Deathloop – The First 90 Minutes on PS5

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 12:00 ID: pndy8j
Deathloop - The First 90 Minutes on PS5
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 18:31 ID: hcpzftz


ID: hcq0hpv

It's a live stream... by actual people you know... they are not going to be radio silent now are they, that's not what fans of PS Access want. We like to hear their commentaries. Plus they are very good are being quiet during important parts of the game anyway.

ID: hcq4mgo


3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 12:23 ID: hcoky1r

I feel like I've played this entire game already. They really should stop showing it off

ID: hcow1kp

Come on most of the stuff they have shown is v similar stuff. You can't actually feel like you've seen the whole game.

ID: hcpbnr6

People just need to start saying the quiet part out loud for why they hate seeing this game get so much promotion. It’s truly ridiculous.

ID: hcpdt9a

I think their last game was great but flopped so they’re overcompensating now


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