Apple Wafer Prices Going up by Just 2%, AMD by 5%, Rest by 20% at TSMC Foundries

1 : Anonymous2021/09/09 17:49 ID: pl2smy
Apple Wafer Prices Going up by Just 2%, AMD by 5%, Rest by 20% at TSMC Foundries
2 : Anonymous2021/09/09 18:28 ID: hc7mh4z

I'd imagine that Apple had good terms written into its contract but also being the guinea pig shall we say for that process you are bound to get a bit of a reduced rate and given the units ordered its bound to be a volume discount.

With the demand at the moment its probably the only legal way to allow for companies like the motor ones to be able to sneak in as the more price concious companies may trim down orders giving some space.

Once demand starts to flatten then prices will drop but at the moment the fabs are the ones who can ask what they want pretty much.

ID: hc7su1l

I also wonder if Apple are in any way involved with financing the continued expansion. I guess even a rfp and contract from Apple helps lower financing costs.

ID: hc8950q

That is a huge price difference for Apple. There must be some explanation and this seems like a logical one.

ID: hc8tft0

This has always been how this worked. Apple also bought Sapphire machines for GT and glass forming equipment for Corning. They are absolutely funding it.

ID: hc8u1uh

Apple contracts guarantee hundreds of millions of chip a year. TSMC will do cartwheels to meet their demands.

And AMD has huge demand from consoles, and ever increasing datacentre demand where margins are large.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:33 ID: hc8dl5r

Of course this will make a difference to AMD's balance sheet, but really this is nothing from the consumer point of view. A 7nm wafer costs somewhere in the region of $10000, so even a big Navi 21 die at ~100 dies per wafer is only ~$5 more expensive.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:22 ID: hc8bzva

Pretty common practice for larger orders to get larger discounts. Not really surprised.

But I am actually surprised that AMD is getting preferential treatment almost equal to Apple that is 20x its size.

ID: hc8o9al

While Apple may be bigger, you have to remember besides their own cpus, Amd makes the Socs for the xbox consoles and the playstations, so by volume they should be right there in the number of total orders they make.

ID: hc8pjnf

not to mention Larger chips in general than Apple's

ID: hc8jodq

Is the wafer capacity allocated to Apple 20x the size of the capacity allocated to AMD though?

ID: hc8s3ju

In terms of the value of that capacity it could be significantly higher than what AMD is buying. Remember that Apple is on 5nm, which is the current generation and thus more expensive, while AMD is still using 7nm.

ID: hc8vn2s

Is Apple really a 20x larger TSMC client than AMD?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:58 ID: hc8p7fw

Part of this will be that AMD and Apple are making significant forward investments in tooling and development for next-gen processes.

I'm curious what percent increase Intel got for their 3nm order.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:24 ID: hc8km3f

Wondering where Google is getting their chips from. It would be interesting if the new iPhone launch had an option that was cheaper than the new Pixel lineup due to this.

ID: hc8r4fx

LOL, you think Apple is going to pass any savings down? Don't count on it.

ID: hc8riid

Samsung 5nm.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:52 ID: hc8gbp0

I just woke up and read this as "Apple Waffles Prices Going up" .

8 : Anonymous2021/09/09 18:30 ID: hc7msfq

Welp, there goes my hopes of getting a RTX 3090s for 3D rendering by december, seems like I'll have to get a Threadripper instead, 12GB of VRAM is not enough for UHD+ renders and textures

ID: hc7pbys


Samsung produces the 3090 silicon, not TSMC

ID: hc8f1qq

Well Samsung also is planning to raise wafer prices by 20% so there's that...

ID: hc7shkr


9 : Anonymous2021/09/09 18:58 ID: hc7qu0c

That's why nvidia is balls deep with samsung now. Well, goodbye tsmc made nvidia gpus, you were great. Every Samsung made nvidia gpus can suck my balls.

ID: hc7uzci

While I'm quite against nVidia's usual business practices, I have no idea why you are so against them using Samsung? Assuming the overall product is good, why does it matter on which node it is made on?

ID: hc7x06z

If not for TSMC being at full capacity, Nvidia would’ve went with TSMC wafers. Samsung’s 8nm process used for Ampere sucks; the Ampere gpus have abysmal boosts clocks because the silicon can’t support higher clocks. That’s the only reason AMD was able to catch up to Nvidia’s performance this generation. If Ampere was made on the same 7nm TSMC node as RDNA2, AMD wouldn’t have been able to close the performance gap so well.

However, Nvidia made the right call to switch to Samsung because Jensen predicted that TSMC would be in super high demand, which is allowing Nvidia to GREATLY outsell AMD in the dGPU market.

EDIT: I want to emphasize that Nvidia sacrificed performance for sales this generation.

ID: hc7w9kn

I remember reading somewhere that the 3000 series was supposed to be 7nm but Samsung failed and they had to move it to 8mm and screwed power consumption in the process.

ID: hc8gntz

Yet the rtx 40 series will be on TSMC anyways so dw mate

10 : Anonymous2021/09/09 23:14 ID: hc8r8y8

Tsmc relies heavily on apple.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:24 ID: hc8kpw4

Nvida could use this as an edge since they use samsung

Now a 5% diffrence ain't much, but it could add up

ID: hc8th53

I think it might turn out the other way around though...

Samsung is also increasing the price for their wafers though will it be up to 20% as TSMC did, I don't know. And I don't think Nvidia might get the same preferential treatment that AMD got (price increase only by 5%). In the end, Nvidia might end up with a costlier number which will come into favor for AMD although who knows by how much...

ID: hc8vmms

Even on the 6900XT it's just 50$. Also Nvidia is moving to TSMC, the relevant part is Nvidia not having these prices on wafer for their next-gen GPUs

12 : Anonymous2021/09/09 20:34 ID: hc8501s



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