There’s a miniature board game called “Strike” that you can play in Horizon Forbidden West

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:28 ID: pgovui

"Much like Witcher 3’s Gwent, Guerilla Games highly-anticipated title – Horizon Forbidden West seems to include a nice tabletop-like game that you can try out while playing."

2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:34 ID: hbcsl2o

Get easily addicted to these types of mini-games; I spent so much time playing fort condor in the dlc for ff7 remake.

ID: hbcvjm7

Looks like another time sink while we ignore the main story haha.

ID: hbcvvyd

I was pretty fond of Tetra Master in FFIX, and had a PlayOnline subscription for it, back when I played FFXI.

ID: hbcwr9i

I missed playing that and Triple Triad for FF8. Good times.

ID: hbdbi4b

Fort Condor was Surprisingly good.

ID: hbdpcgu

I'm the exact opposite. I easily get bored of these types of games every time I try them.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:44 ID: hbd34rr

Pah, The Witcher 3 is just framing for Gwent!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:35 ID: hbd1vhq

A year ago I would have said gross, didn’t love the Witcher 3’s card game. However, I was forced to do Orlog in AC Valhalla for the plat and I ended up really liking it, hopefully it’s as good or better than Orlog.

ID: hbdcn2z

I didn’t like hasn’t at first but then I kept playing and at one point all I was doing was just playing gwent missions.

ID: hbd2fzl

I didn't pay much attention to Gwent either. Though they did say that the stand-alone story driven gme of Gwent it good. For now I want to see some mechanics or rules for Strike in the coming months.

ID: hbdmp17

I was going to say orlog was a ton of fun! Pretty simple, but I think that’s probably best for a side thing

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 22:30 ID: hbdh91k

Also, I think this likely means there will be at least one trophy related to this and we’ll have to actually play Strike (and win) some to get the Plat.

ID: hbdlzul

Chances are high with this.

ID: hbdpin8

Which probably means I won't get the platinum, judging by similar trophies in Assassin's Creed, RDR, The Witcher 3...

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:46 ID: hbd3hef

This is what will define the ps5 version from the ps4 version. It all makes sense now. Surprised it’s not $90

ID: hbd98gu

The side-game you mean? In any case I'm interested to hear about rules and mechanics for this. Seems like they are taking a page with Gwent and Triple triad but with miniatures.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 23:20 ID: hbdnp2v

Fuckin great. I love minigames.


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