Chonky boi upgrade today Vega 56 to Asus 6700XT OC

1 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:22 ID: pv6o2n
Chonky boi upgrade today Vega 56 to Asus 6700XT OC
2 : Anonymous2021/09/25 15:43 ID: he8dyye

Wait, vega 56 is old already?

Im crying here with my rx 580 I bought from some miner in August 2019.

ID: he8ghbi

I got my vega 56 back around then too its not old but its a stock blower one and I really did not want to after market it. The vega architecture was good but sadly not that good

ID: he8i2l4

To be honest my Rx 580 is still fine, even with 4 gb of VRam it kills everything.

Recently I bought 4k screen since I moved to work from home and need 2 screens (some people did it at the start of pandemic, I just decided to take it slow 😛 )

And it lags a bit but it might be because of the HDMI cable they gave me, need to replace it with Display port and see if it helps. If not then I guess it will be time for new GPU ;/

ID: he8pfap

It's pretty damn good. I ran mine for two years before learning you can give it up to 50% more power. It was like getting an upgrade for free. I can't believe I was happy with the performance worth just the stock power. I then cut out the little strip of metal on the back plate for increased airflow. Thing was a beast. These days not so much, but I was happy with it.

ID: he8mrp2

Nothing wrong with a RX580 I've had mine since April 2017

ID: he9dkz3

true but also my vega 56 was a bit loud

ID: he8n4p0

lol I bought my Sapphire Vega 56 around that time. For 270€. New. Feels like ancient times.

ID: he96naa

i gave my vega 64 to my little brother for his first pc when i got my 6900xt. its still a good card.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:00 ID: he8oanq

I just ordered my 6700xt too! Had an vega 56 as well. Sold the 56 to a miner for 500€ and bought the 6700xt from an amd drop for 500€. Will arrive next week.

ID: he8vg58

Mine is up on Ebay atm, if I get £300+ for it I'm happy looking at what is available right now It should go for that easy

4 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:00 ID: he80lcl

Any plans to sell the 56?

I was planning on building a new rig for my wife.

ID: he8219h

Its on EBAY atm, im uk based so seeing what happens with it, it is a hairdryer tho 🙂

ID: he824ep

Link to the page?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:24 ID: he7w5ez

So far its been good Timespy more than doubled from 6,625 to 13,355 at 1080p 144 HZ no longer do I have a small hairdryer taking off when gaming.

Got the GPU for £779.99 from Scan UK. Its marked up but it was in stock

here is the Chonky boi in the case

also shoved another 16GB of ram in while I was at it

ID: he85xf1

Was the upgrade truly worth it? I'm eyeballing a 6700xt and I'm coming from a Vega 56 on 1080/144. My Vega is on custom water though...

ID: he86pb9

well I have more than doubled the Timespy score, Overwatch is locked at a solid 144FPS now with my free sync monitor can get like 250+ if I uncap it but that's not needed. the main thing that is good now is that its no longer like standing outside an airport when gaming 😀

ID: he88acs

Dang, that's a good price, you won't find those for less than 1500-2000 USD here in my country. It's Brazil, but that price is insane even for our standards.

ID: he8gb0z

got the wife a 3070ti which comes in a couple of days I was toying with the idea of one but I have liked AMD updates etc since I got the vega 56, and recently went to 5800x from an i7 4790k so its not too bad now, the price was over the top but got it on paypals 4 months interestifree so that will be paid before thats up

6 : Anonymous2021/09/25 15:16 ID: he8adf0

thats a fine looking graphics card to be honest

ID: he8lqov

he said, "if i fits i sits" so he did 😀

7 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:11 ID: he8puij

Sweet 1440p card! I had that same exact one. I sold it for 450$ though almost brand new because I upgraded to a 3080Ti

8 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:25 ID: he8rrr3


ID: he8vcmz


9 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:42 ID: he8u4ej

That's a big ass 6700XT, mine's puny in comparison lol

ID: he8vbmu

Go big or go home .... thats what she said 😀

10 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:16 ID: he8yraj

Nice upgrade

11 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:17 ID: he8ysg2

Holy fuck! They're so big now!

ID: he9dz16

/comments/9ei1h3/chonky_boi/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
this 😀

12 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:28 ID: he90dgp

Current gen hardware is really something, especially the higher end. I have a NH D15 cooler on my 5900x and an EVGA 3080ti, I can't even see my motherboard (ATX).

ID: he9dvyp

When the wifes is done (will be intel/Nvidia, wont be able to see much of that too, will post an image to this thread when done (most likey built by the 6th)

13 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:32 ID: he90wpc

I love the reference vega design, soooo slick

ID: he9dstc

It was shame the cooler was not the best

14 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:01 ID: he9l04g

Did the same yesterday from a gtx 970 to 6700 xt

15 : Anonymous2021/09/25 15:50 ID: he8exvu

Love my Strix 6700xt! I overclocked and undervolted it, and it beats most of the 3070 benches I’ve seen.

ID: he8gjpa

Mine is set at stock OC atm, when I get time off before starting my new job I will tweet it to be nice

ID: he91sru

Why did you not push it to max clock speed with that cooler? Also what clock did you get out of it? I had a strix but it was crashing a lil over 2,8ghz while using very lil power, I never knew what was up with that.

ID: he9azo9

I think I have it at 2700 MHz, but I am not home to check. Can’t remember where my RAM is either. Anyway, I care more about a solid OC combined with a good undervolt to control temps then I do about getting every last frame. I’d rather have 90% and stability then 100% and problems.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:29 ID: he7wp83

How much K$?

ID: he871an

1998446.32 if google is correct on the conversion

17 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:29 ID: he84b2q

Cries with 1060

ID: he873ge

I also just got a new job so felt like splashing out 😀

18 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:33 ID: he84riw

Woah. Big lad indeed.

ID: he86iqi

yeah he just fit in the Define R7 Compact

19 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:52 ID: he87a11

How is living with only one kidney ?

ID: he87x0o

as said above I just got a new job paying £1k a month more so yeah I though it was worth the upgrade, One kidney is ok I guess, just have to take it slow 😀

ID: he88hae

Congrats on the new job. I also got a new one recently and that's when I actually started to get money to build a PC 🙂

20 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:11 ID: he8pwzx

I miss my Vega Sold it just before pandemic hit (bought 5700xt) and shortly after I realized I’m a gpu and psu away from building a second pc

21 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:32 ID: he90xk5

Can you report back on power consumption? I had a strix but it was using very low power (like 170w in read dead) and was crashing a lil past 2,8ghz. I don’t have it anymore but I would like to know if it was a bios or a die thing. Thanks.

ID: he9drig

strix but it was using very low power (like 170w in read dead) and was crashing a lil past 2,8ghz

From some basic testing today its pulling anywhere from 180 to 210

23 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:10 ID: he9m9fa

I had a Vega 56 with the Samsung (IIRC) RAM so I was able to flash the 64 BIOS on it. It ran great, but also very toasty.

The 5700XT was a very nice improvement. And even though the 6700XT now isn't a huge upgrade, it's quieter and noticeably cooler running. Plus it seems pretty happy with a mild OC through the AMD software. So. I'm satisfied until the chip shortage resolves.


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