Battlefield 1 DLC In the Name of the Tsar is now free on PS store

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:09 ID: phucvo
Battlefield 1 DLC In the Name of the Tsar is now free on PS store
2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:30 ID: hbl1q3s

Other DLCs might follow, so keep a look out. I remember that they had a similar promotion a year or two ago where they made all the DLCs available for free.

ID: hbmdov8

Not only DLCs they gave out entire premium free on PC via road to BFV promo in 2018

ID: hbn0560

It was the same for anyone playing on the PS4 too. I know because I didn’t pay anything and I have access to all the DLCs

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:51 ID: hbl4mgx

Unfortunately, the DLC maps didn't come up too often when I was playing last year. But that might change with this one being free, and the best set in my opinion.

ID: hbl8i8y

Did you used advanced search or quick search ? Lol

ID: hblbh7x

Yeah, I used the server browser. Even when I got into one, the next map would lose player count.

ID: hbnhf51

And this is why I'm happy dice got rid of premium. It's just a bad investment for the player.

ID: hboap3s

The ps plus collection version has all dlc also

ID: hbop737

That it does. The last time I played was before getting the PS5, and a lot of people still don't have the one yet. Sometime before Battlefield V launched, they were also putting out the DLCs for free as well.

ID: hbophb1

I can't download the ps plus collection version since I've previously purchased the base game. Really stupid.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:26 ID: hbl1ajs

Nice. Are the servers still full?

ID: hbl1nmi

Wondering the same. I only played the campaign on GamePass but the game came with the PS Plus collection and it's the only BF game I haven't played in MP.

From what I've seen, I think I'd like it more that BFV.

ID: hbli5x5

I've played about 100 hours each of BFV and BF1 over the years - I've always had more fun with BF1.

ID: hbl3ce4

I played it allot when it first came out. It was tons of fun . But stopped after about 6 months.

ID: hblw724

Been playing BF1 again (last night included), a bunch of full servers on PS4. But there is a weird segregation of the standard and DLC maps

ID: hbl5nnj

I Played it a couple weeks ago, you get the odd few maps but it’s mostly base game maps. There’s the odd chance Tsar server from ea fills up.

ID: hblk6vd

Ive been playing BF4 and there’s like 25-30 full servers of conquest during peak hours I’d assume bf1 has about the same. Especially since it’s free with ps plus

ID: hbl8tld

I played it like 2-4 weeks ago. You can find at least 10 full servers to play.

ID: hblk0ij


5 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:12 ID: hbl7iuu

I downloaded it a couple days ago and it wouldn’t even let me play on the maps/operations for it… said I didn’t own the expansion.

ID: hbmdktu

If server runs multiple DLCs and you don't have each of them you can't join

6 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:50 ID: hblcm0g

They Sall not pass and Turning tides All free.

ID: hblmdlq

Just checked and both of those are $14.95 in the play store.

ID: hbm1z8i

PSN on the ps5 just let me add 4 dlc for free (Tsar, Apocalypse, Tides, and Pass)

ID: hbn3mbz

Yep ,same for me. I'm on the Canadian store.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/05 14:26 ID: hbougdc

It says 14.99$ for me.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:44 ID: hblrtnl

Cool, more people that own the DLC is good for the playerbase.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:56 ID: hbldfoq

Thanks for this!!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/05 06:27 ID: hbnrdye

The title is misleading, since it is not free in all regions. Can confirm you still have to buy it in the Russian PS store.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:56 ID: hbldiuc

Hopefully all of them end up free I got every dlc except apocalypse and never got too it cause I switched to BFV but now I’m starting to play it again till 2042

ID: hbm21yd

Repost this here for ya:

PSN on the ps5 just let me add 4 dlc for free (Tsar, Apocalypse, Tides, and Pass)

12 : Anonymous2021/09/04 18:27 ID: hblho4k

Does it contain single player content as well, or purely online stuff?

ID: hblkms9


13 : Anonymous2021/09/04 20:19 ID: hblwd3a

Good luck finding a lobby with any of the DLC's, next to impossible

ID: hbmddqq

Use server browser

14 : Anonymous2021/09/04 20:24 ID: hblx3ll

Thank you!

15 : Anonymous2021/09/05 01:30 ID: hbmyboi

Would like the BF4 DLC to pop up free. Been wanting to play it before the new game comes out but cant justify spending money ok the DLC.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/05 08:13 ID: hbnz07b

its NOT free! lair! US store - 14$ !

17 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:43 ID: hbl3iyl

Thanks !

18 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:16 ID: hbl83nq

O have it now

19 : Anonymous2021/09/04 18:30 ID: hbli1z1

What was the last DLC they did? I feel like they should make them all free. The first one was frigging awesome with the giant tank behemoth.

ID: hbmdey6


ID: hbmidvi

Ya that’s the only one I didn’t play. Need to fire it up again. Love this game.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/04 23:19 ID: hbmj3ly

Still one of the best battlefields imo.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:54 ID: hblt2u9

Meh no good if no one in your region plays this game anymore

ID: hbm7614

yep 🙁 oh well, 2042 coming soon 😀

ID: hbmbmzd

Yep can't wait allready pre ordered

22 : Anonymous2021/09/04 20:02 ID: hblu40v

Id like Hardline did free

23 : Anonymous2021/09/04 20:27 ID: hblxgn5

This dlc has some of the best maps In the series.

Tsaritzan is great. Brusilov is great as well.

ID: hbmdcw7

And the most beatful once too. Galicia is fucking art.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/05 03:07 ID: hbn98r0

I played this game all day today and yesterday on the PS5. Looks really good but I remembered why this game frustrates me so much. 80% of the people that play this on my team are just fucking awful. Then I played Battlefield V. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite but when I was on the pacific island map and it started to monsoon, it was really beautiful

26 : Anonymous2021/09/05 18:13 ID: hbpp8lr

Where do you go to download the maps?

27 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:00 ID: hblm0h1

Is this game popular? I've owned it on PS4 for a few years and when it was toven for free for ps5 psplus collection I expected a surge of people but it's seemed not super popular when I play online every now and then.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/04 23:14 ID: hbmikdf

BF1 is great, happy it got a revival when it was on PS+, I hope it can get some more activity but I doubt it with 2042 on the horizon


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