Goodnight, Sweet Prince

1 : Anonymous2022/01/02 14:53 ID: rub664
Goodnight, Sweet Prince
2 : Anonymous2022/01/02 16:12 ID: hqy3sp5


ID: hqyd0ne

Probably the debuff mods for Ash Blast and Thermal Bomb, then Shadow Comet and Claymore Torrent on the Funeral Pyre and Moaning Winds and Radiation Splash on the other shotgun.

ID: hqytfmn

This, plus one other key mod that makes the whole thing work.

ID: hqy5fcg


ID: hqyn7pj

That would be awesome! I have been using bleed and I can’t do that much damage. Don’t know why you got down voted.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/02 16:19 ID: hqy4vfy

Easier question: how did you turn the expo timer back on? I saw somewhere you can “do it from the options menu” but I can’t find where… any tips?

ID: hqy5889

It’s in the HUD section in options

ID: hqy5bon

Awesome! I was looking in Gameplay settings… thanks, and badass vid!

4 : Anonymous2022/01/02 19:08 ID: hqyvnfl

Ok I’ll go ahead and post the build here then.

This my max health Pyro mod bomber. With maxed gear this build has about 48k HP. It leverages Thermal Bomb and Ash Blast for CC and debuffs and does almost all of its damage with weapon mods.

While it doesn’t use a legendary set, it’s still fairly gear intensive as max health, status power, and cooldown on all pieces is very important. Max cooldown for ash blasts and thermals is key, and status power maxed for ash status holding for max duration as well. AP or FP would do nothing for us, so we stack health to make it a tank.

Reload Boost the key to the build, as every time VR ends, reload boost gives a huge 50% anomaly damage boost which makes claymore/comet and moaning winds hit like a truck. Cooldown of VR lasts about the same amount of time as the reload boost buff. No downtime of big damage. Winds hits big after TBs, AB and reload boost from wep swap. Brood mothers, captains, etc. die in 1-2 seconds. Normal mobs all melt from ash and burn status boosts and Death Sentence debuff anyway.

ID: hqyzoik

Solid stuff my guy thanks for sharing your awesome build

5 : Anonymous2022/01/02 16:02 ID: hqy2bpu


6 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:16 ID: hqydgqv

Never seen him deleted this quick lol

ID: hqyr0yw

Are you a new player? With the right build/weapon you can see 1-shoot him without weapon swap and half dmg mods

ID: hqyrt2k

Nope I’m not new, I’ve deleted the final boss in the eye of the storm in 10 secs with my blighted rounds, just never seen this just deleted so quickly. Tbf I never start with him, I normally head back and clear the room out and leave him till last

7 : Anonymous2022/01/02 21:09 ID: hqzfp3x

Ultimate 11...ultimate 11...Ultimate 11.


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