How’s the game right now?

1 : Anonymous2021/09/26 18:33 ID: pvzifh

I was going to buy it on premiere, but I decided otherwise after reading the reviews saying it's "only mediocre".

Some time has passed, so I'd like to know if anything changed for the better. Is the game still supported? I'm talking about bug fixes, balance patches, content patches; are there any future plans for it being supported (heard they were thinking about some potential expansions)? Is it fun/better than it was before?

2 : Anonymous2021/09/26 20:17 ID: hee0u5p

This game has a demo. Try out that and if it’s fun enough then go from there.

The campaign will run you about 20-30 hours if you take your time and do the side content along the way. If you rush it, it won’t take nearly as long.

After that you grind for loot by clearing what amounts to timed dungeons. There are 15 of them but the mechanics are mostly the same. One of which isn’t really repeated unless you have a solid group because it isn’t worth the effort otherwise. Rinse and repeat until you get tired of grinding for items.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/26 18:43 ID: hedmvgk

I was really disappointed to learn that the game wasn't planned for tons of additional content. That being said if you enjoy grinding for items to play different builds, and enjoy trying different classes for the play styles, you can expect at least 100 hrs of decent gameplay before the repetitive nature and limited content will become obvious.

I personally put around 250 hrs in before I felt like I had done everything worth doing in the content that was available.

Without spoiling anything I was a little disappointed with the direction the story went, but I did enjoy the characters and interactions on the first playthru... Having played multiple characters I suggest picking a male character as I felt like the voice acting was better and lines were delivered more convincingly.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/26 20:55 ID: hee6ekx

I enjoyed the campaign quite a bit and itll keep occupied for a while if you do all the sidequests.

Endgame itself isn't bad, but since it's all timed it kills build diversity and forces you to use dps oriented builds for the best rewards.

Definitely in a much better place than at launch, I'd recommend playing the demo and making a decision from there. For what it's worth too I've enjoyed the game and gotten few hundred hours out of it.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/27 04:00 ID: hefn8y8

It's worse than it was at launch.

The main benefit is they fixed loot to a degree so you're no longer grinding for hours to receive nothing but duplicates. Now instead you'll get loot more frequently and those will be duplicates.

Unless you can get the game for nearly free, I wouldn't waste money on it.

ID: hegs06p

I think that its nowhere near as bad as launch. I also to not do my with randoms, just friends.

I have gotten about 200 hours of the game which feels perfectly fine for 60$ IMO

ID: hehyzi2

When I say launch, I mean literally launch, as in after the first 2 days where they got the servers working. About two weeks after that, the game was completely fucked for nearly 3 months, and when they fixed that stuff, they broke other shit. They've just been playing whack-a-mole with post launch support.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/26 20:43 ID: hee4mn8

Dumpster fire

ID: hegij6i

What keeps you coming back to the sub?

ID: hehkv39

Nothing keeps me "coming back" I just answered someones question

7 : Anonymous2021/09/27 07:36 ID: heg5241

Still mediocre af, don't bother.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/26 18:52 ID: hedo4c9

Game is good, but the story is somewhat short. After you finish the story, you begin the mindless grind for gear. This is done specific settings and you compete against time. Do it fast enough and you get better loot. With better loot, do it again with bit more powerful mobs and try to compete against time yet again. Repeat that until you reach the final difficulty.

And thats it. Countless hours into the gear grind, and there really is nothing at the end.

I liked the game, but didnt bother with the grind. Did some, and after a while I put the game away.

ID: hedri8g

I don't mind the grind, games like Diablo/Warframe/The Division are the ones that I play all the time. Only thing I really care about is how fun the grind is: if it's boring/not rewarding, then I'm out

ID: heeg5mr

Ill preface this by saying I draw a few comparisons to division 2 here because they feel very similar to me.

So how I explained it to a friend is this, its division before the few years of qol changes that division has gotten to make it the great coop game it is today, with some diablo3 like features (timed rifts/expedition runs mainly). Most of Combat and SOME (read:not all) of the themes feel pretty similar. I will say if you like division it feels pretty good, and you might get a 60-80 hours out of it. The characters are fun, and while not wholly original, are pretty well designed for what theyre supposed to be as story devices.

The abilities are a bit more flushed out and feel a lot more unique and have a lot more curb appeal in outriders, but overall the gearsets typically optimize one ability or a subset of abilities, and force you into using certain abilities while running particular sets. so the biggest time sink in late game is getting t15 sets properly optimized for different abilities/situations and then getting other characters to that point.

The game has a few weird issues with networking, but in my limited 70ish hours I didnt have too many problems, some people have said these are gamebreaking for them, so take that how you will

Overall outriders isnt a great game, but its not terrible either. Its got a 6 or 7 story, gameplay itself is decent (until you hit endgame then it kind of becomes repetitive as mobs spawn the exact same way each run, and can burn you out unless you just really enjoy trying to push times if you arent farming gear drops) but it does have cross play, so if you and some friends on different consoles want something like a division 2 style game to run together for a few weeks or a month or something, its great for that.

Modders and modded gear are a thing, ala borderlands 2 style guns where they can make the hardest difficulty content take 2 or 3 minutes. Some people dont care, some people are bothered by this, but I havent heard of them banning anyone for mods either, so if this is an issue, either keep that in mind or avoid crossplaying with people you dont know.

If the devs ever gave this the division2 treatment, it has potential to be great, but with its floundering reputation and lukewarm reception, i'd play the game with the idea in mind that this is likely where the game will be more or less for the forseeable future. New content cant come if the old stuff is still broken, and if something doesnt change i'd imagine resources for further development/features would be moved to other projects.

As I said, if you liked division and Diablo and warframe, youll probably enjoy this for a few weeks at least, and for a sale price, its a pretty decent game for the value.

Personally I got to endgame on one class and had started working on a second and my exact thoughts were, why do I want to do this again, but up to that point I was playing it like every day so take this high ramble for what you will.

ID: hedsow9

It has a good gameplay mechanics and actually fun.. It rewarding in the scene they you notice the power creep up as you get stronger year

But the actual endgame Activity needs to be improved, matching is nightmare and it all about DPS builds

9 : Anonymous2021/09/27 03:58 ID: hefn0z2

It’s a great game despite its problems. Honestly we are mostly just salty because it had the potential to be even better than it was.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/27 05:50 ID: hefx03s

Better play anthem, do I need to say more? 😛

11 : Anonymous2021/09/27 09:18 ID: hegao88

I think many mistook outriders for a new destiny or anthem like game, hence their frustration regarding the "endgame", which is some added content for you to enjoy after you finish the game. I played the campaign and had a blast, I even payed close attention to the story because its really good. If you love Sf and a cover shooter campaign game then go for it.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/27 10:10 ID: hegdtye

Tecnhically is better then at launch. Less bugs and less connectivity issues. But still some issues, like "invisible walls", Mods and Set Bonus not working, terrible lag in MP, and other similar issues.

"End game" and Gea

balance is slightly "less bad" then at launch, but in my opinion, still very bad. And the future "big balance" patch that they announced, in my opinion, for the first info they reveal, it will still have A LOT less improvements then it shoulf

The reviews for the game are still pretty much accurate, except for the tecnhical issues like I said before.

If you can get it with a big discount, it's a very fun game, but that will always depend on what you expect from the game, and specially the "end game".

13 : Anonymous2021/09/27 10:28 ID: hegf2rt

It’s free on Xbox gamepass, I downloaded it the other day. I’m having a lot of fun with it and since I didn’t technically buy the game, if it gets dull after the campaign, see ya later lol

14 : Anonymous2021/09/27 11:26 ID: hegjpo0

I preordered and played the betas and launch. Game was a lot of fun up to a point, I got 165hours in. It’s been uninstalled since just before they “fixed” loot, right before they gave out the player appreciation package. I felt like I got burned and punished instead of rewarded. Devs took far too long to listen to anybody, took far too long to get it together as a whole. It might be different by now but I’ve got a strong feeling the way the game currently is is how it’s going to stay, however that may be. Play the demo- if you like it then get it, just know that multiplayer still has connectivity issues, crossplay especially. In my eyes the game is worth about $20 tops, and that’s not counting my many frustrations with it. I didn’t refund it in time, I waited and gave it a chance, and it didn’t happen quick enough.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/27 11:28 ID: hegjwlk

Nobody is playing it, there is cheats which make you finish the game in under 10 hours, and even without cheats it's not fun and challenging to play. There is nothing good about the game tbh, it's a failure. It's stupid without an endgame and good gameplay/mechanics

I spent less than 30 hours for completing all quests and expeditions (gold tier) and I didn't enjoy it so I quit after that because there is no more content or repeatability!

As expected, people played the demo more than the actual game lol

As you can see there is only 300 average players right now haha

16 : Anonymous2021/09/27 11:55 ID: hegmeu3

playing solo is good , coop is unplayable in my opinion

17 : Anonymous2021/09/27 12:09 ID: hegns78

Don’t bother

18 : Anonymous2021/09/27 14:07 ID: heh1fzi


19 : Anonymous2021/09/27 16:21 ID: hehk73r

I absolutely love this game! Absolutely addicted!


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