Space Wolves Heraldry/Markings and You

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I find that a lot of people (mostly non-Space Wolf players) are unaware what the colors/markings for Space Wolves really means, and I know when I was first starting out I built my marines in a way that made it so the heraldry was impossible to do (pauldrons on the wrong side), so I figured I'd do a little post about one of my favorite topics: Space Wolves Heraldry and markings.

Great Company Marking

The left pauldron of the all Space Wolves bares the badge/totem of their Great Company. Many people assume that the left pauldron is always yellow, because GW mostly depicts it that way but this is not the case. The only Great Company that bares that pauldron is Ragnar Blackmanes Great Company. The other 11 Companies (other 13 Companies in a way, counting the 13th Company and the Company of the Great Wolf) have a variety of colors/badges. When in Terminator Armour, the Great Company marking is moved to the right pauldron to make room for the Crux Terminatus on the left.

Pack Marking

Pack markings are usually on the right pauldron and denotes 2 things. First, what your job/role/rank is and second, what pack/squad you belong to. In this case of specialists (like Priests) just the former. A nice breakdown of everything I say below can be found in this picture. I feel I should note that "honor markings" isn't explored much beyond the painting guide that that picture is from.

Blood Claws pack markings are red and yellow. This is extended to both Skyclaws and Swiftclaws as well as they hold the same "rank". Their "honor markings" are yellow on grey.

Grey Hunters pack markings are black and red. This is extended to Land Speeder teams as well as they are crewed by Grey Hunters. Their honor markings are red on grey.

Long Fangs have black and white pack markings. Their honor markings are white on grey.

Wolf Scouts have black markings on the blue/grey background of their carapace armor.

Wolf Guard pack markings are black and yellow. This includes Thunderwolf Cavalry and Terminators, though Terminators bare the marking on a knee cap or not at all. Another important note about Wolf Guard and pack markings is that Wolf Guard of a certain standing may not belong to a Wolf Guard Pack, but instead bear their own personal marking in black/yellow or perhaps if they are acting as a Wolf Guard Pack leader, they may have a black/yellow version of the pack marking of the pack/squad they are leading. Wolf Guard honor markings are black on grey

Iron Priests bear a mechanicus symbol on their right pauldron, many times in red and usually with a wolf skull instead of a human skull.

Rune Priests, including Njal, have a yellow pauldron with a bunch of runic symbols on it.

Wolf Priests are kind of tough. The only canon Wolf Priest I can find pictures of is Ulrik the Slayer and this guy. It appears that, at least at one point, the Wolf Priest "pack marking" was a wolf skull and cross bones.

Wulfen pack markings are red and white, but I keep them separate as I'm not sure if that red/white marking is of 40k origin or 30k origin. ie: Did 40k Iron Priests give them that designation and paint it on or are they still wearing the pack markings that they would have had as Grey Slayers or Blooded Claws in the 30k Space Wolves Legion?

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Thank you. Great info.

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This is a great resource. Thanks for putting it together.

I'm eagerly awaiting my custom Harald Deathwolf company transfers (since GW doesn't make them anymore) and will have them on my army with the appropriate red background as soon as I have time 🙂

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I used to put the Sons of Morkai transfer on and paint in the middle red, but I recently tried printing my own and it went quite well. I'd recommend it if you want some fun pack markings as well (like the Nordic raven I have on there).

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Is this pretty much the same for 30k too?

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I don't think so. The ranking system wasn't the same back the and there were no great companies. I'll have to brush up on my Inferno book before I can say definitively.

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30k wolves were a lot closer to codex markings than their 40k bretheren. But grey hunters encompass both grey hunters and blood claws. Im currently building a 30k sw force. Its been a fun hobby challenge. According to their FW book, other than Grey Slayers, deathsworn and hqs most other 30k units fit within their org. Ive found a way to hybridize their codex markings and 40k sw markings. Its been a ton of fun

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Here are some examples of the markings:

/comments/6p3irl/some_wolf_pack_marking_examples/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

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I'd probably do an Iron Priest in that situation. Same as if I had a Space Wolves Thunderfire Cannon

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Cool post.

One question I have is the source of the Great Company markings. I have been playing Space Wolves for 16 years and have an old 3rd Ed. Codex. The Great Company markings are different in that (well they are for Eric Morkai's which is what I use).

Wonder which is the retcon, your source or mine.

One other thing of note, all Priests belong to the Great Wolf's Company and are loaned out to the other Companies as needed. Not sure what you should use as their company making in that case (I tend to use the Company they are loaned to).

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From what I can tell the priests appear to be assigned to a Great Company and they bear the company totem on their left shoulder. This can be seen in the Rune Priest model, the Iron Priest model and the picture of the non-Ulrik Wolf Priest I posted.

I also play Sons of Morkai and their symbol did make a change at one point. It used to be all black and then it gained the red diamond and the red frills at the bottom at some point.

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I'd heavily recommend printing your own decals it is quite easy if you own an inkjet printer. You will need white decal paper for it though.

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wow sticky this


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