Digital Foundry Direct Weekly – New PS5 Model Hands-On PS5 & Upgrade Pricing

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 15:21 ID: pnhlks
Digital Foundry Direct Weekly - New PS5 Model Hands-On PS5 & Upgrade Pricing
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 15:24 ID: hcp87dp

Love these weekly updates. Best gaming channel there is.

ID: hcqasl1

I love that they've leaned into their memery. When John said "bespoke" for the first time in the video and it played the music/added the visuals for the word it killed me

ID: hcqr50p

I had to do a double take seeing your comment up top on both this post and on the video itself. Took me far too long of a second to realize that indeed, the name is the same lol

ID: hcp9qds

Skillup does a great one as well.

ID: hcpaxbu

Cool. I'll have to check them out.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 16:16 ID: hcpfpwm

Love them, but I'm honestly sick of people bitchin about the $10 price increase.

ID: hcq6ut7

But it’s bullshit that they’re charging us more when pc games have more customizable settings and higher graphic fidelity but they only have to pay 60?

ID: hcqesip

PC games will increase to $70 in the near future as well. They were all $50 at the high end until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released for $60. People complained, "boycotted" the game, and slowly every major release became $60 on all platforms.

PlayStation has set a precedent, $70 games don't affect sales numbers, and other publishers will follow suit slowly but surely.

ID: hcqbpu1

PCs have dozens of different cards, cpus, and memory being used so it makes sense they have a multitude of settings where consoles generally have one maybe two consoles in a ecosystem to code for.

ID: hcpjyjk

Nah, 70 for a game is ridiculous.

Especially for games with less content.

ID: hcqkyfo

It's 80 euros in Europe so yeah...

ID: hcpng99

I think we need more variety in game pricing, obviously not all games should warrant the same cost. I think there are plenty of games that could warrant $70 and heck maybe more if they built a big enough high quality enough of a game. There should be games that launch at basically every $10 increment up to around $70.

There's been a few games like It Takes Two and Miles Morales that have launched at non-standard prices, but there should be even more.

ID: hcpo594

It’s possible to wait for price drop. Nobody force you to buy Day 1. Games tend to drop in price after few months unless it’s Nintendo games.

ID: hcpm6us

Games used to cost $50 in 1990. Adjusted for inflation, that’s around $104 today.

ID: hcqb48q

Amount of content being the be all end all barometer for price is why more and more AAA devs are shifting towards bloated open world and live service games.

I'm fine paying full price for a 10 hour game that's really high quality, with fun gameplay, good story, etc.

ID: hcq5hk2

Nooo you can’t criticise Sony just consoom products and get excited for the next ones

ID: hcr208s

They mainly bitched about the 20 euro price increase.

ID: hcr7io0

Tbh the $10USD increase is nothing, the real issue is what they touched on in the video. In Australia physical games on launch went from $79AUD to $125AUD overnight basically. Thankfully most retailers are selling PS5 games for $109 now but it's still a huge increase over $79AU which is comparable to $60USD.

Other countries have been fucked with this change, seeing people in the US complain about $10 has been funny to say the least.

ID: hcqro4i

Deathloop is an extremely polished, packed next-gen game for $54. Are you going to look someone in the eye and honestly try to argue that $70 is justified for its neighboring games? Then again, people seemed to get quite heated when they were defending Returnal's price, so I guess there's enough people out there paying that companies feel comfortable doing it. Unfortunately. Though fortunately, Arkane isn't one of them.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 15:34 ID: hcp9pjy

Prepare to cringe

ID: hcpddp6

What makes you say that?

ID: hcpeysf

Personally, I really enjoy them, but at times it seems like their social interactions can be a tad awkward. Nothing wrong with it, but I think it can rub some the wrong way as far as entertainment is concerned.

ID: hcpigzy

I don't find anything cringy about these guys. Most level headed, fair, and objective dudes in game analysis imo

ID: hcpnou8

They're not objective.

ID: hcpikpx

They're super biased, i stopped watching them long ago.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:28 ID: hcqxqke

I just can't understand why they don't charge 60usd for PS4 and 70usd for PS5

ID: hcqzqou

They are


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