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1 : Anonymous2020/07/09 08:34 ID: hnzja2

Use this thread for general discussion regarding tactics on the tabletop.

2 : Anonymous2020/07/09 08:38 ID: fxekfnx

Given new rules and announcements, what do people think is the most reliable DA AT option? I've been sticking to my hellblasters but they are somewhat hit or miss in regards to effectiveness, despite their high damage output.

ID: fxet63t

Hellblasters with WoDT and overcharge is my go to. It's not ideal but generally gets the job done. Or at least breaks the tank enough so it can't do much next turn, when you can finish it off.

I often roll with hell blasters and a redemptor dread with macro plasma. Makes short work of most tanks 🙂

ID: fxfnof1

I still love my plasma devs. Sure a unit of hellblasters can theoretically put out more damage, but they need to get into rapid fire range and every model lost hurts.

I really like that devs can take extra marines as ablative wounds, keeping the heavy weapons safe.

ID: fxemxid

I am looking to role with two Nephilim Jetfighters (one with twin las, the other with the avenger). I will also run a Contemptor Mortis with dual twin las to add some more punch.

I am intending to run a balanced list with GW, RW and DW. At this stage I think my HQs will be Sammael on Corvex, a Talonmaster and probably a Chaplain (might get the new bike, otherwise one with a Jumppack).

I would also like to include a DW blob of 10 terminators and possibly an ancient to support (+1 attack and 5+++).

Ultimately it will all depend on points.

ID: fxemg8c

Sorry what is AT

ID: g0hq9qd

Personally I think gravis armor combined with azrael and interrogator chaplain is one of our strongest synergies IMO. I know plasma inceptors have low threat range compared to hell blasters (28” instead of 36”) but the price and amount of power you can get out of them while making them fairly hard to punch through.

I want to compare 6 hell blasters (198 pts) to 4 plasma inceptors (200 pts). The HB’s get 6 shots at max range and 12 at half range (which is shorter than the inceptors range after T1) and the PI’s get 8d3 shots for a minimum of 8, average of 16 and a maximum of 24 shot. On top of that they have blast so if the IP’s shoot at a unit of more than 6 they can act like anti infantry too.

Really I think if you want a unit to sit on an objective and launch a few shots a long distance go with hell blasters or plasma devastators. But if you actually want to punch through almost anything, I think plasma inceptors are the way to go.

ID: g8xzeuc

For light anti tank.. this is gonna sound crazy but the stalker flakk truck, so same cost as a whirlwind.. 48" heavy6 s7 ap-4 d2 thats a really good gun for leaf blowing some of the lighter elite infantry as well as tormenting light armor.

Because its not touched yet for heavier stuff relic contemptor with double lascannons, deimos laser destroyer, drop pods full of melta devestators, and deathwing termites can all can open well. Be it at range or in melee with the termites or a contemptor dread.

When it comes out the valiant gladius will also be good at shotgunning enemy armor for all its wounds sending them down the damage table at alarming speed. Same goes for eradicators.

I think suppressors are probably right out and repulsors are just not worth the investment anymore. They plug hard with the laser destroyer dont get it twisted but they can really not stand up to a prolonged fight and the points jack really hurt them and the loss of their stratagem.

I think repulsors are sorta gone from the game for a while.

If you got one and are willing to work around the missing costs for its weapons the land raider excelsior is also insanely good value as an anti tank weapon at just 250 points for a pair of twin las and a grav cannon

3 : Anonymous2020/07/10 17:26 ID: fxjtkxd

If you look at the missions that been posted it looks that grabbing objectives early and and holding them will be most important followed by having a couple nits that can quickly clear objectives. The best thing for the first part looks like impulsors filled with intercessors or bladeguard and for clearing aggressors and plasma inceptors look the best to me as good core choices. Plasma inceptors seem overall to be the most flexible unit around as they're fast, can deepstrike and fly and are great against vehicles and monsters, elite troops and now with blast they're pretty good with hordes too.

ID: fxw65ds

inceptors would be great if they get weapons with melee profiles.....

ID: fyllp4w

Unless I am mistaken, I don't think the plasma inceptors are getting the blast keyword on their weapons

4 : Anonymous2020/07/09 10:33 ID: fxerbvb

I used 3/2 Nephilims in 8th as 147 points for 2 lascannons and 2 heavy bolters and 2 missiles was great now 9th depends on how of a points increase they take and that you can only take 2 unless you take more than 1 core detachment. I also used 3 attack bike with MM attached to my normal bike squads as after all heavy stuff was killed they can be used as extra wounds.

5 : Anonymous2020/07/10 17:10 ID: fxjrj2r

i like the idea of sticking 6 hell blasters or 2x 3 squads of eradicators in an impulsor with shield dome. keeps them fairly safe if you go 2nd, with 11W at T7 and a 4++. Then with assault vehicle you can bomb 14" up the board, disembark the plasma/melta death. Gives you a nice 30" rapidfire plasma / melta threat range, that needs some commitment to kill early.

ID: fyt106g

Only issue with Eradicators is that they have Mk X Gravis armor, and the Impulsor can only transport basic Primaris infantry. Great idea though, definitely using it!

6 : Anonymous2020/08/06 07:18 ID: g0jaupv

How good are the Incursors or should I just be taking Interceptors?

7 : Anonymous2020/07/09 20:10 ID: fxgifj5

Putting hellblaster in strategic reserve might be a good move so they can come in in rapid fire range and not be shot off the board if you go second

8 : Anonymous2020/07/26 15:20 ID: fzb3a0j

Wooo first time back on reddit in years because of you guys! So I picked up my Indomitus box yesterday and finally Ritual of the Damned. I noticed the Stratagem “Veteran Intercessors.” Now, on the charge with Shock Assault, Assault Intercessors will get 41 attack’s, couple that with VI and they get 51 on an initial charge IF we can use that stratagem on AI. The current language suggests that it is keyword <Intercessor> whereas AI have keyword <Assault Intercessor>. Does this mean to use this, they’d have to errata Veteran Intercessors to say Intercessors and Assault Intercessors, or can this already be used? Thanks guys, I just wanna roll face with 51 attacks on the charge!

ID: fztgq7s

Id consider them different keywords and the strategem would need to say or the unit keywords changed to include

I dont expect an errata though since the codex will change it if its intended to be used on the assault intercessors. Just like technically currently while we know the bladeguard are supposed to be deathwing they technically arent since they dont have any rules/errata stating add to their keywords.

ID: g7la26g

The new codex has replaced the veteran intercessors stratagem by making a new datasheet for veteran intercessors and it does include the assault intercessor weapons as an option. So you can do this just be prepared to pay more points for it instead of a stratagem (also its an elite slot not troops).

9 : Anonymous2020/10/08 14:06 ID: g83y249

Is Deathwing Assault still a thing? My army was built to drop in squad of 10 terminators with Beliel for double tap goodness. Backed by two raiders full of more knights/terminators. And a jet

10 : Anonymous2020/07/18 21:23 ID: fyhz1zj

Hey Everyone, been out of the hobby for a bit jumping back in for 9th. I have a unit of devastators I found in my closet (sealed in box) any tips on which heavy weapons to equip them with? Been a while since I've looked at a codex or rule book. Last game I played was 3rd edition.

ID: g7la9nh

Before the new codex everyone would have said grav devastaters in a drop pod but they have lost their unique stratagem (grav amp) so its probly going to change to a different weapon (sticking them in a drop pod os probably still the way to go though).

11 : Anonymous2020/08/10 12:49 ID: g0zlt1b

Since overwatch is now almost always 1 cp and a stratagem, you can't use it twice, right?

If so, that could be considered a buff to "Hunt the Fallen" Stratagem (did that change in 9th? I only have the version from 8th at hand), since you could almost always just declare the nearby character as a target of the charge aswell, when trying to charge any unit next to him. That could benefit alot of our units, including DW deepstrikes.

So the question arises for me, if you actually could deepstrike multiple DW Terminator units from your Teleportarium, and have all of them do a "risky" 9"+ charge move - all of them being able to reroll the charge?

If so, combined with fury of the first you could quite easily round up a few enemies in between your TP deployment location and the enemy warlord.

Any mistakes in my logic here?

12 : Anonymous2020/10/14 23:48 ID: g8ukhtf

What HQ's are worth using, my secondary hq is gonna be the chaplain on a bike he's just an auto take but my primary eludes me, I thought about azreal or a primaris master with fist or a terminator captain. But I still can't pick, what's everyone's opinion?

I'm not using enough ravenwing to consider sammael or a talonmaster their both off the table.

Land raider excelsior maybe?

ID: g97olps

Talonmaster is just great in general, even without a bunch of RW. Big base with rerolls for Core and tons of guns. That said, Azrael is so good giving that invuln to nearby troops and he can be a beater in combat. He's been really good for me.

13 : Anonymous2020/11/03 14:24 ID: gb08pcs

what is the current meta for Primaris Eliminators? Seems to be bolt snipers, followed by the las sniper (not sure actual name) followed by the suppressed bolter.

Do I have this correct? was going to build three in the meta then on the kitbashed 3 do rule of cool. Thoughts?

ID: gb7j1vw

I believe Eliminators in general have fallen out of the meta but from what I remember people discussing about them, its always Bolt Snipers.

Only the Sgt can take the Instigator bolt carbine and thats more if you value the move after shooting over having a 3rd Bolt Sniper.

Las fusils iirc aren't that worth since you can always take something better to fulfill the same role e.g Eradicators.

14 : Anonymous2020/11/08 00:00 ID: gbionna

So Before UK lockdown Mk.2 I’ve been playing some Crusades with my Dark Angels list. And oh my days Plasma Inceptors are so good. For 6 power you get a squad that has pretty much the same wound count as Hellblasters, can pump out more Plasma and is fairly nippy around the Battlefield and tougher. Thanks to a certain strat that allows Infantry models to count as remainIng stationary, you can pump out 2+ Plasma whilst being mobile enough to capture objectives or avoid being tired down by advancing melee units.

15 : Anonymous2020/11/18 09:26 ID: gcpd39y

Been told by a quite a few people in my playgroup that ATVs with a Apothecary on bike in support is powerful. Has anyone tried this? Fairly new but it sounds really good.

16 : Anonymous2020/11/24 19:48 ID: gdh683t

How common are raven wing Apothecary? he seems like a real lifesaver (pun intended) especially for a ~60 points. Any primary reasons I do not see him in more games?

Edit, realizing they are now 100points due to page 25 of this:

ID: ge2ri3b

Thought I might give this a late reply! Ravenwing Apoths are pretty much mandatory - you'll see them in all competitive lists. The key is the Chief Apothecary upgrade and Selfless Healer, which in combination give you:

a 6" 6+++ aura (note for an inexplicable, post FAQ reason, this is 3" more than a standard Apothecary)

2x3W of healing (which you can even do after advancing)

a free resurrection on a model each turn (which when we have high wound bikes and super-tough Terminators is great)

The Ravenwing Apothecary variant is great too, because he gets crucial extra movement, durability and even better shooting than the footslog apothecary which other chapters use. He's also got Ravenwing so can even leg it 34" in a turn, or he can provide a teleport homer for Combined Assault.

In short, the only reason you may not be seeing him in games is that people haven't read his rules properly or don't have the model!

17 : Anonymous2020/12/01 01:21 ID: ge7o9le

I am relatively new to the game and keep getting stomped by a 1000 pt death guard army that uses a plaguecrawler, bloat drones, deflier, and a demon prince. I can’t seem to destroy these units. I was hoping for some recommendation on units to use that could take them out. We use TTS, so I have can use whatever.

ID: genc499

Welll first off 1k games can be imbalanced with certain armies anyways but from what units youve mentioned, it seems like theyre all higher Toughness than average armies as welll having those disgusting resiliences to lessed the amount of wounds getting through even more. Do you have enough anti armor units? And what does your list look like in general?

18 : Anonymous2020/07/09 09:17 ID: fxemqgj

Well I personally use the deathwing terminators as an anti tank with the assault cannon it makes for a reliable amount of shots dealing a descent amount of damage

ID: fxilni9

I think there are better options, but a unit of Termies going for a lucky charge can certainly work wonders against armor - I always hesitate to shoot at really tough enemies with them though


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