The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) of r/blackops3!

1 : Anonymous2019/04/12 19:16 ID: bchlaa
The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) of !
2 : Anonymous2019/04/12 20:09 ID: ekqucb4

IMO you should change the description to this:

Should I buy this game? & Which/should I buy DLC?

I say this because I own BO3 on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

On PC, the playerbase is much more smaller, only coming in at around 2.5k players at peak, so most modes are a bit harder to come by, but you can hop into TDM and Domination without any issues. Other modes..... maybe. That comes down to luck. But some are just dead and will never be filled like CTF.

Because of this, DLC is a massive waste on money on COD PC (always has been tbh) because you won't ever find any MP DLC lobbies.

Zombies does have a dedicated community, so if you do want DLC, you're best off buying the individual maps.

But, PC does have one upside: MODS!

Custom zombies, custom MP modes, entirely new maps, servers etc.

Last time I played there were a few servers with dedicated mods like the "BOTG" mod or playing on MW2's Rust etc.

On PS4, the playerbase is arguably the biggest because it went free with PS+ last June. (Same also applies to MWR), never had any issues finding lobbies on it at all. I'd imagine BO3 will thrive for a very long time because of this. Also because of this, you probably will encounter other newbies* (*idk how many) so you won't have to worry about hopping in and getting your arse handed to you, well, that much anyway. You still will be matched with veteran players too.

However: I don't know about DLC, because unlike every other digital version, the PS+ was just the basic game, no Zombies Chronicles edition. I only own DLC on Xbox so I can't say anything about it.

Xbox is a bit of a similar case with matchmaking, but some modes are.... dead. Most modes aren't, but stuff like Capture the Flag I' rarely ever find lobbies for. But most of the core (and hardcore) modes are populated. But, because it never went F2P, many of the players will be more experienced, so if you're new, you will get your arse handed to you, a lot.

Zombies on the other hand, even though I own all DLC on there, I can never find matches on Shangri La, or Shi No Numa. Other maps can be hit or miss, like at peak you can probably get into Nacht and Verruckt, but Origins and Kino are always the most played. On the subject of that, it seems no one ever plays Zetsubo.

BO3 is also available on PS3 and 360, but it's really not worth it. Graphics are somehow worse than MW2, there's only one map pack available and I don't think it's been updated past that.

Seriously if you have a last gen console, it's really not worth BO3 unless you're that desperate or want a laugh.

For all platforms I do NOT recommend buying digitally because you can pick up a pre-owned copy (or a Steam key from a grey market, whatever opinions you have aside) for roughly £8 - £12 (IIRC $10 - $15?) or picking it up on sale, as opposed to buying it full price for £59.99. Like on Xbox now it's on sale for £22.

Of course BO3 digital is supplied with Zombies Chronicles, so if you love zombies, it's worth it, but if you're heavily based on MP..... it might not appeal to you.

ID: ekre3rp

It's probably better to buy the season pass than the DLCs individually for PC, even if just for zombies. It has gone down to 50% off before so it's best to just wait for that (like I am).

ID: el1y7k5


ID: encij5f

On PC, the playerbase is much more smaller, only coming in at around 2.5k players at peak, so most modes are a bit harder to come by, but you can hop into TDM and Domination without any issues. Other modes..... maybe. That comes down to luck. But some are just dead and will never be filled like CTF.

I just bought the game to play zombies with my homies but i wanted to try mp, but couldnt find a tdm game for like 20 minutes is there like a server issue or it just beign dead

ID: esdx1kj

The Problem in zombies now is to find people of your language who have your DLC'S and who wants to play the DLC you want to play:p

ID: exdccps

Got PC version Zombie Chronicles Deluxe for 50 € minetrap... was a steal 😀

3 : Anonymous2019/04/18 17:11 ID: el77cun

Do i get to keep my camos like cherry fizz and in to the void if i use fresh start?

ID: el77min

Yes, everything Black Market relates stays, so camos, guns etc.

Earned camos (like Gold) are removed

4 : Anonymous2019/07/28 20:15 ID: evaddi4

Will Bo3 come out with the big box bundle again? I just need the xmc in order to have all dlc weapons (melee & ranged)

5 : Anonymous2019/06/29 17:06 ID: escez8b

Recently my computer didn't shut down correctly and I made the mistake of launching it safely or something but it made all the graphics terrible and I don't know how to fix this. Does anyone know? thank you

ID: escg8j3


can you help this person?

ID: eseyf7m

Hey there Whales, and thanks for the tag Blaze! We appreciate the hard work.

As to your issue with the graphics, have you already tried adjusting the graphics in-game? Or maybe verifying the integrity of your game files? WH

6 : Anonymous2019/06/30 06:17 ID: ese091e

Do i have to get gold in the dlc weapons to get diamond?

ID: ese0kmv

Nope, only the base weapons (and the Prizefighters melee weapons also aren't needed for Dark Matter)

7 : Anonymous2019/07/05 01:17 ID: esuv3f1

Does black ops 3 have aim assist

ID: eswj7r1

On console yes. There's target assist to help guide you a little. But there isn't aim assist like auto aim

8 : Anonymous2019/07/07 19:46 ID: et7cdt8


ID: et7czyd

Please send party up requests in the weekly megathread instead of anywhere else.

9 : Anonymous2019/07/11 20:07 ID: etjkpud

I bought the der eisandrsche map but it still won’t let me play it and it asks me to buy the dlc

ID: etofa8h

Im not sure what platform you are on but if you are on xbox try going back into the store and see if the dlc now says “install” where it used to say something like purchase. Im not sure for other platforms but I would assume trying something similar.

10 : Anonymous2019/07/25 18:11 ID: euwqae8

Is the xmc still the hardest/rarest weapon to cop?

ID: euwv60o

All the weapons have the same odds to obtain. All of them low sadly.

11 : Anonymous2019/07/26 18:36 ID: ev1w4b9

Is Treyarch going to keep it going with the Big Box Bundle? I loved them : )

12 : Anonymous2019/08/18 11:50 ID: exbdvl7

is black ops 3 still populated in 2019 on ps4

ID: exbe4vi


13 : Anonymous2019/08/21 10:05 ID: exkar4m

Is the game still populated on XB1? If so, has it been taken over by glitches/modders yet?

I used to play this religiously then lost my disk ages ago at around level 600 master prestige and I’ve been missing it ngl. Just wanted to check before I rebuy.

14 : Anonymous2019/08/21 12:16 ID: exkhmml

Is the multiplayer better than black ops 4? I got it on sale with the season pass and zombies chronicles a while back but have only really played the campaign and zombies. The BO4 multiplayer is horribly imbalanced matchmaking and gameplay wise and I’ve only been playing blackout lately. Is the BO3 multiplayer more balanced?

ID: exkib90

I can't say if it's better, that's subjective, but for the most part it is decently balanced. There are two guns that really stick out (the XMC and the Brecci), usually when someone uses one of those guns, the rest of the lobby will also use them to counter, especially the Brecci. But that doesn't happens all THAT often thank god.

Sadly, the game is a tad older and there's an exploit giving people infinite Specialist and a nearly decked out class. For the most part you''ll see this in Search and Destroy.


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