Frontiers Patch 3.67 – No Man’s Sky

1 : Anonymous2021/09/16 12:45 ID: ppclnj
Frontiers Patch 3.67 - No Man's Sky
2 : Anonymous2021/09/16 13:58 ID: hd2v4x9

“I can’t believe how far they’ve come. They really turned the game around.”

ID: hd314ac

Funny thing about these comments is I loved the game from day one. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

ID: hd453p7

I have too! I thought it was great on launch and honestly I expected it to be a game that continued to add features as it went.

ID: hd4doco

Same here. The crashes at launch were infuriating though, but I loved the game right away despite the dev bullshiting about features and misleading trailers, etc. They've more than made up for that now, but it's still a practice that shouldn't be tolerated. Looking at you too CDPR.

ID: hd543su

Yeah I'm no trophy hunter but I platinumed NMS before the substantial updates even started. I bought it digitally so it was preloaded and ready to go at midnight, but now I wish I'd bought that original disc so I could compare the launch version to today's.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/16 13:59 ID: hd2v952

Fixed an issue that could prevent players from being given additional judgements if they claimed a new settlement whilst their previous settlement had a building currently under construction.

Good, now hopefully my settlement won’t be stuck in purgatory anymore.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/16 17:43 ID: hd3sfjf

Just picked up this game finally while it was on sale. I like it a lot so far....but it is vast with very little explanation. I keep getting side tracked but then returning to the main mission in a hopes it will keep explaining as I progress. My poor base is literally 4 floor tiles, walls, and a roof lol. Finally got to the anomaly and things are slowly coming together.

ID: hd3uzk2

I feel like it's vague on purpose. A lot of the gameplay gets revealed by exploring more and building more.

ID: hd46req

Yup and honestly I haven't had a bad time with that at all. But I have done a large amount of googling random things I must admit haha.

Also takes some devotion...I've played maybe 15 hours so far which isn't much, but it's not one of those games you can rush into, it's a slow burn for sure where you take your time and appreciate it I guess I would say.

ID: hd3x6t3

It's pretty much a make your own story exploration game.

ID: hd4a9he

It’s very much a go at your own pace game. Don’t rush through the story. You will feel lost afterwards unless you establish a good reason to play prior to the completion of the story. Then the story is just an add on to a massive open world game.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/16 14:29 ID: hd2zjv8

Still can't place the Minotaur as it says there can "only be 5 per planet", but from what I've seen, you can just build the roamer and it will work. Haven't tried it yet though.

ID: hd4ho6k

If you're playing expeditions, just go with the nomad instead.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/16 15:36 ID: hd39fmd

How hard is the plat for this game now? I heard it was far easier on 1.0 when the game released

ID: hd3ghdx

You have to explore a lot of planets. I suppose the additions over 5 years could be a huge distraction. My advice, okay for fun and the Platinum will come eventually.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/16 20:40 ID: hd4imlt

Been playing this on GamePass. Great game


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