Was a fun game but wasn’t going to pick it up right away. Now though…..

1 : Anonymous2021/03/15 15:25 ID: m5n4b3
Was a fun game but wasn't going to pick it up right away. Now though.....
2 : Anonymous2021/03/15 15:41 ID: gr0tlqc

Have had it preordered for a month.

Not feeling this one. The demo was better than the entirety of Borderlands 3.

ID: gr13hlp

BL3 just did not click with me... at all. Was extremely underwhelmed right off the bat

ID: gr13prb

i think mechanically its the best borderlands, but story was it was traaaaash.

ID: gr1bktb

It didnt do anything new

ID: gr1p45x

Dude idk why i cringe when playing Borderlands and Final Fantasy. These franchises extremely popular well received but i just can't play, in fact i hate.

ID: gr1asqr

I loved BL3 only for the gameplay and I thought the skill trees and their synergies were just amazing, but I agree on a story front that Outriders is significantly better than anything that came out of BL3.

ID: gr1c4xb

The biggest issue I had with BL3 was that it took MONTHS/YEARS before the devs fixed skills in the skill tree that weren't working like they were suppose to. I played Fl4k and the pets were garbage once they put in the mayhem mode as the pets were too weak to do anything in those higher levels and were pointless which just meant you were wasting points in pets. The Spider was teh only one that could do any kind of damage to enemy and could do something like 2 mil damage, but the other animals did garbage damage at like 20,000.

Basically the devs were a joke on BL3 and ruined the game for people that care about things like stats and skills working.

ID: gr1gi2b

Hopefully this isn't the game you get burned on for pre-ordering because I'd like for it not to flop. I've already learned my lesson the hard way not to pre-order anything, no matter how enticing it seems.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/15 17:47 ID: gr1ann2

I was probably going to buy it just because I've been looking for another looter shooter to grind out since I basically burned myself out on BL3 and they seem to be mostly done with content releases, but now that it's on game pass I'll definitely play it there. When it inevitably goes off the service I'll probably buy it to support the devs though.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/15 16:46 ID: gr12dyl

I can see it on Game Pass for like 4 months and a if people are still hooked on the game they'll have to pick it up.

ID: gr13jg0

For sure. At a discounted price!

ID: gr1lnvy

4 months will be plenty of time to do whatever you wanted in this game and pick it back up at a later date and check out new stuff.

ID: gr1lxrq

Yup. And the inevitable DLC.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/15 17:29 ID: gr18781

Is it on PC game pass too?

ID: gr18qwt

Sorry dude.... At least not immediately

ID: gr1beqf

They always screw us over . It's whatever , they don't want my gamepass sub so be it !

ID: gr1oqfu

I don't think it has much to do with Xbox. My guess is the publisher don't want to hinder the sales on Steam and EGS. But without any facts, it's just my speculation.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/15 16:02 ID: gr0wfqd

absolutely the right decision to build a player base and the game deserves a real chance, my impression is that too many are still unsure whether it's good or not, too skeptical because of all the disappointments in the recent years, which is understandable. I think in the long run outriders will shine and establish itself as one of the games you can always come back and grind some hours, just like diablo 3.

ID: gr2d7aa

Especially when it’s published by the same people who just shat out Avengers. I’m enjoying the demo, but not getting burned by a lack of end game again.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/15 19:32 ID: gr1ouqz

ahahaha good meme first time seeing this one

8 : Anonymous2021/03/15 19:57 ID: gr1saop

I Believe..in People Can Fly.

(is why ill pre order it and not Game Pass it) *as this is my long haul shoot loot.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/15 20:09 ID: gr1tvch

Thanks a lot honestly I might just focus on a decent gaming pc. My main is ps4 and over last sumer got a switch. Pc seems to be my end game for versatile gaming.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/15 20:21 ID: gr1vkjb

I am someone who has never really enjoyed any kind of grind or been a completionist for looter shooters like borderlands and stuff, one playthrough good for me athen eh, cause most play relatively the same with some neat guns to mess with for a minute and be bored.

The amount of build diversity alone in the demo is mind boggling and the skill tree isn't even utilized in a way that changes things. Combine that with the full array of skills and mods on armor, the possibilities will be insane.

What this game has that other looter shooters doesn't, is a skill system that feels just as core and powerful and running and gunning.

Games like borderlands and destiny, the skills are more of an augment to enhance your pew pew ability and maybe help you survive at a crucial moment, but never drive your offensive and turn the tide of battle, generally speaking. Or dramatically change your character's playstyle.

I've logged over 30 hours in the demo alone, between making one of each class and just enjoying the experience of messing with all the abilities. Which also lead to me starting to farm accolades levels for the banner rewards and stuff. Have not been so driven and engaged in a looter shooter in years.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/15 23:28 ID: gr2ejh8

Shame us pc guys don’t get it on game pass, still gonna pick it up on steam though!

12 : Anonymous2021/03/15 16:57 ID: gr13tmg

From site i know this covers all the platforms, but for people in doubt, its only for xbox and android testing, not the pc version of "xbox gamepass" for some bizzare reason.

ID: gr1bmz8

The PC Gamepass is based on the MS Store technology. If the game is not in the MS Store it won't come to Gamepass (unless the devs do what is required to adjust their game to MS Store)

ID: gr189nf

Microsoft shitting on the PC version of the game pass once again

13 : Anonymous2021/03/15 19:47 ID: gr1qtdn

Honestly I want a pc rather than a Xbox from what I heard you can play most games on their anyway. Plus I get pc games so to have pc and some Xbox games not bad.

ID: gr1sbqv

Just as a note. The windows/microsoft store on PC is pretty jank. yes you can play a lot of xbox games on the pc through game pass(not all of them). It does work. However, its a real pain sometimes because the UI is totally bugged and also randomly deletes items. when I tried to download a game they advertised to be on PC gamepass, I went to download it but there was no button to do that. The only option I had was to buy the game for $49.00. I clicked the buy button for $49.00 and then it got replaced by a download button. So then I kind of freaked out for a minute because I thought I had actually just spent $49. Like I said, its jank.

ID: gr1vvpo

That's been my whole experience with the MCC, Lord help you if you put it on a different drive other than C/ I recently got a new PC and knowing exactly what to do and how to do it but the Microsoft Store still plagues me with the dumbest shit.

ID: gr28c6o

I might end up buying this on PC anyways I tried it on my Xbox today and it was painful...I do still have a last gen Xbox tho.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/15 18:45 ID: gr1ihoa

Complete bullshit if it isnt on PC Gamepass.

ID: gr1smwr

You do realize that PC requires some adjustments to get things working as intended right, and palms have to be greased, etc?

You must also remember that the console fan base is Microsoft's bread and butter as well as PC is usually left behind while things are being worked on.


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