Stadia VS Xbox Series X Part 1: DOOM Eternal

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:05 ID: m0btdy

So i finally got an Xbox Series X and thanks to Gamepass, i can compare some games i now have on both systems.

First of all, some specs:

TV: Samsung Q60- CCU 4K@60- XSX 2K@120 (freesync)

Connection: 100mbit fiber, everything connected via ethernet

The Visuals are definitively better on the Xbox Series X compared to Stadia, which i expected. The image looks sharper the colors have a wider spectrum, it simply looks more colorful. But nothing too serious, it's definitively not a "game changer".

The Performance feels nearly the same on both platforms. No Stutters etc. and both around 60fps. Input Latency was pretty strange, because it feels noticeably better on Stadia, which i did not expect (yes, the settings are the same). On the Series X, it plays like the first Stadia Version before the first patch which addressed the Lag issue.

So, at least for DOOM Eternal in its current state, it is not that much of a difference, judged by someone who did not do pixel count analysis etc. but just played the game on both systems.

My next test will be PUBG, that will be an interesting one, because i have experienced a lot of annoying stutters on stadia, which i hope will be gone on the XSX.

Some general notes about:

The Visuals of some of the optimized games for the Series X are amazing. But having to deal with downloads and storage management again is simply an inferior experience compared to stadia. with my 100mbit connection, i need up to two hours for newer, bigger games. The speed gets reduced to about 20% of my bandwidth when i play another game during the download. The Headset Compatibility and the Xbox Voice Chat is simply worse than stadias party chat. During my first weekend with the console, activision had multiple server problems which did not even let me start the single player campaign and i already heard that outriders will be the same. This whole "but you can play even if your internet does not work" is a joke, based on my real life experience. it even felt more stable on stadia by now (this could be just because of activision and outriders guys, where i could not start the demo multiple times).

On the other hand: Gamepass is such a good package for the price, Stadia Pro currently does not come even close to that value. I start to look forward to newly announced games again, because i already know that i can play them with pretty visuals etc.

The first time i started CoD: Cold War and saw the lighting, the models and Raytracing, it simply blew my mind, and i think that 2021 / 2022, stadia has to reach the same level for upcoming titles, because this will be the norm for bigger titles from now on..


thanks for the first award! <3

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:39 ID: gq712lq

Doom didn't even get full patch for series x. Its still back compat with only increase to native 4k 60.

Doom can easily go much higher. The devs already said they plan to bring a 120 fps modr

ID: gq71h2w

Yes, but the same holds for all the unoptimized stadia ports (hello ubisoft). So we only can compare the current state. Otherwise, one can argue that we should wait until stadia gets 120fps (if this will ever happen).

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:47 ID: gq752ou

The issue comparing Stadia to Series X is Series X is two GPU generations in front of Vega used by Stadia and has all the latest hardware features like mesh shading, variable rate shading, BVH acceleration for RT raytracing, sampler feedback streaming etc. Sadly Vega has none of this so when games start taking full advantage of the DX12 Ultimate SDK. The performance gap will increase exponentially

IDs IDtech 7 engine is also a best case scenario for Stadia being Vulkan native and being designed to hit 1080p 60fps on the old base consoles

Like others have pointed out too, it's only running in back compatibility mode on Series X

ID: gq771nj

Still this does not make sense. Because you talk about future improvements of one platform while assuming that the other platform will not improve at all, which we don't know. So we can only compare the current state of both systems.

It's like Cyberpunk. sure, you can argue that it will get the Next Gen update in the second half of this year, but cyberpunk 2077 already lost a huge chunk of its velocity, because it's out now for several months and peeps moved on.

And as i said, i'm curious to see how it behaves on other titles as well, where conditions for stadia are not that good (PUBG). This is also not a negative post against stadia or xbox, i just have access to both systems, so i want to share my experience with both, playing different titles. I did DOOM Eternal first because i love this title and found it was one of the nicer ports on stadia.

edit: and really, there is no issue with comparing, as long as the game you compare are available on both platforms..

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:05 ID: gq7a5k5

My next test will be PUBG, that will be an interesting one, because i have experienced a lot of annoying stutters on stadia, which i hope will be gone on the XSX.

Lag spikes as people call it some are micro stutters, sometime you get huge 1+ second freezes as the server can't sync everyone and is waiting for packets.

This I can most cetainly guess is from cross platform play. Simply explained it is from the gamers who have issues with their connections and the servers not being able to sync all clients properly and their being stuttering. I see this sometimes on Dead by Daylight when all four of us (Me and 3 of my boys on Stadia) play with a random killer. If the killers internet is dropping frames or buffering too much it will cause stutters. When me and all four of my boys play a private match of DbD the game runs smooth as butter.

This is why I say Stadia will find all the flaws in your network and if you fix those flaws your overall online experience will improve.

A benefit of Stadia is the requirement to have stable internet to make it enjoyable. So with multiplayer games that are not cross platform you will get a better experience overall for everyone a vast majority of the time. Other platforms can simply have any internet connection and be able to play online games. All they will notice is stutters or longer lag spikes that they are so use to seeing they think it is the way you play online games.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:34 ID: gq70sca

Yeah maybe they won't say it but part of the reason for the first party closure is to fund better upgrade tech

ID: gq723y1

And they did not mentioned it in the announcement because they wanted to keep the positive perception as low as possible?

ID: gq7125e

Very big maybe, I wouldn't count on it.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:36 ID: gq70vkp

Just for the sake of reference point for input lag. Do you know what latency is reported to you within Chrome using Stadia Enhanced extension for Stadia?

ID: gq714u4

I can look this up later, but i normally have a pretty stable ping between 9ms and 11ms with 0.9 to 1.2 jitter to my next google DC. So pretty optimal conditions.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:22 ID: gq73lag

Off topic but Cold War looks fugly to me especially compared to Modern War

ID: gq747im

I never played Modern Warfare and just bought the most recent one 😀


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