Outriders supports mkb on console but cannot rebind keys or adjust mouse sens

1 : Anonymous2021/03/09 08:28 ID: m128jy
Outriders supports mkb on console but cannot rebind keys or adjust mouse sens
2 : Anonymous2021/03/09 08:54 ID: gqb5gom

Man you look sooooo far away from your tv, I don’t know how people can play like that, I need to be close so I feel immersed in the action

ID: gqb5xxl

Or just to see. I have 20/20 vision and there's zero chance I can read or track information any further than 6' away, tops. Preferably, I'm at half that.

ID: gqd1szy

Same played a lot of console as a kid and I have no idea how I managed that shit on a rabbit antenna TV.

ID: gqb6vce

I had my phone camera on wide angle, in reality my TV is 50inch and about 5 feet away

Edit: I grew up playing counter strike in Internet cafes, if my girlfriend would let me have my way my nose would be touching the screen lol

3 : Anonymous2021/03/09 09:35 ID: gqb7uhb

I switch between controller and KB&M on my Series S (desk setup)
They work out of the box but there is no support for adjusting controls/sensitivy.

The controls are the PC standard, top of my head:

Xbox KB&M Ability 1 LB 1 Ability 2 LB + RB 2 Ability 3 RB 3 Melee Push RS F Run (toggle) Push LS Shift Switch weapon Y Q or mousewheel scroll Open/Interact X E Skip B Space/Escape (they switch) Mark for vendor Push RS (after delay) Richt mousebutton (no delay) Sell all Hold Y Hold DELETE

I don't want to be able to rebind keys, I only want to adjust sensitivity. The default is a bit to high for me.

Little annoying side effect: you still get the controller disconnected message from controller time-out. So press a button from time to time.

ID: gqb8u1n

You're a hero. Thanks for posting this. Yeah a sensitivity slider would help, perhaps try changing your system sensitivity?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/09 08:37 ID: gqb4feg

Don't know why I'm being downvoted for this.

I was curious to test mkb in the menus, as I read earlier today it makes dismantling and general inventory management a lot easier.

However,I didn't expect to be able to have full control of my character. This was a feature I had previously asked about, so I'm stoked to use it.

Perhaps as a community we could make this post somewhat visible to get the correct keybind/mouse sens controls implemented on console.

Surely this cannot be too hard considering it's literally in the game.

ID: gqb7ry2

It’s fine for single players and I don’t see a problem with it. But for a lot of people, mkb is essentially cheating on console when it comes to any type of multiplayer pvp since it’s not native. As long as pvp isn’t gonna be a thing, mkb on this game shouldn’t be downvoted, but, I personally would like to see what they could do with a pvp mode and I’m sure there may be something like that in the future so expect no love for something like this.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/09 14:18 ID: gqbv1ne

How did you activate it? I always have my mouse and keyboard connected and it doesn’t work for me..

ID: gqczwbj

I didn't do anything, the mouse worked in the menu so I tested movement and shooting too. I'm on a series x

6 : Anonymous2021/03/09 14:47 ID: gqbypaa

I play on pc and I dont like touching 1,2,3 lmao switched them to q,e,t more comfortable from other games I play

7 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:05 ID: gqcsf9i

Mabey in the full version? It's hard to judge the product on features we are very limited to accessing on the demo


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