GTA V PlayStation Showcase Trailer Is One of the Most Disliked Videos On Official Channel

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 06:42 ID: pna5ag
GTA V PlayStation Showcase Trailer Is One of the Most Disliked Videos On Official Channel
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 08:02 ID: hco1dhq

Todd Howard "16x the detail"

Rockstar "2x the chairs"....

ID: hcofluj

To be fair, there are a LOT more chairs in Fallout, so once you double the number of chairs (2), double the draw distance to see more chairs at once (4), and then increase resolution from 1080 to 4K (16)….

Yep, 16x the chair detail. 😉

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:22 ID: hcnyqib

they didn't even show the benefit of the ps5 version. even if we ignore the fact that they sell a ps3 game for a third time. the trailer is just bad. doesn't show anything.

ID: hco5qnc

Compared to the PS3 - PS4/PC version where there was definitely a noticeable difference. The difference from PS4 to PS5 is...almost nothing.

I think if there was a significant improvement, even if it's the same game being released on a third console 10 years later, the feedback wouldn't have been so bad.

ID: hcpvc9t

Even now the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions is massive. At the very least the trailer could have highlighted the differences (as I'm sure they are there), but showing a trailer with just PS5 footage doesn't really help their case

ID: hcozxbn

Yeah, that's my issue with it. They didnt explain what anything expanded or enhanced was. They said better graphics but didn't explain what that actually meant or show anything. And what is supposed to be "expanded"? They didn't show a single thing, they just said "much more".

Regardless of if you hate or like the idea of a re-re-release, it was an awful trailer. Shit, they advertised faster load times ("seamless character transitions") when it is just a function of being on a console with better load times.

It was an insultingly bad trailer. Genuinely felt like a giant middle finger.

ID: hcor94u

I've pointed this out before but it feels like when they talk about the game, they say use the "much more" phrase but they never explain what "much more" is. The word "expanded" is in the title and with GTA Online being a "separate" game, I'm hoping they added more missions but I feel like that detail would have been leaked by now.

ID: hcosvsy

Much more*

money spent
4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 09:37 ID: hco7ct3

I personally think there are just 2 guys from rockstar working on this after work.

ID: hcog5me

Hell it’s probably not even at Rockstar, usually these get outsourced entirely.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:07 ID: hcnxq6d

It looks identical to the PS4 version

ID: hco3olo

Funny considering they said no upgrade path because they don't half ass next gen upgrades, won't just be a resolution and framerate boost so it'll be a separate purchase.

Looks the same as PS4 with just higher Res and probably some improved render distances lol

ID: hcpk3cx

Holy fucking shit, I didn’t even realize that there would be no upgrade path, what the fuck?! This upgrade is enough of a disgrace as is, but charging for it? They must need specially fitted business suits to fit the balls it takes to make a move like that.

ID: hcps1ee

Watch them say your items won’t transfer because this is a new gta or some shit

ID: hco1pcr

It probably is, it adds what, 60fps and dualsense support? For $60…the game runs 60fps on even mid tier gaming PCs…from 2015. This is simply a cash grab.

ID: hco68av

GTAV runs 60fps on integrated graphics now.

Edit: 5600G integrated graphics.

ID: hco6d8n

Sad thing is the game will likely be the most sold PS5 game upon re-re-release.

ID: hcoh3zm

I played this game on my xbox 360. It got rereleased as often as Skyrim at this point.

ID: hco7qp4

Are you saying a re-re-re-re-release of a 8 year old game i a cash grab? Noooooo waaaay

ID: hcobcwo

There was this one video posted here late last week of of some guy reacting to this “reveal” and was like “the graphics CAN’T get any better”, “How is that different to the PS4 version?!” and things like that. Sadly though I can’t find the clip now : (

But ya, this reaction by fans is more than justified. They can’t milk it any more at this stage, surely!?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:16 ID: hcnyb49

I mean it was a bad trailer. At least when they went to PS3 to PS4 they showed you all the differences. Like better foliage, higher density, 1st person view, etc. This trailer showed nothing. In fact it looks exactly like the current version.

ID: hco5umt

I loved the PS4 trailer. Cause I'd held back on the game to play it on the PS4. Now, I'm done with it.

I've actually held back RDR2 for the PS5. I was planning on buying it soon, but now I gotta wait and see what they do with this GTAV thing. If this is a full price rerelease, I got to wait for the same for RDR2...

ID: hcoazuq

The difference is Rockstar doesn't give a shit about RDR2.

ID: hcoox7m

Probably because there isn't anything else to show. That's it.

"$70 please" - Rockstar

ID: hco19it

If anything they showed you how lame online can be with annoying deluxos (albeit a little outdated since the mk2 oppressor is the new meta now)

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 09:29 ID: hco6v5b

GTA V Los Skyrim

ID: hcoe2qb

"Hey ma g, you're finally awake..."

ID: hcoobpu

Why did I move here? I guess it was the dragons

ID: hcoqggn

I dont think skyrim’s as bad, like yeah its released every gen but afaik its not getting parts of big presentations like this. Didnt the ps5/xbx edition get announced in a tweet?

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 08:31 ID: hco381r

People wouldn’t be too upset if it was a free next-gen upgrade, even if it is minimum effort. But expecting consumers to pay $70 for a “brand new” port to consoles you can already play GTA V on (via B/C), with no real improvements or additions to make the price worth it. What did they expect?

ID: hco6uzk

What did they expect?

That the same crowd of people who have been buying shark cards all these years can still be milked for every last penny they have

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 08:39 ID: hco3qgr

Wow, I was at least expecting some real improvements like Ray Tracing or improved textures. It just looks like... an eight years old game. R* is making a huge mistake here.

Even Bethesda understood this by offering a free upgrade of Skyrim Anniversary Edition to those who possess the Special Edition.

ID: hcpfj5j

Honestly, all this game needs to feel more modern is some slight raytracing, higher resolution textures, better ragdolls, and more variable NPC dialogue

Nothing that's too difficult or that takes too long to implement. Upgrading their engine to support raytracing would take a while, but they'll need to do it at some point anyway

10 : Anonymous2021/09/13 15:21 ID: hcp7szh

its been 8 years. fuck off

11 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:19 ID: hcnyjmm

Ps2 had 3 GTA's, GTAV has 3 playstations. Sad.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:52 ID: hco0poa

I truly don't understand why they are developing a native PS5 version. Can't they just unlock the fps via back compat to 60fps and call it a day? This is a PS3 game for gods sake.

How about you spend these 3 years of development on a new IP instead? Or at least something interesting like Bully 2?

ID: hco2fp4

Isn’t RDR2 the only new rockstar game we got last gen

ID: hco1bka

Looks like they could yes, why? money. But it definitely seems like all they're doing is 4k60, dunno why it's even delayed.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/13 09:02 ID: hco55qb

thank you for this info, I just disliked the video to help.

ID: hcocnlj

"Why did I come here? I guess it was to click the dislike button."

ID: hcourpa

Let them know that a full price remaster solely to milk the gta online playerbase is not gonna fly. They are tripping on success now, possibly think they are too big to fail.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/13 10:05 ID: hco9ay0

Send them a message, don't buy it

15 : Anonymous2021/09/13 12:17 ID: hcokcyi

Wow, Rockstar. This is just lazy shit.

I bought both the ps3 and ps4 versions of the game, because the ps4 version had SIGNIFICANT visual and gameplay upgrades. But this looks fucking shite. It's the SAME GAME!

If the fuckers have the nerve to charge full price for this then on their heads be it.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/13 11:51 ID: hcohvfq

I did my part and disliked the video too

17 : Anonymous2021/09/13 12:11 ID: hcojrff

Just give me Red Dead Redemption 60fps on PS5 I will buy it I don’t care

18 : Anonymous2021/09/13 11:25 ID: hcofh1p

I’m sure they’ll wipe off the dislike tears with hundos

19 : Anonymous2021/09/13 09:26 ID: hco6pna

This should be something free to give out through smart delivery..

20 : Anonymous2021/09/13 06:47 ID: hcnwafy

I was looking forward to this, and then I saw it’s not a free upgrade it’s a full priced game. I hope it bombs. We don’t want any of your extra shit Rockstar, we just want fucking 60fps without a price tag!

ID: hcny4yt

The graphics did not look very enhanced. Certainly not enough to justify buying shit. R* is honestly one of the douchiest companies around, can’t believe they sent out all those threats to modders before releasing this dump.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/13 08:54 ID: hco4nkz

Yo i heard you liked some remasters on the ps4 so we remastered the remaster for ps5. We got your back


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