“Enlisted” the game now support AMD FSR

1 : Anonymous2021/09/09 10:12 ID: pkuxqq
"Enlisted" the game now support AMD FSR
2 : Anonymous2021/09/09 10:30 ID: hc5za8u

Gaijin is weird...

Enlisted supports FSR

War Thunder does not, they don't even react to the question if FSR for WT would be possible

ID: hc61d6j

If you realise, war thunder has nvidia support for quite some time. I believe it is related to that.

ID: hc6ifh6

nvidia support

So does FSR funny enough lol

ID: hc62irk

TBH any form of FSR or DLSS in War Thunder just doesn't make sense to me regardless. So much of the game is basically counting pixels that anything that risks mis-rendering them just isn't worth it.

ID: hc6efjs

Also, its not exactly a high paced twitch shooter that relies on hundredth of a second reaction times.

ID: hc70wp2

I consider myself a Rather Good Player (and percentile on Thunderskill supports it) and I have zero issues hunting for pixels in tank RB/SB/ air SB with TAA cranked to maximum at 1440p.

Aliasing and pixel jitter are very distracting, a very slight amount of TAA blur is absolutely worth it if it means that Motion Is Motion and not just jaggies crawling up and down a diagonal line, and I'd be very happy to upgrade from TAA to DLSS, which can actually resolve subpixel detail.

ID: hc6ekht

Oh it's simple: the two games have a common core engine, but they have different upgrades cycles, different dev teams. DLSS started on Enlisted and moved to War Thunder a bit later (like global illumination and other things), i'm pretty sure FSR will arrive "soon".

3 : Anonymous2021/09/09 12:56 ID: hc6cnw9

Please, please, please bring FSR do Destiny 2!!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/09 10:50 ID: hc60rh8

Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard is launching soon. I really hope AMD manages to somehow push out FSR for these big games

ID: hc66abq

EA was were one of the companies listen in the official ''FSR studio partner'' list, right next to it Frostbite was listed, so I wouldn't be suprised if BF2042 had it. As for Vanguard, I'm not sure. I hope that they eventually add it to Warzone/MW as well, but I don't think they care that much.

ID: hc6noc5

BF2042 is confirmed to support DLSS. Vanguard will likely support it too given Activision's partnership with nvidia in it's last two games.

There's really high chance of FSR making it's way to Bf2042 but very minimal chances to Vanguard.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/09 11:35 ID: hc64j8f

Is there a proper updated list of FSR games? I have check over the last few weeks and the lists that are out there are not being updated.

ID: hc69379

That list doesn't seem correct, unless I am mistaken I haven't seen FSR in Monster hunter nor elite dangerous, but rather fidelityFX CAS

6 : Anonymous2021/09/09 13:49 ID: hc6iydj

Is the FSR support applied to Xbox version?

ID: hc6zo88

Yes.. It is, I guess, Cant totally confirm it since I dont play at consoles, Maybe other should tell us..

/comments/pkkxlf/psa_for_xbox_players_update_is_now_available/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/pkkxlf/psa_for_xbox_players_update_is_now_available/

7 : Anonymous2021/09/09 13:24 ID: hc6fx5x

Enlisted has a very good implementation of DLSS so I am curious how FSR will do.

Warthunder's DLSS on the other hand is pretty bad, even if they share a similar engine (I think)

ID: hc6id6f

I have to try it, Enlisted FSR is good at UQ mode, lower on that the graphics seems a bit off for me. Thanks to it, now I can play 1080P on avg 70 fps with RX 640

ID: hc6of3o

I totally forgot about rx 600 series lol.

iirc initial leaks of 5700xt also mentioned it as rx 680.

ID: hc6hr27

They just updated to a new version of DLSS that's much better.

ID: hc6ic9a

Yeah I tried it yesterday, didn’t see much change, ghosting was a little better, but the problem is far detail when moving, is much worse than even fxaa. This is at 1440p

8 : Anonymous2021/09/09 13:14 ID: hc6eqib

I hope games begin to support XeSS and fast, much better technology that works cross platform.

ID: hc6w20k

much better technology

It's not even out yet

ID: hc71y03

FSR can't REALLY compare with temporal methods.

ID: hc6z9ev

Unless Intel straight up lies it's better no doubt, FSR is just a filter. DLSS and XeSS work with more data.

ID: hc6piv4

I hope Intel's moneybags actually do good work this time.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/09 13:35 ID: hc6h6ya

Safe to say at this point DLSS lost this will be like G-sync vs Free-sync all over again.

Not even shilling for Amd

You make something open source you make it easy to integrate into your game and its going to beat the other tech that takes days to do and is closed source

ID: hc6iiq4

You do know that FSR is basically image sharpening whereas DLSS uses AI to actually predict a higher resolution image, right?

There really is no comparison between the two technologies. DLSS is far more advanced and effective.

ID: hc6mst8

AMD literally created FSR to compete with DLSS and your argument is "There really is no comparison"?

Multiple comparisons have been done on the two technologies and the general result is, at higher resolution and using the higher quality settings, FSR and DLSS are very similar in performance and graphical fidelity. DLSS does get better at lower resolutions and using performance settings, but realistically people playing at 1080p don't need this tech, and people playing at 1440p are only looking to squeeze an extra 20 frames out of their GPU, which FSR quality settings do great at.

So while there are use cases where DLSS is better. For most people, the two technologies will be very similar, but FSR works for all GPUs (including Nvidia) and it is open source.

With that being said. If DLSS is offered and you have a NVIDIA card, you should use it over FSR. My point is, don't be surprised if FSR gets more wide adoption, just like Freesync did.

ID: hc6mbd7

It is so advanced that it creates a ton of visual artifacts.

So advanced that it is useless in 1080p. 1440p is better but the blur is still there.

So effective that is creates stuff which shouldn´t be there or wasn´t intented by the devs.

"FSR is basically image sharpening" could only come from someone who doesn´t know anything about it. If it was the case, AMD wouldn´t even bother with wasting time on another "image sharpening" technique.

ID: hc7qykj

It doesn't matter if its "using ai to predict" when it has huge ghosting issues in motion.

DLSS works great for slow paced games but its not great in any fast camera motion titles.

ID: hc7j9od

FSR is not "basically image sharpening", you're thinking of CAS or RIS which came out way before and was usually presented as a better alternative to DLSS 1.0. That was no longer the case when DLSS 2.0 came out, and FSR is very different from CAS / RIS, it doesn't even uses the same sharpening but a more advanced version that is designed specifically to work well with EASU (the upscaler).

FSR is upscaling and sharpening, but it's not temporal and it doesn't use AI. It obviously isn't as good as DLSS, but it's far easier to run and implement, and it's also hardware agnostic and vendor agnostic, so as things are now it does serves a purpose as an alternative to DLSS. Besides, the ability to hack it into any game makes it useful even to the owners of RTX cards.

ID: hc7i8wm

Except that Freesync and G-Sync were basically the same, and that's not the case for FSR and DLSS 2.0. There is a big difference in quality between the two, specially when upscaling from a low base resolution.

ID: hc7w2by

It's funny. When Freesync was first introduced, everyone was making the same claim that the extra hardware required for G-sync was going to inevitably make it so G-sync is the better long term option. That's obviously not how it worked out. As usual, the more accessible option that still works well enough is the one that will receive wide spread adoption.

My bet is the same thing happens with DLSS & FSR. Certainly the hardware requirements for AI learning makes DLSS the better product, but FSR does the job well enough. FSR is significantly easier for developers to adopt and implement into their games and it works across all video cards, both AMD and NVIDIA.

Seems obvious to me what the result of that will be.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:14 ID: hc7t8g6

22 official titles for FSR now plus multiple emulators and lots of unofficial support.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/09 15:41 ID: hc6ybu0

No Oceanic server. Fail.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/09 17:21 ID: hc7cqlo

Fix planes etc.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:44 ID: hc8f6dy

enlisted has fsr but war thunder does not? WT doesnt run very good on my vega 56 huge fps drops. dx12 works well, but it not officially supported

14 : Anonymous2021/09/09 23:08 ID: hc8qfln

I'm playing at 900p, I have an rx 570, does fsr do anything for me or is it for 4k and such?


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