Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Explain How They Made A Masterpiece

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:00 ID: pq1tlz
Ghost of Tsushima - Sucker Punch Explain How They Made A Masterpiece
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:39 ID: hd7w3zl

I wish they made Raising Kratos like video.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:13 ID: hd7scci

Still so in love with this game, director's cut was very welcomed

ID: hd80nsr

The director's cut had a far greater impact on me than the main story. Exploring the relationship between Jin and his father was more personal than the tale between Jin and Lord Shimura. Overall the game is one I'll never forget.

ID: hd84jw1

Absolutely, I wish the tale where we go for his horse's armor was longer and gave us more story

ID: hd8kcop

The Iki storyline really paints an interesting backdrop to the main story, I'm excited to finally play NG+ with knowledge of who Jin's father really was. I think it explains a lot about his character.

ID: hd81ku6

I'm on my 4th playthrough right now and still loving it.

ID: hd8nrrk

My wife made my buy this as my first ps5 game. She's a backseat gamer and likes to watch. I started messing around after the prologue without her and had to shut it off because she would love the scenes I was seeing

ID: hd7wpiw

I didn't even think you could make an already gorgeous game more beautiful, I'm on my new game + run and I haven't touched Ikki island yet because I just love the world and adding the function for replaying duels is a nice touch too

ID: hd8ghe8

Yes indeed. It’s insane how fast the loading times are and the Story for the expansion is really good. Personally the way Jin believes that Lords should serve the people is my favorite thing about him

ID: hdc491n

Loading times were really fast even on the PS4

ID: hd8uq4i

I just got to act 3, going to get in a nice session tonight.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:47 ID: hd7x9wo

I really liked this game but do not consider it a masterpiece. It has pretty average story and acting, also I found the gameplay very repetitive.

That being said it is very polished, GORGEOUS game with fun engaging combat.

ID: hd9sknx

I completely agree. The game is polished and beautiful. I’ve never fucked around with photo modes in games as much as I did this one lol….

But it has been very hard for me to finish the game because the story is just not that interesting. It’s not that exciting to me. And I agree about the gameplay as well. Learning all the extra abilities helped add more variety but the combat does get very repetitive, even when I do my best to mixup how I approach the situations.

EDIT: Regarding the combat… I have the same issue with the assassins creed games too. The combat systems in these games are just very basic and simple.

After playing games like God of War (the new one), or Jedi fallen order , it makes other games like GoT or Assasins creed feel so boring. Those other games have much more “tactical combat” that feels much more rewarding when you master it.

ID: hd8cgqh

Solid 8.5/10 for me. The setting and style are 10/10 for me though.

ID: hd86eu1

Completely agree.

ID: hdfevs5

I wouldn't say it was that polished either tbf, lots of texture clipping and Jin doesn't even walk up stairs lmao. Great game but not a masterpiece by a long shot imo.

ID: hd9rsgm

I agree, it's basically a better, more polished Assassin's Creed, but the writing was pretty flat, and everything gets pretty samey-samey after a while. It's a very good game, but it's not a masterpiece.

ID: hd90tgv

It’s not super polished. The animation is pretty jank

ID: hd9gk02

Lots of clipping too.

And I suspect that a lot of the cutscenes happen from a distance so that they wouldn't have to animate the mouths.

It felt like a step down from Infamous Second Son.

But the sword fighting was cool, I guess.

I suspect a lot of the hyperbolic positivity is coming from the crowd that hated TLOUII and kept talking about how GoT was an overall better game.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:03 ID: hd8p6fl

Why people feel the need to come into an appreciation thread about a game and trash others appreciation for it is beyond me. Make a hate thread and go there sourpusses.

ID: hdfparv

They don't appreciate appreciation

ID: hdchszd

Every Tsushima thread is the same, people complaining that they didn’t like it as much as others so just should it be so highly regarded. I mean I hated The Last of Us but I don’t go into all it’s threads and bash it all the time.

ID: hda8e6e

Game is a masterpiece to me and that's all that matters tbh

ID: hd9w78i

Because not loving a popular game makes people feel the need to share that they don't share popular opinion

ID: hd8zu4o

They’re mad that the game isn’t 80% cutscenes

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 15:25 ID: hd7tze0

Good game, don’t know that I’d call it a masterpiece

ID: hd89av7

I concur. I love a lot about the game. It might be a masterpiece in terms of aesthetics, but story wise it’s basically just a crash course in romanticized Japanese historical revisionism.

The game also falls short a bit in terms of combat sometimes. Yes again, the combat aesthetics are amazing, but the game is far from difficult on Lethal+ and the AI is very underwhelming.

I went from really enjoying the first act, to getting kind of burned out in the second act, to trying to rush through the third act as fast as possible just to beat the game.

I put it down for over a year, and I playing through it again for the new DLC. I find that I cannot okay the game for more than hour before I get bored and switch to something else. I still enjoy it, but in small doses.

The game deserves a lot of love, don’t get me wrong. I just hope GoT 2 knocks the first one out of the park.

ID: hdb8lvc

I mean, it's supposed to be an homage to old samurai movies, so of course it feels like that.

The game really does overstay it's welcome, though. It really should have blended the first and second acts together, not only because the gameplay gets a bit repetitive after 40 hours, but because the setting of act 3 is so bland. Seriously, winter? It's just all...white. all the time. For like 5-10 hours of gameplay. It also destroys the game's best graphic design choice--the grass/leaves! No grass and no leaves in winter, yo. It really exposes the limits of their engine.

I loved the game's feel, and even the not-particularly-original story because it felt so much like a Kurosawa film, or a serious samurai-based anime. It feels more classically Japanese than almost any Japanese-made game that's been made in a very long time. It's the setting and tone that makes this game, and in my opinion it hits the mark so well on those that those two things alone make it a masterpiece.

ID: hd8fo5e

Same. Loved the game but it got repetitive quickly. Side quests/activities are nearly all identical and I found myself wishing there was more enemy variety. Facial animations felt very stiff and I also didn't find the story all that compelling. All in all it was a good game, but there are things to improve upon for the sequel. Can't wait to see where GoT goes next!

ID: hd83ssl

It doesn't differentiate itself enough from the usual open world formula.

It might as well be Assassin's Creed Japan albeit with better combat.

ID: hd9leik

It might as well be Assassin's Creed Japan albeit with better combat.

Sure but literally every asscreed fan wanted that since like 2014 and sucker punch delivered.

ID: hd9djav

I don’t get the hype. It’s an absolutely gorgeous game, but I can’t find a whole lot else to say beyond that. The world is just so empty. You’ll wander across great expanses seeing no one. You’ll stumble across a congregation of buildings, but no one is there. You can explore a grouping of 3-5 buildings and find not one single item or piece of loot. And, no one is there while you search. It’s a ghost town. When you do get lucky and stumble across the rare enemy, you get to try out the two-button combat system. What’ll be this time, a fast swing or a slow swing? Once you’ve been in one fight, you’ve seen most everything the game has to offer by way of combat. And, the cut scenes are completely devoid of any fluidity. You walk up to someone, the game outright fucking stops to load a cutscene, you watch said cutscene, the game stops a second time, and then you finally get back to the game. Maybe I’m just spoiled from God of War where the entire game is one, single take, but the GoT cutscenes fee like they were crammed in as an afterthought. You know what it’s like when you’re watching a YouTube video and it stops to play an ad? That’s what the cutscenes feel like. Again, it’s an absolutely gorgeous game, but I don’t get the hype beyond that. Even though it sounds like I’m trashing the game, I’m not. It’s still decent enough to play. But a masterpiece? Absolutely not.

ID: hdb7z1p

Did you start gaming in like 2018 or something? GoT's pretty standard as far as cutscene design goes. Also, the cinematography in some of them really is amazing.

ID: hd7uix0

To me it's one of the top 5 games of the PS4

ID: hd7w47e

Personally in terms of story it won’t stick with me and didn’t emotionally grip me the way some games like GoW, Uncharted and TLOU did but it was very beautiful.

ID: hd84pjd

I agree. This is the most overrated Playstation exclusive out there. Art design is superb and combat is pretty good.

But the open world is practically empty and the mission structure is so lazy. Follow footsteps and clear out Mongol camp got old quick during sidequests. I feel like the game ran out of game during the first island.

Not to mention no characters got any real development besides Jin and his uncle so when those big characters moments "hit" it really lacks an impact.

The game is good, but not as good as other high tier games.

ID: hd937c9

Horizon is the most overrated PS exclusive imo

ID: hd8ox08

If you think no other characters had real development I can only guess you didn't pay attention to the dialogue during quests.

ID: hdc2qw0

I absolutely disagree. Yuna, Sensei, Masako, Norio and kenji all hey significant development.

ID: hd8u8uu

You mean selecting the proper stance and mashing triangle isn’t masterpiece combat? /s

This game is pretty good and it’s fun for about 15 hours, but Jesus Christ it’s so overhyped. Nowhere near a masterpiece.

ID: hd8yrq1

I feel like Nioh and Nioh 2 implemented this style of combat in a much better manner.

You combat stances do not dictate which type of enemy is weak to your attacks (in most cases), but the game encourages you to switch between the stances mid-combat for a variety of reasons. In higher difficulty runs, switching between stances during combat is basically mandatory.

In GoT, the stances aren’t really even that helpful, and you can pretty much beat the game with just one or two stances since they aren’t even balanced properly.

ID: hd81okf

Hmm, to each his own I guess. I absolutely love it, but that's just like my opinion man.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/18 15:16 ID: hdc8vwq

Incredible game, especially with the addition of Ikishima and Legends. I can't stop playing it.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:19 ID: hd8j0sr

Without watching, I hope that there’s footage of someone copying and pasting the same two or three open world encounters like 700 times.

j/k It was a pretty good game but definitely had it’s flaws that would sadly stop me, at least, deeming it a masterpiece. I’d probably give it a good 7.5/8.0 out of 10 but hope others enjoyed it more than I did (as you totally can’t disregard the massive fan base that loved the game!).

9 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:10 ID: hd8hs1i

Bought the CE at release and just recently started playing the ps5 version and for me it’s a masterpiece

10 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:01 ID: hd8gfr1

How many people played this with the Japanese voices and what did you think of it?

ID: hdhx8f6

I play with original Japanese voice with English subtitle, it feels wrong to me to see samurai speaks in English lol.

Original voice is always best, same for anime. And they had the voice actor for Zoro from One Piece to do the main character’s voice which is an added bonus for me, his voice goes really well with samurai or swordsman type characters.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:42 ID: hd855zy

I know this is a Playstation sub but come on

12 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:00 ID: hd8x711

The amount of people in these comments who clearly didn't play the game is impressive.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:18 ID: hd8r95b

By spending 6 years on a game, it’s gonna be fucking great. And it is.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/18 14:40 ID: hdc47p6

"We charged those jerkoffs 60 bucks and then made them pay another 30 to upgrade it to the PS5 version a year after release!"

16 : Anonymous2021/09/19 18:59 ID: hdhwere

$30 is including the DLC though.

If you already have the DLC on PS4 is only $8 for PS5 upgrade.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:05 ID: hd96a9o

Masterpiece is a bit of a stretch. Repetitive gameplay, mediocre cut scenes, too much horse.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/18 03:06 ID: hdaep41

too much horse.

What does this mean. I forgot I had a horse until I died when you escaped. I basically walked everywhere

19 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:52 ID: hd86i1n

To be a modern day masterpiece you need:

good action


good story

There was like no sex at all in GoT but there were some in TLOU2 so you know what that means. The only time he got his dick wet was when he went to the hot springs man

20 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:16 ID: hd8r08m

You really should consider making more reviews. You have great insight.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:30 ID: hd8sul0

Thanks ill start a newsletter please leave your email below to receive the latest updates

22 : Anonymous2021/09/19 19:06 ID: hdhxi1r

I was sad that you cannot stay the night with Tome.


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