Astartes Film project goes official with GW!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:04 ID: m1zh1n
Astartes Film project goes official with GW!
2 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:13 ID: gqgb3xc

Fantastic news but there's also a couple of other fan studios being contracted by the looks of it. The Exodite looks really promising from what clips I saw.

This is honestly a stellar move from GW that I'm sure the community will be delighted with. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

ID: gqgbrs5

As someone that has been following the development of The Exodite, I love that these projects are now officially endorsed.

ID: gqh6b92

I had never heard of it before but it looks awesome! Love me some Tau.

From that clip though, I think the Tau are made to look far too smooth and "little green man" like. Official Tau art always looked more "rugged". Appropriately gritty for the world of 40k.

ID: gqgbryg

As a tau fan I'm hyped af for the exodite, looks awesome.

ID: gqgfvj6

Is someone who has never seen this before today. Does it have anything to do with Eldar Exoedites or just uses the word?

ID: gqgu0b9

Form the reveal trailer it seems that the T'au are attempting to colonize a exodite world. You can see the eldar moving some and they look like ghosts and blurs they move so fast

ID: gqgwj3w

The other trailers have been removed but in trailer one it shows some dead space marines, a space Marine firing at some fast af Eldar. These are very fleeting shots, don't give much detail. Then a knight or titan getting its face sniped by some kind of tau looking projectile.

Second trailer is of a tau fleet moving through space, with a voice over. Talking about checking out a new world, which the end it pans out and it's a gorgeous plant, assuming it's one of the world's the Eldar have set aside.

All the animation looks fantastic.

ID: gqh6jv1

I just hope GW made some fair deals with them. They deserve it.

ID: gqhkhlq

Surprised it took GW this long to embrace all this free marketing. So many people get into the hobby via YouTube.

ID: gqgq1mk

As much as I love that the Astartes guy is getting this deal, I would lose my mind if Bruva Alfabusa and his series became official. Grimdark comedy is a genre he has locked down. Although having all his content on his channel be deleted and movess to a crappy community hub off of Youtube kinda blows.

ID: gqgu206

Bruva's stuff works because he's free to take the piss from GW. We should hope for his sake that he never starts officially working with them, unless you want to see all the jokes about how heroic and invincible the ultramarines are stop being jokes.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:07 ID: gqgab5n

The Emperor protects high quality content!

ID: gqgdzjd

I’m just scared he might loose some part of creative control over it.

At this point I feel like fan made stuff is better then official gw content so I’m a little worried

ID: gqgfnbh

I'm pretty sure GW knows that, hence why we haven't heard of angels of death in like a year.

ID: gqgvlkp

For fucking once...

Now we need a remake of Dawn of War (like how Age of Empires II was remade).

ID: gqhj4o9

Just make some AAA 40K games. That’s what I want. Preferably like Space Marine (2011)

4 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:09 ID: gqgai27

The Retributors are finally canon!

ID: gqggesm

Now we need White Dwarf to provide cool rules for them.

ID: gqgqcez

Well we're still due an Imperial Fists book at some point. They'd make a great inclusion

5 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:07 ID: gqgaaod
6 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:15 ID: gqgbg4i

Hopefully they don’t restrict his ideas too much. Can’t wait to see what is to come still

7 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:09 ID: gqgak4k

He deleted his videos 🙁

GW has them now but it’s sad to loose them and the comments

ID: gqgcdm5

I really hope they at least reupload them to their own YT channel at some point or make a new one just for animations. Upcoming new episodes also will never have the same reach when uploaded straight to the community site.

ID: gqgf25m

I hope they make a new channel so we have one for miniatures and one for media

ID: gqgb39v

I'm fine with them moving to their new home, but I'm a little upset that the videos on the warhammer site are only 720p, I'll miss the higher-quality versions.

ID: gqgcuro

I was just gonna ask about this. I'd ask GW to rehost the videos in high quality in their youtube channel I guess.

ID: gqgc4w9

They've upgraded the sound and added new music to the video at points. Small changes but still noticeable if you've seen them before

ID: gqgan0b

Exclusive rights to host them was probably part of the deal.

ID: gqgcyji

They should host them on their youtube channel too since it seems their video player limits up to 720p

ID: gqgcjf2

That's annoying, the Warhammer Community website isn't exactly a hub of quality video content. Maybe they're trying to make it one, but they would have a much larger audience on Youtube so I'm not sure what the logic is there.

It's great it's been made official, but I really hope Syama is able to keep producing the same quality of work and this isn't a case of GW have swallowing him up just prevent him from competing with their own GW official content, because lets be honest, his work has far outshined their own thus far.

I'm excited that he's working officially with GW but I just hope he keeps creative control. It worries me that he's been absorbed into an "extended creative team", whatever that means.

ID: gqgfjqj

Half the comments were asking why GW doesn’t hire him lol I’m happy for the guy. I’m sure it wasn’t easy balancing life as well as the astartes series. Now he can go all in on this obvious passion project, and take it even further. Not to mention it’s now canon.

ID: gqgbmea

Wait, so we have to go to the warhammer site itself now to see them? I'm very happy for the creator but not having the videos on YouTube seems a bit backwards.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:34 ID: gqhf8t0

I have a mirror of the originals, I'll upload & link it shortly.

These masterpieces should be enjoyed as they were originally made. The version on the GW website is massively altered from the originals. Lower quality, frame rate, adjusted lighting/contrast/gamma, heavily modified music & sounds effects.



Google Drive


EDIT #1: Uploading. Please be patient, these are big files (1440p & 60fps) and my internet is pretty poor.

EDIT #2: Mediafire is up. I'm uploading an .mp4 version as well, since originally I uploaded .mkv.

ID: gqi7ybu

Thank a lot for this. It's always nice and important to have the originals and in better quality than the current official uploads on their site.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:18 ID: gqgbqmb

Syama has ascended to sainthood

10 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:24 ID: gqgcopw

This news Irons my Within.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:17 ID: gqgbn7a

Just got the news and my girlfriend thinks I finally lost it, because I started laughing and dancing in the living room.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:27 ID: gqgd4s1

Ah man that fucking rules. Glad to see GW taking the right approach on content management (throw money at people doing it)

13 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:16 ID: gqgbh8l

I'd imagine a stipulation for this partnership gave GW exclusive rights to host the videos, etc. but he gets to maintain control over content/direction. This partnership to me seems like we'll still be seeing the extremely high quality content from Astartes but simply at a faster rate.


ID: gqgh0vx

I hope the part about him getting to maintain control turns out to be true, but the fact that the version of Astartes on Warhammer community already has different music makes me sort of pessimistic.

ID: gqgkdfd

Pretty sure some of the og music had copyright issues so thats understandable

ID: gqgmwv3

Some of the original music he used was from the movie Dredd, so GW would not have permission to use it. Even with that in mind, the scene of the troop carrier flying through space near the beginning has new music over it when before it was relatively quiet - that change alone shifted how that scene felt, at least for me. And it may not have been a change encouraged by wanting to avoid copyright.

ID: gqgqhzb

It was almost certainly copyright issues that caused them to change the music. Things that won't be a problem if he's got their backing from the get-go on a project.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:45 ID: gqgfih3

This could be very great, but I'll treat this one with caution for now.

Astartes worked because it was a hyper-focused product of passion. If GW corporate or other instances say for example "but now add Primaris and make sure to show off X", that might get lost on the way.

Of course it doesnt have to be that way, but it could.

ID: gqgxzir

I mean, GW is a corporation. This is exactly how it'll go. As soon as fan-made stuff gets into official hands, it vet worse, because fans create things out if passion. Corporations have the bottom line and legal issues at the forefront.

ID: gqhjwba

Idk, most fan made stuff is—in my experience—complete garbage. Astartes was the exception not the rule.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:44 ID: gqgfd40

Let's not forget about THE EXODITE!!!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:21 ID: gqh4fwr

2020 Internet: GW! Hire the Astartes guy immediately!

2021 Internet: GW! Fuck you for hiring the Astartes guy!

ID: gqhbtzw

This, but unironically.

At least they're doing better than their old playbook, namely: They're no longer sending cease and desists to fanmade movies.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:17 ID: gqgbo7v

By the emperor, the year long wait truly payed off


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