What are the best weapons right now in each category?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:37 ID: m07x14

Assault rifle? Smg? Sniper?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:01 ID: gq6hyc1

I can only speak for snipers, but it depends what you wanna do.

If you're learning to snipe, or even experienced, the Arctic is the best all rounder. It's semi automatic, stable, and powerful. Very versatile in gunsmith. The Locus is it's biggest rival stat for stat as a semi auto, and honestly you won't see much difference in application, but for me the Arctic just handles slightly better.

If you're confident in hitting that first shot, or you play BR and wanna really max out that range while maintaining maximum damage, the DLQ bolt action is the sniper's sniper. Not recommended if you're getting the hang of it, it's the HDR of CoDM. Use a long barrel, monolithic suppressor and the long shot perk & mod for the longest 1 shot in the game.

They're the traditional snipers. The NA-45 is in the sniper category, but it's more of a grenade launcher with a scope. Great fun to play with, and possibly the most dangerous weapon in the game. It's controversial because once you're in the scope on BR, it's either run or die. As soon as i hear the "beep beep beep", i smoke out and cheese it.

Shoutout to the outlaw as a quickscope rifle if you're into that.

I'd pull out my baseball bat before using any of the others.

ID: gq6iggr

Hey thanks man. Very comprehensive. I really like the arctic too actually it's one of my sets

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 06:42 ID: gq6pust

For ar the 3 shot weapons are the best they are dr-h, asm10, and man-o-war.

Smg would be qq9, Rus, the QXR, and maybe the gks.

Sniper would be locus, dlq, arctic.50, and possibly outlaw if you have good aim.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 06:46 ID: gq6q3g6

This may just be my personal opinion, but as someone who plays CoDM about 4 hours daily, it can't be much wrong:

In the Snipers, Arctic50 is currently OP, being able to one shot even on legs. Locus and DLQ33 on the other hand have a faster ADS. The one shot area is from the stomach up for Locus and from the waist up for DLQ. Outlaw is a quick scope beast for those who are super sure with their aim and possess godly skills. NA45 is just a grenade launcher and I haven't used it much so won't be talking about it.

In Assault Rifles, currently Man-O-War is the best in terms of its 3 shot killing range. It does come with a slow movement and ADS speed, so it's best only if you're into manual scoping. Otherwise go for either ASM10, DRH or AK47. Out of these, DRH has close range 3 shot kill ability from the chest and up, but don't indulge in much long range fights with it. ASM10 is great for 3 shotting at close range and I have reasons to believe that it's the most used gun right now because of being OP, but I find its horizontal recoil the worst so I personally dislike it because that recoil makes it harder to kill enemies at longer ranges. AK47 on the other hand, my current favourite AR, is the fastest in terms of ADS among all the above mentioned weapons, its 4 shot range is the highest (from 0 to 45 metres). You'll never get into fights that go beyond that range anyway. And what I like the most about it is that it has the least horizontal recoil in the game.

Regarding SMGs, HG40, RUS, Single Fennec and QXR are arguably the best out there right now.

In LMGs, UL736 has the best range and damage but has a weird recoil and less magazine size. Otherwise go for Chopper or RPD, both the good in their own way. RPD is will feel more agile and stable, but Chopper is able to hip fire at long range and has a much faster firing rate.

In shotguns, I personally never ADD with them. It's always hip fire for me. So KRM262 is the only one I would recommend. I have obtained Platinum camo on shotguns this week only so I have a pretty good idea of then all now. KRM has the best one shot range whole hip firing. HS0405 is also great but for close range only. With HS0405 you'll be sure that your opponent dies in one shot at closer ranges. KRM is a bit uncertain, but still is the best. Otherwise if you don't wanna go for one shot shotguns then Echo is the one for you. Use 24 bullets magazine on it and you'll rock. Never use Striker, NEVER.

And in marksman, well, Kilo Bolt Action is just trash.bnot as bad as people make it out to be. But it's better to just ignore it.

ID: gq6r58r

Bro I just about spent a ton of upgrade tickets on the Razorback smg. Is it not good?

ID: gq6zqy6

Why is the kilo bolt trash?? It can one shot from chest.. only prob is it's mag size

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:39 ID: gq74jpe

I'm only talking from my personal prefferences so do keep that in mind.

For ARs is the Man of War due to it's consistent 3 shot killing capabilities. If you care more about a well rounded rifle tho, both the Ak-47 and M4 are doing a decent job but I feel like the ICR-1 does their jon better due to it being a complete monster at close to mid range thanks to it's decent accuracy and high mag size. At longer ranges, I reccomend the ASM-10 but treated like a semi-auto. Don't hold down the trigger but fire in bursts and you won't regret it.

For smgs it's the QQ9, keep in mind, it's recoil is low at first but high if you fire for too long. It's the best if you know how to flank. At longer ranges, I believe the Razorback to be decent.

For shotguns, the KRM is good for 1 shot shotguns and the Echo is good if you just decide to fire a bunch of shells into a person really quick.

Snipers, the artic is the best well rounded rifle but if you know how to hit your shots, use the Locus. It's a one shotting god and can still be used in cqb if you use the tactical scope.

Lmgs, the chopper, a campers dream because even it has slow ads time, it makes up with good damage, high fire rate and big mag size.

Marksmen, the new sks (only iron sights and tactical scope!) it's the king of one shotting non-sniper rifles (the best rifle at one-shotting without it being a rifle)

Pistols, the revolver (forgot the name) is a sniper in pistol form. The Desert Eagle (forgot the name) is good by itself but it's great at cqb with akimbo.

Launchers, no. Just don't use them.

Melee, the axe. Good melee range and it's longer amimation allows you to better line up the attack.

Lethal grenades. The thermite. Just big damage.

Tactical grenades. The flashbang.

ID: gq75q3s

Thanks man. I'm going with the qq9

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:01 ID: gq72bb4

Not the best, but the most fun to use. AR: LK24, SMG: QQ9, Shotgun: HS2126, Sniper: DLQ, LMG: UL, Marksman: SKS, Pistol: Deagle

ID: gq72pg9

I was disappointed to hear qq9 ismt as good as i thought it would be


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