest difficulty the combat is a spam fest and abilities feel useless other than their initial "cool" factor. That wears off fast.

Environments are great. Characters are mostly great. Plot wise it's as good if i'm being fair (i don't think so but my good buddy is convinced it is).

Armor is utterly meaningless. Weapons mostly don't matter other than move sets (upgrades don't really matter when everything dies so fast).

The skill trees look deep and complex, but again are pointless.

Keep in mind I get a ton of enjoyment from the min/max meta game and it's awful in AC:V.

If you just want to run around hitting shit with a hammer then it's pretty good for that I guess.

Not sure what you mean by immersive. Dark Souls is immersive to me. AC games aren't.

ID: gnqchr0

It’s phenomenal. 75 hours in and still tons of stuff to do

ID: gnpusn8

I really enjoy it, it felt like a blend of Odyssey and AC3.

ID: gnpfmyg

It is massive. I have skipped most the dialogue because there is A LOT of it. If your into the story there is like 10 different regions to conquer and each has it’s own story. The ones I did listen to were good.

ID: gnpz8gh

Odyssey is better. The gameplay, the story, the gear, the skills, and most importantly I think the setting is fucking beautiful

6 : Anonymous2021/02/16 16:23 ID: gnnrwqw

Did they fix the Grand Magister of the Order Assassination bug?

ID: gnoep2r

Yes! I just did it.

ID: gnpdru6

You mean like it not showing the leader after doing everything cause you accidentally killed all the zealots before finishing conquering England? Because that’s exactly what happened to me and I put a support ticket in and the last update about it was it being worked on by someone in the dev team but that was the beginning of January

7 : Anonymous2021/02/16 20:31 ID: gnopfyr

Maybe I’ll play the game after not opening it since release day

ID: gnpeimn

I’ve been putting off playing anymore since that issue with the save files getting corrupted. Then when I was about to pick it up again after the patch that supposedly fixed it, a friend confirmed they had experienced losing about an hour of play still. So I went back to play through the AC series again and am on Odyssey now. And since that’s way more fun than my experience in Valhalla so far, I’m not exactly in a hurry to finish and move on, especially since I’m now seeing reports that Immortals: Fenyx Rising is having corrupt save issues just like Valhalla and Watch_Dogs recently were. Seems the issue may not actually be fixed yet with cloud saves screwing everything up, and I’ve already lost progress twice on the game before.

Long story short, fix your save shit, Ubisoft.

8 : Anonymous2021/02/16 19:22 ID: gnog8u1

Thank god I'm off tomorrow, I'm getting back into Valhalla

9 : Anonymous2021/02/16 15:19 ID: gnnjj1b

Anybody know if the drengr mysteries can be completed now?

ID: gno3eiv

Just finished it. It can.

10 : Anonymous2021/02/18 12:39 ID: gnvoa0n

Headline should say „....and fixes none of the gamebreaking bugs.“

11 : Anonymous2021/02/17 13:59 ID: gnrj55c

I got excited cuase I thought it said “valheim”

12 : Anonymous2021/02/16 21:46 ID: gnozt3y

Too late. We're all playing Valheim now.

ID: gnp69fp

Cries in Switch, Xbox, PS4

13 : Anonymous2021/02/17 08:19 ID: gnqv0id

Have they fixed the sound issues yet

14 : Anonymous2021/02/16 22:49 ID: gnp7vab

Oh well, as long as I can still shoot at the moon during loading I’m fine.

15 : Anonymous2021/02/16 22:12 ID: gnp38f1

This looks fun, I would rather see them add story stuff than more repetitive/grindy stuff though

16 : Anonymous2021/02/16 21:03 ID: gnotvkd

Have they fixed the costume cloak bug? I don’t wanna play it til I can take that damn thing off.

17 : Anonymous2021/02/16 23:31 ID: gnpd1ng

Yet people complain the game is too long. Wtf.

ID: gnpdwl7

Personally odyssey was so much longer to me I feel, maybe cause I got into it with all the dlc and stuff but even just the main story went by much slower in odyssey to me compared to Valhalla

18 : Anonymous2021/02/17 01:13 ID: gnpp17l

Does this patch fix anything with the fact that I still can’t change the hair and tattoos?

19 : Anonymous2021/02/17 03:00 ID: gnq1cpg

is it bad i read that "Animal Crossing: Valhalla"?

im a pc gamer i promise

20 : Anonymous2021/02/16 23:50 ID: gnpfbms

I deleted it caused I did all I could. The order is gone,all zealots and drengir are dead,killed all legendary animals,completed the Valhalla and yotenhiem stories. But I’ll probably redownload for this so I can finish upgrading the settlement

21 : Anonymous2021/02/16 17:51 ID: gno3xvv

Has this game a offline mode like 7 Days To Die ?

ID: gno7wgt

it’s a single player game.

22 : Anonymous2021/02/16 19:17 ID: gnofriu

Yay I can’t wait to explore new areas to find ingots! With 1/9 treasures in an area being gea

. But they’ll push their loot box gear on us to purchase so no need to worry! Imagine having the awesome starting point of a gear system like odyssey and then your next immediate move is the polar opposite. Tell me if Gunnar is such a great black smith, why not at least include finding weapon designs and he makes them? Ya know so there’s some fucking variety.

23 : Anonymous2021/02/16 20:37 ID: gnoqbm7


ID: gnpzn5a

Sounds like you need to update yourself mate.

25 : Anonymous2021/02/17 02:01 ID: gnpumpw

well you got the “ass” and “u” right... majority of their updates are free and have been the last few games only the big content is paid for.


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