WandaVision Easter Egg Megathread (Season Wide Spoilers)

1 : Anonymous2021/01/22 13:27 ID: l2np56
WandaVision Easter Egg Megathread (Season Wide Spoilers)
2 : Anonymous2021/01/29 12:00 ID: gl84lvk

Monica gets thrown out and breaks

1) The Wall of the Sitting Room

2) Wall of the House

3) 3rd Wall (The fence)

4) The Forcefield

Monica literally broke the Fourth Wall

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ID: gl94hcf

theres levels to this shit!

ID: gldti01

The scene where she was blasted through the wall also looked just like when Dr Strange's consciousness was blasted through different walls of reality.

3 : Anonymous2021/01/22 16:54 ID: gk7a424

I’m showing my age with this one, especially since I don’t even have to Google this lol. The doll Vision practices diaper changing on is Kitty Carryall. This doll was made famous from an episode of The Brady Bunch, which of course heavily influenced this episode.

Now if you really want to get deep with it, in that episode Cindy Brady treats the doll like a real baby even though it’s fake. Wanda herself has “fake” babies. In the same episode, the doll goes missing and Cindy blames her brother Bobby. Stuff happens, but Bobby is innocent and even uses his own savings to buy Cindy a new doll, which she rejects because it’s not her original one.

There’s so many potential layers to this. On one hand this can reference/foreshadow the precarious existence of Wanda’s babies and how they may disappear once this reality crumbles. On the other hand, it can reference Vision himself and ties to another one of my theories. The original “doll” for Wanda is Vision. He was destroyed by Thanos. I believe he was remade by either Stark Industries or SWORD, but he was so different Wanda rejected him because it’s not her Vision. The grief this causes leads her to create this reality where she could be with Vision as she remembered him.

ID: gk7jjtp

Great insight!!

ID: gkaz03p

In the comics, and I am assuming most people know about this, but Vision loses his personality. He changes colors to all-white, and just can't be what he was. It feels like Wanda is rejecting whatever AIM and Stark and whatever they could gleen from Hydra couldn't put Vision back together, not like he was. Maybe they tried to get Wanda in some BARF tech to work it out, and we're witnessing the result.

ID: gk9u64d

please keep talking before marvel makes you sign some contract to not spoil your own series

ID: gk8bfpy

Wow. That’s amazing, like some deep cut thought process. I wonder who is responsible for things like that.

ID: gkb5xec

Not even sure if I remember this correctly, but back in IW. When the team brought Vision to Shuri, wasn't she making a back up of him as she was removing connections to the stone? If so, wouldn't this mean there was a chance that SWORD/Stark Industries repaired Visions body, but his personality/identity was still largely missing so this causes Wanda to have a breakdown and create this "reality" in which it has the Vision she knows and loves? I'm probably misremembering it all, but it would make an for an interesting connection/part of what this all happened.

ID: gkb3isl

This is what I know. The vacuum going haywire is an electrolux golden J. I grew up with that exact vacuum up until 2010 win I got a new electrolux. It was made in 1975, So this "show" is 75 or later.

4 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:41 ID: gk6vgvo

Ep3 stuff: Each time the pregnancy progressed, Wanda would be eating the fruit that Dr told her was the size of the baby at that stage. Eating papaya at 6 months, pineapple at 7 months.

ID: gk79lyw

Oooh that's fun.

ID: gk7i5hw

I wonder if it was the same pineapple Agnes brought in ep 1

5 : Anonymous2021/01/22 16:35 ID: gk76bmi

I'm going to post because this is really morbid thought just in case I'm right, but i think the area Wanda is in is a cemetery. Hackensack New Jersey near Westview has a giant cemetery in the middle. When reality hits i think all these people will be corpses including visions grey dead body. Messed up right?

ID: gk8kg8u

When Herb was cutoff by Agnes he was saying "She came here because we're all...[dead?]".

ID: gk7h8xv

I think you might have something here. We haven't seen Mr Hart since he choked on his food. Perhaps real Mr Hart died that way.

Maybe we wont see Herb anymore, if real Herb died from a tree trimmer accident.

ID: gk9ep9r

That's both a super interesting insight, and a super sad/dark theory. If they are all trapped we can expect them to get freed at some point, even if the road to get there gets messy. If it's a cemetery getting attached to the characters would be really sad.

ID: gkb3k25

This is the theory i am going with. It would explain why no one seems to know that wanda and vision are famous avengers, they are all dead(alive before they became famous) and that Geraldine talking about quicksilver made her clue in that she was from the outside.

ID: gkacfwv

I think this might be it. What about Monica though? She's not dead in the real world. Was she sent in by SWORD to wake Wanda up?

ID: gkac9ue

Ooh ooh ok.

So I'm going to add on to this theory.


The people in the show are the dead people from situations where Wanda was involved with their deaths. For instance, when Wanda accidentally blew up that building in Winter Soldier. She felt guilty and did research on the people that died and knows the details of who they were. Or maybe collateral damage from Infinity War.

There was an episode where Wanda said she wanted to "fit in." On a darker level, she feels guilty and wants to die. Thus, "fitting in."

Geraldine is an interesting character though (if she's supposed to be Monica from Capt Marvel). Maybe the real world put her in there under cover to try to get Wanda to snap out of it or to at least find out what's going on.

In a previous episode, Geraldine admits that she doesn't even know why she's there. Perhaps trying to get Wanda to question the same thing.

Also, Geraldine was used in the magic show as a person to magically appear out of nowhere. Seems like a direct correlation to Geraldine appearing in Wanda's world from seemingly out of nowhere.

And let's not forget that the neighbors said that Geraldine doesn't have a "home." Do they mean a resting place?

ID: gkcg68l

This is an amazing theory. That would put a whole new layer on Dr Nielson trying to leave Westview, he was trying to cheat death!

6 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:56 ID: gk6yfp3

When fighting over boys names they say “Hope for a girl”. The name of the first mutant child born post House of M, could be a sly reversal.

ID: gk7yqvc

Side note, I really hope we get an inversion of the “no more mutants” line from the comics as “no, more mutants.”

7 : Anonymous2021/01/22 13:53 ID: gk6bhul

Ep 3 stuff:

-Vision looks directly at the camera for half a second before telling Wanda he thinks something is wrong

-The song playing in the end credits of ep 3 is called Daydream Believer

-In all the movies she's in, Wanda always does a little head-tilt before she unleashes her powers on someone. When she's confronting "Geraldine", she does her head-tilt, and then the camera goes back to Vision. The next thing we see of "Geraldine" is her being flung back into the real world. Nice little consistency

-Wanda's Sokovian accent comes back when she says Pietro's name, and when she sings the Sokovian lullaby

ID: gk6oyd9

After saying he has nerves of steel, Vision calls Dr. Nielson "Mister Doctor."

ID: gk8n6is

flung back into the real world.

I think the term is "yeeted out"

8 : Anonymous2021/01/22 14:33 ID: gk6igqb

Translation of the lullaby she sings for the twins:

I waited for you

and this day has come

my heart became a home full of light

full of light

ID: gk6qiw8

Cool! What's the real-life language used for Sokovian?

ID: gk7oizv

Might be worth noting that comic Monica Rambeau’s powers are also light based.

9 : Anonymous2021/01/29 08:42 ID: gl7pa6r

On the whiteboard that Jimmy Woo is writing over you can see one of his ideas is "skrulls?". A fun detail likely setting up Secret Invasion.

ID: gl7saqj

I like the idea that for the Feds when stuff doesn't add up on the whiteboard they throw in Skrulls because you never know.

10 : Anonymous2021/01/29 17:28 ID: gl9fudu

Anybody noticed when the director of SWORD mentioned that they lost half of the astronauts in the blip ?

Fantastic four baby!!

Edited: spelling

ID: glav0aj

And when they come back, the ship has floated inside some kind of anomaly with the bad radiation, that's how they're exposed.

ID: gl9xtbp

I mean I’d assume they had more than eight astronauts. But that’d be cool.

11 : Anonymous2021/01/22 13:58 ID: gk6c1au

Any one noticed how Agnes is always wearing this same brooch thing no matter what decade they're in. In the 50s, it was connecting the collar of her dress. In the 60s, she had it pinned on. In the 70s, she wore it as a necklace. Agatha Harkness also wears a brooch in the comics.

ID: gk6okd6

Definitely noticed because I took a picture last two episodes when I saw it. This was the clearest shot I could get

ID: gk7qdlj

there's no doubt Agatha Harkness is Agnes - the only question is the relevancy of her role in this show... is she a SWORD agent? a memory from Wanda's childhood?

12 : Anonymous2021/01/22 13:52 ID: gk6bebp

At this moment me just waits for the internet to dissect every fibre of the shows for my weekly juicy reads, rewatch and get mindfked after mindfked after mindfked.

ID: gk6wq7t

Immediately after watching the episode, I came here to see what people found, their theories and break down moments I don't get. Its going to be a routine.

13 : Anonymous2021/01/22 17:51 ID: gk7lz9w

I'm not sure if it's an "easter egg" per se, but the Episode 3 music is a distinct mashup between the Brady Bunch's "Sunshine Day" and Partridge Family's "Get Happy". Like, there's chords and instrumentalizations that are lifted directly from those two songs.

ID: gk8qnwv

Get Happy is in Ant Man and the Wasp! Woo hoo!

14 : Anonymous2021/01/29 11:02 ID: gl7zxkx

The sheet they made for Agnes didn't have a human name, just sitcom character name. More proof that she's not a normal human like the others.

ID: gl9cyyo

Yeah, she didn't have a NJ license like the others. Probably mean she's not from Westview? Also, Dottie is missing from "the cast".

15 : Anonymous2021/01/23 03:58 ID: gkah98t

Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, and I'm not sure how obvious it was to everyone, but the ways Wanda hid her pregnancy from Geraldine are some of the typical, easy ways for sitcoms to hide a cast member's pregnancy: wearing large coats (winter, fur, rain) and holding objects in front of themselves (fruit bowl, vase).

ID: gkb42p0

Yep, definitely picked up on that. I kept waiting for her to suddenly be carrying around a bunch of groceries or make the counters in the kitchen higher for her to stand behind.

16 : Anonymous2021/02/13 02:24 ID: gn4p3a4

Wanda exploded the edge of the hex, which is potentially unlocking abilities in people (Monica), in a similar fashion to what Magneto did in the original X-men. He also was doing it to people on Ellis island, and the existing boundary of the Hex was Ellis Ave before pushing it outwards.

ID: gn4qs8o

I think this is how they will incorporate mutants into MCU.

17 : Anonymous2021/01/22 14:40 ID: gk6jq9n

Is the name of the Doctor (Dr Nielsen) a reference to the TV Ratings Service known as Nielsen Ratings? Since so many things revolve around Television, I didn't know if this was intentional.

ID: gk86o57

Sitcoms lived and died on their Nielsen rating.

Seems fitting to make Nielsen a doctor responsible for the health of this particular one.

ID: gk6q7k0

I thought this too

18 : Anonymous2021/02/05 15:31 ID: gm4hvv1

I could be wrong, as I haven't seen the movie in some time, but when we first meet Fox Universe Quicksilver in the X-Men movies, isn't he eating a popsicle?

Then we see him in WandaVision, and he asks who this popsicle (Vision) is. Nice little nod there.

ID: gm4l83y

I think this is his first scene, right? So yes, among other things, good call!

19 : Anonymous2021/02/26 13:12 ID: gotq0p7

WandaVision writers: "lol, you people obsessed with Mephisto didn't even stop to consider Wanda never actually stole Vision's body."

ID: goubcwp

Such a bamboozle, I kept trying to figure out how she ended up with his body. We all bought Hayward's lie even when we know he was lying.

20 : Anonymous2021/01/22 18:39 ID: gk7w440

As is becoming increasingly clear given the end of episode III, one of the big Twilight Zone influences is the classic Billy Mumy episode, "It's a Good Life."

Just look at the start of Rod Serling's introduction to that episode (emphasis mine):

Tonight's story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, is a map of the United States, and there's a little town there called Peaksville. On a given morning not too long ago, the rest of the world disappeared and Peaksville was left all alone. Its inhabitants were never sure whether the world was destroyed and only Peaksville left untouched or whether the village had somehow been taken away. They were, on the other hand, sure of one thing: the cause. A monster had arrived in the village.

Plus, the scene where Agnes and Herb are getting oh-so-close to telling Vision some sort of deep secret especially calls to mind how carefully people would talk when near Anthony Fremont in order to avoid being sent to the cornfields or be turned into jack-in-the-boxes.

21 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:20 ID: gk915pz

Fun Fact:

Kevin Feige grew up in Westfield NJ.

22 : Anonymous2021/02/06 13:32 ID: gm89g4v

Just noticed in Ep. 5 at the end of the episode when Vision and Wanda are both floating, Vision has his knee bent like Wanda does whereas he usually just floats straight up which is another nice nod to the fact that Wanda is really in control.

ID: gm9bf5j

I noticed that too. I was like that's not how Viz hovers and his knee is mirroring hers... Hmmm

ID: gmg88df

It made me laugh because they were arguing and then both floated up and it reminded me of What We Do In The Shadows

ID: gmbksmp

His hands too, they are in a "Wanda position"

23 : Anonymous2021/01/22 20:32 ID: gk8htam

Not seen anyone else mention this, and it might just be me seeing things, but when Wanda is singing to the babies the one that faces the camera looks like he has a V on his forehead, much like Vision's stone mount.

My wife wasn't convinced, but it looked really prominent to me.

ID: gk96i6o

YUP ITS THERE!!! Damn. Good eye man! I went and checked and I can see it too

24 : Anonymous2021/01/23 04:25 ID: gkalj6t

When geraldine gets yeeted out of the pocket universe, shes still wearing the same clothes, this must mean that whatever wanda conjures up in there becomes reality when brought into real world, this means vision come back? And also magic babies

ID: gkp439u

Prediction: Vision comes back into the real world by the end of the series... But he's not actually our Vision, and has no memories before the point of his creation in sitcom land.

25 : Anonymous2021/02/23 17:55 ID: gohiekw

RALPH = Reality Altering Literature Published in Hell

Calling it. Ralph is the book.

26 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:57 ID: gk6yix2

Vision called Dr. Nielsen "Mr. Doctor", just like Kaecelius called Strange in Doctor Strange.

EDIT: This I just discovered, Mr Doctor is also the artistic name of Mario Panciera, leader of the progressive rock band Devil Doll.

So we have even more references to the Devil.

ID: gk7g8vg

In the comics Dr. Strange was the one that told Wanda she was pregnant

27 : Anonymous2021/01/29 08:42 ID: gl7p8rm

Jimmy Woo's pulling out the business card in episode 4 is a clear reference to his fascination with close-up magic tricks, and is likely one that he learned from Online Close-Up Magic University following the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

28 : Anonymous2021/02/19 13:37 ID: go062u4

I have yet to see anyone make a comment about this and I think it's cool of them to do

If you watch the episode with subtitles on, when Wanda is in the kitchen and the milk is changing type, you see subtitle text for a good morning radio broadcast but there actually isn't any sound of a radio.

It reads:

RJ: Good morning, Westviewians. Thanks for tuning in to W.N.D.A

Not a thing weighing heavily on your conscience.

I hope your little ghosts arrived home safe last night.

It's always such a treat to see those creepy kiddos out and about once a year.

Later on we'll here some tips

on how to resist the temptation of all that leftover candy.

Or just eat it all?

ID: go088wk

I heard the TV/Radio broadcast, but it's very faint compared to the on-screen action.

29 : Anonymous2021/02/19 18:08 ID: go14oll

Everyone doing breakdowns keeps classifying the bug on the curtains as a fly, which is wrong. That's a cicada, that's why it had a weird noise associated with it.

Cicadas represent transformation or change in some places. Others say they represent immortality, resurrection and spiritual awareness(wikipedia)

ID: go172q9

They're also "watchers" in mythology that monitor humans and report to the muses. Also, there's folk tales that say cicadas can warn of approaching storms and/or the start of winter.

30 : Anonymous2021/02/07 04:14 ID: gmc5gs6

The way Quicksilver is dressed is a Full House reference. He’s both Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) with the leather jacket and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) with the Hawaiian shirt.

31 : Anonymous2021/02/19 13:09 ID: go03bfx

The license plate in the intro has 12-28-22 on it. On December 28th 1922, Stan Lee was born.

32 : Anonymous2021/02/27 00:09 ID: gowxfda

The deed to the plot in Westview had a heart on it and that was the symbol on the calendar that Wanda and Vision had no memory of in episode 1.

I think Wanda magic’d her own memory away.

33 : Anonymous2021/02/20 23:08 ID: go62fh2

Just wanna bring up real quick that the show on the TV that Wanda is watching is Yo Gabba Gabba, a show with an incredibly similar premise to Wandavision. DJ Lance Rock sets up his own little "world" on a table and carries around the main characters as just figurine toys in a case. During every intro for the show, DJ Lance Rock uses his "Magic DJ Powers" to bring the toys to life within the constructed world he made for them, and acts as a God figure watching over them during each episode. The entire show the characters are just lifeless toys animated by DJ Lance Rock and placed in a small controlled world where he has all the power. Just like Wanda reanimating Vision in the Hex.

One of the main characters of YGG, the only figurine character that doesn't have their own "home" within the world but instead acts as a de facto leader of the group is Lex, a Magic Robot and Lex is also coincidentally the only character not on-screen during the scene Wanda is watching. We know YGG must have been an intentional, specific decision by Disney because it's a Nickelodeon property, so they had to pay extra in licensing fees just to show it.

Anyways series finale is gonna be a 3v1 magic battle where Wanda, Agatha and Strange fight DJ Lance Rock

34 : Anonymous2021/02/27 14:14 ID: gp09dvz

If I saw that the other Avengers were driving Audis and I got stuck with a Buick, I’d be pretty upset too

ID: gp0bxsu

Have you ever driven one of those Buick’s?! My grandma had one and it was super fucking nice lol

ID: gp3jol0

Always thought of her to be Volkswagen.

ID: gp0lceo

Lol. What about in CW when they're crammed in a beetle (and the back of a van)?

35 : Anonymous2021/02/12 21:50 ID: gn3ttj2

Anyone else notice how Tommy and Billy weren’t paused when Wanda put everyone else on pause ? You see Billy moving around a little.She can’t control them.

ID: gn3xcva

She definitely can't. She tried to make them sleep but failed. It seems that Billy protects himself and his brother since he has magical powers and all.

Heck, they might even be the key to save them all.

36 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:17 ID: gk6qu0u

The hydra soap has a weight listed as 4 oz.

Vision and the scarlet witch vol 2 issue 4# is basically episode 3

Edit, weight was 4 not 4.025, my eye sight is bad

ID: gk75099

What am I missing? How does 4.025 match with vol 2 # ep 3?

Or are they just random facts? I’m confused.

37 : Anonymous2021/01/22 16:16 ID: gk72gbi

Coulson was right about the blue HYDRA soap.

ID: gko65fk

they use it to control your mind!

38 : Anonymous2021/02/19 14:47 ID: go0dut0

In the opening credits of Ep 7, the final shot shows a calendar with a heart over the 10th. This is not the same date that had a heart in Ep 1, as that was the 23rd. I have no idea what this means.

39 : Anonymous2021/03/05 21:50 ID: gptktyr

when monica was inside her home and she looked at the mail where she found out his name was Ralph Bohner, it seems like that was his water bill because it has a monthly usage in "1,000 GAL INCREMENTS"

in the monthly usage chart, it showed the most gallons used was in october. what happened in october? halloween. and during halloween, he was using his super speed a bunch of times to do things with wanda's kids and to refuel, he had to drink a bunch of water.

ID: gptnrgu

I thought it was the water balloons

40 : Anonymous2021/03/06 02:35 ID: gpuoole

No one commenting that the way Vision and the twins were falling apart Tetris-piece style was an homage to the cover of “House of M”?

41 : Anonymous2021/01/22 17:02 ID: gk7bt2a

Not sure if this technically counts as an easter egg, but a cool detail I noticed. The "Please Stand By" card at the beginning of the credits is slightly different in every episode.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

ID: gk95t2f

Suffice to say, this show is a graphic designers dream come true.

ID: gkb0qju

The zoomed-in clips used before getting into the RGB pixels montage are also different every episode, I think. Neat detail.

42 : Anonymous2021/01/22 18:01 ID: gk7o4zj

Lots of fruit references! Perhaps it ties back to original sin and the apple of knowledge. Interesting, however, how it's Monica who is shown eating the apple in this episode. Maybe a stretch but she does get kicked out of "paradise"

ID: gk8kaw0

Glad I was not the only one to notice it. Also she throws an Apple at the stork. Now who else likes to shape-shift into animals.

43 : Anonymous2021/01/29 22:40 ID: glav6uf

I think the answer to Darcy and Jimmy's question of "Why 50s/60s/70s Sitcoms?" is because that's probably what Wanda and Pietro grew up watching in Sokovia. Older shows get broadcast in other countries decades later as if they are new, especially poorer eastern European countries. She probably didn't have access to many television shows from the 90s and 2000s when she was growing up. Reverting back to the shows she watched in her childhood also most likely has a safe, nostalgia feel for her, so she chooses to live in this past.

ID: glbsyc8

It's also probably how they learned English. Plenty of folks who've come to the US, for example, have said watching soap operas helped them learn english. I'm sure it's the same for sitcoms.

Sitcoms also are a fantasy version of the ideal American Life for each of the eras. That probably was aspirational for young Wanda and Pietro.

Both of which make this all the more tragic.

44 : Anonymous2021/02/19 12:55 ID: go024gi

Agnes's mention of her mole in today's episode was a strong hint of her being a witch.

From Wikipedia: " The Witch or Devil's mark was believed to be the permanent marking of the Devil on his initiates to seal their obedience and service to him [...] Witches' marks were commonly believed to include moles, skin tags, supernumerary nipples, and insensitive patches of skin".

ID: go113z1

Children take a look at this mole. It's just above my supernumerary nipples.

45 : Anonymous2021/02/19 13:22 ID: go04kbu

Photon got that superhero landing. Not once, but twice. Once entering the hex and then when she lands in front of Wanda’s house.

Also, a reference to another modern show, as once it went dark, the basement had Dexter’s kill room in the background.

46 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:08 ID: gps2o26

The movie billing shown at the theatre is “Tannhauser Gate”

Callback to the Blade Runner monologue by an android.

ID: gps64te

Nice catch! I was wondering why that phrase felt so familiar. Lines up with Vision shedding a tear too.

47 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:37 ID: gps6jka

White Vision calmly walking out of the flames of the truck explosion is definitely a reference to the T-800 endoskeleton doing the exact same thing in The Terminator.

48 : Anonymous2021/03/06 03:35 ID: gpuynwg

Did anyone catch the Sam Raimi easter egg? When Wanda is lifting the Hex, the local theatre flashes through several eras showcasing different films. One of which was 2013's Oz the Great and Powerful. The film was directed by Raimi who will of course be helming Doctor Strange 2, where Wanda is scheduled to appear next.

In addition to being a general Wizard of Oz/Wicked Witch reference, of course.

ID: gpv2nb7

The slow zoom in the final post credits also felt like a nod to Raimi.

He used it a lot with the Evil Dead series.

It might be a bit on the nose if Wanda ends up awakening Chthon with the Darkhold.

49 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:55 ID: gk96m3z

I noticed they did the TV trope of the outside of the house not matching the layout of the inside of the house. You can see in the very beginning the outside of the house showing no colored windows, but once you’re inside they have all those stained class windows. Which look like TV pixels btw.

50 : Anonymous2021/01/23 03:13 ID: gkac04v

When Wanda goes into labour she’s eating a pineapple. This represents the size of the baby, but pineapple is also said to trigger labour.

Braxton Hicks are fake labour, just as Wanda’s world is fake.

It’s interesting that in a parody of comically unrealistic sitcom births (fast timeline, barely any pushing, nonprofessional friend or colleague delivers child, makeup and hair perfect, silly breathing, babies come out three months old), they included Braxton Hicks contractions. Normally, you wouldn’t see them in a TV show because they’re not very glamorous - I didn’t even know about them until I had a baby.

It’s interesting that the most realistic part of Wanda’s birth was essentially the Braxton Hicks (ie the fake) contraction. I thought that was a nice touch in a show all about the muddling of the true and the fake.

ID: gkc0goh

Though I think the first time I heard about Brixton Hicks was on the Friends Sitcom when I was a teen, so it’s definitely been used before.

51 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:58 ID: gm3m3x7

The dog's name, "Sparky" is the same name the Vision family gives their dog in Tom King's 2016 run on The Vision.

ID: gm3uui2

It gets better than that

In the comic, Vision's wife kills Sparky by feeding him the leaves of the Wundagore Bloom, which allows her to see the future through scrying. That plant comes from Mount Wundagore, Agatha Harkness' home

Sparky here dies by eating one of Agnes' "azaleas"

52 : Anonymous2021/02/27 00:07 ID: gowwxm4

Both Dr. Strange and Agatha used hair as an ingredient for their spell to find people/ memories (Odin from Thor's hair and going through Wanda's past).

This is really cool because we know this show ties directly to Dr. Strange MoM and Kevin Feige did say that Wanda's and Strange's magic are the same. But because Strange has a lot more training his magic looks more precise and geometric.

I wonder what Wanda and Strange relationship will be - mentor mentee like Jean and Xavier? Or he needs her help since she is omega powerful.

ID: goxf4hn

The Ancient One discussed it briefly when she first "meets" Strange. Something about how it's all the same thing just being viewed through a different lens.

Strange is going to take her and set her on the right path since she has more potential, almost parallel to his and the Ancient One's relationship.

I see Agatha's and Wanda's relationship running almost parallel with Strange's and Mordo's.

53 : Anonymous2021/02/27 18:18 ID: gp1qw4j

I guess we now know why the toaster was beeping like that and why it beeped for so long. Seems like all the threads are connecting together.

ID: gp1tide

they were trapped for 2 days. they should've made the toaster beep for 2 minutes while the actors in the commercial start waiting awkwardly

54 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:58 ID: gpxkrga

That low panning zoom into the cabin feels like a reference to the Evil Dead films, it normally happens when someone reads from the Necronomicon, the book of the dead and thus awakening some form of ancient evil.

Wanda is reading from the marvel universe book of the dead and the next Dr Strange film is directed by Sam Raimi creator and director of said movies, so it stands to reason at least in my eyes that she's going to accidentally awaken some form of ancient evil.

ID: gpz20n9

They show her in a cabin up north as a reference to House of M. Where after she blips the world, is where she is found living alone.

55 : Anonymous2021/01/27 02:32 ID: gkwh9bf

Throughout the second episode, when everyone recites "For the children" together the three/four different times, Agnes never says it with everyone, she just nods and smiles.

56 : Anonymous2021/02/12 13:24 ID: gn20ejp

While searching through Hayward's computer, Darcy sends an email to James Woo. But while typing his name, James Gadd and James Alexander both pop up as SWORD agent names. Gadd is a post-production designer and Alexander is a Visual FX creator for the show.

57 : Anonymous2021/02/13 01:04 ID: gn4gbzj

She threatens to turn Pietro into a pickled herring. Don't know if that counts as a red herring, which seems to be what Pietro is.

ID: gn4wycb

I think they are making him a red herring. The writers want us to be suspicious of him to misdirect us. They also made Agnes to look more innocent than before to misdirect us further.

My firm belief is that Pietro is neither X-Men Pietro or MCU Pietro. He is a 3rd Pietro from a universe where he experienced similar events to the MCU version (maybe), but looks like the Fox version. This is echoed by his memories not lining up with Wanda’s.

Just look at what’s going on with Spider-Man 3. We know Jamie Foxx Electro and Alfred Molina Doc Ock are back, but those characters are dead in their respective movies. It’s likely they are coming from alternate universes where they are similar to the villains we know, but different in regards to their history. Marvel is angling to use this as a method of picking and choosing what makes it into the MCU from Fox/Sony and what doesn’t. We can have a future where say Fassbender and McAvoy are Magneto and Prof X, but everyone else is recasted.

58 : Anonymous2021/02/13 03:33 ID: gn4wb1h

Vision went out the same way Wanda kills Hawkeye in House of M

59 : Anonymous2021/03/05 23:14 ID: gptunsw

Any thoughts on the fake Quicksilver/ Ralph Bohner being the guy in witness protection?

ID: gpukhrn

People are latching into that witness protection mention as if the person himself is important or needs to be revealed.

The person in witness protection exists only to be possessed by Wanda and subsequently "forgotten" so that Woo will find out that something weird is going on in Westview.

ID: gptxxyp

What the witness protection theory?

60 : Anonymous2021/03/05 23:53 ID: gptz01w

so is agatha going to be the loki to wanda as loki is to thor? (apologies if that didnt make sense and if i written that wrong, not good with english)

ID: gpuddcs

I think Agatha will mentor Wanda in the future

61 : Anonymous2021/03/05 20:12 ID: gpt8495

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Ralph is playing "Amber" by 311 on the guitar in the room with Monica. The line from that song "Amber is the color of your energy" is foreshadowing her stopping the bullets.

62 : Anonymous2021/02/05 11:42 ID: gm3t2en

Y’all had to notice the red aura (filter?) throughout this whole episode. I thought it was just Agnes but on rewatch you can see it in the lights and on edges around the characters

63 : Anonymous2021/02/05 12:53 ID: gm3yrri

Vision's disassembled body in the SWORD morgue seems to be a nod to the Vision quest arc in West Coast Avengers #43. Hank Pym had to reassemble Vision, and for the remainder of that arc, he had the bone white appearance.

64 : Anonymous2021/02/14 03:02 ID: gncbtgn

Hear me out: Wanda ends ups siding with Agnes and becomes a villain for phase four. Right now she's confused, uncertain and vulnerable to mind manipulation.

She hones her hex powers under 'Agatha' like the comics and joins the witches

...and then picks up the name Scarlet Witch.

It would explain why earlier in the show, Jimmy Woo made a clear point that Wanda doesn't have a superhero nickname. yet.

65 : Anonymous2021/02/20 05:19 ID: go3ax2z

Maybe someone has mentioned this, but I found it interesting that all of Wanda’s confessionals were filmed with camera zooms and movement (per the Modern Family style). But all of Agatha’s confessionals were locked off and didn’t have any movement. I didn’t think much of it until it was revealed that Agatha was behind the camera for Wanda’s confessionals. So maybe no one was there to film Agatha hence there being no zooms or movement. Maybe?

EDIT: I’m not suggesting this has any sort of significance towards the story. But I think it’s a cool little detail they worked in there.

66 : Anonymous2021/02/20 17:10 ID: go4w5dw

Just going to point out that Mr Dell, played by JB Smoove, in Spider-Man FFH was obsessed with blaming everything on witches. Pretty sure FFH takes place after WandaVision, so this may have been intentional. If not it's still awesome.


Some quotes from Mr Dell on the subject of witches

Mr. Harrington : What do you think it is?

Mr. Dell : You know, being a man of science, witches.

Mr. Dell : I came for science. I'm leaving 'cause of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages!

ID: go6xfh9

Even if this is accidental, I love this connection.

67 : Anonymous2021/02/26 14:41 ID: gotzyw9

The Brady Bunch episode Wanda is watching is the one with the doll that Vision practices changing nappies on in the pregnancy episode. It’s about a girl pretending a doll is a real baby (obvious parallels to Wanda pretending her own kids/Westview are real).

68 : Anonymous2021/02/26 19:54 ID: govj3lo

Wanda’s Buick had a New York “Excelsior” plate. Definitely intentional for Stan.

69 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:27 ID: gk6ssg9

In episode 3 the commercial was about Hydra's blue soap that Coulson mentioned in the Framework.

ID: gk76ilm

The packaging of the soap was also a cube with blue swirls, just like the Tesseract/Space Stone.

ID: gk8gze4

The commercial format is based off a famous commercial from the 70s: Calgon, take me away!

ID: gk7oaif

Also I couldnt help but notice that the montage of the womans house getting wrecked in all kinds of ways was really similar to General Ross showing the Avengers their trail of destruction, ending with Sokovia and the fight with Crossbones, really traumatic event for Wanda and also right before Ross suggests they "retire" which could be the "getaway vacation" part of the commerical.

70 : Anonymous2021/01/29 09:00 ID: gl7qmwo

The episode ending with Voodoo Child, maybe it's a reference to Wanda or Vision powers, or her kids being a Mephisto creation

ID: gl7s89h

Or that Vision's a zombie

71 : Anonymous2021/01/29 19:33 ID: gla11qo

Didn't occur to me till I thought about it. The beginning scene... reverse dusting just looks like the cover of House of M , Joe Quesada variant cover more specifically.

ID: glb22bo

fuck yeah it does

72 : Anonymous2021/02/12 09:55 ID: gn1l85w


73 : Anonymous2021/02/12 13:52 ID: gn2383u

Dont know whether it has been discussed already but..
The classified Weapons intel name is "Cataract" - a disease that clouds the lens of eyes resulting in a poor 'vision'
Was hayward trying to Weaponize Vision?

ID: gn29smx

This would confirm my theory they were trying to rebuild/weaponize Vision and Wanda found out. Hayward is only concerned with tracking Vision and recovering him. Wanda is just in his way.

74 : Anonymous2021/02/13 00:53 ID: gn4f58g

I think the reason the people on the edge of town were looped or standing still is because Wanda introduced children and is focusing her energy on the Halloween activities in the center of town. In normal circumstances she has full control of the whole town which is normally adults and perhaps all the children have been sleeping in their beds until now. Also it seems like Wanda is discovering she is more and more powerful as the show continues.

ID: gn4o9sa

She doesn't really have full control the town and only full control around a certain vicinity. Thats why we see Herb cutting the wall when its not in Wanda's focus

ID: gn5rtbx

agree. i think its like how videogame assets not visible to the player are not loaded entirely to save space. also ike that one rick and morty episode where less energy is spent on jerry's part of an alien simulation.

75 : Anonymous2021/02/19 11:09 ID: gnzu7wj

I love how the most traumatizing thing to happen to Wanda and the world was reduced to the name of a cereal (Sugar Snaps)

76 : Anonymous2021/02/06 13:39 ID: gm8a1b4

Ep5 Credits:

So I watch the credits all the the way through, every time. The cast credits change depending on who is in the episode, but if they aren't the point at which their name would appear is just blank. Evan Peters is in the credits, meaning A) he's a principal actor and B) he's likely going to be in the final episode, where the credits more or less have to be complete.

Also, this episode, despite all principals being in this episode (Olson, Bettany, Peters, Parris, Park, Dennings, Hahn), there was still one slot blank. We're still missing a main character.

ID: gm8emz7

Amazing catch. The possibilities are so exciting

77 : Anonymous2021/03/05 19:33 ID: gpt31kx

Maybe my imagination but after Tommy (Speed) takes the guns and cap from the SWORD soldiers, the way he looks with the cap and glasses on reminds me a lot of how Pietro from X-men: Days of Future Past looks at the end of the kitchen scene (where he is also wearing one of the guards' caps)

ID: gptgwfh

That's exactly what I assumed they were showing.

78 : Anonymous2021/03/05 20:17 ID: gpt8t8y

Vision showed White Vision some Marvel movies lol

ID: gptvvdo

I've seen some people saying this was a lazy way to defuse the fight but this and the ship of theseus talk had me really enjoying this scene. very reminiscent the ending scene of Vis & Ultron. Bettany knocks it outta the park, even when acting opposite himself lol

79 : Anonymous2021/02/05 16:40 ID: gm4rn6p

People have most likely already discovered this, but the advertisements seem to be going in chronological order of Wanda's experiences.

The first is the Stark Industries toaster. That's a nod to the bomb that took down her family's house and killed her parents. The timer also had an ominous timer, similar to a bomb countdown.
The second was the Strucker watch. Named after the guy that took them in, and was leading in the mind stone research thing at the start of Avengers: Age Of Ultron.
The third was the soap, which was imitating her abilities she had just acquired, and her mind control abilities. Plus, mind stone = mind soap. Kinda works.
Finally, latest episode, we had the Lagos paper towel, which is next in the timeline. We see in Captain America: Civil War, Wanda take out half an apartment building with an explosive she lifted into the air.

These would seem to be always on the back of her mind, hence her subconscious was using those thoughts to fabricate these commercials.

Just a thought

ID: gm4ue95

I’m calling it the Trauma theory. Next up is either airport fight, or Vision getting stabbed in Edinburgh.

Edit: Scotland

80 : Anonymous2021/02/12 13:11 ID: gn1z679

Pietro: "I have the X...Y Chromosome"

81 : Anonymous2021/02/14 07:33 ID: gndevjg

Ok so I've scrolled for ages and no one has mentioned this - there's a damn devil man standing behind Wanda when she's talking to Frankenstein Herb over her right shoulder.

Staring right at her for the whole scene. Looks like a Halloween decorations bit it's totally a dude in a creepy mask. He's got people real legs and everything.

I'm seriously, scared the hell out of me. It's the devil over her shoulder - Mephisto.

ID: gndvuqe

Photo for anyone who wants to see. Yep you're right damn

82 : Anonymous2021/02/19 16:02 ID: go0nhe3

Now that Wandavision is in a more modern era, we get a mid credits sequence!

83 : Anonymous2021/02/19 16:36 ID: go0s7wa

The 12-28-22 on the license plate during ep7 intro is Stan Lee Birthday.

84 : Anonymous2021/02/20 08:26 ID: go3p2h7

I had the subtitles on just now and there are subtitles while Wanda is pouring cereal that don't match with any dialogue since the scene is without dialogue. Sounds like it's supposed to be a radio morning show in the background, but I don't hear it.

Good morning, Westviewians. Thanks for tuning in to WNDA. Not a thing weighing heavily on your conscience. I hope your little ghosts arrived home safe last night. It's always such a treat to see those creepy kiddos out and about once a year. Later on, we'll hear some tips on how to resist the temptation of all that leftover candy. Or just eat it all?

And then it ends with Wanda in the chair talking to camera "Yeah, I'm not sure what that's about."

I wonder if there is hidden captioning in other episodes?

EDIT: I need new speakers. A radio station can be heard faintly in the background in the kitchen. The above is the dialogue.

85 : Anonymous2021/01/22 16:49 ID: gk78xzh

My theory is that Wanda did have a part in making this reality, but she is unaware of the full consequences of it. She made a deal with Mephisto who promises her an ideal life with Vision. Mephisto grants this by unlocking the full potential of her powers allowing her to take over this town and revive Vision. However he also has a hand in this reality, being able to manipulate certain events.

Mephisto is a devil, so there is always a reason why he makes these deals. I think Wanda knows that she created this world, but I don't think she knows how. I think she believes that she made all of this from scratch, the people, the stories, the town. But in reality she has enslaved a town, bending the people to her will without knowing it. And Mephisto is letting her create this reality so he can have Billy, her child. In the comics Billy is Wiccan, a powerful magic user, who is the son of Vision and Wanda. Another event in the comics is that Billy and Tommy, Wanda and Visions children, are created thanks to Mephisto helping Wanda have them. I think Mephisto does the same thing here, manipulating this reality to allow Vision and Wanda to have kids. Mephisto sees the potential of Wanda's power but doesn't believe he can control Wanda, as she isn't the most stable and has morals that could prevent him from using her to full effect.

So, in closing, he gives Wanda this reality in order to gain access Wiccan. He can raise Wiccan in this reality, twisting him into a tool, while Wanda is unaware and living in a literal sitcom land. I'm almost positive that Vision will be the key for helping Wanda realize what's happening, although I don't have a clue what will happen after Wanda realizes this.

If you guys have any ideas to add to this or disagree with aspects of my theory, feel free to bring them up! I really enjoy having these discussions!

86 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:52 ID: gpraiol

Loved that Evil Dead-esq long shot to Wanda's cabin but's the OZ THE GREAT AND THE POWERFUL reference that went by on the cinema billboard for me 😉 #RaimiReturns

87 : Anonymous2021/02/28 11:22 ID: gp5u6io

Who the fuck is ralph then?

ID: gpr6rgu

I gathered he was just some wet view resident that Agatha had gifted with quicksilver a powers with witchcraft to manipulate Wanda but I mean I obviously don’t know for certain

ID: gpr6t36

Ralph owned the house Agatha lived in. She mind controlled him and stuck him in the attic.

ID: gpr9hgr

jimmy woo mentioned someone in westview being in witness protection

ID: gpr81qu

Ralph Bohner, aka QS.

88 : Anonymous2021/03/06 01:25 ID: gpucvvb

Idk what it means but according to the credits Dottie Jones real world name is Sarah Proctor who, through a quick Google turns out was an actual person accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692

89 : Anonymous2021/01/22 18:16 ID: gk7r7pb

so maybe Geraldine is a sword agent and fell into Wanda's reality, in this episode she seems to take the spot of Agnes character as the noisy neighbor

so maybe originally Agnes should've helped give birth to Wanda's children

90 : Anonymous2021/01/30 01:54 ID: glbjq5b

In episode 4, the SWORD Director’s office was the same office from the end of Captain Marvel where Goose puked up the Tesseract, right?

91 : Anonymous2021/02/19 11:11 ID: gnzubqe

Did anyone else notice this in the intro?

92 : Anonymous2021/02/19 14:38 ID: go0cuj8

Neat thing I noticed at the circus was an attraction called "Fool the Guesser". Marvel trying to tell something to their viewers?

93 : Anonymous2021/02/20 06:43 ID: go3hwnq

Not really a spoiler, but kind of an easter egg to the premise of this show and the next films.

Wong warned Dr. Strange (and basically us), in the first Dr. Strange film, that word would spread of The Ancient One's death throughout the multiverse, and that they would need to be ready.

That could easily have been the premise for this show and the next Spider-Man & Dr. Strange films, given that the multiverse had even more time and leniency with Dr. Strange being gone for those additional 5 years.

My best guess is that is starting with Agatha, and whoever she's working with/for (be it Mephisto, Chthon, etc.).

94 : Anonymous2021/02/26 20:21 ID: govorut

Yo-magic commercial now makes sense. The stone helped Wanda to break the seal on her latent ability. Next (final) episode will tackle her being the Nexus entity.

95 : Anonymous2021/02/27 15:52 ID: gp0w4mc

Kind of a fun mini theory/easter egg I noticed rewatching Episode 7-

Early in the episode Hayward mentions that they "lost the signal" for the Wandavision TV show which I just thought was a throwaway line on first watch because the city expanded and they were on the outskirts etc.

But I also like to think that they "lost the signal" because, since episode 7 was mimicking a Modern Family style episode, Wandavision would not have been broadcasting on the same old airwaves that they could have picked up on the previous TV sets they were watching- it would've switched to digital, which they may not have realized right off the bat.

It may be a little bit of a stretch but SWORD wasn't clever enough to find the original singal without Darcy and company, so it's likely they missed that the signal changed with the switch to digital now that Darcy is inside with everyone. Just a small point i thought was kinda fun

ID: gp18di0

You got me curious, so I looked it up and the digital switchover happened about 3 months prior to Modern Family airing.

Nice catch.

96 : Anonymous2021/03/05 10:28 ID: gprcs4e

Vision convincing white vision that he's actually vision by giving white vision a vision of old vision . 10/10 would vision again

97 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:59 ID: gprua44

Lmao at the Wizard of Oz reference after Wanda yeets the car at Agatha.

98 : Anonymous2021/03/05 17:02 ID: gpsicel

I'm a CT native, and I noticed in the last episodes, almost all of the license plates in the last episode were from Connecticut - even the delivery truck. There's got to be something to it. There's even an article from the CT Post bringing this up.

ID: gpskylr

Yes! They almost went out of the way to show that the car parked in front on Bohner’s house had CT tags in E8

99 : Anonymous2021/01/22 14:59 ID: gk6n6av

I haven't noticed anyone else post this but when Wanda starts to have false contractions and the house starts to go crazy for the first time. Vision says "What the Dickens?". This is an old British saying that basically means "What the devil?" which may be another nod to Mephisto

ID: gk7qrw2

i'm liking a lot of these stretches, but these supposed "mephisto references" are some of the biggest reaches...

that said - perhaps i'm wrong, and they set him up here and he becomes a problem in Strange2 Multiverse of Madness?

100 : Anonymous2021/02/06 03:19 ID: gm70ukq


Agnes is aware Wanda controls everything and vision is breaking free of her control and so when he's like "no no don't hold the babies" she asks wanda "are you sure you don't want me to hold the babies" cause she thinks vision is under wanda's control telling her to not hold the babies

Pietro coming back is the show's post-credit scene because the credits played and then the pietro reveal came, just like a normal marvel movie would do.

This show is incredible.

ID: gm7auf1

I read your last sentence in abed's voice, I wonder if he works for sword, too.

ID: gm96gok


101 : Anonymous2021/02/13 20:08 ID: gna2i8a

The films playing at the cinema are:

1) "The Incredibles" where superheroes are regulated and have to go into hiding after Mr Incredible accidentally hurts someone while preventing a crime (the Sokovia accords were put to the Avengers after Wanda destroyed a building protecting people in Lagos)

2) "Parent Trap" where twins are reunited after being separated (Pietro returning after dying in Age of Ultron). Also maybe referencing how the citizens of Westview are trapped in the Hex

ID: gnagwno

Dash and Violet from Incredibles also have similar powers to Pietro and Wanda. He's fast and she's weird.

102 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:46 ID: gougssx

Wanda's Mom did the Sakovian greeting when Wanda showed up in the flashback

ID: goui9i9

13:19 timestamp

103 : Anonymous2021/03/06 04:08 ID: gpv3id5

Wanda's cabin hideout looks like it's on Wundagore Mountain.

It's the place where Chthon wrote the Darkhold and was later imprisoned.
It's also where Wanda and Pietro were born in the comics.

ID: gpvttkt

I'm glad there's people like you. I have never read the comics but this show has really opened my eyes to how BIG the marvel universe is.

ID: gpvd7e1

And the fly in definitely felt like a shining reference

104 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:58 ID: gouj7xw

lol what if the big actor Paul Bettany was teasing he was so excited to work with is himself

ID: govnr6d

I always get excited when I play with myself.

105 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:00 ID: gk6ncvq

mean girls quote Stop trying to make MarvelStudiosPlus happen, it’s not gonna happen!

ID: gk993oo

Someone must’ve just wanted the power of mod or to be the first lol this whether it’s on Disney plus etc. This is marvel studios !!

106 : Anonymous2021/02/19 16:23 ID: go0qgil

In Episode 7 one of the characters notes that the broadcast has stopped. In the US, TV stations had to switch to exclusively broadcasting digitally in 2009.

Could just be a plot thing but I’ll choose to believe that’s an intentional choice.

107 : Anonymous2021/03/05 23:46 ID: gpty9sk

When Wanda’s letting the civilians out of the Hex and the theatre’s movie titles change, one of them is Oz: The Great and Powerful which is not only a reference to the Wizard of Oz joke in the beginning, but it’s also a movie directed by Sam Raimi, who will be directing Multiverse of Madness

ID: gpuhobr

Boots under the car as well

108 : Anonymous2021/01/29 16:24 ID: gl94x5n

idk if this was in Cap Marvel but Maria Rambeau's nickname/calling card is Photon. Photon is Monica Rambeau's name when she becomes a superhero in the comics.

109 : Anonymous2021/02/05 12:37 ID: gm3xfjh

Loved 10-year-old Billy's line reading on "Sit Sparky, sit. Good dog." just like the old 1980's UBU Productions logo from (among others) Family Ties, which episode 5 of WandaVision is heavily referencing.

110 : Anonymous2021/02/12 13:04 ID: gn1yh1i

“Unleash hell demon spawns!” WHAT A DAMN LINE BY PEITRO

111 : Anonymous2021/02/12 15:03 ID: gn2bj0x

The Incredibles - family with super powers

The Parent Trap - twins who switch places

112 : Anonymous2021/02/13 04:28 ID: gn51u4z

Everybody talking about F4 and the next movies during the Disney event and why none of it had to do with the X-Men.

Then, Wanda "Hold my Vision."

113 : Anonymous2021/02/15 22:23 ID: gnkxqpj

Small easter egg: In episode 3 when Geraldine is talking about at how at her job her boss had to come up with a slogan for cereal, this is a reference to the series Mad Man, where the actress playing Geraldine works for Don Draper as a secretary, and at one point also has to come up with a slogan for cereal

114 : Anonymous2021/02/19 15:03 ID: go0fuk6

People noticed the plastic sheet with blood on it as Wanda entered the basement right?

ID: go0i50p

Wasn't sure if that was blood or paint but the set design was perfect in making the whole thing feel very "Conjuring" - especially with missing kids in the basement.

115 : Anonymous2021/02/19 17:04 ID: go0vy7v

The radio station that was playing while Wanda was trying the serve herself cereal was “W.N.D.A.”

ID: go1911o

Wanda Never Detected Agnes

116 : Anonymous2021/02/19 20:08 ID: go1kuhm

So now that we know that Agnes is actually Agatha. Now the real question is who is Ralph?

I am starting to think that Ralph is the true villain. Now I’m not sure if Ralph is actually Mephisto or someone else entirely, but regardless the way Agatha always mentions how Ralph doesn’t like this or that makes me think he’s Agatha’s boss. All I’m saying is I’m not sold that it’s all just Agatha trying to manipulate Wanda.

ID: go2oni4

I assumed Ralph just doesn't exist. He's only mentioned so Agnes could make the "lol marriage is terrible" jokes so common in sitcoms.

117 : Anonymous2021/02/20 03:01 ID: go2wncn

I was intrigued by the "Nexus" medicine, and I looked at its "composition" and Nexus is made of "10.3%" of " Nexulpromocide.", if you try to go after the Latin translation it would be something like "Nexus promotes killing." !!!

Also since Nexus is linked to multiples realities in the MCU, I love when it mentions that you can only use if your "Doctor" has cleared you to move on with your life!

Got to love this show!

118 : Anonymous2021/02/20 03:05 ID: go2x148

Any one notice that Wanda was indeed taking Nexus pills right before Monica came in?

119 : Anonymous2021/02/26 14:36 ID: gotzg6g

When Wanda creates Hex we can see:

Lagos poster that says "make cleaning up a SNAP!", another reference to Thanos' Snap in the series. The movie titles "Big Red", WandaVision's project name, and "Kidnapped", a reference to the Hex kidnapped city.
120 : Anonymous2021/02/27 08:57 ID: goypyoy

What I don't u derstand is how they could track HexVision with vibranium decay if he was a creation of wanda inside the hex and not the rebuild of real vision ?!

It's also nice to see that both Hayward and Agatha thought that wanda could bring back death to live. Hayward tricked wanda because he thought she could turn on vision again and when he saw HexVision come out of the hex they got the idea to use the energy from the stark bomb to reactivate vision.

And i think agatha was not so bad at all .... initially she just wanted to help wanda to find her real self as a witch but then she just found out at the end that wanda is way to powerful.

ID: goysurn

If she could create a house from nothing, maybe she can create vibranium from nothing too?

ID: gp06zgz

Because Hayward was lying about there ever being a Vibranium signature in Westview. Otherwise, he couldn't sell Monica on his "Wanda is a terrorist, who stole Vision's body" bullshit.

121 : Anonymous2021/03/06 02:15 ID: gpulc7f

The camera point of view had to be an evil dead homage

ID: gpv2qwr

It definitely was.

Semi-related: the drone shot over the lake also seemed really similar to the opening shot of The Shining.

122 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:56 ID: gq38zw9

Agnes getting car thrown at her leads to scene where she appears to be crushed leaving just her boots sticking out is from the wizard of oz with the house landing on the witch

123 : Anonymous2021/01/22 13:44 ID: gk6ak1l

As folks online noticed: June 2nd referenced in the 1st episode - Could be a reference to June 2, 1692 when the Salem Witch Trials started.

As for the latest episode (#3), people have brought up that (blue) Hydra soap and how AOS during it's AU world where Hydra ruled it, Coulson mentioned that Hydra put mind-control chemicals in soap. Perhaps a coincidence, but it would be amusing if by a round-about long way this is the first time King Kevin's movie sandbox has referenced something directly from that TV series.

ID: gk6o3kt

Fwiw, he already has! The original Jarvis from Agent Carter is in Endgame, I lost my shit when it happened haha. This was also another amazing reference.

124 : Anonymous2021/02/26 20:29 ID: govqgjf

I'm not a doctor but I think wanda has double vision

125 : Anonymous2021/03/05 19:53 ID: gpt5rnv

“Ralph Bohner?”

quicksilver looks at the camera

“You didn’t see that coming?”

126 : Anonymous2021/03/05 23:16 ID: gptuvi7

no one talking about how Steven Seagal is now mcu canon

ID: gpu6idb

What if Steven Segal is the Nexus being for the MCU.

127 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:05 ID: gm3ip13

In episode 5 Billy put his fingers to his temple when telling Sparky to "speak", just like Vision did with Norm

ID: gm3tcb1

Which caused Sparky so panic like Norm did, and pushed Sparky to suicide? Dark.

128 : Anonymous2021/02/05 20:40 ID: gm5pbuy

The drone sent into the Hex was a "Stark Industries" branded device.

129 : Anonymous2021/02/07 04:34 ID: gmc8upv

Anyone notice the end credit scenes resembles ultron's mind moving through the networks in the avengers movie?

130 : Anonymous2021/02/07 22:06 ID: gmikamv

Not really an Easter egg, but just a quick observation. I see that Rambeau is resentful of Captain Marvel. She probably thinks, “Hey where were you when Thanos caused the Blip. Because of you, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my mother”

131 : Anonymous2021/02/12 12:08 ID: gn1tz63

"The Creature Walks Among Us" is being projected in the town square during Halloween.

132 : Anonymous2021/02/12 16:47 ID: gn2p6mb

An easy one. Quicksilver saying "Kickass" and Wanda repeating it is a reference to the previous Quicksilver's actor and his movie series "Kickass".

133 : Anonymous2021/02/12 17:51 ID: gn2y4ph

Agnes had bloody "naughty " on her arse and she was with the kids when she was credited in the intro.

134 : Anonymous2021/02/19 09:08 ID: gnzmo4z

It was way too quiet to hear, but according to the subtitles the radio station you hear when Wanda grabs her cereals is called WNDA.

135 : Anonymous2021/02/19 10:01 ID: gnzpy8v

When Wanda turns on the weather station the 5 day forecast shows us sun every day with a small chance of clouds - later in the episode we see that it is raining and Darcy comments how it never rains in Westview. Another sign of how Wanda is losing control of the Hex?

Does anyone recognise the picture of the missing kid on the milk carton? Is this related to Halloween perhaps or is it foreshadowing the twins going missing later in the episode?

It appears that Hayward was the one who sent the email to Visions office - At the bottom of Darcy's email to Woo she writes: This is a decoy communique he sent to Visions office

136 : Anonymous2021/02/19 22:05 ID: go1yar5

Is Agness a witch like Dr Strange? Her powers seems to be totally different

ID: go2ewf5

She’s a witch. Strange is sorcery. They’re kinda two similar but different things. Witches use more chaotic spells and potions for magic. Sorcerers use more spiritual/energy type magic. Like a witch can turn you into a frog, but can’t conjure a the flaming sword of a celestial god.

137 : Anonymous2021/02/26 10:04 ID: gotbxqv

Sherwood Drive is surely a reference to Sherwood Schwartz, producer of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island.

138 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:01 ID: gouk1av

Kate Weddle is the name of the Grantor on the deed at 33:42. She is the assistant art director for the show.

139 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:03 ID: gpr7a9m

Feel kinda bad for Ralph, at one point or another he was under DOUBLE mind control. Thats gotta not feel good.

140 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:14 ID: gprw0qc

I assume the mountain that Wanda's made her home on in the post credit scene is meant to reference Wundagore Mountain? The comics birthplace of Wanda/Pietro and the place where the Darkhold was written.

141 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:44 ID: gprzoux

Wanda studying the Darkhold is a bad development. It was the Darkhold in the first place that go her possessed by the demon Chthton.

ID: gps77r9

You mean bad development as in, bad for her, right? Cause as an MCU fan, it's a fantastic plot development lol.

ID: gps08u1

I thought Wanda mastered astral projection. Wanda was making tea and Scarlet Witch was reading the darkhold.

ID: gpse51w

That was my thought too, of all the books to start your training with the Darkhold is not the best. Granted Doctor Strange started his training by reading forbidden books too. They weren't also written by the deity providing your chaos power.

142 : Anonymous2021/03/06 14:56 ID: gpymowx

Pretty sure Fietro was riffing "Amber is the Color of Your Energy" on the guitar in front of Monica.

143 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:35 ID: gq23b8e

I haven’t seen this posted...when the four square off as a family, they seem positioned similarly to the family from “The Incredibles”.

ID: gq25zyc

It's even in front of the theatre, too!

144 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:49 ID: gk6x0vu

i think agnes and herb are also sword agents. agnes is magic consaltant of sword. maybe it will be revealed she fooled everybody to get near of wanda at end of the series or in multiverse of madness.
edit: but she said to vision that geraldine is not from the town. if they worked together she wouldn't revealed this.

ID: gk6z76z

but she said to vision, geraldine is not from the town. if they worked together she wouldn’t revealed this.

Well, if she is fooling SWORD about her intentions I imagine she isn’t too bothered about blowing Geraldine’s cover.

145 : Anonymous2021/02/05 19:02 ID: gm5bzwo

I think the boys brought in Pietro which is why it isn't the same. Wanda tells her boys NOT to age after the dog dies meaning they have some control over things in this pocket-verse. My guess is that they felt bad for her and wanted to make her happy so they brought the brother she mentioned to them earlier. But - they don't know exactly what he looks like. They may have gotten some flashes or ideas from her telepathy. If you notice - he never says his name. He waits for Wanda to call him by name. He just says brother. The boys wouldn't know the name either.

Just my two-cents.

146 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:30 ID: gpr94a7

I haven't seen the movie in ages, but is Wanda living in the same house that Bruce was living in at the end of the Incredible Hulk? it's the exact same landscape surrounding it.

147 : Anonymous2021/02/05 23:52 ID: gm6diu4

The kids are wearing the same color scheme as Wiccan and Speed from the comics.

148 : Anonymous2021/02/06 07:50 ID: gm7nw9o

When the babies turn into kids Agnes is like “kids, you just can’t control them no matter how hard you try.” I think that’s why we don’t see any kids anywhere, because Wanda can only control adults.

ID: gm7pv14

I disagree, I think Wanda didn't want to take children captive. I don't think she has control over her children though and that's where Agnes' comment came from.

149 : Anonymous2021/02/12 22:52 ID: gn41hp8

Small but cool Easter egg, I believe Westview NJ is actually based off of Westfield NJ (the town Kevin Fiege was born and raised). I was born there too and there are many similar iconic features both towns share.

150 : Anonymous2021/02/13 06:25 ID: gn5byym

The Hex Men are coming .... the Hex is altering DNA!

ID: gn5wtck

The DNA responsible has always been there. Otherwise known as the X-Gene. The HeX will activate it on a global scale.

Tinfoil hat head cannon until otherwise. The MCU has always been in the "No more mutants" reality. Wanda altered Earth before Iron Man 1 took place.

151 : Anonymous2021/03/05 08:50 ID: gpr6cjj

I'm pretty sure that the music in the post post credits scene is the Dr Strange motif, maybe in a slightly different arrangement, anyone else hear that?

152 : Anonymous2021/02/06 04:05 ID: gm75jqu


ID: gm77k1v

I think this episode she's slowly losing control. This is allowing people to realize what's happening to them, but they're scared to death of her, so they're deferential to what she wants.

153 : Anonymous2021/02/20 12:31 ID: go444n2

Stay with me here:

Agnes and Agatha are two names mentioned in the song Just A Friend:

"Cause I have friends and that's a fact Like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq"

There's a museum in Florida called the Germaine Marvel Building.

As far as Jacq goes, this can be heard as 'Jack' so... Jack of Hearts? He was around when Scott Lang died so there's your tie to Jimmy Woo (again, ridiculous stretch here).

So, the real bad guy pulling the strings here is.... Biz Markie.

ID: go4yl6l

This is the Easter Eggs thread, not the "glaringly obvious references we were all aware of" thread. /s

154 : Anonymous2021/02/19 22:20 ID: go202a2

In the ad when it says "ask your Doctor about Nexus", it's almost certainly referring to Doctor Strange.

155 : Anonymous2021/01/29 17:49 ID: gl9jcvj

You hear young Monica and Carol Danvers as she undusts in the intro - Carol calls her Lt. Trouble

156 : Anonymous2021/01/29 18:03 ID: gl9lsnb

In ep.3 in the scene where Wanda and Vision are setting up the childrens room they both hint to Speed and Wiccan with their dialogue (You know, in addition to literally naming them in the same scene). For Speed, when Wandas pregancy speeds up again, Visions following line goes: "Boy, oh, boy, I thought I had super speed", hinting, well the obvious. And as for Wiccan when the butterflies magically become lively, Wandas line goes: Oh, did I do that? I didn't mean to", hinting possibly at Wiccans magic instead of Wandas.

Maybe these two were too obvious and not necessarily an Easter egg, but since I didn't see them mentioned yet on these threads I thought I'd point it out. These lines also just add up onto the loooong list of things that show how no space is wasted in the series!

157 : Anonymous2021/02/05 12:05 ID: gm3utw2

Was Vision's body with SWORD during the timeskip? I always thought that it would have been with Wakanda or at least with Tony. Has SWORD been experimenting with his body for the past 5 years?

ID: gm47iau

My theory after Endgame is that the Avengers Initiative is dissolved. As in, every one went their own separate ways. That explains why no one is helping Spiderman in FFH, why no one is going to Wanda at WandaVis, why Falcon and Bucky were not doing Avengers shit in their new show.

ID: gm3z38g

His body was partially disassembled, so it does appear as if SWORD was studying it. Director Hayward mentions SWORD's recent re-alignment to focus on "robotics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence." Vision is also a sentient weapon, so it's a fitting place for him to be studied.

The main question is why would the Avengers allow this? Perhaps the Sokovia Accords prevent them from doing anything, but I imagine Stark and Banner who helped build Vision in a way would have wanted a say in what happened to the body after Infinity War.

158 : Anonymous2021/02/07 07:11 ID: gmcwlg3

The aging up of the twins seems like a fairly obvious riff on how often in sitcoms from season to season children age rapidly sometimes 3 - 5 years when they were only born last year.

159 : Anonymous2021/02/07 14:07 ID: gmfpddz

I couldn't help but notice the slight change in Wanda's line about Geraldine being gone... During the birth episode she says to Vision something about her having to rush home as a cover up for what she did, but in the next episode, in the "Previously" section she says she's gone because she didn't belong here.

This show is too meta I can't handle it.

160 : Anonymous2021/02/12 09:24 ID: gn1jbdb

At 28:09 in episode 6, one of the gravestone says Janell Sammelman -

Janell M. Sammelman was a second unit director on 2015 Fant4stic.

We'll see if this leads anywhere.

EDIT: Also 1st AD for Wandavision, its just that Fant4stic is the one that shows up first on IMDB. So who knows if it'll mean something.

ID: gn1l0qs

This is bizarre

EDIT: never mind, yeah he also works for WandaVision so it's not that weird lmao

161 : Anonymous2021/02/12 12:45 ID: gn1wuz7

In episode 6 the movie theater in the background has two movies advertised. Incredibles, where an abnormal family pretends to be normal. And the parent trap, which has an emphasis on twins but also has another meaning. The parent Wanda has trapped her kids, Vision and a whole town.

162 : Anonymous2021/02/12 19:11 ID: gn393jv

The Incredibles and the Parent Trap, both late 90s or early 2000s movies were on at the theater.

ID: gn3ejua

They were also reference to twins causing trouble for their parents and a super powered family

163 : Anonymous2021/02/12 19:49 ID: gn3e68v

I just noticed that in ep 5, Wanda's powers appear red in the security footage that Hayward shows, and in the drone footage. An interesting example of Wanda's powers superseding reality.

164 : Anonymous2021/02/12 21:54 ID: gn3ufi2

The two movies playing at the theatre were The Incredibles and The Parent trap, surely the plots and/or themes of these film will tie into the overall plot, right?

ID: gn400vs

The Incredibles - superhero family. Also, "Don't wear capes", and then Vision's cape getting pulled back into the Hex?

Parent Trap - a movie about twins... Wanda/Pietro, Tommy/Billy. Also, in the movie the twins switch places pretending to be each other... Evan Peters takes Aaron Taylor Johnson's role pretending to be him.

ID: gn40c7v

The parent trap has to be about wanda's twins and The Incredibles is the Pixar version of the Fantastic 4. I'm still hoping Reid Richards shows up as the vague scientist they were talking about.

165 : Anonymous2021/02/13 21:48 ID: gnar3nt

Loved how they were playing the PS2 lol.

166 : Anonymous2021/02/19 12:38 ID: go00pi2

Do you guys think that Agatha may be really from Salem Massachusetts since she is not from NJ? Like in the comics?

ID: go08s2v

Her anniversary she mentioned in episode 1 was the day of the Salem witch trials.

167 : Anonymous2021/02/19 18:11 ID: go14z3v

the deep dark super reveal will be Tilda Swinton.

I have a hunch.

168 : Anonymous2021/02/19 19:37 ID: go1gpnh

Is Senor Scratchy actually Agatha’s son Nicholas?

169 : Anonymous2021/02/19 21:58 ID: go1xeyf

Wanda's hexagon duvet cover

170 : Anonymous2021/02/20 01:32 ID: go2mirg

In episode 7, Wanda said "I'm fine" six times for what it's worth.

171 : Anonymous2021/02/20 06:38 ID: go3hjm2

Did anybody else notice how Monica’s eyes were purple after she turned around and saw Pietro? I don’t know what or if it means anything I just thought it was odd

ID: go3ujax

I think it's to do with her spectrum abilities. We saw when she first entered the Hex how she could see the colour spectrums in most things. I think when she opened the basement door the purple magic glow didn't have a spectrum and was pure purple and her eyes and power reflected that.
I could be way off though!

172 : Anonymous2021/02/20 15:09 ID: go4iayz

Not sure if anyone else mentioned, but the opening of this weeks episode was a lot like the show Happy Endings. A show produced by and several episodes directed by the Russo Brothers. May have been a little nod to their previous work.

173 : Anonymous2021/02/20 20:40 ID: go5lhq3

Agnes brought the happy couple a housewarming gift.

174 : Anonymous2021/02/20 21:04 ID: go5o7pa

Why did they use Yo Gabba Gabba? Yo Gabba Gabba was a nick show. Marvel is owned by disney. It would have been super expensive to get the rights for that when they could have easily used something like Jojo's circus or higglytown heros.

ID: go5zqm1

There are 5 Yo Gabba Gabba characters but only 4 shown in the scene that was on TV.

The 5th character that was missing is Robot... Could it be a hidden message especially now that Ultron has been mentioned several times in Wandavision so far...?

175 : Anonymous2021/02/23 13:36 ID: gogibzf

Wanda is bewitched in the last scene, she might face all her fears similar to Avengers in age of Ultron who were bewitched by Wanda at that time and thus could see ultron in the flashback (he is listed in the cast on Google)

Edit: was right about the fears/trauma 🙂

176 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:37 ID: gpr9j3m

The Wicked Witch of the WestView cracked me up.

But yes I know in the movie it's the East witch that gets killed by the house

177 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:24 ID: gprghzk

The movie advertised in the theatre was called Tannhauser Gate

This is a reference to Roy Batty's monologue in Bladerunner and alludes to Monica's future, going into space to work with Fury on his offworld space station, but also to Vision and the boys, who will disappear like tears in rain with the collapse of the Hex.

178 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:26 ID: gprqo7h

Im not sure if this has been posted yet or if its the intended connection, but throughout the show I was noticing sailboats in the background in artwork on the walls of Wanda and Vision's house throughout the decades. Im wondering now if this is a subtle nod to Thesesus Ship. If so it was an EE that was there all along we would only understand once we finished the show!

179 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:58 ID: gps1d3f

Vision's solitary tear at the end was a reference to this famous comics panel.

180 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:58 ID: gps1f4i

So as I've discussed previously, Matt Shakman was a child actor on JUST THE TEN OF US, which was a spin-off of GROWING PAINS.

Mike Seaver's best friend on Growing Pains?

Richard Milhaus Stabbone... aka... Boner.

Incidentally, that was played by Andrew Koenig, who was Walter Koenig's son - Walter played Pavel Chekov on Star Trek.

Andrew also had a phenomenal take on The Joker in a Batman fan film back in the late 90s/early 2000s.

181 : Anonymous2021/03/06 03:02 ID: gput8pk

When Vision was fighting White Vision, at one point he was holding White Vision in a strangle hold to avoid White Vision's head beam. IIRC that's how Thor dealt with his own head beam when he was born and just fighting mindlessly.

EDIT: I was wrong, I was mis-remembering the deleted scene of Vision's birth: and here Thor wasn't using a strangle hold, but some standing shoulde

hold. In the final scene Vision does't use his head beam at all. As pointed out, this same position happen in Man of Steel where Superman puts Zod in the same hold while Zod is using his heat vision, moments before Superman snaps his neck.

182 : Anonymous2021/03/06 08:00 ID: gpw2r1j

The Tanhausser Gate movie showing at the cinema is a reference to Blade Runner - which is a film that deals with replicants (synthetic life forms).

183 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:47 ID: gq24ivr

2 Civil War like moments:

Wanda throws a car at Harkness, she did the same thing to Stark in CW. Apparently Wanda likes to throw cars at people Vision chokeholds White Vision , he did the same thing to Barton in CW
184 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:08 ID: gm3ivvr

Monica knows an aerospace engineer... by the name of Reed Richards??

ID: gm3l9i4

Damn. Who thought Wandavision was gonna bring in the X-Men and FF?

185 : Anonymous2021/02/05 18:17 ID: gm55knz

I like how Wanda went back with her Sokovian accent when she was outside The Hex. Then when she went back into The Hex, she reverted back with her American accent.

186 : Anonymous2021/02/12 19:41 ID: gn3d4cz

Is no one talking about the scene where Darcy was telling Monica that her cells were changing because of the hex, A.K.A mutating? Is Monica going to be the intro to the mutants in the MCU? Also does this mean that some/all of the other Westview inhabitants are going to mutate too?

ID: gn3eiwi

actually i believe Monica is merely just getting her powers to become Photon

ID: gn40t30

Monica Rambeau is literally Spectrum in the Comics. Her powers revolve around manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum. Fitting.

187 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:33 ID: gouf3ht

Not sure if it's been said but... I think the scene that wanda and vision are watching of Malcom in the middle is foreshadowing to how fragile this whole thing is that wanda created and it will soon come crashing down .

188 : Anonymous2021/03/05 16:28 ID: gpsdo6i

I’m really curious as to why Marvel decided to off Quicksilver as fast as they did in AoU rather than let him stick around at least one more movie.

ID: gpseawu

It was initially supposed to be Hawkeye who died, they thought that battle needed higher stakes. Ultimately they decided to keep Hawkeye, so Quicksilver ended up getting killed off instead.

ID: gpth83n

because Speedsters are notoriously over powered. That's why the CW's Flash is either an idiot permanently or has an other speedster to fight against.

189 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:35 ID: gpr9gfe

I can't completely tell if I'm just hearing things or if this actually happened but along with The Wizard of Oz reference with the boots hanging out under the car is the music going on in the theme of "ding dong the witch is dead"

190 : Anonymous2021/02/05 14:15 ID: gm47eu3

Four things I noticed:

The lyrics in the intro are "We're making it up as we go along"

When Wanda is packing away the toys, the last toy is a rubik's cube. A hint that there's a puzzle to be figured out.

One of the kids are gay in the comics (or so I've heard). There's a pride flag painted on the counter in the credits scene.

All four sitcom episodes has Agnes interact with an animal. The lobsters in episode 1, the rabbit in episode 2, the stork(?) in episode 3, and the dog in episode 5. Something that I just picked up on that might mean something to xmen or comic fans.

191 : Anonymous2021/02/06 05:26 ID: gm7d8ui

did anyone else notice that the 80s tech drone that S.W.O.R.D used on wanda was a spitting image of the Blackbird jet the xmen use in the comics and movies?

ID: gm7gvc1

Holy mother of god you are right!!!

192 : Anonymous2021/01/22 14:37 ID: gk6j4jx

The "Twins" scene straight from the comics

ID: gk6znu0

Why do they both look straight up bonkers, Wanda's face looks like memed turning point USA guy

193 : Anonymous2021/02/06 07:18 ID: gm7lqxj

I REALIZED A DETAIL THAT WAS ALWAYS IN FRONT OF US. (Knowing that Spiderman Far for Home is from Sony Pictures)

The last scene we saw from Marvel Studios was the end of Endgame, where we see Steve Rodgers and Peggy Carter dancing, a utopian ending where to stay with Peggy, Cap has to travel between times and universes to make his dream come true.

This scene takes place in a suburb of Wheaton, a town of New Jersey in the 40's, And the first scene we see in WandaVision is a suburb in a New Jersey town in the 50's.

Wanda making her dream come true of living a couple's life despite distorting reality and the multiverses as Steve also does when he stays in the 40's in Endgame.

Phase 3 ends with a couple that seemed impossible to put them back together in a suburb of New Jersey and Phase 4 begins in a suburb of New Jersey with a couple that seemed impossible to put them back together.

194 : Anonymous2021/02/26 22:24 ID: gowdo8g

Agatha's mom tried to stop her from using magic that she potentially couldn't control. Fast forward, and Agatha is trying to stop Wanda from the same. Good irony there.

ID: gowgcqe

"Oh my god I'm turning into my mother" is probably what she's thinking.

195 : Anonymous2021/02/19 22:58 ID: go24ous

Can we talk about the book? so many mystical books in the Marvel Universe with most of the important ones in possession of Dr. Strange (at some point). The cover looks like maybe the Necronomicon or the Book of Dormammu but it could easily be a version of the Darkhold (your heart's desires) or something related to Mephisto? Agatha might be channeling him or he is using her somehow? There's still a chance the book is corrupting Agatha and she may end up training Wanda in the aftermath.

196 : Anonymous2021/01/26 15:11 ID: gktw2qe

quicksilver says he is 2 minutes older than wanda in aou. Tommy is born about two minutes before billy.

197 : Anonymous2021/01/29 08:32 ID: gl7ofoy

WHIH, Marvel's go-to fictional new network, is one of the channels broadcasting when Monica returns to SWORD

198 : Anonymous2021/01/29 14:41 ID: gl8nkh9

EP4: Not too deep an easter egg, but the part where SWORD is putting up the files of real people as the characters is exactly like a casting board in a production office. Just thought that was a funny, meta reference. Like, instead of headshots, it's their driver's licenses.

199 : Anonymous2021/01/30 01:38 ID: glbhr5l

There's like a whole scene directly lifted from the movie Contact. When she finds the video layered on top of the noise frequencies and says get me a TV that exact thing happened in Contact.

Also when he says "Are we recording?" And she replies back "never stopped" is a direct quote from the movie.

200 : Anonymous2021/01/30 02:21 ID: glbn1tk

I just rewatched episode 4 and the file on Norm, Abilash Tandon, is kind of interesting. There are two occurrences listed that detail his encounters with Vision in the office and at the town watch meeting but there's also an interesting notes section.

The notes section says... spoiler "Abilash expresses concern for his father and sister. This information was obtained when Vision awakened him. Is Wanda controlling a whole town? Physical safety of residents is now in question. When Vision releases him, Abilash becomes Norm again."

201 : Anonymous2021/01/30 04:29 ID: glc27pk

The energy waves that are talked about in Episode 4 are said to have something to do with the big bang. Wanda's powers come from an infinity stone that was created during the big bang.

202 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:24 ID: gm3jxa0

In episode 5 she calls Hayward "Director"... How does she know about his ranks?????

ID: gm3l91o

We saw from the cctv footage that she broke into Sword facility to get Vision's body. So she knows about SWORD and probably even contacted him to get his body before the break in.

203 : Anonymous2021/02/05 15:30 ID: gm4htp6

In the first scene with the dog in the kitchen, a toy tiger is prominently featured on the table. That has to mean something, right?

204 : Anonymous2021/02/12 10:39 ID: gn1o0ri

In the background of one shot was a movie theatre. The movies playing were The Incredibles and Parent Trap.

ID: gn1qll7

And we know the Incredibles is about a superpowered family and The Parent Trap is about twins.

205 : Anonymous2021/02/12 11:40 ID: gn1ryna

Just before Wanda expands the Hex, there's a black and white film being shown behind her and the character in that film is tearing down a fence just as everything freezes...

206 : Anonymous2021/02/12 17:07 ID: gn2rxo6

“The Incredibles” and the “Parent Trap” were 2 of the movies featured at the theatre. One is a family of superheroes and the other is a film about twins.

207 : Anonymous2021/02/13 07:14 ID: gn5hopi

Does Wanda have Survivor’s Guilt, which is why she’s resurrecting those who have died (Quicksilver, Vision) so she doesn’t have to feel alone anymore?

ID: gn5uyii

More like Wanda found out that Hayward and SWORD were experimenting on Vision's corpse and her subsequent meltdown created the Hex.

And whatever entity that was manipulating Wanda brought in Pietro to accelerate their plans once Vision started poking around.

208 : Anonymous2021/02/14 02:00 ID: gnc2hk6

If Wanda had broken the seal on her magic earlier she wouldn't have died in the snap

ID: gncw3sy

If she had broken the seal on her magic earlier, there wouldn’t of even been a Snap to begin with lol. Thanks would’ve been shredded cheese in Infinity War.

209 : Anonymous2021/02/19 10:34 ID: gnzrz5l

Am i reading too much into it that Agatha Harkness debuted in Fantastic Four #94 in 1970? She played a nanny to Reed and Sue Richards son. Agatha has so far played a “nanny” like role for Wanda e,g. helping her cook in the kitchen and looking after the twins....

My heart is waiting for you Mr.Richards...

210 : Anonymous2021/02/19 11:53 ID: gnzx80a

This might be a bit of a stretch, but the numbers Monica enters into the Rover may point to a certain comic issue, and check out the antagonists of the issue.

Ultron's been namedropped a number of times in the series, and Vision even comments this episode about how Ultron created his original body for global genocide. Like I said, might be a stretch, but it's a possibility.

211 : Anonymous2021/02/19 11:58 ID: gnzxlro

If you watch with subtitles, in the beginning there’s a radio show (W.N.D.A) that’s basically talking directly about Wanda and how she’s losing control, and they also mention the kids only being brought out once a year.

212 : Anonymous2021/02/20 03:13 ID: go2xwb8

People have mentioned Agnes’/Agatha’s brooch being connected to the Three Graces or the Norns. But I believe it’s ACTUALLY referencing the Witches Three in MacBeth!

The Witches Three are a darker, more nefarious version of the Greek fates. (That explains the brooch’s Greek cameo aesthetic.) They give MacBeth the prophesies that are ultimately his downfall. Symbolically, the Witches Three represent chaos within the play...which may be a nod to witches’ chaos magic in the comics.

213 : Anonymous2021/02/20 03:36 ID: go30g3y

Agnes is confirmed a witch. Witches cast spells, aka hexes. Is it too on-the-nose to say she’s the one causing the hex? Witches are known for their noses, just saying.

ID: go34vda

I definitely think the song was too on-the-nose. There is more to this than we think, especially because Agatha isn’t usually a super-duper antagonist on the comics.

She kind of does whatever she wants - good or bad.

214 : Anonymous2021/02/20 05:29 ID: go3btpd

In the comics Agatha is a antihero

She tutors Scarlet switch and helps the avengers but she causes trouble which they have to help her out of.

Also doesn’t she face off against the other witches and her son?

Is any of that going to be in the new canon or is this Agatha just bad?

ID: go51ylz

They could be taking her in a Loki direction. Have her start as a straight up villain, then shift her into an antihero position. But any way they do it, I’ll be happy as long as they don’t kill her off. I want more Kathryn Hahn in the MCU, she’s fantastic.

ID: go42x9e

She's been around for 60 years and done a lot of things, like most marvel characters that old.

But she's here because of her role in causing House of M (namely, helping to cause Wanda's children to be created, then sending them to Mephisto and making her forget them). They may swap Mephisto out for some other cosmic villain to keep people off balance, but that seems to be the general direction we're going as we move toward doctor strange.

215 : Anonymous2021/02/20 14:32 ID: go4ehxc

I think the ultimate EasterEgg is Aghatas House is the Bewtiched House

216 : Anonymous2021/02/20 23:06 ID: go624n8

Did anyone notice the missing child picture on the carton of milk? Is there any significance there?

217 : Anonymous2021/02/21 20:58 ID: go9lkc0

A calendar in the opening had “Friday the 10th” highlighted, November 10th 2023 is a Friday. Fits the timeline considering Endgame’s final battle was in October iirc

218 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:35 ID: godxymb

Agatha introduced herself to Wanda and said she's her neighbor to the right. Her right, not Wanda's.

What if the "my right not yours" is a reference to this, the idea that Wanda happened upon her magic through experimentation and not the "proper" means that Agatha became a witch?

219 : Anonymous2021/02/23 05:25 ID: gofhsgf

Nexus advert from episode 7 and first X-Men movie title use similar fonts.

220 : Anonymous2021/02/23 19:45 ID: gohxqvi

Not sure if it's an easter egg, but the same actor who plays Norm played a character in the opening scene of the Season 1 Finale of Agents of Shield S1:E22 Beginning of the End.

221 : Anonymous2021/02/27 06:05 ID: goyblwp

So if I understand correctly Wanda had the power inside her all along and the Mind Stone just unleashed it. But what about Pietro? Was he a magic boy too?

222 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:15 ID: gprpiwz

Caught a quick bit of "The Real Hero" (Tony's funeral theme) while Wanda and Vision were in the sitting room for the last time.

223 : Anonymous2021/02/05 18:36 ID: gm58am6

I love how they got around the "Magic is science" nature of the MCU to call it a hex by just using Hexagons and playing it like a weird mystery. 9000 iq move by Kevin and co

224 : Anonymous2021/02/06 01:28 ID: gm6ohm6

Darcy said "She re-casted Pietro!"

She knows that's not their own Pietro, we Just know that's a Real Pietro.

225 : Anonymous2021/01/22 16:47 ID: gk78q1d

There's a rumor that Evan Peters will be in the show. I'm now suddenly wondering if he's actually going to play a grown up Speed (Tommy).

226 : Anonymous2021/02/12 16:42 ID: gn2ojxl

I know that 'The Parent Trap' being on the movie theatre might just be a 90s reference. But in that movie, the twins switch places to meet the parent they never met. Could it be a reference to X-Men Pietro swapping places with MCU Pietro to meet the sister he never met?

227 : Anonymous2021/02/12 17:48 ID: gn2xm7w

Anyone notice that Pietro said he got shot in the streets and then heard Wanda calling for him? So does that mean he's dead or possibly near death and he's only alive because of her magic? Maybe thats why many people are just playing along because that's the only way they can live, just like Vision, only in her reality.

228 : Anonymous2021/02/13 16:13 ID: gn8hxd7

What if Wanda made a deal with the Devil? The FBI witness protection person? Wanda had no idea how she got there but is stuck herself. She even said to Vision that they can't leave. There seems to be rules to this area. The Ironman snap happened. then she is in this world.

She has been given "Eden" or ShangriLa, but in doing so has to:

1- keep it that way- any disturbance makes Wanda (if it is her and not being controlled) angry. The punishment seems way over the top for the crime.

2- do things for the "Devil"- siphon off her powers/ use Visions body? The shark and child on the island? If you don't take what I offer your kids will die?

3- the "Devil" in turn tries to push and poke to make Wanda break the deal. I believe the world has grown bigger in response to this poking.

A fun theory 🙂

229 : Anonymous2021/01/22 17:21 ID: gk7fs5e

I read this one in twitter this morning, someone said that the soap commercial could be referencing how Wanda got her powers: the blue soap is Loki's scepter (well, the blue part of the scepter that contained the stone), and "find the goddess within" is the Mind stone awakening Wanda's powers

ID: gk7jwvj

That would correspond with each of the commercials representing the trauma Wanda's experienced chronologically, right?

230 : Anonymous2021/02/05 15:37 ID: gm4iq4y

In episode 5, at 8:26, you can see a quick shot of Wanda crying in modern clothes, in what looks like a modern version of Westview. We’ve never seen this before. Later in the episode, Wanda says that she didn’t know how the Westview anomaly started. I think that this quick shot is of her when she created the anomaly. I think she had a breakdown and created the ideal sitcom life. Sorry for the formatting, I’m on mobile.

231 : Anonymous2021/02/05 19:51 ID: gm5iovt

Just a fun potential sitcom easter egg (which I don't know if anybody has brought up already):

SORAS or Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome is an actual plot mechanism mostly used by daytime soap operas dating all the way back to the 1960s where they advance the age of young characters for story purposes while disregarding any natural timeline progression. Eventually, this was practiced in 80s era sitcoms Family Ties and Growing Pains (which most of us know are both inspirations for the 80s era in Wandavision Ep. 5). Both Family Ties and Growing Pains had young characters being born in one season and being rapidly aged a few years older to have speaking roles in the next seasons.

Just an interesting connection since we see this with Billy and Tommy starting out as babies and being rapidly aged not once but twice during the 80s era in Ep. 5 into speaking roles no less (not to mention they've been aging quickly since they were in Wanda's belly and are probably not done with more episodes to come).

232 : Anonymous2021/02/05 21:19 ID: gm5ulrb

Did anyone notice the reccuring tiger? In visions santa chair, in the plate, in agnes saying ralph sprays lavander on her every night but he can't tame this "tiger"

233 : Anonymous2021/02/05 23:10 ID: gm68i6b

The drone is made by Stark Industries, you can see the logo on it.

234 : Anonymous2021/02/20 00:36 ID: go2g4ye

Ok. Anyone find it weird that Agatha’s theme song seems to suggest she’s still not responsible for the Hex or the things happening. “Who’s been messing up everything? It’s too late to fix anything now that everything has gone wrong. Thanks to Agatha...”

The emphasis is that things aren’t going as they were planned, meaning Agatha is just ruining the plan, not responsible for the plan itself. Is it possible Wanda created the Hex without her influence, but Agatha saw it as an opportunity to exploit Wanda’s power?

ID: go32wdr

Between Sparky and Pietro, I think Agatha's trying to figure out the source of Wanda's power as much as anyone else. Pietro's 'interrogation' only makes sense if Agatha doesn't know the answers to the questions he asked.

235 : Anonymous2021/02/21 00:43 ID: go6ct6m

Agatha Harkness is the mother of Nicholas Scratch who was known to serve Dormammu. Perhaps this is where they begin to tie in Dr. Strange.

ID: go6nrr2

Nicholas Scratch....Señor Scratchy. LMAO

236 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:07 ID: gprfbij

Did someone notice the subtle and dark Doctor Strange theme playing in the background in the post credit scenes?

ID: gpri94m

Was it also astral projection she was doing just like Dr. Strange did when studying those books?

237 : Anonymous2021/02/13 20:06 ID: gna1srx

Took a couple of shots from the medical files.

Found Projects C4-113, DF-456, M5-247.

Anyone know what they mean?

Edit: also a tombstone that reads Dr. Rivus.

ID: gna3zks

I believe Avengers issue 113 is the one where Vision dies.

238 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:25 ID: gq0qeu4

Sure it’s been mentioned before but the close up of White Vision’s eyes is 1:1 to the original shot in AoU during the birth of Vision.

239 : Anonymous2021/02/05 22:01 ID: gm600ez

The twins didnt age themselves, Agnes did. She was present at both times, and the first time, she was with them alone.

Also, Norm said "she" is controlling him, but he never named Wanda, even when Vision asked who. I think Agnes is controlling everyone.

240 : Anonymous2021/02/05 17:29 ID: gm4ysq6

Vision reading Darwin is a big one. Obviously it foreshows Mutants, being the evolutionary next step. It's also a reference to Bettany having played Charles Darwin in Creation, and a Darwin inspired character in Master and Commander.

241 : Anonymous2021/02/13 23:34 ID: gnbfs49

Anyone notice this new outfit Wanda is wearing? Has she worn something like this before?

242 : Anonymous2021/02/15 17:38 ID: gnjy4h3

In the Malcom and the Middle type opening of Episode 6, Agnes is named in the opening credits, but when they assemble in the last shot of the title sequence, she is not shown. I don't know why they removed her from that shot.

243 : Anonymous2021/02/19 10:53 ID: gnzt5wx

What was that book in Agatha's basement

244 : Anonymous2021/02/20 19:33 ID: go5dkmx

The hexes in the archways of the basement have rune like symbols in them

245 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:16 ID: goucpzs

Nice Master Pandemonium reference there near the end of the episode by Agatha.

246 : Anonymous2021/02/05 12:37 ID: gm3xeq7

So Wanda is 34 in-universe. She’s born the same year as Lizzie Olsen.

ID: gm4gspy

As someone who was also born in '89 I was about to be like wut but then I remembered it takes place a few years in the future.

247 : Anonymous2021/02/12 11:18 ID: gn1qiie

Agnes doing the classic witch laugh from the Wizard of Oz while dressed as a witch.

Could she be a witch perhaps?

ID: gn1snwq

She is dressed like a witch and the other main cast were dressed as who they "really" are. That brings up the question of why Herb was dressed as Frankenstein though.

248 : Anonymous2021/02/12 20:00 ID: gn3fkd5

to me Mephisto is quicksilver, you see in the comics Mephisto's soul fragments create speed and Wiccan, so Mephisto is coming to Westview to get them back so he disguises as someone he can get close too and it also explains why he is with the kids so much

ID: gn3jtqq

I can see it. He tells the kids to "unleash Hell, demon spawn!" , He is a bad influence for them (stealing candy, smashing pumpkins, silly string). He says " Dammit if Westview, NJ isn't charming as hell". He is seemingly aware of things beyond his knowledge. He provokes Wanda all throughout the episode. Devilish things.

249 : Anonymous2021/02/19 18:34 ID: go185oi

During the commercial, there was a big bottle that says "MULTI" behind the pharmacist. Could it just be a multivitamin? Sure...but also, multiverse...

250 : Anonymous2021/02/19 20:20 ID: go1mh74

There is a circus-themed maze at the back of Wanda's cereal where the goal is in the center.

Could refers to Vision's objective in the episode: return home while being blocked by several obstacles in the way.

ID: go1tm9p

Box had a clown on it and it was called


ID: go1ytey

And one of the milk bottles had a missing child poster on the back of it.

251 : Anonymous2021/02/20 15:03 ID: go4hobq

This week's commercial was for an antidepressant for "when the world doesn't revolve around you--or does it?". Nexus.

It could mean four things:

A connection or deal to have a world you (Wanda) craved for.

In the comics, Vision and Wanda are known to be Nexus beings. They can alter the flow and bring drastic changes to future across the universe.

In comics, Nexus of All Realities is the cross-dimensional gateway... which will be a major factor for Multiverse of Madness.

While arriving at NEXUS, Tony Stark learned that Jarvis had survived Ultron's attack. This led to Vision's birth.

As a comic book fan, I enjoy this gem of a show every single week.

252 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:54 ID: gq2qph6

Bohner’s room heavily resembles Fox Quicksilver’s room in DoFP.

253 : Anonymous2021/03/04 21:28 ID: gpp8nug

Just discovered a new Easter Egg in Episode 1!

Mr. Hart says “There’s all this CHAOS going on in your household.”

Not known to him, but I believe this is a reference to chaos magic.

254 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:53 ID: gk6xrvd

You know, if Mephisto really is behind it all, would tie neatly into Spider-Man 3. How do you make the world forget who you are Peter? Make a deal with the devil.

ID: gk7jp2q

Or call Matt Murdock, avocado at law. Still devil

ID: gk89yna

Damn it, we can’t be doing One More Day. It makes total sense, but I just hate it. Hahah.

255 : Anonymous2021/02/05 20:03 ID: gm5kfyu

so monica's scan comes back, and its said the machine doesn't work. but you can clearly see the outline of her shoulders and neck, but its all white. just like the comics, where she can turn into any energy, shes made out of pure energy. I think that wanda did this, and is creating mutants. maybe the beekeeper is a mutant too.

256 : Anonymous2021/02/05 22:22 ID: gm62k1v


257 : Anonymous2021/02/13 03:56 ID: gn4ynnl

Did anyone catch the "Kick-Ass" reference? (Both Quicksilvers were in that film.)

ID: gn5dueq

Pretty sure there was a Hit-Girl in the town square scene. You just see a purple costume and her hair.

ID: gn50qpk

I caught that but didn't realize Evan was in Kick-Ass

258 : Anonymous2021/02/13 06:33 ID: gn5ckqn

I think the Hex goes global. This will result in “mutations”

ID: gn8jw5o

Interesting. Darcy did point out that Rambeau's DNA changed after being in the hex.

259 : Anonymous2021/03/06 00:34 ID: gpu3zpt

Is the Skrull lady in the 2nd credit scene the daughter Talos’s daughter? I’m guessing it is. Would make sense why Rambeau was cool with seeing her as they seemed like friends at the end of Captain Marvel

ID: gpu77wl

I think "Skrull agent" (as listed in the credits) would have said something if she'd met Monica before. My bet was on, "I still love your eyes."

260 : Anonymous2021/01/27 08:29 ID: gkxe63u

Just re-watched the first episode.

"Hello, dear. I'm Agnes, your neighbor to the right. My right, not yours. Forgive me for not stopping by sooner to welcome you to the block. My mother-in-law was in town, so I wasn't."

Does that not imply that she's from the left? As in the devil is on the left?

261 : Anonymous2021/02/15 02:59 ID: gnhufof

Im 99% sure someone is controlling Pietro. The only two dead people (we know of) in the hex are Vision and Pietro. Vision is being controlled by Wanda, and she knows it. Pietro, on the other hand, comes in completely unexpected, and even Wanda is caught of guard. If Wanda didn't expect Pietro, its unlikely she is controlling him. Also, he can't be controlling himself, because we saw that it was his body. So....

262 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:46 ID: gq0ib8s

The way elizabeth olsen parodied a show where her sisters were in back in the 80s is a full circle moment for them. I think it's really cool to see the olsen twins as boy twins in a full house parody in a reality she made up! This is coincidental in every way and it blows my mind!

263 : Anonymous2021/01/22 15:24 ID: gk6s3ew

I commented this in the episode thread but it easily gets lost in all those comments:

The devil is in the details: 6 pineapple slices, 6 recipients on the kitchen counter on the back, 6 items in the doctors luggage. Mixer with 6 buttons. The 6 is being used a lot.

This stain doesn't look like something random:

Remember on past episodes there was the fort from A:AoU in one of the walls, can someone identify this?

ID: gk7hr30

In episode 2, the number 6 is missing from the clock radio in the scene where Wanda is talking to Dottie alone.

ID: gk8lg48

The intro for the third episode was inspired by the Brady Bunch intro, but instead of squares they used hexagons. Hexagons have 6 sides and 6 points. The intro also starts with Wanda and Vision kissing in front of a gazebo with a hexagon roof. The intro for the second episode also started with 6 stars twinkling in the shape of a hexagon. Gwendoline had hexagon earrings in this last episode. Both the first and second episodes end with a hexagon frame. The end credits have a sea of pixels forming shapes, but instead of squares the pixels are hexagon-shaped. The beekeeper in the second episode... beehives have hexagon shapes. Witches use hex magic. I'm sure there are more I've missed.

ID: gk7hi93

It almost looks like just a shadow of a bush that is out of frame.

264 : Anonymous2021/02/15 21:29 ID: gnkr82u

I don't think Wanda created this. I believe she said she felt alone to pierto.

I also don't trust and like Director Hayward. I wonder what he is secretly working on.

265 : Anonymous2021/02/16 03:46 ID: gnlyfvp

In the credits there is a rose. There are a lot of roses in the first few episodes and Agnes says Dotties Roses bloom (Blume?) under penalty of death. I wonder if “The Rose” will have anything to do with this series or there is just a rose in the credits for no good reason. Anyone else with more comic knowledge than me have suggestions of what the rose could signify?

266 : Anonymous2021/02/16 15:57 ID: gnnof4v

After Tommy and Billy are born, the doctor tells Wanda, "you've got two healthy baby boys on your hands."

On. Your. Hands.

267 : Anonymous2021/02/06 02:31 ID: gm6vnef

Agnes says dog died from eating azalea leaves.

Azalea is also known as “Satan”?

Edit: Azalea is also called “Red Demon”. Really indicates Mephisto is incoming (Hayward I think)

The flower is also shown in end credits in tv pixel effect form.

268 : Anonymous2021/02/13 03:07 ID: gn4tmgc

Every person as of yet including Vision ( albeit in corpse form ) are supposedly there physically in Westview... so I'm wondering who or what is playing Pietro?

ID: gn5q7ik

We haven't had an explanation for Billy and Tommy either.

269 : Anonymous2021/02/14 16:35 ID: gnfk7gf

The situation is Wanda's Ego running wild.

Pierto is Wanda's Id. He has absolutely no filter, does whatever he wants, and gives no effs.

Vision is Wanda's Super Ego. He knows what is the right thing to do, and is not afraid to die trying.

ID: gnfyw4m

I said this somewhere else! Just not as psychologically eloquent.

It's like the devil and angel on each side of your shoulders. One is trying to break Wanda out of her own spell, and poof in comes the bad idea Pietro just as Vision starts figuring things out

270 : Anonymous2021/02/19 14:51 ID: go0ec9u

I'm not 100% on this, but I believe the voice of the directo

when they talk to Wanda is actually a pitch-shifted Kathryn Hahn. Which would make sense given the, "Agatha All Along", intro.

ID: go0p1po

It is, here's the comparison

ID: go0gviz

I think that was implied when it showed her interviewing Wanda?

271 : Anonymous2021/02/27 05:57 ID: goyazp3

not really an easter egg but more of a comparison

in this episode, Agatha talks about how Wanda has the power for spontaneous creation but used it making dinner

in age of ultron, ultron talks about how they had the most verstitle metal in the world and used it to make a frisbee

272 : Anonymous2021/01/29 20:37 ID: glac53p

When Monica Rambeau is being blipped, there are voices/audio. What's being said?

ID: glacx8s

One was Carol calling her leutenant trouble

273 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:05 ID: gm3iogp

I think the lyrics of the Episode 5 theme song are indicative of something:

"We're making it up as we go along"

274 : Anonymous2021/02/12 20:14 ID: gn3hhm5

Did anyone catch Agnes’s license plate when vision was talking to her?

275 : Anonymous2021/01/29 09:55 ID: gl7uug3

I wasn't able to read the text on Mr. and Mrs. Hart's file, and most the text on the other character's files was just stuff we already know, mostly about their roles in previous episodes. But on Norm's (Abilash Tandon's) file, there's a note at the end which says:

"Abilash expresses concern for his father and sister. This information was obtained when Vision awakened him. Is Wanda controlling the whole town? Physical safety of residence is now in question. When Vision restores him, Abilash becomes Norm again."

We never saw this scene, however, in the trailers, we've seen Vision "awaken" Agnes. This scene with Norm could be from a future episode (although that wouldn't make sense with the timeline)? If anyone can get a good shot of Mr. and Mrs. Hart's files, they might provide more clues.

276 : Anonymous2021/02/06 13:08 ID: gm87ire

In the opening credits scene of episode 5, one of the lines is "nothing can phase me if you're in my heart." I couldn't help but see that as a nod to Infinity War, where Vision is unable to phase after being stabbed in the heart by Corvus Glaive.

277 : Anonymous2021/02/14 11:04 ID: gndvnwe

When Wanda’s brother first arrives he says something like ‘come on let your big bro squeeze the life out of ya’

Could be a hint to Mephisto draining her power

278 : Anonymous2021/02/18 23:28 ID: gny290x

If Agnes actually is Agatha Harkness (and I'm pretty sure she is) her comment about controlling children in ep5 has extra meaning.

During the Salem which trials a group of young girls were the primary accusers of the witches, at least at the start. Agatha Harkness' origin is that she was a witch killed at Salem.

Her cover was blown by children she couldnt control.

279 : Anonymous2021/02/19 09:01 ID: gnzm7hi

During the theme song in episode 7, one of the "Wanda" frames is a ransom note spelling out "I know what u are doing Wanda"

280 : Anonymous2021/02/19 17:11 ID: go0x0ox

When Wanda goes into the basement and finds what I'm assuming is the "Nexus", there are multiple alcoves set around the central hub. Each alcove appeared to have a different rune or symbol above it. One of these had a "witch's table" that the camera focused on with a book that seemed to have Wanda's aura coming from it. Now that we know there's more than one witch, and they appear to have different colored auras, is each alcove for a witch? The ending could easily be a misdirection away from the aspect of 6 that plays so heavily into the show

281 : Anonymous2021/02/20 05:06 ID: go39ol6

So the book we see in the basement is possibly the Tome of Zhered-Na, which opened the Nexus Of All Realities in the comics.

ID: go3l8wu

In the commercial the brand of medicine was called Nexus.

282 : Anonymous2021/02/20 23:17 ID: go63flu

Wanda calls agatha a "life saver" on a few occasions. I think there's more to this. Maybe she made a deal with Agatha where Agatha resurrects vision and wanda opens the spell book? Similar to making a deal with a crossroad demon in supernatural where you get literally anything you want for x amount of time (usually 10 years) then they own your soul for eternity? It would tie in the whole "devil in the details" thing plus the decades changing: For example, I'll resurrect vision for 50 years (all the decades that the show went through) and you will open this book for me. Yet, like an asshole genie, the "50 years" is only 5 weeks and then the time is up.

283 : Anonymous2021/02/22 20:44 ID: godr1nz

I finally got a chance to watch the show, maybe it's been discussed but in episode two, when Wanda shows up to the function in capri pants and wonders if she's dressed wrong since the other women are in skirts- it made be thing about how in real life there was drama over how Mary Tyler Moore wore stylish capri pants on the Dick Van Dyke show when other sitcom moms were wearing dresses.

284 : Anonymous2021/02/23 02:44 ID: gof0as6

No one seems to have pointed out that the cereal Wanda eats in episode 7 is called Sugar Snaps. Snaps as in Thanos' infamous snap?

ID: gof4rc8

Part of a balanced breakfast!

(as all breakfasts should be)

ID: gof8hl4

With half the calories?

ID: gohist2

Kid tested. Inevitably approved.

285 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:21 ID: goudda0

Cataracts turn your eyes white.

White Vision.

Also, if white/grey Vision is a villain, then that probably means he's not coming back in any capacity. It would be like black suit Superman being a one-off villain.

ID: gouvmbz

I think Wanda will somehow integrate the two, giving Vision another chance at life.

286 : Anonymous2021/03/05 21:41 ID: gptjq35

The shoes under the car that wanda throws at agatha is reference to the wizard of oz where dorothy accidentally smashes the witch at the beginning of the movie

ID: gptz6o1

And yet I've not heard anyone call Agatha the Wicked Witch of the Westview.

287 : Anonymous2021/02/26 22:24 ID: gowdl81

Just my 2 cents: I know some people are upset this maybe gets rid of multiverse implications for this Quicksilver, but honestly I think the casting is kind of just a fun wink and nod that happens to fit in to the story. I don’t need it to be more

288 : Anonymous2021/01/26 23:56 ID: gkvy4ir

Hydra Base in Sokovia from Age of Ultron can be seen in a wall. I enhanced the image. Episode 2.

(Left wall)

289 : Anonymous2021/01/28 21:01 ID: gl5953l

Why does WandaVision’s Vision showcase his speed so much? Like he ran the doctor over and sped through his work, Wanda made reference of him moving to the speed of sound.

ID: gl5k1z3

I think it's a joke about how "fast" things were in shows back in the 50's and 60's and 70's. They had lower budgets, and really, in the 50's and 60's, the speed of sound was fast to an average viewer.

Think about it: Get Smart was funny and used technology, but nothing like what we have or really had at the time. It's physical comedy.

290 : Anonymous2021/02/05 14:10 ID: gm46ren

Hexagon is because they are all living in a construct from the 6 infinity stones

291 : Anonymous2021/02/12 18:17 ID: gn31po8

Life is unfair.

292 : Anonymous2021/02/20 20:02 ID: go5h3bs

Did she turn the kid into a bug???

293 : Anonymous2021/02/21 03:28 ID: go6ugmj

In Agathas basement, the camera holds on what appears to be a book on a pedestal. Ideas what that is?

ID: go6y759

I've seen two theories. One is that it's the Darkhold, the Marvel universe's premier book of dark magic. The catch there is that it's already appeared in Agents of SHIELD and Runaways with a completely different look, so if that's what it turns out to be they're cutting the Loebverse out of continuity.

The other option that some people have noticed is that in Dr. Strange there was a wall of books at Kamar-Taj with one missing.

294 : Anonymous2021/02/22 23:24 ID: goec2a2

With the big slate of “Nexus“ references in the last episode, and some potential allusions to man thing, I’m starting to wonder if director Hayward is actually a member of A.I.M.

295 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:14 ID: gpr80qh

I noticed Pietro played the riff of 311's "Amber" while speaking to Monica whose energy color is amber like the chorus says.

296 : Anonymous2021/02/05 08:15 ID: gm3fblo


vision literally starts flying and lands next to a car and taps Agnes to give her consciousness with the mind stone and she asks

“am i dead?” and he says “no why would you think that?!” and she said “because you are.”

i feel like that’s a big deal and was revealed 4 months ago.

297 : Anonymous2021/02/27 02:56 ID: goxii9v


ID: goy2ef4

I think you’re correct. Unless they reveal some ultra powerful being in the next episode as the main puppet master (and after revealing the fly was really just..a fly..it doesn’t seem that that’s the direction they’re going in), Wanda’s “original” hex was without glitches until Agatha/Agnes started to use her magic on other neighbors.

I also don’t think her plan is disrupted, she got answers and drew a solid conclusion. I hope it ends up being a positive bond with Wanda, rather than one where Agatha is a bad guy. If their relationship is more on the positive side, I think her and Wanda will work together to deal with Hayward and colorless vision. Maybe The Vision will be revived? Who knows!

298 : Anonymous2021/02/27 06:38 ID: goye4zy

The Toastmaster 2000 ad from Episode 1 has a bunch of parallels to Wanda's flashback to the bombings in Sokovia. First, a few obvious ones:

There is a blinking red light on both the toaster and the bomb. Both devices beep as the red light blinks. They are the exact same pitch, but the beeping on the bomb is slower and doesn't speed up like the toaster beeping does. I guess life really does move faster out in the suburbs. Both devices are produced by Stark Industries and prominently display the company name.

And also some slightly less noticeable details:

It's snowing in Sokovia when the bombing takes place. At the end of the Toastmaster commercial, there are snowflake-like shapes all over the screen. The toaster is called the "Toastmaster 2000." Wanda was born in 1989 and was 10 when her parents died, so there's a pretty good chance that 2000 was the year of the bombing. As a side note to this, Agatha really needs to brush up on her history: she says that she "loves the Cold War aesthetic" of the Maximoff home, but this flashback takes place nearly a decade after the Cold War had ended. EDIT: I know that people can keep stuff! It's just a little detail I noticed!

I could also probably spend a while talking about the Toastmaster slogan, "Forget your past, this is your future!" Other than being a cool reference to 50s retrofuturism, there are two important meanings that I can think of for this phrase:

It's directed from Wanda to Vision. Wanda knows that Vision is literally incapable of remembering their past together, and wants him to focus on their future in Westview. It's a reflection of how Wanda is dealing with her trauma. She desperately wants to forget Sokovia and live in the present with Vision, but even simple aspects of everyday life (like red lights and beeping noises) remind her of her past.

TLDR: Bomb in war go beep like toast machine. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

ID: goyheoc

she says that she "loves the Cold War aesthetic" of the Maximoff home, but this flashback takes place nearly a decade after the Cold War had ended.

You know people keep their stuff. Also its not clear at what state Sokovia is, maybe they are a socialist nation or were at the time. I mean it is based of eastern block nations and some of them are to this day socialist.

299 : Anonymous2021/01/29 09:21 ID: gl7s9ar

That scene where Vision was grey and had a smashed up head was a reference to his death in Infinity War.

ID: gl8gwkk

Big if true

ID: gl8gt0j

The character Vision is a reference to Vision from Marvel comics

300 : Anonymous2021/02/27 21:34 ID: gp307rs

I'm calling it now... Wanda is going to have to kill Vision for a third time (killing the White Vision), and a fourth time (stopping the hex and losing her manifested Vision), and lose her children as well. This will push Wanda to become her true Scarlet Witch, and then become a full on FUCK EVERYBODY villain for Dr. Strange.

ID: gp3fa4q

I feel like part of the reason for WandaVision from the start was to get Vision/Paul back in the MCU. Great actor, established character that the fans have a connection to, but probably hasn't been used to his full potential. Definitely could be a major role in a future Avengers movie, or perhaps even carry his own movie sometime in the future.

Part of the challenge when you're making movies like this in a shared universe is that scheduling all these actors can be tough. Contracts aside, sometimes you have to wait until someone is available, and sadly, you have things like Chadwick Boseman dying unexpectedly. So just from that perspective, I think they definitely want Vision back in the fold, and I don't think they would do something like turn Wanda into a major villain.

This is why I can't yet let go of the idea that we'll still see Mephisto, or some other Big Bad. Maybe just as a cameo at the end, perhaps he notices Wanda and Agatha battling/doing stuff? Something to setup for the Strange movie.

301 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:43 ID: goutjgk

Can anyone translate the Latin spells?

ID: govlx4n

Here's what they sound like to me, but they're really more latin-ish. Kinda like spanglish.

The chanting sounds like "mors monstro naturae," which would roughly be "death to the monsters of nature"

"Teneo impedium animi"--I possess (or control) the "impediments(?)" to the soul.

"Reformator figura"--Transform (your) appearance

302 : Anonymous2021/01/29 18:52 ID: gl9twaj

At the beginning of Episode 4 Monica's drone that she sends into Westview has the same color scheme as Captain Marvel.

303 : Anonymous2021/01/29 22:30 ID: glatu7w

Darcy and Woo are watching the "show" in the 4th episode if the show. Breaking the 4th wall.

304 : Anonymous2021/02/05 14:16 ID: gm47hlj

Tommy and Billy are wearing the same colors as Wanda and Pietro!

ID: gm4anxb

Also the colors they wore as Wiccan and Speed

305 : Anonymous2021/02/05 21:50 ID: gm5ykrz

In EP 5 Vision's news paper says "more dramatic details about the lights in the sky above Westview" this could be refence to the dome.

306 : Anonymous2021/02/06 05:05 ID: gm7be5x

I wonder how they're going to handle Pietro's powers because in X-Men, it's basically movie-breaking because of how OP he is.

307 : Anonymous2021/02/06 05:13 ID: gm7c4ma

Has anyone decoded the binary when Vision and Norm are dialing into the internet?

308 : Anonymous2021/02/12 09:53 ID: gn1l4uw

"Unleash hell demon spawn" eheheheh good one.

309 : Anonymous2021/02/12 15:00 ID: gn2b60b

I just think it's time to let Mephisto go and just start considering Nightmare as the main villain of this.

ID: gn2gbxo

But quicksilver called the kids hellspawn! And he says westview is ‘charming as hell’

Probably just little intentional red herring lines but it’s not like people have pulled the Mephisto hype from nowhere.

310 : Anonymous2021/02/12 18:54 ID: gn36tgh

Any one notice there were two versions of Quicksilver in this episode? One in the previously on WandaVision segment and the episode itself. I mean why did the show make both versions of Pietro appear? Unless it was just to remind the audience that the character was recast?

ID: gn3hfoo

I think we're going to end up seeing both versions of him eventually. They would have had to pay ATJ for the use of his likeness in the episode, no reason to do that unless they're bringing him back in a larger capacity.

EDIT: Before AoU, ATJ had signed a multi-picture deal as quicksilver. That contract is still live. Marvel is hitting us with the long-con.

311 : Anonymous2021/02/12 22:30 ID: gn3yx16

I dont think enough people are talking about how the theme song in this episode is a rock version of the 60's theme. Its a bit difficult to hear with the lyrics over it but if you go to about 34:13 in the credits you can hear the instrumental clearly. "Wandavision Wa-Wandavision"

312 : Anonymous2021/02/13 20:05 ID: gna1h2f

Adding to the confusion of what decade Episode 6 is meant to be in, in the scene where Tommy and Billy are playing DDR, you can see that Tommy is wearing a Minecraft Creeper hat

ID: gndhebh

Luckily for this show, any anachronisms can be explaimed by Wanda not knowing exact dates. I mean, she probably spent most of the early 2000's in a box in a Hydra base.

That or she's just not that much of a gamer.

313 : Anonymous2021/02/19 11:06 ID: gnzu1gg

The insect in Agatha's house appears to be a cicada. Cicadas are often used to represent rebirth, transformation, or immortality. Could this be a hint to Agnes' motives?

Edit: Also, the TV show that's playing in Agatha's house is Yo Gabba Gabba.

314 : Anonymous2021/02/20 14:28 ID: go4e080

“Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along. Who’s been pulling every evil string? It’s been Agatha all along. She’s insidious. So perfidious. That you haven’t even noticed and the pity is, it’s too late to fix anything now everything has gone wrong. Naughty Agatha. It’s been Agatha all along.”

315 : Anonymous2021/02/26 23:10 ID: gowmbki

A heart shape is made when Wanda and Vision kiss at the end. Wanda's red shirt gives the heart colour.

316 : Anonymous2021/02/27 00:46 ID: gox3mnh

so did Wanda Create vision and an Infinity stone out of nothing. Follow up question and is that why vision can not leave the Hex.

318 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:14 ID: gprphk6

This. I think a lot of people ran away with themselves with expectations of massive set ups for the future, and maybe they spoiled the experience for themselves.

It's a shame.

319 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:25 ID: gprqkxe

Absolutely outstanding show. A pleasure. Was more fun at the start when we were unraveling the mystery but still great now.

320 : Anonymous2021/03/06 06:33 ID: gpvlywf

Fan theories like Mephisto I always thought were better suited for Doctor Strange 2 and by god that end scene actually did point in that direction, so I'm plenty satisfied. It's a little disappointing that Fox Quicksilver's face exists on a random Westview commoner, but maybe there's still room to bring him back as an "alternate" Quicksilver still having the powers Agatha gave him.

321 : Anonymous2021/01/30 00:52 ID: glbc5za

My question is when Monica got back to work the FBI needed someone to be sent on a missing persons mission. Who were they missing? Apparently they had intell on Westview. And wouldn't the cops that Woo was talking to had known if there was a cematary at that location? I have more but I can't put it all together yet so if anyone knows let me know.

322 : Anonymous2021/01/30 01:34 ID: glbhav5

And wouldn't the cops that Woo was talking to had known if there was a cematary at that location?

That's the thing, the cops seem to have no knowledge about the area, which was a sign to Woo that something weird was going on

323 : Anonymous2021/01/30 18:26 ID: gle4j41

I haven't seen nearly enough people asking who the missing person is. I feel like that is important.

324 : Anonymous2021/01/30 20:14 ID: gleiejt

I’m guessing because Woo is involved, the missing person is Wanda in the witness protection program. Remember that she is pretty universally hated and feared after Nigeria, and I’m willing to bet that the politics in universe are crazy at that point. Sokovia is one thing, but the throw down at the Avengers compound probably started another conversation about how to handle “powered people.”

325 : Anonymous2021/01/31 22:39 ID: glj2i1z

Agnes's Ralph?

Agnes herself is rather mysterious. When they put the files up on the whiteboard, all of the residents have a New Jersey ID attached except Agnes. Dottie is also no where. I feel like these 2 characters are connected to this missing person, who I believe is this Ralph dude.

326 : Anonymous2021/01/31 20:41 ID: glin7x5

Monica wasn't sent on a missing person's case though, she was sent to escort a drone that the FBI requested in a missing person's case (i.e. the case is the FBIs, not SWORDs) bit of a nitpick but it's distinct. If the missing person is SWORDS, it's Wanda, if its the FBIs it's likely one of the townspeople.

327 : Anonymous2021/01/31 18:10 ID: gli3h8s

Alright i got a few things..

Vision is key to saving Wanda and the people. We've seen in the trailers and in the notes on the portfolios that he can wake people out of this trance because he is the embodiment of the mind stone. His Magic box trick thing has an image of the mind stone on its doors being symbolic that what ever is inside can only be freed by the mind stone. Vision is the only sentient entity in Westview that has no soul. Thats why he can only be manipulated to a degree and eventually his sentience overrides and he draws conclusions and intrigue to figure all is not as it seems until "Wanda“ resets him.

Dottie is a red herring. As with all horror movies you are led to believe that the meanest person is the villain and the big bad of the show. Yep i got swallowed by that gimmick too. Unintentional or not...to further send you on a wild goose chase Marvel even named her Dottie. What's weird bout that you say? Well Sir.. google Dotty Davis and you'll see she was known for being an "actress" for the 2017 movie "Cafe Mephisto" taadaa! Yeah...red herring.

Monica is right. It in fact is all Wanda, except that its not. que tubular bells from The Exorcist. Yep. Its Mephisto... who some how has possessed Wanda. Remember in Ghost rider how he approached Johnny Blaze with a contract when he realized Johnny wanted revenge. Well its mephisto's skill set. Making pacts. Ill bring your dead lover to life if you let me possess your body and your power along with. And as with all Demonic possession movies... everything is perfect at the beginning, then weird st starts to happen and then st hits the fan. You can see this when you get a glimpse of the real Wanda who see dead vision because yes.. hes really dead. The Mephisto changes him to live vision so Wanda accepts the "lies". He would have fed her the idea that let me teach you to use your abilities to bring back the ones you love. Resurrection magic is forbidden but how far will you go for someone you love. And to slap a nice scoop of butter on it all she says the one line many of the possessed have said throughout Hollywood and the like.. "i have everything under control"... smiles.

Thank you! ... Thank you!

328 : Anonymous2021/01/31 18:20 ID: gli4szj
Wanda must have to make physical contact with Vision to reset him, as we see he gets curious outside of the house and without Wanda around. That would be pretty cool! So Wanda made a deal with Mephisto? Is the punishment being stuck in the alternate reality?
329 : Anonymous2021/02/05 09:57 ID: gm3m34e

The Mephisto theroy is pretty cool! Is that his comic book equivalent's power too? Essentially monkey's paw pacts along the linse of WW1984? (If so, I really hope they do the wish things better.... *Shudder*)

330 : Anonymous2021/02/05 20:40 ID: gm5pc2e

I think vision can be kept alive maybe sword was trying to fix him and Wanda was already possessed

331 : Anonymous2021/02/07 15:53 ID: gmgh6a1

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but in ep5, when Wanda makes the credits roll in the kitchen, if you look at the end of the island in the kitchen there is a Kiss the Cook sign. That has been pointed out however next to it is a corkboard with some interesting drawings pinned to it.

One is a series of thumbprints. 9 to be exact, with one in the middle. They are in the same shape as the crystal in Vision's forehead. That is overlapping a full page painting of a rainbow in straight lines which is covered by what could be either a blue ghost or possibly a planet? I can't make it out really and the edges looked curled up.

I believe the thumbprints represent Vision's crystal but also the 9 realms and the rainbow is the rainbow bridge. Not sure the significance of the other thing at the end of the rainbow, but does this have an Asgardian connotation?

332 : Anonymous2021/02/07 20:41 ID: gmi4lke

What were the real-life sitcoms used thus far? We've had Brady Bunch, Bewitched, but I didn't recognize the other two.

333 : Anonymous2021/02/08 00:39 ID: gmj25cq

Dick van Dyke Show


Brady Bunch

Family Ties

334 : Anonymous2021/02/07 22:52 ID: gmipq26

The set from episode one is almost identical to the set from the Dick Van Dyke show. They also reference the tripping over the ottoman gag when vision phases through the chair on the way in

335 : Anonymous2021/02/07 21:23 ID: gmicqxj

I Love Lucy was how it started and Family Ties was the most recent episode.

336 : Anonymous2021/02/09 20:32 ID: gmqlgof

I Dream of Jeanie

337 : Anonymous2021/02/07 21:04 ID: gmi8ujo

Pretty sure Family Ties was one of them

338 : Anonymous2021/02/27 06:08 ID: goybupx

Most recent was Modern Family with some references to The Office. The one before that was mostly Malcolm in the Middle.

339 : Anonymous2021/02/12 15:44 ID: gn2gtnx

Pietro's HOM tattoo

340 : Anonymous2021/02/12 15:51 ID: gn2hp8v

Thought that said MOM. HOM makes more sense.

341 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:36 ID: gpr9h50

I have not seen it mentioned, but way back in episode 6 when The Vision tries leaving the hex, he begins falling apart in little hexagon shaped pieces. This was when we were lead to believe that Vision had been stolen from SWORD by Wanda. What a clever and subtle way to show that he was indeed part of Wanda’s hex all along.

342 : Anonymous2021/03/05 12:13 ID: gprk2zt

Not only does he begin to fall apart, but the pieces don't just fall, they go back into the Hex

343 : Anonymous2021/03/05 21:19 ID: gptgvwr

I actually thought of this back then! I'd expected that Vision would return to being "offline" outside the Hex but instead he started disintegrating. There were two possibilities from there: body not in use or some other unknown phenomena.

344 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:03 ID: gpr7ak4
In the post credits scene, it's clear that Wanda is studying the Darkhold. This is likely what is allowing herself in the real world to move around, and keep her body alive, while she learns in her Astral body/form. A reference to this happening is made earlier in the episode, when Agatha says Wanda is more powerful than even the Sorcerer Supreme. Agatha's reference to the Sorcerer Supreme confirms a theory I had weeks ago, about Agatha being the first in a long line of sorcerers and other beings to challenge the MCU world. This is referenced in the first film when Wong warned Dr. Strange about word spreading through the multiverse, and Dr. Strange's absence for 5 years. Wong was likely able to hold certain beings at bay, but Agatha was one that finally slipped through the cracks/shields. The multiverse part being "You don't know what you've done," meaning Wanda unleashed something from the depths of the multiverse, when she brought Agatha down. WandaVision could lead to the next Dr. Strange film in a few ways. Mordo's mission is to rid the world of rogue sorcerers. It would seem to confirm that Mordo learns of what Wanda did, hunts her down, and she seeks refuge with Dr. Strange after a narrow escape.
345 : Anonymous2021/03/05 09:27 ID: gpr8vxi

Great ideas, but I don’t think Mordo would stand a chance facing off against Wanda/Scarlet Witch. Hell, she’s likely the most powerful hero in the MCU as of now. Who knows what she’s learning from the Darkhold. I’m pretty sure it’s a power source all it’s own.

I’m so pumped to see how this all plays into the bigger pictures!

346 : Anonymous2021/03/05 10:11 ID: gprbnry

The Dr. Strange theme helps

Post Credit Theme

Dr. Strange Theme

347 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:52 ID: gprigmr

Surely Mordo wouldn't come close to being able to go against Scarlet Witch, especially considering she's also got the DarkHold to study and learn from?

348 : Anonymous2021/02/05 21:58 ID: gm5zmtk

Since quicksilver was technically in the after-credits of the recent episode he will likely be a character for next week's episode, which will likely be based on the sitcom's from the 90s if they are keeping up the decade trend. Quicksilvers last appearance in the Fox x-men movies was in 1992 in Dark Pheonix. Coincidence, I think NOT!

349 : Anonymous2021/02/06 00:02 ID: gm6eqv0

which will likely be based on the sitcom's from the 90s

Hoping for a Friends-style intro

350 : Anonymous2021/02/06 04:35 ID: gm78l3s

Can we get a Full House intro. Elizabeth Olson doing an intro call back to the show that made her sisters, and indirectly her, famous would be very meta.

351 : Anonymous2021/02/19 21:51 ID: go1wkdl

In episode 7 when it is revealed that Agnes is Agetha Harkness and has been behind everything, she is shown to also be the "interviewer" earlier in the episode. With this particular reveal Agnes is sitting in a chair with her name, "Agetha" on it. She is sitting directly in front of the camera and the lighting equipment, which I think means that she is the cinematographer of this show we're witnessing, not the director.

A director of a film or series is responsible for the show's vision and has a final say in anything that appears in it. A cinematographer is the chief over camera and light crews working on the film and is responsible for delivering the visual part of the directors vision, making artistic and technical decisions related to it. This basically means that the director controls the show, but the cinematographer has the job of delivering it how the director wants. A cinematographer is directly behind the camera controlling how to execute the scenes, while the director sits behind to have a broader outlook of the shooting, watching each scene on their own screen.

The villian song that we were treated with explained a lot of things, but it seems too easy to be the answer to all in my opinion. There are too many hints to her not working alone and it wouldn't make sense to reveal the villian with two more episodes to go. Agnes sitting in the cinematographer's chair only goes to show that Agnes's role in this "production" is delivering the visual part of the directors vision. This means that somewhere behind the scenes is a yet to be seen villian sitting in a director's chair. The director has a vision for the show, which I think most likely is that Wanda gets pregnant and has children which then can be taken away.

It is common for small productions to have a director which is also a cinematographer, but for bigger productions these roles needs to be separate so that the director can keep their focus on the performance and the cinematographer can handle the technical aspects. It is worth mentioning that the director most often has already decided the scenes for the show before the cinematographer does their job, so they are mostly responsible for handling the quipment that is needed and bringing the scenes to life.

What's happening in WandaVision is obviously a a big production, the director can't focus on both the performance and the technical aspects at once, also there is a chance that the director lacks the skills of a cinematographer. So he hired a cinematographer who has the necessary skills, which is Agetha Harkness aka Agnes. The director gives his vision of what he wants the show to be, Agnes brings this vision to life (no pun intended) using her skills while the director focuses on the overall performance of the show, which is the children being born and delivered to him.

So far I've only talked about the director as an unseen villian, but I think as many of us theorize that this is Mephisto. There are so many references to the devil, and it makes sense with comic books story of him absorbing Billy and Tommy. In the comics he is first seen as a fly, in this episode when Wanda entered Agnes's house we saw a closeup of a fly on one of the curtains. He is the unseen director who communicated with Agnes, making her do his bidding exactly how he wants.

The only question I want answered is why is Agnes helping him? In the comic books she is good, so it seems weird to change her that drastically, so there must be something she wants or something Mephisto has threatened her with that makes her do what she does. This could tie in to a precious theory of mine that Ralph is dead and she wants him back. Finally I also wonder where the children went, the mailman was seen delivering packages that said "fragile, handle with care" when Agnes intervined between Wanda and Monica. Maybe Agnes somehow got the children in there and they are being delivered to Mephisto? I think the mailman is just a servant though, if you remember Agnes fake shooting him in episode 2 and he said "don't shoot, I'm just a messenger". This got long, but we'll see what happens next episode.

352 : Anonymous2021/02/19 22:05 ID: go1ya1p

I think it was a cicada on the curtains, not a fly. It chirped like a cicada too.

Adding to your cinematographer analysis (which is excellent!), in the end credits animation, we see a few items (like Wanda's house and a pair of wedding rings) being created out of red and purple pixels. The red obviously represents Wanda using her powers to change reality, but I've always wondered what the purple represents. Now we know the purple is Agatha. The end credits animation supports the idea that it's not just Wanda designing the props and set pieces of the show, but Agatha has a part in designing everything too.

353 : Anonymous2021/02/20 00:49 ID: go2hm53

It's a cicada on the curtain.

But cicadas do represent themes such as rebirth, resurrection, and immortality, if you wanna look further into it.

Or they just chose a cicada because they look creepy.

354 : Anonymous2021/02/20 00:42 ID: go2grql

I really really like your theory. Ralph being dead could also explain why Agnes was shocked/surprised when someone mentioned she could bring people back from the dead in episode 5.

Great stuff!

355 : Anonymous2021/02/20 00:17 ID: go2dwuu

Would that make Wanda the screenwriter then?

356 : Anonymous2021/02/20 03:28 ID: go2zmqz

I was waiting until tonight to rewatch, but wanted to catch what was on the boxes the mailman had. It’s kind of obscure, but the messenger is a Mephisto alias, albeit a brief one. I want to go back and watch the Agnes/Mailman interaction again.

Agatha was definitely responsible for the twins ageing up, possibly as a favour for Mephisto, and I think it has something to do with Ralph. I don’t think she’s good, though, specifically because of the dog.

357 : Anonymous2021/02/20 05:26 ID: go3bkmu

it wouldn't make sense to reveal the villian with two more episodes to go.

Why not? I feel like it'd make a lot more sense than waiting any longer. The next episode will be a lot of exposition/explanation of everything we haven't seen so far (what was happening to Vision before this and what were SWORD's plans with him, why/how was the Hex created and to what extent were either Wanda or Agatha involved, what is Agatha's end goal, are the twins part of the plan and if so how were they created, what’s Pietro’s entire deal, etc.) and then the final episode is the big climactic battle. Trying to cram in a second twist villain and then immediately resolve both that villain and SWORD's imminent attack feels far too busy. Will there be some loose ends for Doctor Strange 2 et all? Sure, but I don't think they spent the hundreds of millions of dollars for this show just for it to be nothing more that set up. At the end of the day, I think the show will be about as self-contained as most of the solo films.

I also think you're putting far far too much emphasis on the chair's placement. It's not about who's in charge of the entire show as we've seen it thus far, whether she's director or cinematographer or something anywhere that specific, it's just her playing the unseen 'documentarian' behind the mockumentary-style sitcoms that this episode was based on. It's the show telling us that she was the one who asked Wanda earlier in the episode if she thinks this is what she deserves. I know these sorts of shows (and even this show in particular) place in a lot of blink-and-you-miss-it easter eggs, but it's a couple seconds-long shot; they're just trying to quickly communicate to the audience that Agatha's been pulling the strings behind the scenes. That's really it.

I'm not saying there won't be some big bad somewhere behind the scenes, but if there is, I imagine it'll be much more in line with the Other in The Avengers; sure, perhaps he added a tad more instigation, but at the end of the day, Loki is still the villain in The Avengers. Same will apply here, if at all. Mephisto may totally get a name drop, but Agatha will be the main villain (with the possible exception for however SWORD will play into the end).

358 : Anonymous2021/03/05 10:35 ID: gprd846

Agnes mysterious missing husband Ralph, is actually referring to Ralph Bohner which is the Quicksilver she possessed.

359 : Anonymous2021/03/05 12:51 ID: gprna8f

Haha. This just dawned on me too. Forgot about Ralph.

360 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:25 ID: gprqm15

Damn good call lol

361 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:08 ID: gq0a8zo

The family did The Incredibles stance towards the end.

362 : Anonymous2021/01/31 15:30 ID: glhj8qx

Is it just me, or is it subtly horrifying how things just change going through the energy field.

Like, it's Thanos with the Reality Stone again, but passive, and I can't tell if it's better or worse. Like the rope coming back part toy was a little unnerving for me. The implications of what can be changed. So far harmless, but whay has it done?

Really showing off Scarlet Witch's reality bending powers, though, so that's exciting.

363 : Anonymous2021/02/21 15:27 ID: go8en5f

Theory about how Vision is alive. After Wanda retrieved his body, all she needed was the mind stone to ressurect him. As we know the infinity stones were destroyed, but Wanda's powers come from the mind stone. She created the hex subconsciously which runs on her mind stone magic. As soon as Vision was brought into the hex he reanimated. The hex's mind stone magic is strong enough to keep him Vision alive, but just as long as he is inside it. He is as real as the people outside the hex, with his own consciousness and everything. I like to think of the hex as a metaphor for an oxygen tank, Vision needs it to breathe, without it he dies.

I think the main reason for the hex's existence is to keep Vision alive, while simultaneously giving Wanda a perfect life to escape to. I think it's very likely that the hex will be destroyed at the end of the show, and therefore Vision will unfortunately die. I think a big theme for Wanda going forward will be to accept his death and actually deal with his trauma. I don't think Wanda fully knows how Vision is alive though, as she doesn't know how she created the hex and reanimated him. She will learn about it though, possibly Vision learns about it before her and accepts it. He could help Wanda come to terms with it and they can say goodbye for real like they did the first time he died without Thanos destroying everything. It will be a sad but bittersweet ending with Wanda finally getting the closure she deserved.

364 : Anonymous2021/02/21 17:37 ID: go8u7fx

In the comics he is reanimated as ghost vision. Everything's lining up for that to happen. This is all actually based off of a comic book run and is leading up to the reveal of magneto. Her son's are two pieces of Mephistos fractured soul. When he comes back to life they die, or so she thinks. This drives her into a catatonic state of depression. The avengers and X-Men wipe them from her memory. She awakes, remembers them, then whispers no more mutants.

365 : Anonymous2021/01/23 22:19 ID: gkgfk7j

Love the nod to the old Calgon "take me away" commercials from the 70s in the Hydra soap commercial. Those Calgon commercials played constantly back in the day.

366 : Anonymous2021/01/30 05:48 ID: glca0ar

I believe I saw “skrulls” written on Woo’s white board

367 : Anonymous2021/01/31 20:28 ID: glilkei

"Is it skrulls?" Aka "are they fucking with us?"

368 : Anonymous2021/02/13 08:32 ID: gn5vak2

Sooo like does anybody watch the credits sequence after the show before the main credits... I mean its trippy to follow. You got a follow in red glowing... a pair of glasses... and then a story about wanda and trying to create a good family in a good house. It makes me think Wanda's desires are being controlled by somebody who came into the MCU universe through the multiverse,,, and used a face of another universe in the multi verse which is evan peters who lives in the perfect fake reality as a face for somebody who controls wanda and even she can't understand what she created under his influence. It's because the Shadow King aka Amel Farouk is in play and he's trying to grow in this MCU universe and of course he started with wanda, the most powerful sorceress he would know who doesn't understand their potential, much like David in the Legion Universe. If this is really a foreshadowing of what is too come, expect the multi-verse to burst open. There is more to base this theory on, and its the use of animals throughout the show. In all the episodes a theme of animals is present, which is a method the shadow king used to control david in s1 of legion.. If a more obscreure TV show legion, of the marvel universe is to join play a role then... characters like Deadpool and other mutants are gonna lead the way into an combined MCU universe in which they struggle to fix the reality the Avengers made in changing the Blip and how it affects the universe going forward... and also what the future holds will be awesome.

369 : Anonymous2021/02/12 16:01 ID: gn2j1h4

Vision literally made an X when crossing his arms. Moments later, Quicksilver talks about his "X and Y chromosome".

370 : Anonymous2021/02/12 20:32 ID: gn3jreu

More of an Xmen easter egg maybe.

371 : Anonymous2021/02/12 23:16 ID: gn44bp5

So I would assume Ellis Ave has something to do with frequent Marvel contributer Warren Ellis, except he's done little-to-no work on Wanda or Vision.

372 : Anonymous2021/02/13 01:01 ID: gn4fzzu

Ellis Island is where magneto tried to turn ordinary people into mutants... hmmm....

373 : Anonymous2021/02/12 23:39 ID: gn46z5e

The President in the MCU was at one point a President Ellis. So maybe just a reference to that.

374 : Anonymous2021/02/01 19:47 ID: gln1w5n

Just rewatched episode 4 and noticed that Geraldine's earrings are hexagons. I tried to take a screenshot, but couldn't make it work... Definitely makes me think that the hexagons are part of the bigger picture.

375 : Anonymous2021/02/01 19:49 ID: gln25ou

It's a bit grainy but here is an article with an image that shows the earrings:

376 : Anonymous2021/02/21 16:28 ID: go8lruq

There is a stuffed Goat in the basement. I guess it is an Easter Egg for Mephisto) :

Due to his original mutation by the Celestials, Mephisto had a goat-like physique, hornes, cloven hooves and red skin

377 : Anonymous2021/02/19 20:15 ID: go1lpah

I looked around on here but I haven’t noticed anyone talking about the color of the car in the mid credits scene. Gold and red, it’s basically an Ironman crossover suv parked there.

378 : Anonymous2021/02/20 07:44 ID: go3ma93

When Wanda is in the kitchen getting milk and cereal, the two dishes on the drying rack are also red and gold!

379 : Anonymous2021/02/12 18:03 ID: gn2ztx1

Wanda may have been referring to Doctor Doom when she mentioned the kid with the skin condition on his face in the Sokovian orphanage.

380 : Anonymous2021/02/12 21:12 ID: gn3oynu

Doom is Latverian I believe. Probably unrelated.

381 : Anonymous2021/02/12 19:01 ID: gn37uvp


382 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:03 ID: godtlqf

You guys saw the spider and spider eyes inflatable shots right?

383 : Anonymous2021/02/24 18:58 ID: gom5568

can you tell the specific scene? Doesn't ring a bell for me

384 : Anonymous2021/02/07 11:00 ID: gmejxu8

I know they namedropped her power as reality warping, but if Monica's pants are 85% kevlar, then really it's more matter manipulation. Moving molecules around is arguably a high form of telekinesis, so not quite reality stone-level bending. That and her mass mind control, and the powers, although expanded, are in the scope of what we've seen her do. When she makes gravity go up, or fits a universe in a shoebox, then I think it can be called reality warping.

385 : Anonymous2021/02/07 15:11 ID: gmg5tfp

Well, a few things.

One, "Psionics" I think is the better term. That's how you would define the buffet of super powers she seems to have.

Secondly, she can manipulate a lot more than just matter. Remember when she turned a chicken back into an egg? Or how she forced the bee keeper guy back into the sewer? Time manipulation.

Or remember when she mentally manipulated the Avengers when we were first introduced to her?

Or like how she uses blasts of psionic energy to fly. I'm sure the list could go on.

All of this is to say that I wouldn't define her powers as either "reality warping" or "matter manipulating" because neither are really broad enough in scope. Psionics is a better umbrella term.

If I had to guess, I would assume the show used "reality warping", because people can more easily wrap their minds around that and it's technically not wrong. Everything I listed above could be seen as "warping reality", including changing molecules. But it's not the best term, I don't think, but it's probably the easiest to write into dialogue.

386 : Anonymous2021/02/07 15:06 ID: gmg3zwg

Reality warping is just rewriting reality in Marvel. See: House of M

387 : Anonymous2021/02/27 02:55 ID: goxid6s

I liked when they were grounding the abilities of the MCU in realistic things. Not saying I don’t like the direction it’s going, it’s just a bit harder to relate too. Dr. Strange I get, but he had to learn it from the Ancient One and it seemed like a rare-ish thing. My wife loves the direction it’s going but I’m hesitant seeing as it makes Wanda a bit too powerful.

388 : Anonymous2021/02/27 03:30 ID: goxoor9

I think Wanda is the most powerful of all of them.

Thanos was said to be the most powerful being in the universe and she fucks him up in a fair scrap.

It's kinda like how Spidey could kill basically everyone if he wanted but he always pulls his punches.

389 : Anonymous2021/02/27 03:22 ID: goxn6jb

Wanda comic book wise has always been super powerful.

So it's not really going too crazy here. I mean she took on Thanos and was about to rip him apart. She is a very powerful character.

If anything thr movies have just had her new to it all still. Even in infinity war she helped a lot when she joins the battlefield. She's been powerful, just hasn't shined brightly yet

390 : Anonymous2021/02/27 04:23 ID: goxyd8v

The way I understand it (and am happy with, without going deep into comics stuff) is that it's basically the same magic. Only doctor strange got a proper super rigorous education on how to use it, while people like Wanda didn't really. This would probably explain why dr Strange's magic os geometrical and neat while Wanda's is squiggly

391 : Anonymous2021/02/27 08:32 ID: goyncwx

My theory in her power is that she pulls things from other dimensions hence the "creation" ability. The term 'nexus' dropped on ep 7 and I think this is a possibility that the MCU is going for.

The portals on GOTG is hex shape so I think its not too far out.

392 : Anonymous2021/02/27 11:59 ID: gozdg19

I'm on the same page but a different paragraph. I have a dislike of magic in superhero movies/TV because it opens up avenues for lazy writing and hand-waving away problems. Like in endgame when Strange opens up portals all over the place so they can summon every single hero/army they needed. Magic is too powerful/flexible, but hopefully the MCU writers won't let it weaken their stories. Doctor Strange could easily have been a hand-wavey magic battle ending, but they chose the smarter ending. Fingers crossed this remains the case for all magic-based MCU stories. I would hate for their movies to devolve into the sort of soulless CGI firework shows that the DC movies have become.

393 : Anonymous2021/02/27 05:12 ID: goy5paf

I’m the same way.

394 : Anonymous2021/02/12 22:14 ID: gn3wvuo

I don't know if I just see it because I really want to see it. But for me the end of the scene directly before the commercial, where Vision turns away after seeing the "repeating woman" feels really "Doctor-Strange-y". Him walking away with the huge cloak and also the guitar in the soundtrack of the scene really reminding me of the soundtrack of Doctor Strange.
But could also just be some Vision stuff that Vison does occasionally 😀

395 : Anonymous2021/01/31 15:36 ID: glhjyuj

This is a huge stretch but so far the show has had a man surrounded by bees, a white rabbit, and heavily features hexagons

396 : Anonymous2021/01/23 14:03 ID: gkdfbca

Guys. Dr. Nielsen was their doctor. How has no one in the review thread or the top 15 comments in this thread mention the Nielsen ratings?

Show is in a down slump, losing ratings, running out of ideas, let’s add a kid to the mix.

397 : Anonymous2021/01/24 13:37 ID: gkk9uwx

Certainly next episode, the twins will be toddlers at least 4-5 years old in recognition of the old "SORAS" (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) that affected newborns on sitcoms as well (re: Family Ties, All in the Family, etc.)

398 : Anonymous2021/02/12 20:20 ID: gn3i78c

Why can we see visions breath? Isn’t he a computer?

399 : Anonymous2021/02/13 02:31 ID: gn4ps6r

He’s an android. He is a computer designed to mimic human biology.

He can clearly chew gum (and accidentally swallow it) so his mouth must produce some sort of lubricant. It might not be saliva, but there is moisture there.

400 : Anonymous2021/02/12 22:56 ID: gn4224i

Computers produce heat

401 : Anonymous2021/02/12 22:15 ID: gn3x21v

Potentially an immersion thing for the hex by wanda? So they seem like a perfectly normal family

402 : Anonymous2021/02/18 20:24 ID: gnxdgyj

Yo what if the guy who's behind all of this, is the dude from the post credits scene of Doctor Strange?

403 : Anonymous2021/02/19 10:56 ID: gnztdsz

Thor? /s

404 : Anonymous2021/02/19 02:04 ID: gnykmkv

Baron Mordo? I doubt it.

405 : Anonymous2021/02/13 14:20 ID: gn7u145

soo what if mephisto is interdimentional being and he needed to bring his brother to comfort wanda, but his corpse is no longer whole, so he needed another speedy guy. so he looked other timelines, found x-men peter, possessed him, brought him to westview to be his & wanda's puppet. after these all ends, peter's persona will be normal as x-men quicksilver.
plus at some point the hex could wrap the whole world and effect everyone in molecular level and that's how first mutants to pop-up randomly. (but i really want fassbender as holocoust survivor magneto. fingers crossed.)

406 : Anonymous2021/02/14 03:56 ID: gnchr35

Why do you guys keep thinking it’s mephisto? What evidence do you have?


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