Because it’s our unfortunate reality

1 : Anonymous2021/05/17 11:18 ID: nedijy
Because it’s our unfortunate reality
2 : Anonymous2021/05/17 13:53 ID: gyg112k

You were supposed to destroy games that are released unfinished,

not join them!

ID: gyhzp8n

This reply wins the chat.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/17 12:44 ID: gyft0hq

Devs don't decide what is or isn't done later. Product People decide this based upon priorities of the business.

It's put into the backlog so that it gets captured and has visibility to the decision makers.

The business then looks at what the fix will take in relation to what the fix gives back in value to the business and customer. IE lots of effort but gives back very little? Don't do it. Little effort but more impacting or drives the product closer to a future milestone, probably will be worked on.

Devs are people that inform the decision makers but they themselves do not decide what they work on next.

ID: gyfvlii

This guy agiles

ID: gyg67pq

teach it to companies, and have been product manager and product owner. We like games too, and we all aren't evil the "business" n' all.

ID: gygn181

This guy argyles

ID: gyg4rbz

As a product person - yeah, it's probably a product or a project person's fault. We suck.

ID: gygqx5z

That's why I want my job title switched from "Senior Product Manager" to "Director of N.O." (N.O. = "No, Obviously")

ID: gyg6chf

well...I mean..we can but as you know it's often above us also. 🙁

ID: gygcsav

It might be worth adding that not every shop is run like this, but you’re correct. Most shops nowadays use AGILE. Much to Dave Thomas’s horror but alas.

ID: gyghfat

yeah, just call it "Agile"- just like if you run into someone that calls it "SCRUM" or worse yet, "S.C.R.U.M." - not a good look.

I wish that Agile software methods weren't called "Agile". I wish that the whole mechanic around how to do this had some abstract name like IKI-20 or something. the fact that the word "Agile" means something to people, regardless of their knowledge about software allows entirely too much misunderstanding and abuse which is baked right into the word having a subjective meaning vs it being a term of art within an industry.

The amount of the word "Agile" being abused to support shoddy decisions made quickly and the idea that people need to work faster , is massive in the industry. At least if it was an abstraction then it can have a definitive meaning vs. people being able to say "we're agile" and distorting the truth.

ID: gyg3syx

This guy gets it

ID: gyg69nf

Dude I'm a product manager and trust me, I know. But it's a meme, chill.

ID: gyg6nwo

It's a massive misunderstanding though - "devs". My teams would do everything they could to not release crap. Their name is on it. I've never met a good developer that was ok with releasing bad work.

Yet, it's the devs that get nothing but shit on all these gaming forums. I feel bad for them, for the teams that actually do the work.

ID: gyhymww

Hey look! Agile!

4 : Anonymous2021/05/17 18:17 ID: gyh2qyu

Why was this meme so disgustingly good?

ID: gyh31rw

Because it fits perfectly to the situation we’re in with this game..

5 : Anonymous2021/05/17 13:26 ID: gyfxovm

Is this game dead yet? Haven't been on in 2 weeks now and I'm honestly curious. If you guys are still playing, has there been a patch to fix the first patch yet? Are things still as bad as they were after that first patch?

Edit: spelling.

ID: gyg0178

There hasn't been a patch since the last one and the matchmaking is garbage

ID: gyg5iso

There hasn't been a patch since the last one

Dear lord, no...

ID: gyg0g3l

They pushed a server side patch to address a bunch of log in issues on Thursday, no mitigation patch yet though 🙁

ID: gyi4u3u

Stopped playing two weeks ago, too. Just here to see the end of the soap.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/17 15:30 ID: gygeeni

Reminds me of Anthem.

ID: gyh1k1q

The anthem story is becoming too common these days

7 : Anonymous2021/05/17 14:42 ID: gyg7p8y

In my world we say ... P2 it.

ID: gyglzof

if P2 in your world is backlog.. I honestly pity you. There shouldn't be more than 1 P1 task on a person at the same time.

ID: gygmdnl

So you're saying you DONT live in perpetual crunch?

8 : Anonymous2021/05/17 17:32 ID: gygw6xs

Though it is likely the suits making decisions, the devs are not blameless. They have shown a serious lack of experience. The teams have broken as much as they have fixed, and that is not excusable.

My take away from this is to never buy a PCF game again. I won't support this type of dumpster fire, and they don't deserve the money they got.

ID: gygybbs

Your correct.. and it sucks cause I really wanna enjoy this game

9 : Anonymous2021/05/17 12:09 ID: gyfpkiw

I can just feel the aura of a ticking clock on this game.

ID: gyfwm2q

5200 people on steam ATM.

ID: gyfwu1v

Aww look, it's the random redditor who doesn't take the time to understand the context of a post! Hello little one!

ID: gyi8jvx

which really means nothing since the game isn't just on steam and that doesn't count crossplay.

ID: gyfwy2i

Yeah, dropped it to ice and will see if they will turn it around.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/17 20:06 ID: gyhid98

that moment when the pants drop and shit gets real...

11 : Anonymous2021/05/17 13:35 ID: gyfyu3g

“You’re suppose to fix the problems not joining them!!”

12 : Anonymous2021/05/17 13:33 ID: gyfym1z

Its the suits, not the devs.

ID: gyg0u87

False. They have a team for post launch maintenance, two teams in fact because one of them works on balance changes which can be pushed through during maintenance windows server side, where the other is in charge of fixing bugs which need patched.

ID: gyg2ept

No, actually correct.

Developers do not choose what they work on. That's now how software development works any more and hasn't really for years.

Product / Program managers pick and choose what devs work on and out it into the back log. As a dev you're just grabbing whatever is at the top of the backlog and working it till completion.

ID: gygsw1w

In what world one person is a team?
Clearly with rate they are dealing with bugs it is one person, mostly drunk, working 2h a day.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/17 14:30 ID: gyg5xh5

This community has gone to shit. A large amount of top posts are people insulting the devs directly, which is way too far. These people worked hard to make a game, slaved over it for years. I 100% guarantee you it's not the developer's fault or QA, it's all the higher up's fault. The "senior devs" aren't calling the shots either. The product managers are. You think the devs don't know the game had bugs, or that there were issues with the patches? They're being rushed and put under crunch trying to fix the game ASAP and it's backfiring as expected.

ID: gygq7wr

Here’s were I disagree. It’s the entire company’s fault. Devs included. The game had a great idea but was implemented poorly. Each fix breaks more. The UI design sucks. The HUD design sucks. The map sucks. The gear design sucks. It’s the entire company’s fault. So one can critique both the devs and the leads etc, but it’s all PCF.

ID: gyg6ebd

Damn. You guys still making excuses here huh. Welp, keep that hope alive lol

ID: gyg7jo8

No excuses here. Criticize the game all you want. The game launched in an abysmal state, and has only marginally improved. My point is that the devs aren't at fault, and insulting them makes you an asshole. You're kicking someone while they're down. 99% of the problems this game has are all up to the project leads, managers, and producers. The devs are just doing what they tell them to. The devs knew the game and the patches weren't ready, but higher ups pushed it. The devs don't get to call the shots despite being some of the most passionate, hard working people in the industry.

ID: gygtiwc

I don't know if any one told it to you yet but you have developers dick in your mouth.
Game is in such terrible state that everyone, janitor included should be injected with amphetamine and work their asses until it is fixed. But no, they are staring for 2 weeks at one bug and are proud of it.
I honestly don't know if should I laugh or cry because of it.

ID: gyh3f6i

You're blatantly ignorant, and either don't understand, or are choosing to ignore the point of my comments.

ID: gyi8nao

they're the ones that make it and fix it, so yeah. I'll let them all blowbang me at once if I have too.

ID: gyg8b7n

Just so it’s clear.. I enjoy this game.. a lot actually.. when it works.. which has been a problem for me.. issues connecting, dash boarding, quest tracking sending me in the wrong direction, doors locked that should be unlocked, mods not working, and on and on, it sucks.. I convinced 2 friends to buy this game and there was so much hype and the bones of this seem awesome..

14 : Anonymous2021/05/17 17:08 ID: gygsoi7

So we can sit on our hands and stare at it for looong looong time....

15 : Anonymous2021/05/17 22:27 ID: gyi15om

Devs promised to fix the aiming on consoles LUL


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