The Medium now support FSR

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 06:17 ID: phm82u
The Medium now support FSR
2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 06:17 ID: hbjh4cw

Dear PC players! Starting now, #TheMedium for PC officially supports AMD Radeon's FidelityFX Super Resolution technology.

It's a great moment to jump back into the dual reality and explore it with renewed perception!

#AMD #radeon #FSR

posted by @TheMediumGame

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3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 08:16 ID: hbjporu

I heard the game was quite buggy during launch. How is it now?

ID: hbjxi31

That double screen was HEAVY on fps though

ID: hbkc20r

Yeah, my GTX1060 + Ryzen 1600 tanked well down into single digit fps on those scenes..

Given the impossibility of GPU upgrades right now, I hope this isn't a sign to come of future PC games...

ID: hblmvbn

No idea why that would be, it's rendering at half the resolution and half the field of view. A few more objects in VRAM and streamed, but no idea what is affecting performance that much.

ID: hbklfr5

I didn't have that experience. It ran horribly but I only recall running into one issue that I had to resolve by loading an old save or something like that. If you have the hardware for it, yeah, it's a decent game. I wouldn't pay $50 for it, but it's a great addition to Gamepass.

ID: hboyqf5

I played the game via Game Pass on pc and a couple minor bugs aside I experienced 2 major game breaking bugs. Game kept crashing in this one spot towards the beginning of the game at the hotel, I forget how I made it past it and than towards the end the same thing, this one area kept crashing the game so I uninstalled it.

I made a benchmark video about the game and had someone comment the other day complaining of his game crashing in the same exact spot. I liked the game but those bugs are just horrible.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:40 ID: hbl34y9

There's this shit game I use to play called Black Desert Online that recently started supporting it too. It's probably one of the best looking games out there. I hate it but since I don't see a post about it someone could make one.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/04 13:13 ID: hbkcmfq

Is there list anywhere about which next game will get FSR? Or its only vote what next game you want?

I wish they implement it to Warzone so i can finally play without prahistoric resolution :/

ID: hbkg80d

I don’t really think there’s a list of games that will get it, or a way to vote for it, that’s not really how it works...

From what I’ve read, FSR is something developers choose to implement. I don’t know if there are any licensing requirements in order to do it or not, so that might be the only roadblock for a lot of developersb

ID: hbl20fe

Kinda sure there was a "vote for fsr in games you want" from AMD site? Or i was hella drunk?

ID: hbl5m8x

Yeah saw that, but also saw something like survey for FSR, DLSS means nothing to me :/ ( rx 580 8gb xxx )

ID: hbkh4zx

It only takes a few hours to implement so there isn't really much reason for a game dev to say they're working on it.

ID: hblni3c

TBF any new patch will always have to go through testing, etc. so more work is involved, even if the actual implementation is quick.

ID: hbl3a65

Hm, so games such as Warzone are able to get it in one day? And AMD has nothing to do with it but the game devs?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/04 10:12 ID: hbjxd60

Fsr can't fix the questionable game design.

ID: hbkq96f

Can you elaborate please? I found the game absolutely memorable.

ID: hbkpr81

really? what happened? i was interested in picking up the game

ID: hbkr2bo

its a great game, he probably just doesnt like it's genre

ID: hbkwpsx

Nothing. Good game just a little short. But very impactful and creepy at times.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/04 13:08 ID: hbkc3vd

I thought at first this was about the shitty pseudo-blog site Medium. Was very confused. Never heard of this game lol

8 : Anonymous2021/09/04 09:52 ID: hbjw2nq

What about the Xbox Series X version?

ID: hbk5bqn

The XSX version just got a patch but I didn't launch it to see what changed

ID: hbjyr9y

I think consoles use their own upscaling techniques.

ID: hbjz71g

FSR is available for the Xbox Series X and PS5. Both systems already have at least one game that supports it.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/04 06:41 ID: hbjizwm


ID: hbjkqxu

Im confused with which company your reccomending

ID: hbjkys4

Replacing your old 6800xt with a new3070ti for just one game is downright stupid.

ID: hbk24he

Some people only play one game religiously. Like the guys playing destiny. Would it still have been stupid then?

ID: hbjljdb

yes, it stupid of course it stupid. i dont need 6800xt level of power for other game that i play. I need it for rdr2, cyberpunk and all the top tier game of the generation. If 6800xt cant deliver that how to justify having it instead of selling it at a profit to the next scalper who ask me.

The point is amd need to use their clout and influence they have to push for implementation of fsr on top tier game that needed the implementation not just waiting for developer implement it. Particularly when dlss is the superior version of it.

ID: hbk1cle

I have a 3080 and really like DLSS.

The DLSS implementation in RDR2 however sucks and really doesn't look good at all, so I really don't know what the hell you're on about here. The performance uplift also isn't much compared to other DLSS games. 2kliksphilip made a great video about it aswell:

ID: hbkhd6q

Not to mention the 6800xt absolutely crushes in rdr2. Everything totally maxxed at 1440p it still sees 70+ fps.

ID: hbkid5r

lol I replaced my 3070 FE with a 6800 non-XT and was happy, now I've got the 6800 XT and wouldn't trade it for anything lower than a 3080

ID: hbjrzgs

I have a 3060 and a 6800XT. The performance gain from DLSS in RDR2 is minor, barely 15% overall. It's preferable to tune some settings to optimize the look and performance of the game than to use DLSS and Ultra. Especially with a sharpening pass the game looks significantly better with native and has far fewer artifacts than with DLSS. At least at 1440p. One would have to be an abject idiot to use a card that is slower than the performance gain DLSS provides comparing to the 6800XT which is upwards of 20% faster than the 3070ti at 1440p in this game.

In quality mode the 3070ti with DLSS is still slower than the 6800XT, in ultra performance, which makes the game look like hot garbage, it's barely 5% faster.

What can possibly motivate someone to display such a level of abject stupidity so publicly. How and why have we reached these levels of population devoid of any kind of critical thinking!??

ID: hbjx7ye

The Medium is not a game worth downgrading from a 6800XT for a 3070Ti. What are you smoking?

ID: hbjw7aa

DLSS also lowers your visuals, slightly. So there is that.

Either way, this is stupid. I mean Id get if you made the Switch for STALKER 2 if its good, but for RDR2? Top Kek.

ID: hbjz1mx

DLSS also lowers your visuals, slightly. So there is that.

Depends. Some things can look better than native, some things look worse. Unfortunately, it also varies per game so you always have to check first. That's why I still prefer native to DLSS. Only when I really need the performance I'm using it.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:58 ID: hbkxgcc

Not the windows store version, just tried it still DLSS only

EDIT: forget what I said, I had to force an update of 10GB, let's see after...

11 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:35 ID: hbl2gph

The game looked great but was heavy, so having FSR is indeed a plus

12 : Anonymous2021/09/05 06:48 ID: hbnswx6

Oh thank god. This game really needed it. The "split" also splitted my fps in half on my GTX1650 mobile


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