Devastator Official Showcase

1 : Anonymous2021/03/27 16:18 ID: megyxf
Devastator Official Showcase
2 : Anonymous2021/03/27 18:28 ID: gshk6fl

It's weird to talk about an "end game" build on World Tier 3-4

ID: gsj4rfc

The world tiers scale to your level. It also was "spawned gear". If I got new drops they actually started scaling up.

If I wanted to push into tier 15, I could. But it would have taken days of grinding and perfecting things tbh

3 : Anonymous2021/03/27 16:57 ID: gsh3heu

Devastator gang rise up

ID: gshgxu1

lets go!

4 : Anonymous2021/03/27 18:42 ID: gshlpl4

Trust me they are def tankier even in the demo, when ya farming "That Cap" and your waiting for the riflemen to kill you to respawn it feels like an age compared to the other classes.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/27 20:43 ID: gsi7d1e

Did anyone else notice that while using Reflect with the Auto reflect mod you can also pop Gravity Leap and Reflect stays on you and you can just rotate to wipe out entire areas of mobs while taking little damage. And if you have the Gravity Leap mod thst heals you upon hitting and killing enemies you can just crash into any enemy and kill it and regain like 200% health based on damage you dealt.

Also if you use Gravity Leap and just let it wear out while you have Reflect up, you'll just land back where you were and Gravity Leap onlynhas like a 5 second cool down because you didn't actually finish using the ability. Great combo material!

ID: gsizoxg

Doesn't autoreflect make it 360° anyway. So no need to rotate.

ID: gsj0s98

Indint think auto reflect makes it 360 but I could be wrong.i like to rotate jist to see the carnage unfold lol!

6 : Anonymous2021/03/27 16:54 ID: gsh2rds

Always fun to see videos like this. But they need to be correct.

Mistake at 1:45, the Devastator does not gain max HP and armor on kill. He simply has a 15% bonus to his max hp and a 30% bonus to his armor gotten from his level and gear, making him by default tankier.

Edit so no more people misread this: It's the armor and HP that he got from his level and gear. Not the bonuses. The bonuses are permanent passives.

ID: gsh94r4

You are both partially wrong here. Look at the description when he hovers over the Devastator icon at 1:41. It’s specifically says:

every Close Range kill heals you by 24%

Receive additional 15% max health

Increase armor by 30%

Those bonuses do not come from his level and gear.

However, like I said above, I’m fairly certain mtashed/whoever wrote the script is also wrong, since they say you get these bonuses on kill. It looks as though you just get the bonuses by being a Devastator. Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong, and that is what you meant?

ID: gshazdw

The 30% armor and 15% life are default passives on the Devastator. The Devastator is suppose to be more tanky compared to the other classes and this is one of the ways the devs help with that.

ID: gshdj41

So where do you think these bonuses come from?

If you look closer, you would notice that these are three separate and unrelated sentences. It’s difficult to be confused.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/27 17:12 ID: gsh68yb

Nice to see some Devastator action thats not early game. In the demo he didnt really feel much like a tank because of the lack of skills and little HP and Def differences compared to the other 3. Probably the second class i level after techno

8 : Anonymous2021/03/27 21:17 ID: gsidn4w

I hope mtashed goes all in for outriders while I know he's a acquired taste. But I enjoy his videos back in his destiny days.

Personally think genshi Impact is garbage so unsubbed from him but hope he goes balls deep in outriders.

ID: gsiullf

He seems to be bouncing from game to game and becoming obsessed with it until there is nothing left, so expect a lot of content.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/27 18:47 ID: gshme2h

Am I the only one that sees some balancing issues with a couple of these skills?

Earthquake should NOT effect flying enemies. It's literally a ground based move.

The bullet reflect ability should also not guard against melee attacks.

I just personally think there is going to be a lot of balancing issues with certain skills/abilities like these that hopefully the devs will patch in the future.

What do you guys think?

ID: gshn2ds

Making skills randomly useless against certain enemies is not good balancing.

ID: gsi8qlc

Esp because at least half if not more of what we'll be fighting in this game are going to be native beasts. Making it not deflect their attacks makes it pointless to half the game.

ID: gsi0pqt

How is it not? If earthquake didn't work against flying enemies you'd have to find another way to kill them either by using your gun or a different ability. How does that not help balance the characte

? Same goes for melee enemies. The shield can stop bullets, but if it didn't stop melee's you'd have to stop using it and stop them another way.

ID: gsi6teg

Earthquake should NOT effect flying enemies. It's literally a ground based move.

It knocks earth up into the air too though. So if flying enemies are close enough they could get hit.

The bullet reflect ability should also not guard against melee attacks.

Why should it not stop melee attacks? It's an energy barrier that stop bullets, so why can't it stop melee attacks. It doesn't damage melee attackers who hit it. So there's your balance.

Also there is not really a need to balance much in this game as there is zero PVP. If the developers thinks ita too much they might tone it down a bit but I doubt it'll be much. Remember thus shield works for you AND your allies. And with thebAuto reflect mod on you and your crew can run and gun with you as point man. Pop on the boots that make it last longer and this is the role of the tanky Devastator...

ID: gsi73m1

Thanks for an actual nice reply instead of just downvoting me for trying to bring up a discussion.

ID: gsi7p9m

none of those things imply balance issues

10 : Anonymous2021/03/27 17:16 ID: gsh6onr

I had trouble using him against the captain/boss fights on the higher difficulties. Healing was hard when you're getting shot constantly and your 2nd ability took a ~minute to charge

ID: gsj8ujl

It got easier for me when I got auto reflect and an autorifle with leech.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/27 17:31 ID: gsha9vk

I'm moist

12 : Anonymous2021/03/27 17:59 ID: gshgtg4

Holy fuck, now I'm excited.

+1 sub

13 : Anonymous2021/03/27 18:00 ID: gshgv8p

Yeah, this is my main day one. Love thinking of all the ways I can mix and match skills. I could really enjoy playing a tanky/self-healing build using Golem, Impale and Tremor. Paired with an LMG, you could take your time mowing down enemies.

My Dev is also my one demo character I've played enough to get a Legendary drop (Amber Vault), so I'm excited to take that into the full game.

ID: gsj20rl

I haven't looked at the trickster, but the Dev looks like one of the ones that'll have the most flexibility in terms of builds that can kick a lot of ass, and I already have multiple I can't wait to try.

That bleed set in the video? Pair it with top tree weapon damage and gravity leap/boulderdash/3rd of your choice and use melee or skill mods to apply bleeds and enjoy insane weapon damage.

Endless mass legendary set that pulls people in and makes them share damage? Bottom seismic tree for that to group up trash on big enemy and then pop AoE to annihilate things.

And I also can't wait to try out a build with as high an armor as possible for middle tree. With so many ways to boost armor, it's very possible that the 10% armor into firepower & anomaly power will dish out some serious pain.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/27 19:49 ID: gshxv8b

Looks fun as hell.

Love to see tank chars not only good at eating bullets, but also dishing some dmg in return.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/27 20:49 ID: gsi8i49

DEVASTATOR all the way ! Thicc boi!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/28 00:04 ID: gsizd8l

Do a Technomancer please 😛

17 : Anonymous2021/03/27 16:30 ID: gsgwhbp


ID: gsgziu9

“Hey everyone random Reddit user here criticizing the one paid youtuber people can fly chose out of the thousands of content creators. I’m upset because he only showcased the the class. He should of told me why this class was better than the others instead of letting me decide that for myself. Please listen to my opinion and upvote me.”

ID: gsgznkn

How did he not give an actual opinion of the class? He literally said that it was one of his favorites and that when he gets to play the full game he would always want a devestator on his team, and that it feels like playing a frieght train. Also, some advertisements are not necessarily aimed at people who are on the fence or don't even know that the game exists, but to solidify purchases for people that were MOST likely going to purchase but need an extra push over the edge.

There is nothing inherintly wrong with sponsored content if it's done tastefully. This was fine. Chill my dude.

ID: gsh2d9e


ID: gsh5rpt

this guy is such a damn tool. Complaining that ppl have opinion, that others agree with them and everyone is just some asshole who gets payed to say scripted lines lol

ID: gsh02b8

Hey outrider! I guess by your sarcasm that you are not completely sold for the game and this video doesn’t provide enough for you to make the decision. However, there’s multiple gameplay video of mid and endgame also on YouTube that could probably help you in a better way. See you on the battlefield outrider!

ID: gsh1qhf



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