My technomancer tri turret build

1 : Anonymous2021/07/30 09:40 ID: ouhhjk
My technomancer tri turret build
2 : Anonymous2021/07/30 10:27 ID: h72fpf3

Hmm, very nice roll on that AR, but I have a couple of questions about your tree:

Why go with Toxicologist: Toxic lasts 30% longer, over Purge: Enemies afflicted with Toxic take 10% more damage?

I don't see how Toxicologist could be useful. If you are shooting something with BRs the Toxic keeps getting refreshed anyway, so extended duration doesn't really do much. I mean, first of all, this is a Pestilence Techno with great weapon and mods, so whatever you are shooting will be dead in few seconds anyway. Extending duration of Toxic by 2 seconds seems a bit pointless. Why not just have 10% more damage and kill even faster?

Another one is Bluescreen: increases HP regen threshold by 20% of max HP.

I've used that node for a bit but it didn't seem all that useful. Regen kicks in like 1 or 2 seconds after taking damage that takes us below the threshold, and it actually heals us up quite quickly, but Techno already heals a lot from passive leech, as long as we keep shooting and have turret out and Toxic ticking on few mobs. And you have 3 turrets! For me that node just felt redundant, I didn't feel it was doing anything extra that my passive wouldn't do anyway.

So why Bluescreen over something like Grand Amplification? GA gives more AP, and that seems particularly good in your build. All your turrets would do more damage and in turn heal you more through passive skill leech.

It's all personal preference, of course. We play what we like. But maybe there's something I'm not considering with those particular choices.

ID: h72vqf8

Yeah I have to agree on toxicologist I changed it to purge

ID: h72hzi2


ID: h72y1rw

Another one is

Bluescreen: increases HP regen threshold by 20% of max HP


When use with 'the cycle' on your weapon, it's better usage.

ID: h73n7ch

But that node does not increase health regeneration itself, it only raises the threshold of when it kicks in. HR remains the same, which is 0 for Techno, and The Cycle gives 0 bonus. Check it out yourself if you have a Techno, don't have to take my word for it.

Techno doesn't have a node that increases health regeneration in any tree, so The Cycle is absolutely useless for that class.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/30 09:42 ID: h72cibg

Doing this as I've had several requests from others wanting to know the build Skills are cryo turrets, blighted turret and blighted rounds

4 : Anonymous2021/07/30 15:17 ID: h73b2dh

Uhhh so its literally regular FP techno with pretty much just a piece of armor and modslot difference...even the skill tree is the same lol. You know when someone says tri turret I assume that most or at least some damage and utility actually comes from the turrets and not blighted spam.

Cryo turrets seem just cosmetic in this build as they provide nearly nothing usefull for this build. Your damage is already extremely good with blighted alone, they can only freeze a max of one enemy each, which they shoot until they die...that should take ages as they don't do any damage without anomaly scaling, so they won't switch off target on their own to freeze at least multiple targets (CC lacking)

Its cool If you have fun with this, but just as headsup for others the cryo turrets are just redundant in this particular build. It may change If you use tier 3 shatter instead of some defensive mod or other mods that would directly/indirectly make them usefull.

ID: h73m9ua

Actually the plan is to use borealis if its ever fixed, and whilst I understand your opinion and no doubt you would say use cold snap instead which is exactly what I would disagree with. Cold snap is extremely great against trash mobs to take them out quickly with whatever the mod is on the chest of borealis I can't remember its name but its got a long cooldown and is situational at best imo and with having boneshrapnel it does the same thing. Also with the update comes a buff to the turrets so hence more reason to use them as opposed to snap and the utility from the turrets is more so against your elites and when positioned properly keep them frozen whilst I take out the ads then focus on the elite, obviously this is just my personal preference and that is all.

ID: h74c7w7

You never said it was in preparation for borealis fix so it wasnt really me at least. While I do agree cold snap is rather meh (after buff its worth it), top node for weapon damage after ordanance skill (scrap nade skill) is better than coldsnap skill in pure FP builds atm anyways. Borealis chest is even better after update as you can also ditch BS as tier 2 weapon mod if you want to minmax. I think that especially for elites, turrets are extremely redundant as they die in max 3 bursts anyways in a cookie cutter BR build.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/30 10:25 ID: h72fi4s

nice tac ar blighted rounds build

you can actually let turrets carry you by abusing status power rolls and the mod that makes those increase turret damage

6 : Anonymous2021/07/30 17:05 ID: h73qr6r

Lol for a moment I thought your character was a Gear. Funny since PCF did Gears of War Judgement.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/30 18:14 ID: h740blp

Nice build l, you might be able to get away with not running the extra mag perk and go with a mod that will boost your base damage or firepower a little more. I'm definitely bookmarking your post so I can try it on my techno when I get him to endgame.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/30 18:26 ID: h7421rf

Does Toxic Lead keep Blighted Rounds up? I didn't think it did.

I am having a rough time getting past CT14 with my Pestilence build that's very similar... just not enough firepower to get it done at Gold. Using AR tactical 55k dmg and obviously I've maxed out at other lvl49 gear and can't get many epics to help with better mods either.

Maybe it's my playstyle? Should I instead be kiting them all in 1 big group and doing cold snap / bone shrapnel kills? Right now I rely on distance kills with bone shrapnel / blighted rounds / blighted turret. AR shots don't seem to be hitting for anything over 100k dmg ever (may be normal for CT14 gear).

9 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:16 ID: h72vc0e

The only thing I would say is damage absorber should be changed to something like critstack or the 15% crit mode for blighted rounds.

ID: h72vxxr

I honestly don't think critstack works, I know ill get someone telling me im wrong here it is reddit after all, but I've lined up behemoths hitting nothing but crits and yet the damage doesn't go up

ID: h73wlz6

Oh, it definitely works, I've been using it for a long time. It's very easy to test it and see it working. I can tell you how if you have doubts and would like to see for yourself.

But I think Critical Analysis is better than Critstack, and Radical Therapy is still better then both of them, and you do not have it in your build. So if I were to recommend something in place of Rejuvenation or Damage Absorber I'd definitely go with Radical Therapy.

I was honestly surprised you do not have it in your build. To me it's one of the best mods for Pest Techno.

ID: h72wyiv

That’s probably why my damage isn’t what it should be. I use critstack and the 15% one and I only do extra because of the 15


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