The Medium AMD FSR benchmark, including FXAA or TXAA enabled + DLSS comparison

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:25 ID: phtkn2

The Medium is now officially support FidelityFX Super Resolution and in the settings you can also choose different anti-aliasing solutions (FXAA and TXAA) before FSR is applied. There was many discussions about "is TAA hurting FSR quality?" and in this game we can compare how FSR works with TXAA and FXAA. Graphics settings are set to ultra and Ray Tracing is also set to ultra:

- 4K Native (FXAA enabled)
- 4K Native (TXAA enabled)
- 4K DLSS Quality
- 4K FSR Ultra Quality (FXAA enabled)
- 4K FSR Ultra Quality (TXAA enabled)
- 4K FSR Quality (FXAA enabled)
- 4K FSR Quality (TXAA enabled)
- 4K FSR Performance (FXAA enabled)
- 4K FSR Performance (TXAA enabled)
- 4K DLSS Performance

- 1440p Native (FXAA enabled)
- 1440p Native (TXAA enabled)
- 1440p DLSS Quality
- 1440p FSR Ultra Quality (FXAA enabled)
- 1440p FSR Ultra Quality (TXAA enabled)
- 1440p FSR Quality (FXAA enabled)
- 1440 FSR Quality (TXAA enabled)

- 1080p Native (FXAA enabled)
- 1080p Native (TXAA enabled)
- 1080p DLSS Quality
- 1080p FSR Ultra Quality (FXAA enabled)
- 1080p FSR Ultra Quality (TXAA enabled)

- here you can put 2 of my screenshots and compare it directly by using a slider.

For those who need to see how FSR performs in motion:

2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:22 ID: hbl8v8y

Something wrong with FXAA if you compare to TXAA

- 4K Native (FXAA enabled)

ID: hbl9fbm

4K Native FXAA and TXAA screenshots is uploaded correctly. So it's exactly how FXAA looks in the game.

ID: hblena7

There's a reason FXAA has been dropped by the industry. It's garbage.

ID: hbmaedy

Even the creator of FXAA himself wrote that it should best be coupled with other forms of AA like super sampling or MSAA or temporal reconsturction. So, using it as vanilla will give sub-par results.

ID: hbll5nk

There is also a reason it was used in the first place. It is dirt cheap to run, insanely easy to implement, and does reduce jaggies albeit rather poorly compared to other aa solutions. Some fxaa implementations are also quite good like in mortal Kombat 11 or shadow of mordor.

ID: hbmgyng

still better than shitty taa solutions like that for example, if you have eyes you can see it in these comparisons

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 23:29 ID: hbmkarg

You can sharpen dlss (and in some games you need to) to your liking. FSR needs to be unsharpened.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/05 12:40 ID: hboiiew

FSR oversharpened

5 : Anonymous2021/09/04 18:31 ID: hbli5he

The bummer with DLSS, is although it looks perfectly fine when the image is stationary, it all goes to shit when you start moving. At least with FSR, it goes to shit everywhere, all the time.

Really wish devs could optimize better instead of leaning on things like DLSS or FSR. They’re noticeable reductions in quality.

ID: hbnxdb7

Remember, FSR is almost always placed after a temporal anti-aliasing technique and will inherit whatever traits the quality of the TAA (or TXAA, etc) implementation has, and if it produces ghosting, FSR will inherit that. DLSS is an alternative to TAA that treats anti aliasing and upsampling as a single problem, much like Unreal Engine has done with their TAA implementation that can be switched into upsampling mode with the flick of a switch. So really, this notion (that you're not the first to claim) that DLSS produces ghosting and FSR doesn't, doesn't really make sense, since FSR stands and falls on whatever typically temporal AA that sits before it.

ID: hboab57

FSR doesn't produce ghosting ever because it only will keep the current ghosting. Many games don't use TAA still but TAA is increasingly common and better TAA will look better with time.

DLSS will have ghosting always because of its reconstruction the higher FPS you are the less the ghosting happens because its getting more frames per second to generator data but fast camera movements are really still horrible for DLSS.

Cyberpunk despite having a bad dlss implimentation is actually one of the best case scenarios for DLSS because the game already has ghosting & blur so u don't really notice the increases as much as u do in other games.

Except DLSS does break rain, volumetric lighting and a bunch of other stuff in cyberpunk.

ID: hbljq3q

DLSS is getting better at motion lately. Using the 2.2.16 DLL is nearly perfect (and has been for a few point releases)

Jitter based temporal reconstruction is the future, for sure.

ID: hbnkm3h

The 2.2.6 version of DLSS tremendously helps games like Cyberpunk 2077 where the DLSS implementation on that game produces noticeable ghosting when driving vehicles, with 2.2.16 that is almost eliminated, i honestly can't even play without the DLSS 2.2.6 version anymore..

ID: hblkcln

I just don’t like trend of super blurry TAA. RDR2 looks like absolute crap without some sort of super sampling. At native 1080 you can’t even make out faces in cutscenes unless they’re front-and-center. When you’re moving the environment gets mushy and blurry, but when you stand still you can see it fade into sharpness. It’s almost as if the render scale in RDR2 is half of what’s selected.

MSFS too, the TAA is so aggressive and the image is so blurry without cranking the render scaling.

ID: hbm2qyr

What ? No, it doesnt go to shit when moving. What are you even talking about ? Show me games and point precisely where it goes "to shit"

Its the reverse, you have less pixel crawling and more stable and detailed image.

That there are a couple of games where you had a bit of ghosting in certain elements of certain scenes does mean "the image goes to shit when moving"

ID: hbm34v0

And ghosting is fixable if you update DLSS to the latest version.

ID: hblv5ia

Well, it's Bloober Team, so Eurojank is pretty much expected. I was exceptionally unimpressed with this game.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:09 ID: hbl75k2

i honestly think DLSS looks blurry compared to FSR

ID: hbldkef

If you ask me, FSR is too sharp. Looks grainy as heck and some ringing artefacts.

ID: hblehb8

Yeah, that's too bad you can't control sharpness level if FSR is enabled, especially when the game itself got support for FidelityFX sharpness slider, but that slider is dissapear when you turn on FSR. If DLSS is turned on, then you can use FidelityFX sharpness. Weird decision to do such things.

ID: hbnl2ih

Native looks the most right, DLSS a bit blurry, and then FSR oversharpened to the point it looks grainy with noticeable less details on texture.

TBH if i were to choose i'd choose the Native, but this game is very demanding so, DLSS is probably a must.. And the blurriness of it probably can be fixed with right more balanced sharpening filter.

ID: hbm2ta3

I think the FSR image is too sharp for my liking.

ID: hblc5ny

Imo FSR over sharpens and once you get used to artificially sharpening images you can get used to it, but look at the fence and how with FSR lots of it gets lost especially the vertical ones while on DLSS most every one of them are still clearly visible and smooth.

Talking about the 1440p comparisons.

ID: hbn591l

I think youre one of those people that just likes sharpness and saturation cranked beyond what it should be. Nothing wrong with that, but its very clear that FSR over-sharpens to make things look crispier than they should be, since its not actually 'creating' detail like DLSS and XeSS do.

ID: hbl7r7a

On which resolution DLSS is blurry on your opinion?

ID: hbotwp1

I think that's just an effect of the game's low fidelity. There's not much detail in the first place.

ID: hbl8frc

I agree like its bluely in all of them. Not sure why DLSS always looks like that

ID: hbliipl

It looks supersampled which is what you want. There is no other way to get subpixel detail without it looking that way. Use a higher virtual resolution and it will also look like that.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:35 ID: hblqng9

I only hope that the Xbox Series X version get's FSR support.

ID: hblqz2y

And PS5 version too.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:12 ID: hbkzarj

What AA method is in the youtube video?

ID: hbl0ah5

It's FXAA. Forgot to mention this, sorry.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/05 05:06 ID: hbnktzp

As always, FSR always look oversharpened and has less detailed textures compared to native, and gets more worse the lower res you play at,

but not really as impressed with DLSS here either, as it's somehow more blurry, it still adds some details on texture like it usually does with other games, but compared to native, the blurriness kind of ruins the whole image imo. Although it probably can be fixed with balanced sharpening filter.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/05 05:01 ID: hbnkcl8

You guys think battlefield 2042 will get this fsr?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/05 05:34 ID: hbnn44l

This game was unplayable for me on my GTX 1050ti, can i use that NVIDIA Card with FSR?

ID: hbnqr82

Yes you can

ID: hbnque8

I'll install this game again and test if i can gain some fps.

ID: hbntrsk

The only playable way.

All on Medium, lol. and FSR set to quality.

Without FSR i was getting 8fps

12 : Anonymous2021/09/05 10:42 ID: hbo904p

No "human" prefers anything over TAA in games. Best quality with Best performance. If it's blurry or ghosty, this is the problem of bad implementation, not TAA itself. For example, RDR2's TAA has a too wide filter (1.5-2px) with high clamping threshold which can't help cutting off ghosting artifacts. While Death stranding has the best TAA I've seen in games. No blurriness - No ghosting - No aliasing...

13 : Anonymous2021/09/05 12:45 ID: hboiyx7

FSR + good TAA makes the game almost like native. So if AMD adds a temporal component to FSR it should be almost as good as DLSS. But for now I think DLSS is much better.


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