[RTA PRIME] The Worlds Smallest Ryzen 5700G Gaming PC! ONLY 1L (ASRock Jupiter X300)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 13:01 ID: phr5h1
[RTA PRIME] The Worlds Smallest Ryzen 5700G Gaming PC! ONLY 1L (ASRock Jupiter X300)
2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:48 ID: hbkw1pe

How much did it cost?

ID: hbky4ev


ID: hbm7plw

1L of pure gold. All 24 karats.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:19 ID: hbl08tt

Neat, but rather have deskmini X300 version with noctua quiet applied. I have the older A300 with 2400G and its great.

Also volume obsessed sff epeen overly favors air restricted pizza box cases (and pcie risers) which I don't care for, and most squirrel cage blowers end up with an annoying whine eventually. 1U cases have low volume too but you sure dont want one in your room.

Cubes rise up! Surface area efficiency matters too! 😉

ID: hbllm83

I agree completely, would much rather have the deskmini where it can use a standard heatsink with a Noctua that you can easily replace/upgrade rather than the tiny, loud, and underpowered laptop fans they cram into these things.

ID: hbltt4o

I wish there were good and efficient fanless cases (like the ones from Akasa for intel NUCs) for these stronger mini PCs.

ID: hblxhx3

Real fanless is hard, I have an akasa euler for thin ITX with an older i3 T-spec cpu so actually close to ~35W max and it still gets pretty damn warm. Modern "TDP" and heat density has gone totally off the rails so a "65W" can easily burst double for awhile and in a very small area. Fanless for that is going to be massive and need lots of heat pipes to flow fast enough.

Unless its some kind of industrial requirement honestly you can get good fan cooled setups that are silent after a few feet. Definitely not irritating sound profiles which is a big noctua strength IMO.

ID: hbmi5zk

Cue cirrus7.

They only ship in the EU/UK/Switzerland, I'm afraid.

ID: hbl5b53

I just wish there were more commercial flex atx options but its way too niche for manufacturers to really justify unfortunately 🙁

4 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:29 ID: hbl1mpu

"Witcher 3 - 720p Low"

RIP. My benchmark for APU usability is whether it can play Witcher (a 6-year old game at this point mind you) at 1080p/medium. Looks like it's gonna be a while.

ID: hbm979j

You're gonna have to wait until DDR5. There will be no significant performance increases before then.

ID: hbli6m9

Something like this would be dope to travel with but sounds like the gaming performance isn’t up to snuff. I’m hoping the Steam Deck kinda fills that role.

ID: hbmgvzp

Deck seems like a better overall cpu+gpu balance.

4C8T + 8 RDNA2 CUs vs 8C16T + 8 Vega CUs (not comparing clocks and TDP because mobile vs desktop). Zen3 is a nice performance uplift but Zen2 is apparently more power efficient at lower voltages? Seems to be sticking around for ultra mobile SKUs.

Also DDR5 which will really help, iGPUs are very starved for bandwidth.

ID: hbn4rl0

I mean steamdeck is stuck on 720p, but most games will clock in under 60fps on medium. Its not going to be that good because mobile battery life concerns and heat are far worse than a desktop, plus Proton will reduce FPS in most titles by 5-20%.

ID: hbl6zz2

For a short while AMD actually made apu's that were a notch above prior generations of igpus and obsoleted the low-end discreet market for a brief while.

Llanos, Trinity.

Now every apu they make is only just good enough to beat Intel, and nothing more. Guess there is some sort of agreement with them and Sony/MS to not make apu's that could remotely be called potent.

ID: hblm76e

AMD IGPs have stalled for so long that Intel IGPs are beating them on laptops in raw power (but still behind in driver optimization).

ID: hbm499y

That has absolutly nothing to do with why current APUs perfom the way they do. Its literally just about ram bandwidth. Any consumer platform will have at most 128 bit memory bus of whatever ddr or lpddr gen is current, and that puts an upper limit on how powerful you can make the igpu. Thats all it is, and thats why AMD cut the apu CU count from 11 CUs to 8 CUs when going from Picasso to reinor, because there was no point to any more with ram constrant. When DDR5 comes, we'll see larger , more powerful igpus

ID: hbni8kf

There is no agreement, just the hard barrier of memory bandwidth.

DDR is 10-20% the speed of GDDR, and it puts a serious limit on APU performance. Overclocking RAM near-linearly boosts APU performance.

Consoles use GDDR, greatly weakens CPU speed but boosts iGPU speed a lot.

ID: hbmh45h

Wtf’s wrong with your APU? I regularly play Witcher 3/Farcry 5 on my 4750G in 1440p without problems? Low settings obviously but 720p… not even nearly…

ID: hbn0cde

Maybe he's running 2400 MHz RAM

ID: hbo0eqy

How do you enjoy your cinematic 30fps experience?

ID: hbluqst

Next year should be good with RDNA 2.

ID: hbni0cb

last i checked my nintendo switch plays it a bit better than 720p low, something is wrong there.

I could see 1080p mid 30 fps easily.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/05 01:52 ID: hbn0vbo

I don't know why I have this fetish with ultra small computers and big buckling springs keyboards like the New F77.

Oh, well...

6 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:41 ID: hblbg6a

I wish someone made a case that supports a low profile GPU, so people can fit the low profile 1650, and a slightly bigger air cooler. Not one that's a sandwich layout case, but rather... it mounts directly to the pcie slot

ID: hbluvku

Lack of option in the <75W PCIe only is a pet peeve of mine. AMD has Navi 24 but no indication of being released as a DIY GPU.

ID: hbnvqqd

You can fit the AsRock 6600 ITX card into a 3.9l case as shown here. Maybe a worthy alternative and most likely the smallest option you get that can not use a low profile 75 W card.

ID: hbp8f3g

Oh yeah! I'm aware of that case, I actually have something similar to it... It's called the k39


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