So long, and thanks for all the … bugs.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 13:37 ID: p486e3

I'm moving on to Outer Worlds and then maybe Doom (it's on a deep discount in the steam store ATM). The 15% of the time this game was playable (not bug free, just playable), it was great. The rest of the time it is just an exercise in frustration.

This is not an issue specific to PCF, it is endemic to the gaming industry as a whole. But PCF did clam this was a finished game and not a live service, which was very appealing to me. So much for that. Looks like they were after Cyberpunk players and that was merely a marketing strategy. BTW, Cyperpunk is pretty solid right now, if you can run it.

Y'all that are staying, good luck to you. I'm seriously considering only purchasing games that have been out for a year or more from now on.

To PCF, you have a pretty decent concept here, but the execution and fixes have been as bad as anything I've every seen. I started gaming on an Atari the day after it came out, so that's saying something.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 15:01 ID: h8x11sk

Worst thing about this game for me was it felt like you were just running in a straight line and the world was generating around you. Idk if you contribute that to gameplay, graphics, the overall feel of the game, or all three. I just hated it. Not to mention the awful writing, cut scenes, bugs and crashes.

Every time me and friends would play we had the same thoughts.. “Man, if this game played and looked like The Division it might be the greatest looter shooter ever”

We all stopped playing the same week it launched. I come in here maybe once a month to see how the game has evolved/changed and I just get more disappointed every time. Haven’t been this bummed about a game since Anthem.

I may not understand exactly why some of you guys thoroughly enjoy this game, but I’m glad people can.

ID: h8x2pkd

I'm the opposite, found the real life setting of the division really boring, guns, world and loot feel very generic, just didn't get long with it at all. I'd play borderlands 3 over it any day of the week.

I dont think Outriders is the best looter I've played but already felt like it had some interesting class choices and can see where the game could go.

ID: h8x2ync

I respect that, and agree with you. I more so meant the gunplay and movement of the division. Give me that with the abilities and world of Outriders and I’d be a happy camper

3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 15:16 ID: h8x2zzf

Part of me wishes they would sell the rights to this game to Infinity Ward. Or maybe hire people that can fix bugs. Great concept of a game.......just poorly executed.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 15:49 ID: h8x7iap

Nice Douglas Adams référence! Indeed, they sometime seem to live in a strange universe…

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:25 ID: h8ww9jx

Game was fun with friends, but this has been a waste of dosh and I'm uninstalling it.

ID: h8x95mm

Go ahead nobody is stopping you

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:34 ID: h8xufia

I'm seriously considering only purchasing games that have been out for a year or more from now on.

I'm normally not for "announcement topics" but this statement right here is such a shame.

It's so sad that you have to consider doing something like this. These companies don't care either. Look at how broken this game has been compared to how profitable it was. There's almost no regulation in place at all.

Video games are an electronic product, and it should have similar standards and laws in place to protect consumers.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:26 ID: h8wwftx

Cyberpunk is solid....sorry had to laugh, games nearly a year old and is still dull as, buggy mess. The sub is no better either.

Don't get me wrong Outriders is buggy and this sub ain't no better.

How the mighty have fallen.

ID: h8wy7c5

Eh I liked Cyberpunk. I got lucky on bugs though just like with Outriders.

ID: h8x1om6

Wish I could say the same, I gave up in the end.

ID: h8yqv3y

I liked CP2077 too... for what was there. Played on PC, and waited months before purchasing to avoid the instability. To be honest, the bugs that I did notice didn't bother me. There was only one major disappointment: the dead world. I tried everything to look beyond it, ignore it. I just couldn't. Walking around the city, watching the lifeless NPCs meander around back and forth. The cars driving in circles. It just kept removing me from the immersion and it broke my heart every time. Hoping they can inject life into the world, something like RDR2. Make it feel alive. If they can do that, I would have 0 complaints about the game.

ID: h8xms9u

Dull? Maybe, Cyberpunk is no GTA but neither is it a dead's simply mediocre. It was buggy for sure but I managed a 130h first playthrough without anything worse then a few crashes...not great, not terrible. Outriders didn't last as long sadly, got a few hours in it but the time-gated end game (and bugs) meant everyone stopped playing quickly.

ID: h8xp244

Yeah I just found it dull, half decent campaign but the rest was crap.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:03 ID: h8wtkxy

LoL, you Reddit drama queens and your … drama. “Cyberpunk is pretty solid right now …” LoL, the Reddit sub for that one is just as filled with endless whining and vitriol against the devs and the game as is this sub—moreso, IMO. This following Cyberpunk whine-fest appeared in my notifications just now:

/comments/p3so0c/wheres_patch/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Yes, so solid. They love it over there!

The fact of the matter is devs are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If they say nothing and just work on fixing their game, they’re inundated with whining about how players can’t have hope because the devs “aren’t communicating” about what “new content” is coming. Conversely, if the devs try and say anything about what they’re doing, they’re inundated with whining about them saying the wrong things, not focusing on each player’s pet hobby horse, talking DLC when “they haven’t even fixed the base game,” etc.

And this is because although industry stats suggest the average gamer’s age is something like 28 (last I checked), in reality many have the mentality and maturity of 8-year-olds.

ID: h8x3b7f

It's been over 4 months and the game is still busted, childishly insulting people for pointing that out only shows that you also have the mentality and comprehension of an 8 year old as well. Delusional fanboys like yourself are half the reason I stay in this reddit, its entertaining to see the length of excuses you people will go to deflect from the hard truth. Lol

ID: h8wu6wc

Then there's this guy

ID: h8x2xwz

Right? No matter how factual a person can be, theres always a fanboy who fails to comprehend that the game is an absolute mess. "BuT I dOnT hAvE iSsUeS" is usually their mindset, and somehow that overrides everything else. Lol

9 : Anonymous2021/08/14 16:00 ID: h8x91mg

Last time I checked this isn't an airport. You can just leave, no need to be mellow dramatic about, nobody will notice that your gone

ID: h8y4fag

*melodramatic, although mellow-dramatic is a nice oxymoron!


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