RPCS3 – First Emulator to Implement FSR Upscaling Technology!

1 : Anonymous2021/09/21 18:25 ID: psoqj4
RPCS3 - First Emulator to Implement FSR Upscaling Technology!
2 : Anonymous2021/09/21 19:58 ID: hdrbnm7

At first I was like, "didn't Retroarch add this a few weeks back?", but it looks like RPCS3 added it back in Early August.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 09:27 ID: hdtpmgl

Never thought about using a ps3 emulator before, gonna take a look. Gonna be impressive with fsr! Are all games playable? Or only some of them?

Apart from that, Anyone knows if there's a good one for xbox360? I just heard of xenia, but it looks a little bit abandoned

ID: hdtsjy4

It’s far from perfect. Graphics are rendered correctly in most games but performance is still lacking although awesome compared to a year or so ago. Haven’t heard much about Xenia recently.

ID: hdtqlxe

You're gonna need an insane CPU to run it

ID: hdtsiga

Got 5600x paired with 3080, would it be enough?

Edit: taking a look at recommended requirements, I could handle it, not sure about performance. May take a look and download it soon

ID: hdug5c3

Xenia isn't abandoned. It's undergone some huge changes and gotten some major improvements this year actually. The developers just don't put much time into PR, so it doesn't really get much attention compared to many other emulators. There's also the fact that the Xbox 360 is inherently a less desirable console to emulate for many people, since it's somewhat lacking in major exclusives and Microsoft itself has put a lot of effort into keeping 360 games playable on newer Xbox consoles.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 03:11 ID: hdsvoj7

rpcs3 is CPU bound, low GPU usage 🙁

ID: hdtae6z

Yes, but sometimes games just don't like running at any resolution above native. FSR is an interesting compromise for that

ID: hdsy68d

yup you need next level IPC i think

ID: hdufgf6

There are plenty of titles which absolutely hammer the GPU in RPCS3, especially at higher render resolutions. Try out the original MotorStorm for example.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 03:40 ID: hdsytpu

Pretty cool. This is something I do occasionally play, so it's nice to have as an option.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 04:17 ID: hdt2noc

Gl getting it to run. My 3600 with a dark rock was sitting at 77C the 1st time I’ve ever heard it’s fans run hard. Didn’t even do that on ac odyssey at 1440p. Ncaa football 14 can be a challenge to run even

ID: hdt9vwb

It’s impressive you can even boot a loading screen of the ps3.

This emulator is so impressive, the PS3 is such a powerful piece of hardware it is quite amazing what they are doing. The PS3 at the time of its release was more powerful and more advanced than any computer you could reasonably buy on the market. Cell architecture was its downfall, since it was harder to code for and devs were too lazy to optimize for the ps3.

ID: hdte07o

That's not really true about the PS3's power. It wasn't some magical supercomputer, it was really just the wrong type of CPU for a gaming machine. Great for processing large datasets though.

ID: hdu2jzd

Why would you think a couple hundred dollar gaming console was the most powerful consumer PC on the market? This was never the case, lol.

ID: hdu4ny4

The college football revamped package has helped me run NCAA14 more smooth. If you haven’t tried it out, may want to give it a shot

ID: hduxlrx

Friend with a 5950x and 6900xt couldn't get above 24fps in the first part of red dead

Just not ready for primetime yet

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 02:23 ID: hdsq1ly

Gain knowledge


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