Can you push the cpu (5950x) to hard leading to the system locking up? Currenly getting some lock ups using handbrake.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:48 ID: ptg5jk

I have a 5950x and I have not manually overclocked the system but when I run handbrake to encode some videos, 3 at a time (dvd quality), about halfway into it my screen goes black and the system is unresponsive. Even the reset and power button on the tower don't work. I have to flick the switch on the psu to power off.

It's even crashed out doing just 2 at a time but it's less often.

Anyway I've done lots of trouble shooting and have not found the specific issue, but I'd like to know if my cpu values from Ryzen Master indicate any issue.

When handbrake is running the values jump around a bit but these are some of the values I see.

Temperature - 67 C

Peak Speed - 4.1 GHZ

PPT - 98% of 142W

CPU power - 112W

SOC power - 6.69W

TDC (cpu) - 100% of 95A

EDC (cpu) 92% of 140A

Peak core(s) voltage - 1.28

Does anything look way out of the norm with any of these values that could explain why the system locks up?

2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:51 ID: hdvzjph

Run HWinfo to get a better picture of what’s going on.

Running intensive tasks don’t normally crash the system unless something causes an exception.

Install prime 95 select Just stress testing

Let it run for 5-8 hours.

If it crashes during this. It may be hw specific if so Start by disabling PBO and go from there. Use hwinfo64 to monitor the stress test with prime 95.

If it doesn’t crash in prime 95 which is arguably the most demanding cpu stress tester then it’s the software crashing and doesn’t like encoding more than 1 stream at a time.

ID: hdvzwau

Thanks for the info. I had run Cinebench R23 for a long duration and everything was fine. I also game without any issues as well. I'll look into prime 95. How much performance will I lose if I disable PBO?

ID: hdw0a90

It could be no performance loss at all.

PBO uses power and temperature envelopes to determine performance. It doesn’t help much in extended tests though.

Also r23 is nothing compared to prime 95

Prime 95 will run your CPU the hottest it’s ever been and as hard as possible. If it won’t crash the computer then it’s not HW.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:09 ID: hdw4lgp

I've not managed to make a ryzen cpu lock up, if it hits a certain temperature.. it'll throttle.

The only reason a lockup would occur was due to insufficient voltage being provided by the mainboard to the cpu, unstable memory clock/memory timings or perhaps bad memory. Too high of an IF clock speed.

Handbrake and the associate codecs are fairly solid stability test, if a lockup occurs, then it's best to back things down to fail safe and then rerun, if a lock still occurs, you've likely got a bad hardware component.

ID: hdwd6pz

I've never had it fail when doing a single video. I've even done different 1080p quality videos which do push the cpu to 80%-100% cpu utilizaton so I can only do 1 at a time and I've never had an issue. Only when trying to do multiple videos at once does this lock up happen. Doing 3 dvd quality videos pushes the cpu to about 90% utilization but I even had a couple of lockups doing just 2 videos with cpu utilization being reported at around 60%.

I should add that I've successfully done 3 videos at a time. I just have found 3 specific videos when done together cause the lock up to happen every time even though I can do them all individually without any issues.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:13 ID: hdw547b

Wild guess but I think you may be having issues with VRM on motherboard providing stable voltage. They may be overheating even.

ID: hdwchv6

How can I see if that is happening? A program or in bios perhaps? Right now I only have Ryzen Master and I don't see VRM listed on the readout.

Also any bios settings I can adjust to get that under control if it is the issue or would this just be a hardware issue that can't be fixed?

ID: hdwh0xp

HWINFO will show it if there are sensors, not all mobos have them.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:45 ID: hdw9g6k

I suspect you have a hardware issue.

Try running the various OCCT tests, including memory.

It could also be a power supply issue?

I'm pushing my 5900x to 190 watts (with benching, not production work) for up to an hour, with no issues at all. Your power draws are at stock, and just fine.

What power supply do you have?

What GPU, and have you overclocked it?

ID: hdwc1jo

PSU is a 1000 watt cooler master. I think it is the "Silent Pro M2" model.

My video card is an old R9 280x but it's not overclocked at all. I want a new one but stores are out of stock.

What are OCCT test?

I'm currently trying the 3 video test with PBO disabled to see if that has any effect. I'll find out soon enough.

Edit: crashed out with PBO disabled too.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 23:16 ID: hdwdi37

That kind of failure is typically indicative of power delivery problems. Either the motherboard VRM's can't handle the load, or the PSU can't, leading to severe undervolting causing a hard lockup.

ID: hdwe9ll

How can I figure out if it is the VRM?

My PSU is a 1000 watt Cooler Master. I think it is the "Silent Pro M2" model.

ID: hdwfw8n

You should start by using HWInfo64 to monitor the software-reported voltage figures you have available, and look for large dips.

I wouldn't rule out the PSU at all, even though it's rated capacity is ample.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 23:49 ID: hdwhkkr

Nothing looks out of the norm on Ryzen master but that won't give true numbers during the process unless you have Ryzen master on a 2nd monitor and you watch it while the handbrake program is running on screen.

Use HWinfo64 and then run handbrake program again. Try to do a lighter load that hopfully won't crash your PC and then once it's finished, look at HWinfo64 and see what your Max temps, voltage, VRM temps are


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