I don’t mean to be THAT guy but…

1 : Anonymous2021/05/01 13:36 ID: n2ihhu

Is anyone else feeling… cheated? Like, you WANT to love this game, you ignore all the negative posts and all the horrible bugs, but it’s the truth, and this game really isn’t the great? I don’t mean to be that guy who consistently shits on this game, I’ve had my complaints. I just feel cheated now. All this hard work and for what to show for it? The fact that this game has been mismanaged really makes me feel like PCF really doesn’t care anymore.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:07 ID: gwji892

Im loving this game, its amazing, its fun, its doing so much right

I feel like i got scammed, the game i paid for is suddenly unplayable, and there is no remedy in sight

I can understand shit happening on a patch, we get that with our mod often enough, we usually fix it within a hour or roll back and investigate how and what we missed during our testing window

I dont understand such a massive fuck up and going completly silent after rolling out 3 patches in a couple of hours

ID: gwkb94z

Patching on friday and going on week end, this company every thing wrong. Major rule in IT, never relase a patch or an update on Friday, unless it’s business critical.

ID: gwkemba

And even then you got someone to stick around to put out the fires if shit hits the fan

ID: gwksekh

Haha, I never deploy stuff on Friday’s. It’s a great excuse too!

ID: gwkteg5

I haven't played in a few days and I am out of the loop, what did the patch break?

ID: gwl7cdj

I won't even commit code on a Friday after lunch

ID: gwkzgk4

This is the same company that released on Good Friday, then tried pulling the sympathy card about working all through East Weekend.

What did you expect?

ID: gwkcy29

Hahah, yeah. Push patch, push hotfixes, assume everything is fine, clock out and call it a workweek.

I'm not pro overworked devs, but I'm also not pro fucking up the game on a Friday and bailing.

Just ridiculous.

ID: gwkeqxa


Should have just said "We got the patch ready for Monday" and drop what they got so far

ID: gwjieux

I feel you there.

ID: gwllid2

really proves their not even testing their content

ID: gwk38jp

The core gunplay is fun when it works.

There are substantial issues with how it is all glued together. Mods simply do not work or at-least not how we think

ID: gwlk2t1

Their PR department is probably trying to figure out a way to get them out of this. lol. good luck.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/01 19:17 ID: gwkph9k

YES I expected so much of this game and now it's getting worse with those patches

4 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:38 ID: gwjm7e4

I think it's clear they care. What's unfortunate is that they don't seem to fully understand their own game and so miss what should be glaring issues in testing these patches.

Feels more like poor internal communication. I feel bad for the community managers that deal with the backlash.

ID: gwk2gef

I’m not attacking you, but I keep seeing this concept “they dont understand their own game” and THAT is the exact reason why it shouldnt have been released in the first place.

Excuses have to stop being made both by them and also by the consumer for them. If someone spends money on a product then it should be a finished product, especially since they have advertised it as an “out of the box experience”.

ID: gwl4gux

I thought Massive was bad with The Division series but this is on a whole other level. What's really bad is how much more complicated builds are in TD compared to this game. I thought a simpler gear system would be easier to manage.

ID: gwlkv86

Massive’s only problem in my opinion is stubbornness. I loved the division and have logged maybe a thousand hours on both games. The loot is generous, the crafting system is the best out of any looter shooter (recalibration should be a genre standard) and the gameplay loops is fun. Even their seasons aren’t half bad even if it is generic. 10 bucks for getting season specific shit with some new skins and a new exotic that you play to get.... sign me up.

It’s their stubbornness that’s frustrating. They refuse to balance pvp and pve separately when you can’t even pvp outside the DZ and questionable design choices because they feel the game should be played the way they want... when they have almost no idea how their game is actually being played. That’s my biggest gripe with them but as it stands the division is probably the best looter shooter out there outsides of maybe warframe (as a live service) and borderlands (as a stand-alone)

ID: gwkhscw

I understand how you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. I commend you for that but they need to be help accountable.

---If you don't understand your game, don't make one.

---If you don't have good devs who can make a AAA game, don't sell it as one.

---If the game isn't ready, don't release it just yet.

These issues are no one else's fault but their own and everyone should share their disdain for lack of attention to detail and lack of proper testing.

Simply put, if you don't hold them 1000% accountable every time, they will continue to do it if not start doing it more.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/01 20:17 ID: gwkxdx4

Game would be pretty good if it wasnt in every possible way broken from a technical standpoint. Timed modes, limited character class viability, nerfs are things that might not be the most enjoyable, but can be dealt with.

Game still crashing, tons of shit being broken, multiplayer being unplayable? That just isnt acceptable. Fuck this Dev.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:08 ID: gwjyrtr

Today I actually just beat the campaign, been doing some drop pod missions and tried multiplayer for the first time, and everything felt 40x more sluggish. I bungee corded around the map, my damage registered like 3 seconds after I shot, and it took like 10 seconds for me to be able to move after using an ability. Hell, I just had a bug where my character couldn't use an ability or fire my gun for about 20 seconds. This never happened while I was playing single player through the entire game. Am I the only one experiencing this or is this a known issue

ID: gwkm6za

Multiplayer has never worked properly. If you hosting then it's fine but if you join others; be prepare to lag like no tomorrow. 9/10 games I join is a lag fest for me. I gave up playing with others. Actually, I stopped playing. I got bored playing solo.

One key point I purchased the game was to play multiplayer. They really need to overhaul the multiplayer experience.

ID: gwk2bkd

Nah that same shit was happening to my buddy and I last night . I didn't experience the ability/gun lock out but my buddy did a few times and he was the host :/

ID: gwkbph4

I find the expeditions to be buggy AF, my skills don't work usually I'm glitching around the screen for a good 2 minutes at the beginning of the scenes.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/01 19:15 ID: gwkp634

Seems like this game should've been delayed a couple more times..this many issues on launch or even a couple months after launch is no bueno..these issues I understood during the demo but come on...

8 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:31 ID: gwk21pk

The fact that they still have not restored wiped characters or offered any kind of alternative speaks volumes. Weeks later what is the point?

Between this game and Anthem I just wish there was a dev that could properly implement the looter shooter it and not get the buggy broken messes that we have.

ID: gwkov85

My guess is because all of the loot is actually generated client-side, so they wouldn't have a way to restore the characters. Those characters are as good as gone.

ID: gwk8vkx

Cursed genre.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:18 ID: gwjjij2

i didnt even have the guts to open the game after the patch. i was having so much fun, finally reaching T14/15 solo (without emergency stance) but looks like they really broke something

10 : Anonymous2021/05/01 15:41 ID: gwjuwag

The game doesn‘t even have much content. Compare it to a similar looter shooter like Borderlands. Borderlands had always so many quests and things to do. In Outriders you play the campaign with not many side quests and just grind the same expeditions, while having a timer to frustrate you as well. Not even the multiplayer works properly. This game is not worth the money.

ID: gwkzkt7

Borderlands is fun but I personally prefer outriders. I think the wide amount of skill combinations and playstyles keeps the game fresh. I'm excited to play different classes. Borderlands has its talent trees, sure, but very little else in terms of gameplay variety compared to outriders imo. Borderlands did have funny story and characters but..eh..I still prefer outriders. To each their own!

11 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:31 ID: gwk21ct

Marvel's Avengers feelings here... Crystal Dynamics is doing the same thing. Both game published by Square Enix, so... maybe the game was not ready, and they were forced to release it?

ID: gwl4oec

This is something Square Enix is absolutely notorious for.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:16 ID: gwjjbja

At best, when it works, it's a mediocre game.

ID: gwjjdbs


13 : Anonymous2021/05/01 15:33 ID: gwjtt76

I’m just mad at myself that I got into another Anthem situation. I think I’m done with looter shooters for a while

ID: gwlh0ku

Don’t give up on looter shooters. Try Remnant From the Ashes. It’s a great game In ALMOST the same vein as this game. And the story and everything are great.

ID: gwk5xnn

Feel this... at least I got to play it while it was somewhat working.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:00 ID: gwjhe9w


15 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:05 ID: gwjybg8

I've felt cheated since I hit expos at the end of the first week of buying the game, the past 3 weeks I've loved the game but I've hated the fact that there's so many FUCKING issues and problems. And I've not even experienced the "bad ones" (Character bugged out, losing inventory, builds being broken, etc).

Just the fact there's no reason for me to replay side quests, no reason to farm mobs because the drop rates are dog turd, and doing expos with the 1 build Dev can run at CT15 Reliably is getting tedious. I wanna be switching sets, and mixing it up. I wanna have all the legendaries and just playing because it feels good to play, not because I've invested 10s of hours trying to get 1 item... and my stubborness to succeed is (somehow) outweighing my rage to quit.

And don't even get me started on the matchmaking... fuckers still kicking Devs. We're a month in, and no one's learnt that we're awesome (and we weren't nerfed by the recent patch. Hoo-rah!).

16 : Anonymous2021/05/01 20:50 ID: gwl1zzs

No, i knew exactly what i was getting into because of the demo.

People who tried to bring up issues before launch were massively downvoted by overhyped dumbasses.

If you are surprised of what you got, you didn't pay attention!

17 : Anonymous2021/05/01 21:00 ID: gwl3jrv

The best part about this game is that it released on April Fools Day, it's the joke that will age infinitely better than the game ever will.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:40 ID: gwkkji9

I keep coming back to this game, even though it's incredibly frustrating to play. Not even counting the bugs, lag, and balancing issues.

I just hate how it "rewards" players. I spend 15 minutes going through an expedition, only to literally get 1 shot by an enemy...no revives, no consolation prizes (except standard loot), just a "fuck you very much, try again sucker."

And I do, I try again and waste another 10 mins. I'm garbage at this game, I'll admit, but I have a decent build that's fun to play, but when the rewards are snatched from you at the last minute for a fair, or often times unfair, mistake...it takes a few minutes off my lifespan each time.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:19 ID: gwkhn36

OP i'm with you on this.

It feels like the Dev's did a 180. This isn't the PCF that we originally was sold.

Now that they got our money, The Communication have dropped significantly as the days go on, patch's and updates taking much longer to put out and finally out of touch balancing changes/nerfs.

The reality is that all the original Dev's are no longer on outriders. They all moved on to other projects. The game has been handed over to 1 or 2 very small skeleton crews teams that probably have very little knowledge about how original PCF did things and wanted this game to play.

Even if we put all that aside, its un deniable that communication are low and more bugs are introduced with every patch on top of clueless changes.

I want the original PCF back. Whoever is running the show now is not doing a good job. Current PCF has turned into the same studios that i despise overnight.

Which is crazy because honestly PCF really had me. I thought they where different. But in the end it just seems like it was all a facade .

20 : Anonymous2021/05/01 15:28 ID: gwjt5zz

I agree with you 100%, as much as I hate to have to admit it. This game had great potential, but ultimately it has become one of the larger flops in recent gaming memory.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:39 ID: gwkkedh

I wanna love It but It is everything wrong with the current motta of "Gud game design" Where they are nerfing the players to death while keeping jank bs around for the enemies.

Same reason I stoped playing darkest Dungeon.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/01 18:48 ID: gwkllpf

People hate to hear it, and the salt just begins to flow when you say it - but....Outriders is basically Anthem.

It's not as bad as Anthem was for sure. But it's still up there in the over-hyped, over-promised, bug filled, bad dev support, unfinished/unpolished, all while ignoring what the player base wants - type of a game. It is not at all unlike Anthem in these aspects.

Seriously, whose idea was it to major patch twice on a friday and send the team home for the weekend while the community rages over things being broken? Whomever had that brilliant idea should be immediately fired on monday. They did this twice now, which means they aren't learning from their past errors and will likely do it again in the future.

23 : Anonymous2021/05/01 16:40 ID: gwk3cee

I really do not think they don't care, I think they are in over their heads. They seem to be trying to fix code they are unfamiliar with or something, they break more than they fix; many issues are just piling up unresolved, or worse, more bugs are introduced.

With the issues snowballing, they are constantly chasing the latest crisis, and ignoring all the QoL and balance changes. So much for the whole 'separate teams' thing?

Interesting how any bug that is positive for players is squashed as you'd expect though, they got that one right.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/01 14:32 ID: gwjlg0f

My game still crashes every 5 minutes....

25 : Anonymous2021/05/01 15:47 ID: gwjvs3y

I'm kind of sad that they removed the ability to use perpetuum mobile on the minigun for techno.


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