Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League key artwork, new content to debut at DC FanDome on October 16

1 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:08 ID: pukjy9
Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League key artwork, new content to debut at DC FanDome on October 16
2 : Anonymous2021/09/24 17:38 ID: he470so

From the Harley Quinn show on HBO Max, to The Suicide Squad movie in 2021, and then this game, I’m starting to love King Shark.

ID: he5xbyn

From the Harley Quinn show on HBO Max, to The Suicide Squad movie in 2021, and then this game, I’m starting to love King Shark.

don't forget about the animated movies (which were surprisingly awesome)!

ID: he5okcd

King Shark is a shark.

ID: he8yqps

Nom noms?

ID: he74mo8

They are such polar opposites but I don’t mind.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:40 ID: he3pybr

I love how no one knows what to do with king shark as a character. He went from a silly computer programmer with anger issues in the animated series to borderline special needs in the newest movie, and from this game it looks like he might just be brooding

ID: he64zfo

then you have the version in the flash that’s literally just a killer croc stand-in

ID: he6c54k

Flash game using the ssd tech please

ID: he9vzdr

They do know what to do with him, he's comic relief in all those versions lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:39 ID: he3px8u

If it's another GaaS title or a game with "seasons" I'm not interested. Market is way too oversaturated.

ID: he3q7d6

I believe they confirmed already this is not a GAAS game, Gotham Knights definitely isn't.

ID: he3vhaq

i thought it was that KTSS KTJL is gaas and gotham knights isn’t

ID: he3qf7a

Oh, well that's a relief then. Consider me interested!

ID: he4dogb

Do you have a source that says SSKtL won’t be Live service?

ID: he3xxaj

I’m actually so glad the Avengers game did poorly, I hope it sends a message that the GAAS model should only be reserved for games like Destiny.

ID: he4a3kh

It was such a waste, the biggest movie franchise and they screwed it up, like how do you fuck up an Avengers game.

ID: he475ai

Hang on, in defense of GAAS it's not that it shouldn't done, it just needs to be done correctly. Avengers sucked as a GAAS not because GAAS is inherently bad (it isn't, I enjoy it the most out of any multiplayer model) but because it was: a) a mismatch between the genre and license and b) failed miserably at the things you have to nail when doing a looter GAAS. The loot in Marvel is mostly awful and on top of that the enemy variety is horrendous, which exacerbates the fact that the loot is borderline meaningless.

Destiny 2 is a successful example of a GAAS because it freaking rocks all the most important bits you need to nail when making a live service game.

ID: he5dki1

Yeah I'm getting sick of these season games. That's why something like Ghost Legends was so refreshing.

ID: he4ywaq

It's not one, they already said so

ID: he3yevp

One Gaas would be an oversaturated market. It’s a shit design made only to milk the most foolish of payers. Hard pass.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/24 17:57 ID: he49rn2

Hoping we get gameplay footage to get an idea what the design is like and a solid release date, last thing we need is more cgi trailers. Same with Gotham Knights, I'm hoping the mistakes if the Avengers game has forced a rethink.

ID: he4jk32

You realize there is a whole gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights, right?

ID: he4cevc

Gotham Knights isn't GaaS.

ID: he4g20f

How many times must it be said? Gotham Knights isn't GAAS. That was literally one of the first things WB Montreal confirmed about the game.

ID: he4xhgp

Yes but, when it’s a co-op multiplayer focuses game (with a passive mentioned of a solo option), enemies with levels attached to them and a emphases on cosmetic and gear level up then it pretty much has the elements of a live service game minus the regular post launch update (also it’s being published by “pay-to-win loot box” WB)

If the game has post-launch updates with added “missions” and/or cosmetics wouldn’t that 100% make this a live service game regardless what that developer said?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/24 16:06 ID: he3tumm

This game is going to be insane, Rocksteady are absolute monsters. Their version of the Batman is perfection, Arkham Knight could still pass as a game that just came out so I can't imagine how a new one would look.

ID: he3xfuj

Even though it probably won’t happen, Arkham Knight desperately needs a PS5/Series X Remaster. That game is simply incredible but even to this day running it on PC gives me performance issues.

ID: he3z1g2

Yeah on PC it's not exactly a perfect port unfortunately. I'd love to see it in 4K with proper HDR support.

ID: he42bdl

It runs perfectly fine on PS5. All it really needs in my opinion is improved anti-aliasing.

ID: he4e9ix

I hope they pull of this off. What made the Arkham good is that they were, at its core, excellent single player games (regardless it being about Batman).

This SS game, based on this article, seems like a third person co-op multiplier shooter, not quite the reason why I played the arkham games personally

ID: he5xm38

Their version of the Batman is perfection, Arkham Knight could still pass as a game that just came out so I can't imagine how a new one would look.

to put this in perspective, i played arkhm knight for the first time earlier this year and couldn't believe how amazing it was. it absolutely holds up perfect today.

(and from a story aspect, i was disappointed with titans season 3 because i kept saying "arkham knight did this story but better")

ID: he755tn

It's so underrated man, I get that some people might find the plethora of batmobile missions and lack of boss fights tedious, but as a whole it's by far the best Arkham game tbh. I also really liked the DLC story content.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:24 ID: he3f715

Hope we get news on all 3 WB games at DC Fandome - Suicide Squad from Rocksteady, Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights!

ID: he3hfpw

Don't think they'll show hogwarts legacy at a dc event. The event is only for dc content.

ID: he4hn0w

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite DC superhero: Harry Potter

ID: he3yja1

Hogwarts is Harry Potter and not DC...

ID: he3qhuh

The Dc stuff is already confirmed, doubt we’ll get anything for Hogwarts

ID: he4g66e

Hmm yes, a Harry Potter game at a DC event. That make perfect sense.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:01 ID: he3khmz

Hell yeah

9 : Anonymous2021/09/24 22:46 ID: he5eo13

I know it’s rocksteady, but with their narrative leads and environment destruction- this feels cheaper than what a Superman game could’ve been. I could be eating my words and this ends up blowing minds, but mind controlled/evil superheroes is totally innovative

10 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:23 ID: he66xvi

They should make it if you try go out of the map in a mission the bomb in your neck explodes

11 : Anonymous2021/09/24 22:39 ID: he5dqpx

It'll be hilarious if they actually provide a in-game explanation/reason as to why Deadshoot is now black since because for the most part, we all know this is because of Will Smith in the movie and because this is part of the Arkhamverse. Other than that i look forward to seeing more from this and Gotham Knights

12 : Anonymous2021/09/24 21:17 ID: he52eld

Who couldn't they have just given us the Superman game everyone wanted?

This isn't bad, but after all the demand for Superman, it feels like the consolation prize.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:21 ID: he3na86

Still can’t believe their next game is a multiplayer shooter….

ID: he3otjt

Wait it won't have a single player story?

ID: he3t523

Pretty sure they confirmed AI will fill in the other members of the team when playing solo.

ID: he3pnh7

It “can be played solo”. Make of that what you will.

ID: he3tyta

It's a single player game with a campaign that can be played in coop, not exactly multiplayer shooter per say.

ID: he4xn9b

Do you have a source for that. I read it is a co-op multiple game with the “option” to play solo.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/24 16:57 ID: he4152w

“Genre bending”

Uh huh.


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