AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver Release Notes ( – Windows 11 Support Added

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 16:20 ID: pnir86
AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver Release Notes ( - Windows 11 Support Added
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 17:18 ID: hcpormx

file date insider archive: 1st september. guess they'll tested it for a while

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 16:26 ID: hcph9uv

All are the same...dont understand this!

ID: hcpi1ji

Potentially its more of a formality. Just firing from the hip, could be that even though the drivers would work anyway this is the official WHQL certification that they'd work with Win 11.

ID: hcpkurx

For now only have Windows 10, can i put this?!

ID: hcpnvac

Mabe the installer is updated to work on Windows 11 even if drivers itself are already compatible..

ID: hcptsfc

Yes, if you are using Win10 and are running the last set of chipset drivers, you do not need these as all of the drivers are the same as the last set--identically. However, as these are annotated for Win11 and the previous chipset drivers are not, it's possible that maybe on detection of Win11 the installer puts them in slightly different locations...or not...;) Haven't really checked it out--but I can say that with the previous drivers under Win11 I encountered no problems at all.

ID: hcps7zk

I could be wrong, but I think in windows 11 they changed the way drivers are packaged or handled or something. I know existing windows 10 drivers work but I believe there was a substantial change to how drivers can be handled.

ID: hcr6aj0

The changlog is included if you scroll down the page...they aren't all the same...

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:24 ID: hcqp33i

My 5950X's idel temp is increase by about 12c after this update. What's going on here?

ID: hcqtfwz

Could be your power plan got switched

ID: hcqtjy0

You mean the power settings of Windows 10?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:12 ID: hcqnc08

Let's hope this fixes the fTPM stutters

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:03 ID: hcq45un

The Chipset Driver still refuses to install on my PC, ever after fresh win install.

ID: hcqalix

Same thing 🙁 previous version ( also failed. By the way, I noticed after the failed chipset install, the old chipset got removed. Luckily I still got the old chipset installer on my pc. I'm now back to from June, only version that still works for me. (Win 10 LTSC, x570, 5600x)

ID: hcqcj3d

It seem it is slightly different from my case. It fails during the compatibility check, it doesn't even start to install. The only one that worked were the one from Gigabyte site and they are 2 years old.

ID: hcqvga0

worked fine for me just now

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 18:12 ID: hcpwpaj

How can I tell that these are installed? I was confused both with this and the previous version, I can't find any more recent dates in Device Manager than June, and that's only one device.

ID: hcpxbfi

Under "Apps and functions",

look for "AMD Chipset Driver" under there is a versionnumber.

ID: hcq0517

Ok, thanks. So its more like software then, not actual drivers?

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 18:28 ID: hcpz36g

Be nice if smart status could be fixed with latest raid drivers this time the last 2 are broken, and i am guessing windows 11 driver comes out next very soon.

it basically wont read out smart status, unless you revert back 2 drivers.

ID: hcqq8lb

What version of the RAID drivers are you using that support SMART passthrough?

I've literally never had it work in the entire history of AMD's motherboard RAID feature. The current RAIDxPert2 software has a flag for enabling SMART error reporting, but it's a binary on/off status, and there's no way to query the SMART info through rcadm or a utility like CrystalDiskInfo.

Inability to access NVMe SMART status and lack of trim passthrough have always been the two major headaches with my RAID setup on X570.

ETA: I'm on

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:39 ID: hcq9ivy

i've been running windows 11 for a few weeks now and no problem

10 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:40 ID: hcqio3c

Pity that my 2200G won't be supported by Windows 11.

ID: hcqk4k4

Darn dumb that the 1st gen Ryzen isn't supported 🙁

11 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:11 ID: hcqvjun

nice of amd to include the actual dl link instead of just the release notes.


12 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:16 ID: hcqw5d9

Maybe this will stop amd software to stop bsoding my computer. The past week has been any thing I did would bsod. Tried every possible solution on the internet all the way down to mobo cmos clear and bios updating, 5 usb window installs/ hard wipes. Until I said screw it and hard reset and put in my 1060ti. Havent had a single bsod since. All my event logs were ryzen master driver and dump file crashes. So depressing because my pc is not even a year old and I started up my dream rig for the 1st time in jan. Kinda makes you mad when you've had it less than a year.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:11 ID: hcr38l7

The page lists Windows 11 TRX40 support but when you go to download, there are no windows 11 TRX 40 downloads.


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