[TPU] Playstation 3 Emulator RPCS3 To Implement AMD FSR Upscaling Tech

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 10:42 ID: pt4tu5
[TPU] Playstation 3 Emulator RPCS3 To Implement AMD FSR Upscaling Tech
2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:21 ID: hduib4u

Yeah, it has been part of RPCS3 since August 6, we just released a showcase recently

One limitation of this approach is that game support has to be added almost manually, checking and correcting the emulators' behaviors according to the software being played.

Edit, to clarify: FSR support is independent of game

ID: hduw6pl

What the hell are they talking about?

RPCS3 is a high level emulator (emulating software calls) so most games require some love from the developers to work correctly.

ID: hduz490

But that has nothing to do with adding FSR, just the emulation itself.

ID: hdutyxk

RPCS3 doesn't work flawlessly. A lot of games are still finicky and crash very often even with proper settings

ID: hduzeak

Yes, but FSR support is independent of game.

ID: hdvedj1

Unrelated question: Does your GPU get bottlenecked by your CPU?

ID: hdvfsmd

On RPCS3, without a doubt. On native games, at 1080p yes, at higher resolutions I'm not sure.

ID: hdvqq7q

Exciting development, thank you all!

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 12:34 ID: hdu505q

I mean yeah but it was implemented like a month ago. They only just put out a video now, that's all.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:08 ID: hdu8wac

RPCS3 needs to get rdr working

ID: hdu9sul

From what I remember it does work, just not very fast yet, but if you have a high end CPU it's playable.

ID: hduf5vf

Xenia is a better option for Red Dead Redemption if you have a somewhat decent GPU. It's different to most emulators in that it leans heavily on the GPU (it still requires a decent CPU too, but not to the level of RPCS3). You can run RDR at native resolution and a locked 30fps on it with a fairly modest card (say a GTX 1070 or above). There's also the benefit of the Xbox 360 version of RDR being just plain better than the PS3 one.

The one downside being that if you want to render at a higher resolution, the GPU demands also increase massively as a result. You need a pretty high end card to even render at 2x native.

ID: hduac7l

I have a 3700X which is maybe not considered High End anymore but its really fast and even it still struggles to run rdr properly

ID: hdvdd4n

Define High End? Is the 2600X high enough or no?

ID: hdumw61

Not the best frame rate, but it works

ID: hduaba4

I tried rdr on my old dusty xbox 360 before buying rdr2, and honestly it wasn't that fun.

I can totally see how it was revolutionary and amazing for the 360, but by modern standards the graphics are painful to look at, and game mechanics are even jankier than rdr2 .__.

ID: hduhcs4

Really wish Rockstar would remake RDR for modern consoles. Give GTAV a rest for a bit.

ID: hduhu1p

Worst take.

ID: hdw7onw

"The prequel, made on a previous gen console, released 8 years before, on a game engine that didn't yet go through the improvements brought from RDR2, GTA V and Max Payne 3" IS JANKIER than a 2018, extremely high end AAA, X1/PS4 title?

You don't say.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:05 ID: hdu8ibr

Isn't the problem with emulators the cpu? What is this going to help.

ID: hdu8ykw

the graphics.

ID: hdu9t8y

Most of the time, yes. However, upscaling is a thing, and since GPU calls are bottlenecked by the CPU, you can upscale to hell to get better quality and forget you're being CPU limited. Ps3 games are also sorta old so an technology like FSR really helps their graphics.

ID: hdw5uc6

just run native resolution. Why would you need FSR for a ps3 game

ID: hdu9om1

Emulating the PS3 does require a fair amount of GPU power especially at higher resolutions.

With that being said I don't see why you couldn't use this with the base resolution equal to your native resolution as way of improving image quality at basically the same fps.

ID: hdu9tyj

If you have a capable cpu for rpcs3 you probably already have a gpu that can easily do 4k without breaking a sweat.

ID: hdui0t9

It helps a lot on systems with good CPUs and integrated graphics. My 5600G can emulate PS3 pretty well in many games, but the integrated Vega graphics can't push the resolution very high. FSR also upscales 2D elements really well.

It'll be good for laptops with APUs rather than dedicated graphics too.

ID: hdv4v3m

Emulation is very CPU dependant, however you still need enough GPU power to render the game. Generally speaking, if your GPU is powerful enough to run most games, then the CPU becomes the bottleneck in titles which are harder to emulate such as games with abstractically coded engines.

ID: hdviiap

They're using FSR for upscaling not really for performance. Most PS3 games max out at 720p and FSR currently is one of the best traditional upscalers. Still I question how well it will be for those games as from what we've seen 720p doesn't seem to have enough pixel data for FSR to work with to do its magic we see at higher resolutions.

ID: hdvjuzn

I could see it helping for APUs when upscaling.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:26 ID: hdurp46

You're about... a month too late


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