Having to fast travel somewhere in order to fast travel somewhere else is a bad system and should be reworked

1 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:56 ID: mk3juf

The fast travel system in the game is wildly unintuitive and a chore. I'm not sure why we're playing a game in 2021 that makes you run to certain points in order to fast travel. Not only that, but you can only fast travel between sublocations and need to fast travel to the truck to travel to another location. This makes turning in quests an unnecessary run around.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:59 ID: gtdnybc

Yes! Please put the local and world map together.

ID: gteczmr

Even as someone who has like 2 second loading screens they could definitely allow you to travel via every travel point to any other travel point. Hell, if you're not in combat why even force the players to go to a travel point.

ID: gtefocn

I think it's centered around the concept of your truck being your lifeline and the camp it brings with it. So major travel requires the truck and minor travel can be done using the flags. It's a bit weird I agree but it's intentional.

ID: gteis5u

Hell, if you're not in combat why even force the players to go to a travel point.

At least in camp areas we should be able to fast travel without having to go to a flag.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:58 ID: gtduo18

It does seem incredibly unintuitive. I like the truck concept and I doubt they would scrap that.

I think the best fix for this would keep everything the same except for at the fast travel locations you would be able to move regions as well, and you would HAVE to use the truck location in order to progress the story.

ID: gte4znn

It does seem incredibly unintuitive. I like the truck concept and I doubt they would scrap that.

I actually quite like it too. It's actually nice to have your crew with you all the time instead of a bunch of random NPCs.

ID: gte9ill

Too bad they just sit around with rockets on the back of a truck while you are fighting. Some friends.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:05 ID: gtdolc1

I agree completely. I think the truck mechanic is excessive. It makes sense in the context of the story, but it sucks for pretty much everything else to have to hit 2x loading screens for (essentially) 1x travel.

ID: gtdybpb

It completely works for the story, you're right. It's just a hindrance to revisiting previous areas. I don't think it would be too hard to implement a switch between the world map and regional waypoints.

ID: gte65h0

All the resources that went into the truck should have gone into armo

customization (i.e. transmog) and more character customization.

ID: gte9lfx

Yeah but here is a truck that you only see in cinematics that you will skip a million times over time.

ID: gte9fq5

Are you getting load screens? (Series S)

ID: gtei0q3

What even are load screens? (Series X)

5 : Anonymous2021/04/04 21:14 ID: gtdwhss

Oh wow ok so it's not just me then. I thought I was doing something wrong because I was thinking to myself "there's no way this was intentional".

It's not like it was done for immersion or realism, because I am magically warping places when I touch a flag.

Even with the like 1 second load times on the PS5 this is annoying as hell, especially because like all the camps (maybe only the early ones?) Have no where to sell anything.

ID: gtedrbv

I have no load times except between regions, and it’s still annoying as fuck.

Side note, someone joins your camp in the forest that acts as a vendor.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:05 ID: gtdonky

I'm not sure if it would be more or less annoying if enemies respawned. It would make the already tedious navigation more of a chore, but far less boring than running through an empty level for three minutes.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/04 22:30 ID: gte52gn

I’m in the camp after the snow camp now (forest, or maybe the one before the forest?) and I have a sidequest to turn into the historical item lady back at the first camp, but I can’t get back there because the truck dude will ONLY take me to the next story quest with the truck. So I’m stuck in the local area. Also have another side quest back in the snow area in my log which I can’t go do right now. Kinda annoying

8 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:43 ID: gtecyf7

Simple solution, be able to fast travel from the map in a sublocation

9 : Anonymous2021/04/05 00:36 ID: gteijl6

I think the map is definitely the weakest point of the game. The fast traveling feels clunky and I want to be able to see exactly where my character is on it, as well as teammates exact locations. Think Destiny 2’s map. Also the mini map isn’t very precise and is frankly unhelpful most the time. Beside the maps, I’m loving the game!

10 : Anonymous2021/04/04 21:28 ID: gtdy2k0

I'm not going to lie, quite like the old school approach. Majority of AAA games nowadays want to be a giant open world. It's pretty refreshing having a linear game with old school mechanics.

ID: gte2xq0

At the very least it gives a bit of a spotlight to the hubs in the world. But with that point you are on thin ice because people hate to see more than one loading screen or the pop-up (in co-op).

ID: gte5fyt

I actually like it also in regards to it being kind of intuitive even.

imagine all the sub-locations all would be on the same map as well. you not only would have to make the map bigger and scroll around on it, it also would be so much more "crowded".

THe way it is, you choose the convoy to travel to hubs, then have a system to easily travel within those hubs.

I don't think it's a bad system at all.

Beside, am I the only one that is getting incredibly annoyed by all those complaints that act like "it's 2021, this is bad" and then demand (!) changes?

I miss the times when people actually were less aggressive and demanding when discussing games online.

ID: gtectt6

It was touted as Diablo with guns, kind of. I can easily fast travel between acts in Diablo with no UI clutter while maintaining act-to-act transitions. There’s better (objectively, not subjectively) ways to allow travel to previous locations without making the game too easy or discouraging adventure. I’m down for not fast traveling from your map, you need to go to a flag for it; but you should then be able to zip zap between any previously unlocked fast travel location.

I hate having to go to truck, go to previous location, fast travel to mission, fast travel back to truck, go to another previous location, fast travel to mission, fast trave back to truck, travel to turn-in hub, travel back to latest location. That’s eight steps which could be done in four without removing anything from the game (fast travel to mission, fast travel to next mission, fast travel to turn-in, fast-travel back to latest). Leave the “hub” wherever the truck was last time, just let me poof around.

ID: gtedo3q

you not only would have to make the map bigger and scroll around on it, it also would be so much more "crowded".

No you wouldn't. Click a hub, which zooms into the hub map, and then click the flag where you want to go to. Keeps the world map from being too big and cluttered, doesn't include needless loading screens.

When I fast travel to Skellige in the Witcher, I don't need to sit through a loading screen to watch Geralt sail across the sea to then fast travel to where I want to actually go.

ID: gte5qvz

Eh so its quite refreshing to have bad level design, less content, and less gameplay. Crazy hot take

ID: gtea0oh

What is old school about warping to a spot to warp to another spot? This isn't old school it's just people who haven't been paying attention to the industry over the last 20 years.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/04 22:26 ID: gte4oir

Go to flag. Watch loading screen. Then go to truck. Go to loading screen. Finally at destination. It gets annoying. I try to do all sidequests, bounties and hunts in one go in where area I'm in. Refuse to bounce back and forth about 5 times

12 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:59 ID: gtdnx3t

Doesn't bother me in the slightest tbh

ID: gtdqa8g

But you’d save so much time. It’s a few seconds of inconvenience but it adds up the more you do it.

Say you do this fast travel dance 1000 times. Say it takes 5 seconds to fast travel to camp. Over those 1000 times you have wasted over 83 minutes of your time needlessly having to fast travel to fast travel. It’s a bad system.

ID: gtdq80v

Kinda bugs me how people downvote when they disagree in this sub. I don't agree with you but it's not like you're being rude or anything, just offering your opinion. Nothing wrong with that IMHO.

ID: gte59ed

Right. It's not like they said "quit crying about the traveling!" Or something rude like that

ID: gtdqkdf

Used to it by now m8, reddit for you 🙂

13 : Anonymous2021/04/04 22:23 ID: gte4akf

As much as I love the game, I cannot agree enough. I have to fast travel 3 times to hand in that quest I just finished. Which is why I don't eve bother until I have like a dozen competed

14 : Anonymous2021/04/05 00:43 ID: gteja50

Im just wondering why you'd be fast travelling often enough for this to become an issue.

After finishing an area - at most you return to Trench Town and, occasionally, the Historian once per region completed. Takes mere moments to fast travel in-region and seconds to fast travel to a new region.

Sorry, I just don't see the problem - this system fits the convoy approach they took and really its a non-issue - a nit pick at best.

ID: gtejm8w

There’s at least one side quest that has you travelling between regions multiple times.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/04 21:46 ID: gte050r

But youre fast traveling to your truck to fast travel to another location.

ID: gte2cmv

Yes. That’s the point of this post. It’s a dumb system.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/04 22:00 ID: gte1rcb

This is by far one of the worst things about the game, Most parts are passable or done well, but this just takes me out of the game so, so much. The only thing that's comparable is the constant cutscenes for even menial things, But I'd imagine those at least are to help with stability. Or at least I'd hope.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/05 00:46 ID: gtejmtk

You lot got really lazy.

ID: gterndd

Considering it’s basically been the industry standard to allow fast travel from anywhere on a map for the past 10+ years, it’s a very valid complaint. Stop acting like wasting time pointlessly running around in a video game is something that people HAVE to do. Your thought process on it is so fucking ass backwards.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:46 ID: gted9dz

I think the whole camp idea is kinda shitty in general. Like I get the need in a game like this to have a cool down space with some vendors and stuff, but stuff like crafting should be accessible from the menu at all times, you should be able to dismantle items for scrap rather than materials straight from your inventory and yeah, the whole truck thing to go to a new location thing can also get in the sea. So many extra trips to the camp for no actual benefit for me as a player.

ID: gtehts9

Umm... your character isn't a crafter. There is no game play plausible reason that you would know how to modify weapons when you're not a craftspeople.

Do you whine when you need to run to town in mmos to use a forge instead of just being able to Smith out in the field of battle?

Do you whine that you don't have access to your bank stash anywhere in any game? Surely your character should be able to have access to their gear at all times - even if it's not on their person and is in a stash / vault.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:53 ID: gtee0v3

Yeah. Unintuitive. Needs reworked!

20 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:59 ID: gteeoig

Even worse if you're not going to a hub area, it's three fast travels then: travel to truck, travel to zone, travel to final destination. Really time consuming, especially with console loading times

21 : Anonymous2021/04/05 00:01 ID: gteesxt

And the game doesn't do a very good job of explaining this mechanic, either. I spent a good amount time cursing the quest guide thingy until I figured out what it wanted me to do.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/05 00:01 ID: gteevuv

I agreed

23 : Anonymous2021/04/05 01:01 ID: gtel9js

Its so that the game lasts longer lol

24 : Anonymous2021/04/05 01:17 ID: gtemv2c

It's so poorly designed overall. The mini map doesn't function at all, fast travel to fast travel, segmented world means more loading screens, etc.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:36 ID: gtds4ur

Honestly the things people will find to nitpick about. Says good things about the game if it's something so trivial.

ID: gte1rfz

It can be good and also have fair critiques. There is no real reason for this system and it would be nice to see it gone. Doesn't mean the game isn't good.


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