Samsung Exynos 2200 SoC w/ AMD RDNA 2 Graphics Tested with 1.58GHz Clocks, Said to be Capable of 1.8GHz at 10W

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:42 ID: pt8zvi
Samsung Exynos 2200 SoC w/ AMD RDNA 2 Graphics Tested with 1.58GHz Clocks, Said to be Capable of 1.8GHz at 10W
2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:22 ID: hdur1dh

That's impressive. Hopefully this translates into much more capable ARM SoCs for all sorts of devices. That 10-15w, for example, is where the Switch lives.

Can't wait to see the benchmarks 🙂

ID: hduy01e

For phones 10W is too much however

ID: hdv3i9x

The newest iPhones peak at 8W on the GPU, then start throttling afterwards once the device starts getting hot.

10W isn't as bad as it sounds, especially when you consider the fact Samsung can also try ship the SoC in tablets and laptops as well.

ID: hdv886i

That's fine assuming it scales. You could have a cellphone model and then a bigger, beefier tablet/handheld model easy enough. Again, can't wait for benchmarks to see how good (or not) this is..

ID: hdv1n3s

For phones 10W is too much however

And did anyone claim otherwise? What's your point? Obviously they are claiming 1.8GHz@10W+, and only testing 1.58/1.31GHz aka lower than ~8W.

Switch and "all sorts of devices" are obviously not referring to phones either.

ID: hdvocua

Did you know, Samsung also sells tablets and laptops?

ID: hduyyh6

Maybe they will release a Switch like "phone"

ID: hdvzwrm

But i bet ok for standalone VR headsets

ID: hdv61a7

Its where Steam Deck lives too

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:20 ID: hdvheg0

Seems no one bothered to read the story so,

"engineers are testing two variants of the Exynos 2200 SoC: one with the GPU core clock set to 1.29GHz, and the other to 1.58GHz. The catch is that with the latter, the CPU clocks (of the middle cores) have to be tuned down a bit to keep the TDP in check: "

so there testing slicon at two main clocks.

"AMD’s mRDNA architecture is basically capable of high clocks and assuming TDP10W or higher, it is said to come out up to 1.8GHz."

If the slicon is pushed past what there testing it still works and uses 10W, AKA you can OC it to 1.8ghz and it works and only uses 10W.

"Even though there’s still a fair bit of throttling, the device remains nearly 50% faster than the Apple A14 in graphics workloads and considerably ahead of the Exynos 2100.The source believes that the mid-range SoCs will be paired with 2-4 CUGPUs, with a core clock of around 1GHz. The lower-end Exynos SoCs willbe paired with Cortex A78 cores on the CPU side. Since it’s a muchsmaller chip, throttling isn’t really an issue."

At the clock speeds they are testing (aka not the OC) it's faster than apples A14 and they also have a lower power version to.

Why do people just read the tite and say '10W to much for phone' when the artificial is super clear that the 10W is an OC to show how good the slicon is and not the actual power target for the slicon.

ID: hdwewgo

ok, can we now get desktop 75W model for PCIe power w/o need to use cable?
or just stack several chiplets together :grin

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:30 ID: hdv11lg

What would be a great idea is for AMD it switch GPU production over to samsung at least for some parts to increase availability... we'll get a huge performance boost from chiplets anyway, at this point we need more silicon more than anything else.

That would mean however that AMD would have to fall back on microbumps for die stacking...

ID: hdvj9wf

There is absolutely no sense to jeopardize their partnership with TSMC for that, zero sense.

ID: hdvjl97

Nonsense... AMD ALREADY USES MORE THAN ONE FAB. They are basically buying all the capacity they can and it clearly is not enough. AMD is going to remain the top 2nd customer at TSMC, regardless and Apple holds first because they just cough up whatever money TSMC demands for them to remain at the bleeding edge.

ID: hdvy8ww

That wouldn't do anything and it's not as simple as just port it to a different fab. All major fabs have agreements saying anyone who works on things manufactured there cannot work on products at different fabs, meaning AMD would have to hire an entire team to just work on products there. AMD would be better off just ordering more capacity from TSMC

ID: hdvqqfs

Ain't gonna happen for the mcm sku. Lower end possible but there's nothin on that atm so probably not

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 21:00 ID: hdw0apo

Which would be more powerful between this and an Nvidia Tegra Orin?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 21:34 ID: hdw2wn7

RDNA2 gets very high clockspeed huh?

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:15 ID: hdw5d0c

Really itchen to replace my galaxy S3 with this.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:34 ID: hdw7uq7

If it is 50% faster than the A14, that would put it on par with the A15 with 5 GPU Cores (on the iPhone 13 Pro) and also destroys the Snapdragon GPUs. Pretty good for AMD’s first attempt.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/22 17:30 ID: hdva01h

10 watts is impossibly high, a phone battery is less than 20 watt hours, that would completely drain the phone from 100% to 0% in 1.5 hours, nevermind cooling it.

ID: hdvfogp

It’s a good thing it won’t be boosting to max clockspeed 24/7…

ID: hdvg8jl

Well aware, I'm just trying to take it into perspective, that is going to be impossible to cool without active cooling.

Also this is not me being negative (which is annoyingly something you have to state to not get mass downvoted on reddit), this will be great for bursty loads, just taking it into perspective so people don't expect their phones to be able to deliver 10 watts to the CPU/GPU for extended loads.

ID: hdw4nrw

Read the actual article


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