I ran 3 sets of Monster Hunters every day for a month and recorded the data, the Legendary grind is brutal.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/26 18:19 ID: os4nj6

Grinding Legendaries was so painful in this game I decided that since I'm retired and got nothing but time on my hands I'd gather some raw data to see how bad it really was.
Starting on 6/25/21 I ran 3 cycles of monster hunts every day for a total of 90 hunts.
Headgear - 8/90 (5 being Ol' Reliable and only 1 being Trickster specific)
Upper Armor - 26/90 (12 Cannonballs)
Gloves - 21/90 (9 Cannonballs)
Lower Armor - 13/90 (2 Cannonballs)
Footgear - 22/90 (5 Cannonballs)
Out of all 90 Legendary drops only 1 was one I didn't already have (1/90) despite missing 7 Legendary armor pieces.
Extremely low drop rate of helmets and 7/8 of those helmets were the generics.
@People Can Fly, I play Eve Online so I spreadsheet TF out of all this if you are interested in the data.
My suggestion for fixing this is taking some pages out of your predecessors books; either go the Destiny route, where you only get new exotics until you've gotten all the class specific and then you can start griding for better roles and/or rotating the Legendary Vendors gear weekly so if we are getting unlucky drops we can eventually buy what we are missing.
Or go the Division route, where you can focus grind the items that you are looking for, personally I'd say use both.
Thanks for a great game, and I hope you can fix these issues soon.
^ I was grinding out CT14s previously and I couldn't get the gear I wanted to drop (Ugake Otarah’s Cowl), leading to this experiment. I used monster hunts so I could focus farm armor and get exact and controlled data. This is my 2nd toon, I have a CT15 Techno as well. If people are interested, I can do another month of Expeditions and track drops.
^ Plan on keeping the spreadsheet going and upping to 4 cycles a day. Just got two Ol' Reliables in a row... fml.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/26 18:32 ID: h6m6520

That’s why expeditions are best. I just leveled my third character pyro to 30 in one day on wt1 and got 3 pieces of Acari within the next 3 days on expeditions.it sucks that end game is so much more powerful because I’d love to replay the game on CT15/level 50 enemies.

ID: h6m6iws

I was grinding out CT14s previously and I couldn't get the gear I wanted to drop, leading to this experiment. I used monster hunts so I could focus farm armor and get exact and controlled data. I added this to the OP, thank's for bringing it up.

ID: h6mn0cu

If you want to expand your dataset, you might consider using the workaround for pr viewing what piece Noah gives you. Could increase your n significantly. Awesome work!

ID: h6mee8e

If you don’t mind me asking what’s the best way to speed lvl an alt? I got help/carried on my first alt but will be starting a 3rd character and won’t have help to lvl up.

ID: h6mfzab

Keep it at world tier 1 the whole time. Should be easy throughout. Test out skills you like if it’s a new character - and once you start getting mods start utilizing them right away and look for anomaly or firepower based drops depending on your build

ID: h6mfd4m

Not everyone has that kind of luck. Ice been carrying my bro for the past two weeks on CT15 and he still doesn't have his third piece. Also this guy done the hunts so he could get stats on armor only without the weapon drops. Expeditions are quicker for loot but 90% of the time you get mainly duplicate weapon drops with maybe a piece of cannonball. THE ISSUE IS WEIGHTED LOOT DROPS. ON TOP OF THAT THEY HAVE EVEN MORE WEIGHT ADDED IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. DUMBEST LOOT SYSTEM EVER.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/26 18:48 ID: h6m8ajj

As long as they don’t go the Anthem route and tell us all to get bent

ID: h6m8p67

Word. The "You don't know what you want, we know what you want" approach.

ID: h6mbtat

Don’t you all have phones? Guess I’ll wait for windows 11 :/

ID: h6mwmg0

Ben Irving was leading that charge. As he did with SWTOR (Star Wars) game. He almost broke SWTOR with his approach and quite frankly put Anthem in a bad position. When he left SWTOR, the game recovered. Unfortunately, the damage was much more severe in regards to Anthem.

He's a classic example of a Dev who refuses to accept the difference between Challenging and Punishing in relation to Reward (s).

4 : Anonymous2021/07/26 19:17 ID: h6mcafn

nice work man.

just to be sure, you know about the hunt turn in glitch right? where you can keep turning in the last hunt and seeing what he gives you? youre basically re-rolling the legendary unlimited amount of times.

ID: h6mcgup

Yes sir, didn't want to taint the pot though.

ID: h6mcu6x

right on. keep on chuggin!

ID: h6mdtsp

I just started grinding hunt to get legendaries. How does this work or what can I Google to learn? I want to get to more expeditions but I can’t keep up with my gear right now.

ID: h6mfpc5

ya youtube 'outriders hunt farm' and you'll see.

imho the better method is unplugging your internet cable. but watch the videos first and then it'll make sense.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/26 19:17 ID: h6mcb1q

o/ fly safe

6 : Anonymous2021/07/26 23:39 ID: h6nabbx

“I play Eve Online”

“I have a spreadsheet”

Yep, everything checks out. o7

7 : Anonymous2021/07/26 20:01 ID: h6mi6lt

90 turn-ins, when the pool of loot has 34 items, is not enough to give you statistically significant results. You need to do on the order of at least two magnitudes more turn-ins than possible options, so at least 300 turn-ins, to even start seeing results that could be taken as statistically significant.

ID: h6mj12r

Thanks for the input. I plan to keep the spreadsheet going as 3 runs only takes about an hour of my day.

ID: h6mvw86

Why not do the Noah trick? Will save you a lot of time and you'll get the end results faster.

Turn in the quest -> don't press B after turning in last bounty -> go into "what you got for sale" -> switch to SELL tab -> see the new legendary in your inventory. If its something you need, carry on with leaving Noah's diagoue.

If not, close the game immediately - on consoles, just close the game (On Xbox it would be the Start Button -> highlight the Outriders game in the list -> Menu button -> Quit). On PC, you can ALT-F4. Then, go back into the game and turn the quests in again, see what he gives you this time. Rinse/repeat.

ID: h6mqksz

Yeah, but what's the point anyway? Statistics like this are meaningless no matter what the sample size. 90 runs, 9000, 9 million, doesn't matter. Information is still absolutely useless to an individual, we can't do anything with it.

We know drops are weighted, because that's just standard practice in all looters ever. We know Noah only drops armor and that he can drop any piece in the game, that much has been confirmed already. But anything beyond that is meaningless. Even if we knew the exact odds of each specific piece, so what?

Fun exercise but the information itself is useless.

ID: h6mvydl

You're an absolute ray of sunshine.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/26 20:38 ID: h6mnabg


9 : Anonymous2021/07/26 20:51 ID: h6mozj0

Can confirm, I did 3 hours straight of farming Noah for Plague Sower helm, and didn't get it 🙁 Only got 1 new helm out of it - was the big cowboy hat one, forgot the name/

ID: h6na2my

Wish i could give u one the 50 plague helms that drop for me on a damn near consistent basis

10 : Anonymous2021/07/26 21:36 ID: h6muyrx

Cannonball seems to be the garbage of the game. Always come.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/26 21:54 ID: h6mxand

Expedition specific loot drops the best fix.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/26 22:57 ID: h6n59ic

I don't log my dogs but I do a lot of Noah reroll and this seems very on par.

Trying to get one helm is ridiculous, hence me using the exploit. .


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