Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Hands-On Preview

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:23 ID: pt7g9h
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Hands-On Preview
2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:38 ID: hduckf9

From Push Square-

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't just wear its Mass Effect influences on its sleeve: it prances them about like Chris Pratt in the opening exchanges of the franchise's first movie. The similarities to BioWare's space-faring soap opera are so plentiful that they're almost impossible to ignore, but following the success of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it should have publisher Square Enix greasing its palms.

Fortunately, the combat is fantastic, and attracts parallels to Mass Effect once again. You control Quill from a third-person perspective, armed with a photon blaster and the ability to knee-slide. However, at the push of a button you can command your teammates, whether it's getting Drax to perform a wrestling move or Groot to wrap up opponents in tree-like tendrils. By either dishing damage or depleting your adversary's defences, each squad member brings something a little different to your arsenal.

From PowerUp Gaming-

Thanks to its status as the most frivolous and wacky outpost of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's a lot of excitement about Square Enix turning Guardians of the Galaxy into a videogame. Mixed, it must be said, with a certain amount of trepidation, arising from the Anglo-Japanese publisher's previous exercise along similar lines: the disappointingly loot-centric and generic Marvel's Avengers.
Happily, two hours of hands-on gameplay with Guardians of the Galaxy suggests that its developer, Eidos Montreal, has worked hard to make the sort of game that fans of the franchise would actually want to play. Guardians of the Galaxy is single-player only, unsullied by even the merest hint of a loot box. Gameplay-wise, it's a story-driven third-person brawle

/puzzler that makes the most of the chemistry between Peter Quill/Star-Lord and his motley crew and makes a fine job of evoking the unique Guardians of the Galaxy universe

ID: hduiqb6

The comparison to Mass Effect is good news. The trailer had those good Mass Effect vibes. Nice to know it’s more than window dressing.

ID: hduxr0s

Guardians 1 and 2 are my favourite MCU films so their game being compared to Mass Effect is beyond exciting

Fuck yes

ID: hdvecaa

This moves my “wait and see” attitude towards a more cautiously excited one. Glad to hear it. I also hope that Insomniac or Sucker Punch or someone makes a Doctor Strange game for the PSVR2 (using all of the trippy imagery from the film, with the roof/shingles/windows all folding into each other and streets at impossible angles like an optical illusion). And that “Open Your Eye” sequence would be amazing to experience in that way.

Would be really cool to use the new PSVR2 DualSense controllers for the gestures as well, to cast all the magic abilities and portals and whatnot. Out of all the MCU characters that we’ve gotten to know on the big screen, I feel like Doctor Strange would be by far the best one to bring to VR for that scale, depth, and perspective that only VR can do. By far one of the coolest movies I’ve seen in 3D and I wish the PS5 played BluRays so I could still use my PSVR to watch it.

ID: hdvg3c0

Doesn’t the PS5 Disc have a blu-ray player in it?

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:46 ID: hdudnvb

Ok this looks better than I initially expected, gotta see reviews

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:56 ID: hduezj6

This actually looks good? Cautiously optimistic about this now.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:45 ID: hdudh1x

Looking forward to this. I’ve enjoyed the humor and banter based off the trailers. Looks like dumb fun and that’s all I want from this game

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:30 ID: hdubjwr

Cautiously optimistic about this. Looks like they learned a few lessons from the Avengers disaster at least.

ID: hdufdri

It's made by the Deus Ex and Theif studio, so it could be good. Knowing squarenix, it could be bad. Tickle me hopeful.

ID: hduufz3

Comparisons to Mass Effect and FF7 remake are getting me a bit excited. I watched another video on it and it looks like they're using the soundtrack in cool ways too.

ID: hduvaws

I thought thief was terrible so hopefully they've improved since then.

ID: hdv21ly

it's gonna be good I am sure about that

ID: hdudzuw

This has nothing to do with the Avengers game though.

ID: hduflve

They're both Square Enix games, are they not?

ID: hdudw6r

It looks like a solid enough narrative driven experience but the uninspired design of Peter Quill is exactly what happened with Avengers and it stops me being able to see him as his own character, whereas with Gamora I very much can. They've made the human character look so generic that there's uncanny valley where you expect them to look like the MCU, rather than them having their own identity.

Spider-Man PS4 deserves a lot of credit for the original Peter Parker model choice. He looked unique enough for him to be his own Peter Parker without feeling like a knock off MCU version. I think the new face is a good fit too but it is a shame they got someone who looks so much like Holland, it makes the iteration of the character stand out less.

ID: hdue5mr

What looked unique in Peter Parker? lol he was just another generic white dude.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:38 ID: hducmss

Very happy to hear about the combat complexity here. Wasn't bummed but wasn't super stoked on only playing as Star Lord at first but now seeing how deep the combat can be I'm feeling optimistic. Also I'm excited for a new take on these characters, always fun for me to see alt universe versions. I'm very interested in what the other outfits will look like.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:10 ID: hdugrfm

my thought process is this, the studio has a pretty decent track record (3rd tomb raider in the reboot and the deus ex games as well as thief) that it could be pretty good, but there is still the taste of the avengers game in our collective mouths. prolly not gonna sell well if it doesn't review great. by that i mean it will sell but not the expectations that they expect and it will prolly see a price drop come black friday.

so i am waiting for reviews and possibly aforementioned black friday sale to invest

9 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:32 ID: hdujvu5

I was on the fence, but now I’m sold! The hover boots and being able to shoot when you use them look so fun! Also glad to see the elements having a decent amount of abilities with each! Looks tons of fun!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:38 ID: hdukptq

Not really sold on the gameplay but the characters and story seem to be on point.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:58 ID: hdv5861

That earlier look at the gameplay was rough but I think the completed work might be worth checking out. They certainly put the money into it.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:05 ID: hdvwb2p

Similar to Mass Effect, single player only, and no lootboxes? I'm sold. Was afraid they were going to fuck it up like they did with Avengers.

ID: hdw2p25

Yeah I'm never trusting the whole "you can play it single player too" thing again. Avengers is such a terrible single player experience, it's just so many endless repetative fights that feel totally randomized and with no planning or level design in mind for them. This being singleplayer and not having the dumb loot system is a very good sign. If there was any game to base a GotG game on it would be Mass Effect.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:50 ID: hdue43r

After not knowing much about this game this is a nice preview. Combat looks like fun and I actually like the idea of just playing as Quill. I feel like being able to play all the guardians would make this too muddled. My only thing is the character animations, faces included, look kind of stiff. Definitely willing to look passed that with good gameplay and story. This might be a buy for me once I get to read some real reviews.

ID: hdufqsx

My only thing is the character animations, faces included, look kind of stiff.

Eidos really isn't known for a strong suit in graphics and animation quality, unfortunately (though they are a talented studio).

14 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:52 ID: hduvgjb

This looks fun. I was worried it was going to be Avengers with a Guardians of the Galaxy skin on it.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:44 ID: hduu7b7

I really don’t like how bullet spongy the enemies look.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:20 ID: hduzjyl

Well I didn't have much high hopes for this but if its anything like a modern mass effect legendary edition type vibe, this is gonna be a instant buy for me.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:14 ID: hduhc81

All in all, I can safely say this will be better than Avengers. Just hoping it'll be a fun game

ID: hdv5a29

Avengers campaign was amazing. It’ll actually be hard to top that because the campaign itself was one of the best Marvel game experiences ever created.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:51 ID: hdue7zd

Looks great!

19 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:45 ID: hdv39cx

If it’s even a bit like mass effect with exploring planets, having a team I might give it a try

20 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:17 ID: hduz546

Had zero expectations for this being decent, now im kinda hyped for it?

21 : Anonymous2021/09/22 17:28 ID: hdv9ne4

Well that has me more excited than I was previously. I feel like everyone was worried after the Avengers, what Marvel properties would look like in the large AAA development pipeline. Seems like this might just be a good time!

22 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:23 ID: hduij2i

Ok this actually looks... good.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:30 ID: hdujj5h

It looks pretty good, but all the "INCREDIBLE!!" and other flashy effects are a bit much.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:40 ID: hdukx9o

Just don't preorder! But I'm also optimistic

25 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:44 ID: hdull4g

…so…. Basically, combat is like Tales of Arise, but you control one character instead of have access to 6 with different play styles? Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, will be interesting to see if it stays fun and interesting the whole way through.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:34 ID: hduc212

Piques my interest but the review itself sounds too scripted and more like a paid advertisement in response to fan concerns. Am keeping an eye on this but will take a lot of convincing yet.

ID: hdue2c0


Hands-on preview.

ID: hduevny

Well yeah, they write a script that they read out and it placed over the video. What a weird comment. Would you prefer all videos were unscripted commentaries over video?

ID: hdva2sx

Don't be dense.

They're saying "too scripted" in the sense that this comes off as a marketing ploy to publicly address fan concerns. No one is saying that people don't write literal scripts for these videos...

27 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:32 ID: hdubu88

I don't what it is but the look of this game makes me aggressive. The colouring with the red and the different faces of the Guardians triggers me haha.

ID: hduimix

I like everyone's design except Quill, don't like his haircut at all

ID: hdv5hia

His lower body looks kind of meaty from the back. They made him too bulky from the chest down with his jacket and it looks like he’s got a case of diabetes mixed with consumption issues.

ID: hdue9c0

I think that is a big issue people have with this and Avengers, We have been watching the movies for over 10 years and are used to how these characters look on the big screen. With the games though, they have to make the characters look more like the comics or a variation of the comics and people don't like that. I saw someone on Twitter complaining about Starlords hair style and demanding the hair style to be changed. I get that some people wont like the look of the characters but will that take away of the game so much so that it ruins your enjoyment (not you but the person from twitter)? I like the look of the game but will wait for reviews and user reviews to make a final judgement on buying it.

ID: hduiyoy

I wouldn't say to change the appearance, I'm sure many people don't care or even like the new (or old comic) looks. But I don't because they look cheap. I wouldn't play this game even if they looked different because I don't care about anything this game shows, gameplay wise or character wise so who am I to demand changes. I don't even like the art direction of this game, the environment or effects. I really don't know why I am so triggered but it's like an equivalent of a punchable face for me.

ID: hdvvyyx

and the different faces of the Guardians triggers me haha.

Was this ever a problem with Insomniac’s Spider-Man? I don’t ever remember seeing people complain about that and I’m trying to figure out why it’s any different.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:15 ID: hduhh6j

I think this’ll be a solid game, nothing mind blowing but probably mid to high 70s on metacritic. Probably one to rent or wait for a January sale.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:01 ID: hdufjde

I don't really like the character designs of Quill or Rocket and after Avengers and the first preview of the game, I'll hold off from any hype. I'd rather control Gamora than Quill tbh.

Also the AI looks braindead or lost, even 30s into this video after Drax does the leap.

2021 and we still can't program good ally AI...

This honestly feels like it's just FF15 all over again in terms of "I have a party... I just don't get to play as them." (Pre-DLC's)

31 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:06 ID: hdug8y3

It still looks bad. Don't fall for the marketing guys.

32 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:22 ID: hdvhpb1

Something something opinions

33 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:19 ID: hdui1hp

This comment still looks bad. Don't fall for the Debbie Downers guys.

34 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:27 ID: hduj4ry

Thanks i hate it

35 : Anonymous2021/09/22 19:18 ID: hdvq2u6

Nice info. Still dont like that we only get to fully control starlord, but with the info, the game went from 'def not' to a 'wait and see' with me.

36 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:07 ID: hdvwhub

Why does the guy doing these reviews speak like everything's in a rhyme. it makes these really difficult to watch.

37 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:09 ID: hdvwnpl

So hyped for this game. I’m not going to buy it until it’s been out for a week or so though after what happened with avengers

38 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:22 ID: hdvxqwg

Its nice the characters arent modeled after the actors,that sorta cheapens it for me.

39 : Anonymous2021/09/22 23:18 ID: hdwdou3

Hope it's good, just because of all the hate it got.

40 : Anonymous2021/09/22 17:31 ID: hdva3l6

You only play as Starlord???? Missed opportunity.

41 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:57 ID: hdv53s7

I feel like a few months after release they’ll add the ability to change characters. I think that’s their “post launch sales push”. They’ll add an update to play as any character, put the game on sale shortly after, and it’ll drive up sales again. Seems like the logical thing to do to me.

42 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:10 ID: hdvfyl5

I thought you could play as any of the guardians. It's just starlord, kind of disappointed. But gameplay looks fun.


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