Detroit: Become Human’s Original Controversial Content Partly Drove Sony Away From Quantic Dream – Report

1 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:54 ID: pvd4h4
Detroit: Become Human’s Original Controversial Content Partly Drove Sony Away From Quantic Dream – Report
2 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:06 ID: he9dlat

I distinctly remember a section at a brothel and the implication that one of the main Androids, North, was a prostitute. I feel like they got the point across without resorting to the "blonde hair and huge boobs" of it all.

ID: he9m1q8

Yeah it didn't have to explicitly say, you knew that there were androids on mass being heavily used for sexual purposes

ID: he9ps5e

I thought it was explicit enough. I exactly knew what it was when I stepped into the brothel and I didn't even hear about this controversy until now.

ID: he9o6zi

Or they could have. Not everything has to be a subtle subliminal message. Sony is just known for censorship

ID: hea47ny

It really wasn't an implication. She was a sex bot.

ID: he9v5p4

Yeah I mean they could have gone the Cyberpunk route by having sex posters everywhere, people barely dressed and dildos literally everywhere.

Whereas CDPR don't seem to understand that subtlety is far stronger at least these guys went the subtle route eventually.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:15 ID: he96ovy

I mean be honest. If robots like that actually existed, besides military occupations, the number 2 or 3 use would be sex robots. Thats just the way the world works. That was the most intriguing part of the game imo. How sex robots function in this new world. Do they have rights? Can they say no? I wouldve liked to see that 4th character tbh.

ID: he9g8bh

Pretty sure itd be first sex and second weapons in that order only in the real life

ID: he9gjdu

Pretty sure "reality tv contestant" would be in the top three as well. Real Robots of Detroit or some crap like that.

ID: he9ocna

I feel like the order would be.

Can it kill us? Can they work for us? Can we fuck?
ID: hea3gwy

I mean if I had no reason to believe they were sentient or even could be, I'd probably buy a Connor to fuck.

The general population in Detroit's universe are actually pretty damn progressive insofar as you can sway public opinion to the android cause without actually even doing all that much and despite how crucial androids as slaves are to the economy.

I mean I tell Alexa to shut up sometimes and don't feel bad about it. I have no reason to believe the voice talking to me is in any way sentient. If I found out she was, I'd stop and immediately feel bad about it. But until that happens I'd absolutely spend my time slamming Connor.

ID: hea4vef

Let's be real, if people could have robots like this as sex bots or partners and was normal they would in a heartbeat. Having someone completely loyal to you, not subservient in most case, but just loyal to the point you'd never doubt it, would be a no brainer.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:55 ID: he93zh8

Known and reliable industry insider Tom Henderson, who was one of the first ones to leak Quantic Dream’s upcoming Star Wars game, has shed some light on the relationship between Sony and the French developer. Quantic Dream’s partnership with Sony was at its peak at the time its hit PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain released, but reportedly came tumbling down as the studio delved into controversial content for Detroit: Become Human.

According to Henderson, Detroit: Become Human originally had four protagonists, one of which was a “whore” Android that featured “blond hair and huge boobs.” The protagonist came with controversial scenarios that sat outside Sony’s comfort zone, and partly contributed towards the company wrapping up its three-game deal with Quantic Dream “ASAP.”

At the time the deal ended, Quantic Dream was reportedly working on an open-world space game for Sony, codenamed Project Karma.

“The project was dubbed Project Karma and eventually turned to Project Solstice,” wrote Henderson. “The game had been in development for around two years. Project Karma/Solstice was eventually cancelled as Sony wanted their third and final title in collaboration with Quantic Dream to be on a Detroit: Become Human Kara demo that Quantic had created. Quantic Dream was also having game engine difficulties with an open-world game.”

Henderson can’t say if Project Karma/Solstice has been “morphed” into the rumored Star Wars project, but his sources suggest that the engine Quantic Dream was using back then cannot handle an open-world game.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about the Star Wars game.

[Source: Tom Henderson (Twitter)]

ID: he9n3fs

I remember the internet going wild after the Kara demo. We didn’t get a real Kara game but Detroit was, in my opinion, their best game so far. I wouldn’t fault Sony for asking for the Detroit game because we were all pushing for it.

ID: he95qte

It still would have fit the narrative if they went along with the character. It's morals and decisions and the stories behind your choices.. just because the background isn't pretty doesn't mean it's not believable. Could have used "prostitute" type of character but I get it.

ID: he9y5qc

Just seems weird that would be outside Sony's comfort zone considering something like tlou 2. With them wanting to push boundaries in gritty storytelling and all. It'd be interesting to see how that character was fleshed out.

ID: he97dzt

It's pretty believable imo, the sex industry is huge and constantly around. OF itself should be a very recent indication of how much people value having that kind of material at home.

ID: he9gu0e

Yeah but quantic dream is already terrible at handling any real or serious issues that carry any sort of weight and there’s a very good chance this character was a prime example of that.

ID: he9v8kt

It's funny when you look at the three games Quantic Dream made for Sony. The first, Heavy Rain, had sex scenes and shower scenes, both with nudity. After that they had Beyond: Two Souls which leaked a hugely controversial nude shower scene from actress Ellen Page which she didn't consent to. Then they follow up with this stuff in Detroit. I would say if you take all their games into consideration, especially what went down with Beyond: Two Souls, then Sony parting ways makes sense.

ID: he9581s

“whore” Android that featured “blond hair and huge boobs.”

Sounds like David Cage is into some weird fucking hentai.

ID: he9dnlt

Blond hair and huge boobs sounds like a standard issue sexbot to me.

ID: he97av5

Is that weird or hentai? If you’re thinking of the design of a pleasure bot in a futuristic world, I feel like that’s just one of the most obvious builds.

ID: he9lwvo

Gamers be like the most vanilla taste in women is weird hentai

ID: hea42gi

Lol how did you come to that assumption?

ID: he9hdxp

Why is that weird? Most people like blonde hair and big tits xD

ID: he95zdf

It's odd how Sony strives for diversity with their gamers but then shoot their foot when it comes to things like this. The event seems pretty plausible and we've heard similar things when it comes to Japanese developers for Sony (though in their case I think it was more fanservice, as opposed to depicting some real life phenomenon in Quantics case). Sony seems keen on letting their console look family friendly but are also trying to appeal to mature audiences specifically through their first party games. And the thing is, it's fine if they want to do this, but they should make their policies or preferences clear to players and developers, but they won't because that'll lead to bad PR and possible loss in sales.

They clearly know it's a weird placement to be in but they'd rather keep doing these practices behind the scenes which just indicates developer disregard as they are in the position of power. It's normal business practice, but it's these kinds of situations that foster this environment of constant leaks and rumors in any department from game reveals to company ethics.

For example, Nintendo was pretty clear on its stances regarding this kind of content in the past, and they've started to branch out with the switch because they know the industry is more expansive and diverse than ever before. That and they know that the decision to buy these kinds of games are best left to the consumer, the games will still be rated M. Because they have a better awareness for these things, they're less likely to be pressure by investors which I assume is the case for Sony's sudden change (they were fine with this content in the past). These types of stories started coming out after the PS4 which is when Sony had a huge rise in company value and most likely started getting more shareholders and investments who gave their input on things like this which they decided to cater to.

All speculation though, but it's been obvious that certain developers get different treatment when it comes to things like this, whether they be a first party Sony developer, some big AAA developer, or some mid tie

developer. Who know's how much they're losing out on with things like this but that's not really the issue, the issue is the way they're handling their communication with consumers or developers and what kind of an environment that's fostering.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:27 ID: he9ocjl

To be fair David Cage isn't exactly a subtle writer, and likes controversy for its own sake. Some of the writing that ended up in the final game is really some cringy edgelord stuff

ID: he9z3yw

I don’t think he likes controversy. I think his writing is incredibly heavy handed and because of that it creates controversy, but he thinks he’s being smart.

ID: he9zjgw

but he thinks he’s being smart.

I think it's more that he thinks the player is stupid.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:56 ID: he9kbtn

Everyone’s bemoaning “censorship” without knowing the full story. It might’ve just sucked.

ID: he9pq8d

I mean, I hope that was one of the features

7 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:36 ID: he9phde

I don't really believe that is what drove Sony to drop quantic, unless it was some graphic fetished simulator they had planned.

Realistically if you look back at quantic's history they were always always causing Sony trouble in the news; Heavy Rain had the nudity scene, then Beyond had it's own controversy. When you look at it, Detroit was actually pretty reeled in comparison but I think Sony didn't want to be associated with quantic anymore because of the bad press. It was essentially their last game together.

In Detroit, they kind of did touch on the sex worker aspect when you investigate the brothel with Connor and also the Traci and North storylines.

ID: he9sw9p

Yeah I think the real problem for Sony was more along the lines of "here we go again..." than it was "whoa! Sex robots are way over the line." When you combine that with the way Quantic dream wasn't growing and improving the way their other studios and big partners have been, it seems pretty obvious Sony wouldn't feel compelled to keep investing in them for the future.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:40 ID: he9q0om

I'm glad this didn't happen because I don't trust Cage to deliver a storyline about a character involved in prostitution with any sort of nuance or integrity, tbh.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:25 ID: he9o6ig

Yeah no the director is very fucking weird I’m glad they cut the fourth protag

10 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:16 ID: he9ukmd

This wannabe insider didn't know whore android Traci is already in the game? Nothing really changed except she's not a protagonist.

What's the controversy? Cyberpunk has sex and penis. Nier has 2B. Couple of PS games show nipples. This is just "since you can't verify then I'm not wrong" claim.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:11 ID: he9u07o

While I believe that there was a whore bot, I don’t believe that Sony was driven away from them. There’s 0 word about it and let’s not ignore that QD was always independent but just partnered with Sony. I guess time will tell in the end if they ever partner with Sony or continue with being fully independent and third party but I in no way believe Sony doesn’t like them to the point where they wouldn’t partner with them again

12 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:29 ID: he9w9cd

Gamers thinking a prostitute android would be an interesting and intriguing way to tell a story is a very Gamer moment.

ID: hea58pw

With a good writer it definitely would be an interesting story, unfortunately I don’t think anyone at QD would live up to that

13 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:10 ID: he9m941

Fairly common trope in sci-fi that involves androids. But given the game’s level of exploration of its themes (rather surface level in my opinion though I do applaud the their effort in branching narrative), I can see how sex worker character would’ve been a bad move, especially if that physical description. These kind of subject matter, if not handled delicately and with a decent amount of depth and exploration, could go the wrong way rather quick.

Not that I agree with publisher making big creative decisions.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:15 ID: he9mwal

Meanwhile Sony is heavily promoting an shooting FPS that has gun violence in it and bodies being blown apart but having an sex robot as an main character is crossing the line lol

ID: he9o68o

Look up David Cage/ Ellen page controversy.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:03 ID: he9d9ea

lol, this was the breaking point for Sony?

16 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:18 ID: he972cl

I remember reading that quote from David Cage about how Detroit was going to be like Blade Runner but you’re supposed to sympathize with the androids and immediately feeling comfortable in my decision to just not play anything from that studio

ID: he9gmeg

Werent you supposed to sympathise with the robots in blade runner? Been a long time since i saw it but i def felt they got the shaft

ID: he9h1gm

You’re absolutely right that we are supposed to sympathize with them. You understand the story of blade runner more than Cage lol

ID: he9nl9j

Why did you feel that way lol

17 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:43 ID: he9indw

What the heck is going on, Nintendo is allowing hentai games on the Switch but Sony is out there censoring things???

ID: he9jcm9

Sony allows sex in many games including their own. Probably has more to do with Quantic Dream having multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault against them and them almost getting Sony sued for putting in naked images of Ellen Page's character in their last last game without her knowledge or consent.

It starts to add up where a company may no longer what to be associated you them

19 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:48 ID: he9ymzd

David Cage is such a fucking pervert.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:13 ID: he9eggp

You can definitely feel the changes in Sony after moving HQ to SF

21 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:18 ID: he9n7ez

It has all been for the better in terms of games if you ask me. Very little people get upset about things like censorship. I can confidently say this due to the massively increasing interest for their games and console over the past few years.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:30 ID: he98rb5

Sony and censorship name a better duo

23 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:46 ID: he9auww

David Cage and being creepy and Sony didnt censor the the game

24 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:04 ID: he9daxv

What's creepy about a fairly realistic adult theme in an adult game?

25 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:51 ID: he9bn2h

I know this sub is filled with fanboys but you have to face the facts, sony is the most censoring platform. And what do you mean they didn't censor the game? They wanted it to have 4 androids and sony didn't like the 4th so they rushed it as is. Seems clear cut to me

26 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:52 ID: he9bp34

Xbox fan boys bored of playing Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility on their XSX because they have no exclusive games to play so they troll the PS5 subreddit

27 : Anonymous2021/09/25 20:18 ID: he9f6hf

Ps fanboys trying really hard not to bring Xbox into an conversation that’s not about Xbox. (Impossible)

28 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:53 ID: he9bv7d

If you're implying something here then I don't own an xbox. And quite an ironing post since PS5 is relying heavily on its own backwards compatibility

29 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:32 ID: he9p0bu

They must be really driven away from Naughty Dog then.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/25 23:17 ID: hea29xy

I own Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Worlds and Detroit: Become Human. PlayStation really is the more mature console.

31 : Anonymous2021/09/25 23:02 ID: hea0eu8

It sucks the people in Detroit can’t become human.

32 : Anonymous2021/09/25 23:30 ID: hea3yzh

this is ridiculous...


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