“Why is a kit missing from the GW web store?”

1 : Anonymous2020/11/07 03:36 ID: jpjrj8

Since the release of 9th edition we have seen a few Space Wolves kits vanish from the Games Workshop website. This is due to repackaging, as well as limited supply caused by the Nurgle lock-downs.

We are likely to see other kits disappear for a short time, especially with new lock-downs happening in the UK. There is no official time frame on repackaging or supply replenishment, so if you see a known space wolves kit missing from the GW site, wait for it to return or try 3rd party sellers or

. Do not make a post asking about missing kits.

The only exception is the Start Collecting boxes, we know now those are being replaced by the Combat Patrol boxes.

2 : Anonymous2020/11/07 07:44 ID: gbfnrcy

I would like it if they gave us one last opportunity to order the start collecting boxes before they disappear. It’s an easier pill to swallow buying the original start collecting box when I want more thunderwolves because you get all the other models and wolfy bits to use on plain Jane primaris stuff.

I ordered a box of thunderwolves from the website because I simply could not find it in any smaller shops. My gorge started rising when I saw the price tag for those three models. A bitter pill I must say.

ID: gbgl3f3

I just ordered 3 boxes of TWC... luckily my in-laws are paying me back and holding them hostage until Christmas.

3 : Anonymous2020/11/07 06:43 ID: gbfjych

Came here to ask this exact question! There is no Bjorn/Murderfang kit at all listed anymore.

ID: gbgg0fu

still GW store and partners sell the kit in the 9e edition box, bought 3 yesterday.

The employee told me that GW have a hard time with is supply line from China and other. Pandemic is having a lasting effect everywhere. Here in Montreal, their are not dishwasher until beginning 2021 available anywhere

4 : Anonymous2020/11/07 03:48 ID: gbf5ocw

Usually they just say out of stock. Is there new format to just take it off the site?

It reminds me when they were doing limited orders at the start of covid-19 and just put the site on maintenance.

I feel like they need someone to help them manage their site for a better UX.

ID: gbfmdw5

I applied for that job without them having anything up because it bothers me so much... don’t expect a reply though.

That said, they get new IDs and that’s the whole reason. It’s a database issue more than anything else because of how they keep track of stock.

5 : Anonymous2020/11/07 18:37 ID: gbh45je

I was able to get the venerable space wolves dreadnoughts from my local store. The box is in the new 9th edition format, so I'm confident they will come back at some point.

6 : Anonymous2020/11/08 23:45 ID: gbo0eq3

I think people take issue with is that most of it was out of stock before they even did the repackaging, and its hard to tell when they will get in, and when they do, they are quickly out of stock again.

I've pretty much stopped ordering from their store at the moment since there is no telling when it will ship. I ordered something two months ago, and I'm about ready to cancel it. I also preordered Ragnar and the book, when I realize, I simply should have just went to the store to get it at this point.

7 : Anonymous2020/11/19 20:57 ID: gcvablv

Bjorn and friends back in stock in UK

8 : Anonymous2021/02/04 01:08 ID: glxm6mp

The primaris upgrade kit isn't on the online store EU, local online retailers only have 1 between them

ID: glxp1uo

That might be an exception here. It has been gone from the webstore for a while, I haven't seen any information about it.

9 : Anonymous2020/11/14 00:20 ID: gc7gzfs

I ordered 2 boxes of cav along with the codex and new dice but and it’s been over a week since I ordered them.it was an over $200 order and I haven’t gotten anything. Would the supply lines be the cause?

10 : Anonymous2020/11/07 09:34 ID: gbftz8y

I was told 1000 hours today.

ID: gbfwj6f

well that's a lie then. oh well, i was informed they will return to the online store on Saturday.

11 : Anonymous2020/11/07 19:12 ID: gbh94nv

Time to go raid all the local hobbie stores

12 : Anonymous2020/11/13 23:46 ID: gc7dgy8

Some of the boxes are being reformatted into the 9th Ed boxes, so that and lockdown is causing issue I think. I asked a similar question a little while back as Bjorn wasn’t on GW at all - completely removed.

13 : Anonymous2020/11/21 23:51 ID: gd4qj5a

Bjorn and friends are now out of stock in the UK!

14 : Anonymous2021/01/27 23:30 ID: gl0m1ej

Lets face facts their phasing out old stuff for primaris

15 : Anonymous2021/02/03 13:55 ID: gluztra

I've been trying to Order SW terminators for months here in the US but GW website has been saying they are out of stock. Been trying on eBay, but no luck yet


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