EA Play 1 Month Discount Offer

1 : Anonymous2021/09/19 02:22 ID: pqzi3b
EA Play 1 Month Discount Offer
2 : Anonymous2021/09/19 06:51 ID: hdfnzoe

Oh hell yea I can finally play anthem

ID: hdfzpi2

You serious or joking?

ID: hdg11a4

I actually enjoyed the story when it came out. After the story ended it was all downhill

ID: hdgqw4r

It's an incredible game until endgame. IMHO of course.

ID: hdg6wsv

To be fair the first 10 hours are pretty fun

ID: hdggd4s

I bought Anthem for like 5 bucks like holy shit very underrated game and very unfortunate that EA pulled the plug on it . Must have played it for 50 hours , atmosphere and gameplay were fantastic. I hope we get anthem 2 but strictly single player rpg could be awesome

ID: hdgmgxw

Not at all under rated. It was unplayable and there is nothing after the story. It was marketed to be a destiny “killer”

3 : Anonymous2021/09/19 03:32 ID: hdf4mgs

Guess I’ll use this to try out mass effect andromeda without having to buy it

ID: hdf58lh

same i wanna try out Unravel

ID: hdg5dwn

Unravel is soooo good and relaxing, pretty sure I picked it up on sale for super cheap last time round. Definitely recommend

4 : Anonymous2021/09/19 07:23 ID: hdfqhux

Maybe Ishould get this so battlefield 2042 would be 10% cheaper for me.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/19 03:39 ID: hdf5hmo

I got this for 99 cents and preordered the Mass Effect Trilogy for the discount a few months back. If they let me do another month at this price I will play a month of UFC 4 that was added not long ago to EA Play.

ID: hdf5ntk

I think you can get it again. I had the promotion a while back and it lets me buy it again

ID: hdf5s1h

Cool, thanks.

ID: hdhb49q

I wanted to get NFS game and it was like 39.99, got EA play for year instead for $30. Access to NFS and all of the other games for a year... It's a no brainer.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/19 14:35 ID: hdgtjvu

Just a heads up if you use this offer. Any game you grab while subbed to EA Play will put an EA license with that game. You need to play it through EA Play from there on out.

You won't be able to redeem the title if it were to come as a monthly PS Plus game for example. You will need to contact support and ask them to remove the licences for the games you want to repurchase.

ID: hdiictk

What happens if I play a game through EA Play and then buy it?

7 : Anonymous2021/09/19 06:14 ID: hdfl2x0

Can I pre order Battlefield 2042 cheaper this way?

ID: hdfl3vn

Yes you could do that

ID: hdfsyem

Oh awesome, so get a month for £0.79 pre order Battlefield then just cancel it

8 : Anonymous2021/09/19 06:23 ID: hdfltdd

Thanks, gonna use this to get 10 bucks off of Battlefield 2042 pre-order

9 : Anonymous2021/09/19 03:25 ID: hdf3tcu

Dam madden probably flopped harder then expected. Rip

ID: hdfj0rs

Mag, they do this occasionally. With Fifa 22 releasing in 4 days this would probably get some people interested in that.

ID: hdfpm89

That’s the full game trial. The full game comes out on October 1st. September 26th if you buy the $100 version

ID: hdfjohm

lol these games don’t flop

No matter how much negativity there is. Just look at 2K sales.

ID: hdg7j7w

I’m one of the absolute chodes who buys madden every year… I love football and it’s the only game out with the teams I enjoy. Honestly, because it’s an annual game made by one team, I can’t imagine how they can improve it as much as we want.

ID: hdghpfz

That's the answer right there. Split it into 2 teams who switch off years. They can afford it but they won't because the games sells just fine bad.

ID: hdhd2l1

They probably did this because they want as many people as possible on that FIFA 22 10 hour trial that will start this week, and the 1€ fee will likely be low enough for many people to give it a try that otherwise wouldn’t

10 : Anonymous2021/09/19 13:30 ID: hdgleyh

I’ve always stayed sub to EA play. It’s £19.99 a year and can often be found for a few pounds cheaper.

I’ve stopped really buying EA games and still find plenty of value in the sub. I use it to play nhl, fifa and the odd non sports EA game.

Now they have bought codemasters it’s a no brainer. I love racing games and can play them for months on end. Now they have all the PS4 era dirt games plus formula 1.

It’s also gives discounts on digital ea game if you want to buy them.

It’s pretty good sub. Unless you don’t like sports and racing games. Then maybe not.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/19 14:26 ID: hdgs9kl

How convenient. Just in time for the FIFA 22 20 hour trial.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/19 04:36 ID: hdfc0pz

Anyone have a brief list of some popular available titles with this to gauge if its worth the time?

ID: hdffo4h

They have a list of games available on their website

ID: hdft9rb

Ah ok mainly sports games, thanks.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/19 05:37 ID: hdfhxvn

I want to play fifa early access. If I have already preordered not through ea play can I still get 1 month and access early I wonder

ID: hdfi5zy

Yes with EA play you get a 10 hour early access of Fifa 22

14 : Anonymous2021/09/19 07:23 ID: hdfqhnm

Cheers mate - I've had my eye on this in preparation for Fifa (it'll be my first Fifa game)

ID: hdg8uhr

Get out while you still can

15 : Anonymous2021/09/19 06:05 ID: hdfkbfe

Is this not for the UK?

ID: hdflxfq

UK website says yes

16 : Anonymous2021/09/19 03:11 ID: hdf1yty

Wish it came with PS Plus like it does with Xbox Game Pass.

But they are two different services, yes…

ID: hdfqsyl

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Fixed that for you

ID: hdfodwq

Or you could just pay for both separately and it's still much cheaper than Game Pass Ultimate.

ID: hdgnkpi

If you do the GPU upgrade promo (available at all times), you can get it for the price of xbox gold.

GPU gives you the equivalent to PS PLus, EA Play and PS now on both PC and Xbox. Also gamepass doesn't suck like PS now which is the most useless sub I've ever had. My PS now expires next month and I am not renewing it. Probably never subscribing to it again.

ID: hdf6djs

Getting both PS Plus + EA Play is still half the price of XGP.

ID: hdfb0fc

Also its just regular ea play, not ea play pro.

ID: hdf324b

Game Pass Ultimate is 3 times the price of PS Plus so it's not really fair to compare them. What Sony needs is to overhaul PS Now and add a more expensive tier to it that can compete with Game Pass.

ID: hdfcsqw

You don't need ultimate to get EA, I pay 9.99 on PC and it has gamepass and the EA service.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/19 10:45 ID: hdg5nwc

This work on ps5?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/19 05:12 ID: hdffkf0

If I do this can I keep the games once I download them? Or will they go away after the month


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