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1 : Anonymous2021/01/21 18:33 ID: l24ggg

Do you have any questions about the rules of the game? This is the thread for you. Post new questions in top level comments, be polite and helpful when answering questions and try to quote the Rule Reference Guide where applicable. Remember the golden rules:

•If something in the rule reference contradicts the Learn to Play booklet, the Rules Reference takes precedence.

•If an effect on a card or another component contradicts rules found in the Learn to Play booklet or Rules Reference, that component takes precedence.

•If a card effect uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other game effects.

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2 : Anonymous2021/01/21 20:12 ID: gk3jgrw

I'm confused with AAT's Hover: Ground.

Can I ignore terrain, or no? What terrain can I ignore with the AAT?

ID: gk3lk31

It's a Repulsorlift Vehicle, so it can ignore terrain when moving that is the height or less of the unit leader.

3 : Anonymous2021/01/27 10:28 ID: gkxm0jb

dumb question I should know, does Cordinated Bombardment benefit from Leia's sharpshooter?

ID: gkxwfl4

Yes. It's a regular attack that follows all the same rules as other attacks.

ID: gkzp5or

thank you

4 : Anonymous2021/01/28 06:27 ID: gl23n8w

Hey. I have a question regarding cover. If I see one unit partially(let’s say one enemy miniature is not behind the wall) do I deal damage to the whole unit or that particular minutiae, since I have LOS to it?

ID: gl33uyf

wounds can only be allocated to minis that can be seen by at least one mini in the attacking unit. Basically, any mini you keep completely hidden can't be killed. This is how unit leaders can occasionally be killed before the rest of the unit, or a player can be forced to remove a Heavy Weapon upgrade mini before the regular minis in the unit.

ID: gl34y4d

Thanks, so basically I attack enemy miniatures in the unit who I can see.

5 : Anonymous2021/01/28 12:16 ID: gl2u67y

I'm still baffled by these command cards and orders - when I select a command card with, say 2 units on it - and that means I can issue orders to 2 units within range of my commander - what are the orders? Are they the just the order tokens? What's the benefit of being able to issue orders to 2 or 3 units at this stage, rather than just selecting from the order-pool of remaining tokens? They don't get to move first or perform an action first do they? This has me baffled, even after playing the intro games.

ID: gl347ao

Orders are face up order tokens placed next to the units you choose. When it's your turn to activate a unit, you can either choose a face up token and activate that specific unit, or you can draw randomly from the pool and activate a unit of that rank. It lets you choose to activate a specific unit when you want (going first or last can both have advantages) instead of just hoping you draw them at the right time. It seems you played incorrectly if you were "just selecting from the order-pool of remaining tokens" and weren't doing it randomly (most people use a bag to draw them from).

ID: gl34zg5

I see - OK that makes sense. Yep, I was definitely doing it wrong!! 😀 Thank you.

6 : Anonymous2021/01/28 12:17 ID: gl2u97d

Upon activation (of say speeder bikes) I make a compulsory move - does this count towards one of the 2 actions/moves allowed by this unit?

ID: gl34c0q

No. They also (fairly recently) changed the rules for compulsory moves so that you can do it at the start or end of that unit's activation.

ID: gl354ss

Oh great so theoretically I could activate my speeder bikes, do a compulsory move, then a further 2 full moves. That's wild!

7 : Anonymous2021/02/21 07:07 ID: go7ec9o

Hi Commanders. Brief question: How many units can I have in Strike Teams? Should it be one regular unit and one heavy weapon upgrade or mandatory heavy weapon doesn’t count? Thanks

ID: go7nvdw

I assume you mean miniatures?

If so, all the strike teams in the game so far have two minis including the heavy.

One mini from the unit card as shown on the top right of that card. Then one from the compulsory heavy weapon. The unit no longer has any upgrade slots left that could add minis so two us the maximum amount.

ID: go7vz73

Exactly, I have meant minis. Thanks. So I cannot run fives and echo in one strike team? It should be one regular arc and either one of two hero clones?

8 : Anonymous2021/02/22 15:12 ID: gochghl

Are 3D printed minis allowed to use in the game? Like could a squad of printed Arf troopers sub for a phase one squad as long as it’s explained.

ID: gocixkd

For a tournament you need all "official" components, but that can be pretty lax depending on the TO. Even at worlds someone had a proxy Wookiee army, but it was all official (modified) models.

ID: goj2k0y


9 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:09 ID: goduglc

Do panicked units count for objectives like Key Positions and Intercept Transmissions?

I know panicking will cause you to drop a claimed objective, but couldn’t find anything on this.

For example, in a key positions game turn 6, a unit of mine panicked through and ended on area terrain that was a key objective. Does that unit still count for scoring?

ID: goedwqo

Yep, the only thing that relates to panic is the dropping tokens that you mentioned.

10 : Anonymous2021/02/25 00:29 ID: gonbnb6

Can you premeasure with either the range rulers or templates?

ID: goob3gq

One range ruler and one movement tool yes.

11 : Anonymous2021/02/25 16:35 ID: gopzeqs

If I use a PK-series Worker droid's repair ability to "restore 1 mini" to a B2 super battle droid unit, does I place only 1 wound token on the PK Droid, or 2?

ID: goq6kxw

Every time you use the ability, you place a wound token on PK Droid. It's just a counter for how many times you've used the ability. Also, remember that the B2 you bring back will have a wound token.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/02 11:48 ID: gpem19a

Very new to the game. Trying to understand the rules before i play a game with the roomates. A few questions, playing OT era.

I'm looking at the storm trooper card and it says the squad has 4 troopers and i can add one personnel and one heavy weapon. However I have 4 heavy weapon minis, and enough stormtroopers to make two 7 man squads. looking at the rules it seems i can only add one heavy weapon to each squad. am i only allowed to make 6 man squads? 4+1 personnel + 1 heavy weapon for a total of 6?

Also if i buy the rebel pathfinder expansions can i not have a squad with both Pao and Bistan in it? I have to have one or the either?

ID: gph398k

You'll usually have left overs from squad boxes, since most units have multiple options for their heavy slot. If you buy something like the Stormtrooper Upgrade Expansion you'll have 2 more heavy options and 2 more personnel options (instead of just add 1 generic trooper). Then you have even more spares! If you buy enough sets it's possible to scrape together a whole extra squad from just left over generic troopers and unused heavies.

Correct on pathfinders. They only have 1 of the appropriate slot, so it's Pao or Bistan. Noting also, since they have a bulletpoint before their name, they are Unique, and can only be taken once in your list. No having squad A led by Pao and squad B being lead by his twin brother Bao.

ID: gpfvjyz

The Stormtroopers only have one heavy weapon slot and one personnel slot, so they can only take one of each of those upgrades. (Same applies to the Pathfinders).

The extra models exist so you have the option of what to put in each unit.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/04 02:04 ID: gplu5i5

So do ton tons get suppressed?? They are a vehicle so just curious

ID: gplwlm2

Tauntauns are creature troopers as shown below their portrait on the unit card. So like regular troopers they do suffer from suppression.

ID: gpn639q

They are not Vehicles, they are Creature Troopers, as noted in the upper right of their card. Yes, they do take suppression, which is why they have a courage value.

14 : Anonymous2021/01/30 22:50 ID: glf1nwj

Does ordinance on an AAT tank add to the dice of the weapon? Or is it considered a separate weapon? So barrage and arsenal I would pick two of the dice pool?

ID: glfcqdw

The Ordinance upgrades are a separate weapon choice. If you Barrage you can't use Arsenal, so you wouldn't be able to use the Ordinance during that attack.

15 : Anonymous2021/02/04 22:06 ID: gm1jxtt

Hey everyone, just getting started into Legion from a birthday present, and I have a rules question that I'm sure is going to sound painfully obvious to some of you.

Hypothetical Scenario: 1 unit of Stormtroopers with an HH12 has fired their rocket (exhausting it), then been shot at and taken two suppression tokens, losing 1 at the end of the round. On their next activation, they fail to rally and are suppressed (1 courage, 1 token), so they are down to one action.

Question: If they use their first (and only) action to Recover in order to re-enable the HH12 and discard the remaining suppression token on them, will that restore their "lost" 2nd action since they are now no longer suppressed? Or is the amount of actions determined exactly after a rally-check, forcing the 2nd action to only be restored on their next activation, provided they haven't be suppressed yet again?

Like I said, I'm sure it's a painfully obvious answer, but I haven't yet found one in the RRG, LTP booklet, or even a quick search here on reddit. Any resolution to this quandary would be appreciated.

ID: gm1kq60

the amount of actions determined exactly after a rally-check, forcing the 2nd action to only be restored on their next activation, provided they haven't be suppressed yet again?

It's this one. You only check once for being Suppressed/Panicked before moving onto your unit actions. You can't gain actions by shedding Suppression or lose actions by gaining it (walking into a mine, or using something like Spur).

The closest thing to a definitive answer is that the rules don't tell you to re-check at any point.

ID: gm1lqt4

Gotcha, thanks for the answer. I figured that was likely the case because otherwise, Recover would be quite powerful. This scenario hadn't come up yet - mostly out of myself forgetting recover existed in my first couple games - but the more I thought about it, the more I needed to know before it did.

16 : Anonymous2021/02/10 20:05 ID: gmustli

Hi! I have a question about saber throw which is up for debate. So if Darth maul brings saber throw, does he throw 2 red and 2 white or 4 red?

ID: gmvny3u

You choose the dice. So you'd choose 4 red.

The card just says 'half the dice' not 'half of each colour' or any other stipulation.

ID: gmw5s4r

Awesome! Thank tou

17 : Anonymous2021/02/15 15:36 ID: gnjj4nr

New player here. Not sure if this belongs here but, do the troopers in the phase 1 upgrade pack just get added to phase 1 squads or is there some separate set up for them?

ID: gnjnwwa

They are Personnel and Heavy Weapon upgrades you can add to a normal unit of Phase 1s. You can also build them with normal weapons and use them as a Phase 1 squad.

18 : Anonymous2021/02/16 14:10 ID: gnnbebj

Hey everyone,

Not sure if this has been asked yet. I was playing last night and put a dodge token on my AT-RT, the AT-RT is armored and so is only hit by crits, but dodges cannot be used to stop crits, right? So is there any point in putting dodge tokens on the AT-RT? My opponent and I realized what I should have done was taken a "standby" action so that my AT-RT could fire back. I just wanted to be sure I haven't missed something. Can my agile, expert climbing walker seriously not dodge?

Thanks for your help!

ID: gno73r7

You spend dodge tokens in the 'Apply Dodge and Cover' step of the attack sequence. This is before applying Impact in the 'Modify Attack Dice' step.

So they don't help against natural crits, but will help to cancel hits so they can't be modified to crits. Dodge isn't super effective on anything with armor though, you're right.

19 : Anonymous2021/02/16 23:49 ID: gnpf5kc

Hello, I recently just got the set and had a question about the trooper specialists upgrades. If you have specialists present in a squad, can they fire with the squad with an attack action, or is their attack separate with the squad? For example, I’ve got the Rocket launcher and LMG droids in my droid squad, and I was not sure if they attack with the droids when the whole squad attacks.

ID: gnpnstt

First thing, you only have one Heavy slot on a B1 unit, so you can only choose one of the heavy upgrades.

The answer to your main question, you can choose. When a unit attacks it forms 'attack pools'. Each mini in a unit can contribute one weapon to an attack pool (unless it has the Arsenal keyword to shoot multiple weapons). Each mini using the same weapon must be in the same pool.

So you declare your B1's are going to attack, you declare who they are targeting, then you declare which weapons are going into that pool. With a normal B1 squad + heavy you can throw all the dice together in one pool attacking one target, or you can fire all of your basic E-5 blasters at one target, and your Heavy (E-5C, E-5s, Radiation Cannon, or E-60R) at a separate target. Heavy upgrades also have the option of shooting the basic weaponry of the unit they join, if their weapon is exhausted (E-60R), it's out of range (some heavies are only range 2), or you simply don't want to use it.

ID: gnqojvr

Thank you for the info, this really helped. Do upgrades like this have a way of telling how many times they can use the weapon?

20 : Anonymous2021/02/26 21:49 ID: gow6vsh

I just got the arc trooper set and I was looking at the fives and echo upgrade cards. I noticed that on the right hand side of the description there is a green two, which I had never seen before. What does this mean?

ID: gox58fk

That means the mini has 2 wounds.

ID: gox95zu

Thank you!


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