Pleasantly surprised by my 6600xt

1 : Anonymous2021/09/29 12:30 ID: pxud1o

I was lucky enough to get a 3070 on launch day last year but I've barely used my PC for gaming in nearly six months now so I decided to sell it and downgrade. I managed to sell it for £300 more than I could get a brand new retail 6600xt, and I must say I was hesitant after seeing all the negative press about them but considering it was either that or £50 more for a single fan Palit 3060, I decided that the triple fan XFX 6600xt was probably a better option, and I must say I've been impressed so far, with a little settings tweaking here and there, lower AA etc, in most games it doesn't feel like a massive downgrade and I'm more than happy with it so far.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:38 ID: hepyuiv

I keep umming and ahhing about upgrading my RX580 and the 6600xt seems like a natural progression perhaps... my motherboard doesn't support PCI-E 4.0 though and I'm not sure how much that would hamstring it.

Edit: In conclusion, opinion is divided on the matter, but some people are getting by just fine with their 3.0 setups which is somewhat reassuring.

ID: heq4zoi

I'm going to keep using my RX 580 until it dies the next generation comes out, hopefully prices are better next year and my GPU doesn't die on me, it's going to be old enough to start attending kidergarten, hah.

ID: heqwuvo

And here I am with my 6790 starting junior high

ID: hercn74

I upgraded to a RX 5700XT from an R9 Fury X, a card which will trade blows with an RX 580. The difference was between double and triple the performance.

ID: hes22ko

Had upgraded my 580 to a 5700XT before the craziness happened and I was not upset I would say jump to a 6600XT since it's essentially the same jump just with ray tracing and better efficiency but I myself skipped out this generation and will be getting the 7000 series if you could hold on longer then I would say wait if not it's a pretty good option.

ID: her2krx

If prices on GPUs come down, then your RX 580 will become close to worthless to sell used.

The important thing at any time (if you are willing to sell your old GPU) is the difference in price between what you can sell your current GPU and what you can buy the new one for.

The prices do seem to be softening this week given the crypto situation, but there are still idiots like this that are probably going to end up selling their rigs for 1/3 the price they paid for them:

/comments/pxc8g4/5_gh_and_counting/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: hepzii7

And here I am, trying to upgrade to an RX580, without selling my liver.

ID: heq0wd0

It feels like generally a bad time, but there doesn't seem to be an end to the bad times!

ID: heqp50b

What games are you planning to play that your rx580 cannot handle? Are you playing at 1080p?

I sold my 2 year old rx580 for 180 CAD in January of 2021 and got a Strix 3070 for 1080p gaming at 120 Hz

I play Overwatch,CS Go, Watchdogs 2, GTA V

It feels nice to have a newer card but I do not see any real improvements in the games I play at 1080p.

Don't upgrade unless you absolutely need to.

ID: heqoi2o

Don't sell the whole liver, just half.

Then you have half left over, plus a kidney for some more RGB

ID: heqle60

That was me in 2019 after upgrading my R9 280x to a 5700 and overclocking it. Over double the performance and I had just upgraded from 1080p60 to 1440p144 Freesync

ID: heqcr9h

As someone who moved from an RX 580 to an RX 6600 XT, it is 100% worth it. I'm on a PCIe 3.0 motherboard but it still runs great. Make sure you get the latest BIOS for your Motherboard so you can also activate SAM/Resizable BAR. Nice performance boost withot changing anything else. Gave me an extra 5-12 FPS in RDR2 based on benchmark figures.

ID: heq2vuo

I had a couple of RX580s in my unraid rig for a while, they are still solid enough performing cards. I think that's a worth while upgrade though, if you can get one for close to RRP, and not having PCI-E 4.0 wouldn't be an issue, even with the highest end cards you'd barely see any improvement, literally just a couple of percentage gains.

ID: her1seu

Think about it this way.

It is 2x as fast as an rx580 with pcie4.

Most games don't lose much when using pcie3.

A few rare games do -- a couple lose 25%!

But even then, that is still 50% faster than the rx580 in those games. So IMO it is only relevant if you are comparing to say, a 3060. If you play those specific games a lot and have a pcie3 mobo, then the 3060 is a better idea -- though in general that costs a bit more.

If you can get a miner to pay a good price for the rx580 and the 'up-trade' cost from there to a 6600XT is low enough, I'd say go for it. You get not only 50% to 100% higher raw performance (mostly closer to 100%), you get newer video decode/encode blocks, new shader model features, HDMI 2.1 support, and a fresh new warranty.

ID: herd90o

This is me. I went from 580 to 6600xt with a 3600x, b350 pci3 mobo , 144hz 1080p monitor. Total cost to me was £150 after selling the 580. It feels real good man. Close to double frames in most games. Being able to play MW2 remastered campaign on high FPS ultra was great. Playing crysis remaster on high settings high FPS. List goes on. Also, deathloop. Depending on what you want to play it definitely feels like a very worthy upgrade.

ID: hes4yp0

Not at all. Unless you really need the bandwidth four the vram.

I'm using a 5700 atm on a pcie 3.0 boards and it runs great

ID: heqi9lx

PCIe3.0 shouldn't hold back a 6600xt more than 2%. I'm running a 3080 with a stock Ryzen 3600 on a B450 W/ 3200MT/s Ram and with all of these little limiting factors I'm still getting above average benchmark scores.

ID: heqvy8q

PCIe3.0 shouldn't hold back a 6600xt more than 2%. I'm running a 3080 with a stock Ryzen 3600 on a B450 W/ 3200MT/s Ram and with all of these little limiting factors I'm still getting above average benchmark scores.

So previously I've heard that x16 vs x8 usually doesn't make a noticeable difference for gpu performance. Does it matter more for these cards? Is PCIe3.0 x16 insignificantly limiting, but PCIe3.0 x8 would be noticeable?

ID: heq39pl

I'd be careful about that, because the 6600xt has 8 PCIE lanes instead of the usual 16.

For reference, PCIE Gen4 has double the throughput per lane of Gen3, and 8x Gen4 lanes/16x Gen3 lanes (which is the same throughput) is plenty. Even a 3090 can't use too much more than that if I recall.

But if you don't have a PCIE Gen4 slot, the 6600xt's 8 lanes get downgraded to Gen3, cutting your throughput in half. And according to benchmarks, that will cause you slowdowns.

If you have/can get a motherboard with a Gen4 slot (any B550/X570 board for example) you're golden and I think the 6600xt would be a nice buy. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

ID: heq99zb

The performance drop is that negligible you won't even notice it.. Benchmarks are saying a 1 - 2% drop in certain titles.

ID: heqkcqy

I recently upgraded my RX480 to a 6600XT, my motherboard doesn't support PCI-E 4.0 either. And while I maybe leaving some performance on the table. At 1080p its been a great upgrade for me and does everything i need it too

ID: heqmwg9

It barely mattered with a 2080ti, so yeah a few percent if anything. So yeah no hamstring.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/29 12:39 ID: heprqvz

Sounds to me like you definetly made the right decision. Apart from Nvidia titles the 6600xt is definetly better than the 3060.

IMHO the 6600xt has the right amount of performance for most gaming usecases between 1080p and 1440p and it is pretty efficient.

Cheers mate!

ID: hepx4ol

If only I had enough money for a 3060Ti, last year. They could be found for a 600€. That card, 3060Ti is a beast.

ID: hepzswo

I recently overclocked my new 3060ti and it’s very close to the 3070. I was a DLSS nay sayer till I saw it for myself and it powers my 3440x1440 monitor with ease. It’s a great card and will easily last until the shortage ends

ID: heq6rhw

3060 Ti is indeed a beast. I got mine for like 460 EUR back in December. Although the 3070 Founders Edition was like 60 more but was near impossible to get. The card hasn't disappointed for what I use it for ie 1080p 144hz. Although still wish could've got a 3070 since I am planning to get a 4K TV. Oh well will turn some of the settings down what the heck.

ID: hepxf5b

I'm going to put a 3060TI in mine after I put a 3080 or 6800xt in my girlfriend's that imma build her as a surprise.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:12 ID: hepvjl3

I've gone through a similar path. Having bought a 3060Ti on launch back in December, I recently sold it to a miner (for a lot more than I originally paid, obviously), got a 6600XT Red Devil as a replacement and some extra cash.

I actually game a lot myself, I would say between 1k to 1.5k hours per year, but all that gaming time goes to pretty much one game only, which is Destiny 2. At 1080p 144hz, both the 3060Ti and 6600XT are largely undiscernible in this game, so for me it feels more like a sidegrade than a downgrade.

I have nothing negative to say about the card. I've paid considerably above MSRP for my card (since I didn't get it at release day), and in fact, I've paid what could be considered 2070 Super money (~590 euros), for 2070 Super performance, two years late. While it might sound bad, in the context of 2021, I think it is not a bad deal. Drivers are rock-solid, the card is quiet and pretty. I've tried tweaking a little bit but I am not happy with the results I got from wattman, so I just let it run on stock.

I actually think the 3060 is also a a pretty appealing card on its own right, but generally costing more than a 6600XT is a no-no.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:44 ID: heq7sgx

I build machines in my local area and 6600xt is my recommendation for most people nowadays. Captures the 1080p and 1440p markets. Crypto mining is booty on the 6600xt so you can actually find them in meaningful stock. Pair it with a ryzen 5 and you have a powerful and flexible system under 500w and with decent overhead. People who want more are enthusiasts in by book. The average person would be very happy with a 6600xt.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:47 ID: hepzxxq

Yep once you try an AMD GPU you start to notice people just saying things without knowing what there talking about.

A lot of posts of people saying bad things always end up with "O I had no idea RAM OC may give problems" or something silly "I did not know you need to un instal the Nvidia Drivers".

I moved to an Nvidia GPU for the first time in years (was the only option at MSRP at the time), was amazed how bad GPU OC is on Nvidia compared to AMD drivers.

Iv hit more bugs on my 3060 TI than I ever had on my RX 580, both did have bugs.

One bug that is a pain is the Netflix apps, no idea why it can be so bad. On AMD it crashed the video driver if I had HWINFO64 open but on Nvidia it BSOD at the end of each video with nothing running but the Netflix app..

Amazing user experience, 720P via web or BSOD. Thanks Netflix.

ID: heq904j


ID: heqelaa

I went from frequent crashing on a 5700XT, to no issues on the 6800xt and couldnt be happier.

ID: heruqpn

Yeah everyone who says "AMD driver bad" hasn't daily driven an AMD card in recent years. If they had, they'd know that the drivers are no better or worse than nvidias. As a matter of fact, Nvidia currently has a known issue with stuttering in certain games, especially warzone, whereas AMD currently has no known issues. So, by some people's logic, Nvidia drivers now suck and AMD drivers are perfect.

Obviously not the case, but it's funny to see people talk bad about something they clearly know very little about.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:12 ID: heq3cqk

WHy would you sell your GPU even if you aren't gaming that much?

I don't get the logic behind that decision unless you were flat broke

8 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:41 ID: heq79av

I went from Rx5600xt to the Rx6600xt and I'm really really happy with it! I play all my games at 1080p ultra (Snowrunner, GTA, A Plague Tale, F1, RDR2, Battlefield, Watch Dogs...). Much less wattage consumption, much cooler temperatures and significantly more powerful than the previous model. I love it!

The only problem is that my Ryzen 5 1600AF is bottlenecking a little bit the GPU, but I can still play at 55-75fps in all my games. It will be my next thing to upgrade in the future

I'm happy that you are enjoying yours.

Msi Rx6600xt gaming x

9 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:34 ID: hepy8zi

Hi guys, since you're talking about it, you might just be able to help me out : I bought this GPU about a month ago and
since that day it has never stopped to make some noise whenever I play
some games. It's a weird noise like I know it's the GPU and maybe more
precisely the fans but there's also some electric noise, like if the GPU
is vibrating. Before that I had a GTX 1660 ti and by comparaison it was
way less noisy. I don't understant since the 6600 XT is supposed to be a
silent and cooler model. I tried setting a fan curve and messing with
MSI afterburner but nothing changes. I'm kinda desperate. What options
do I have left ?

ID: hepzm26

High pitch is "coil whine".

If you can RMA it for it, do that.

ID: hepzz3o

You mean coil whine? That’s pretty normal now a days all cards have some from what I’ve read.

You could try making sure you have a good PSU, I’ve read the cheaper ones can make the whine worse.

ID: heq14t4

i got a pretty good psu : corsair rm750. a new one

10 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:40 ID: hepz0sh

It's a good card. The only area it falls behind is raytracing since it doesn't have DLSS to compensate for the fps loss. (FSR is barely acceptable)

11 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:17 ID: heq3xi0

6600xt is usually cheaper in retail, on average better performing than 3060. It’s also very efficient. Good choice for 1080p

12 : Anonymous2021/09/29 15:14 ID: heqc13a

It’s a really a good card. Very efficient, good 1080P performance and passable 1440P performance. Any other time period than right now and this card is a home run for AMD, but shortages and inflation don’t let us have nice things.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/29 15:25 ID: heqdoc5

I literally JUST upgraded from a 5500xt to a 6600xt last week and I absolutely love the performance gains. I ended up with the dual fan Sapphire Pulse version and while I was tinkering with it out of the box, just seeing what it could do, it did seem like it ran warmer than my previous card depending on what I’m asking of it. Nothing detrimental, it’s a great card for the price and I’m actually able to get closer to utilizing all 165hz of my monitor. But I’m now considering upgrading my cooling to maybe an AIO to move some warm air away from my board/GPU and another couple of the cheap Noctua fans to move the air out of my case. It would be nice if they made water blocks for these mid range GPUs so I could maybe do a full water cooled system, but I guess it’s not meant to be. I don’t think I NEED it, but I’ve been really wanting to do some PC tinkering lately and improving airflow feels like a decently priced way of scratching that itch. Now they just gotta put the Torrent cases back on the market again so I can pick one of those up lol.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/29 16:30 ID: heqndb5

I had a 5600g at first, but managed to snag a 6600xt, so I swapped my cpu for a 5600x.

I like the 6600xt. Use it primarily for mining ~55watts 32mh. Not bad. Took some tinkering but it’s been pretty stable.

And if I want, I can play most games at good enough fps.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:28 ID: hepxhid

Awesome. Welcome to the Red Team.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:44 ID: hepzjsf


ID: heq0bhb

Good read, but not every one has those issues.

I've not had issues with my 6800xt, next door neighbour has no issues with his 6600xt.

Not saying people do not have issues, I've had issues with both AMD and Nvidia cards in the past.

ID: heq0gu2

Pretty sad that you have a library of screenshots waiting for anyone that happens to be happy with their purchase lmao

18 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:05 ID: heq2cdw

Enjoy your new GPU!

19 : Anonymous2021/09/29 14:23 ID: heq4szr

I wonder if a used RTX2080 for almost the same price is a better option

20 : Anonymous2021/09/29 15:11 ID: heqbk7i

If you have a 5000 series CPU don't forget to turn on SAM in your bios and get even better gaming performance.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/29 16:50 ID: heqqgt6

Went from a 750ti, to an RX 6600xt just because it's the only current gen card I can get and I was quite impressed with the leap. I expected much worse results at 1440p based on all the reviews.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/29 20:49 ID: herpmey

Here I am trying to figure out why my 6600 XT keeps running at 30w and 1000mhz while playing Assassins Creed Odyssey...

23 : Anonymous2021/09/29 21:03 ID: herrqp5

I don't know man, I'm facing an issue with my 6600xt. Here's a post which I made

/comments/pvuo6/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Basically, gpu usage goes up to 99% and fps drops significantly. If I minimize the game and switch back to it, everything goes back to normal

24 : Anonymous2021/09/29 13:50 ID: heq0fqq

I think people are batshit crazy for paying these prices for the performance you don't get.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/29 15:09 ID: heqb9pu

We have to get used to it, scalper price is the new msrp, which affects the buyer decision even further. AMD gpus get attractive all of a sudden since everyone and their mothers want an NVIDIA card. I was lucky enough to trade my 5700xt for a 6700xt but there is no way i will spend $900 on a 6700 xt.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/29 16:16 ID: heqlcr3

Oh man, you know anyone else that wants to make that trade?!

27 : Anonymous2021/09/29 16:41 ID: heqp51r

The 6600XT really is a great midrange card that has all the more modern extensions supported. It's also about the most reasonable card you can buy right now that isn't ancient nor $900+. I got one to replace an older card, and I've been very happy with the purchase.

People might complain about performance differences, or MSRP comparisons, but the truth is, what matters is: What can you buy it for today? How well does it work today? Will it still be useful in a couple of years? The 6600XT is just about as close to a reasonable price as you can expect today, much less than any competitive card. It plays most titles quite well today, even if not perfectly, but the vast majority of titles can be easily tweaked to hit 60FPS at 1080p. With a modern architecture and plenty of VRAM, it should have a good long life of use ahead as well.

IMHO, it's a great card, and AMD did well by releasing it, and people in general will be very happy if they purchase it.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/29 17:39 ID: heqxsn2

6600XT = 5700XT +5/10% with RT perfect for 1080p.

29 : Anonymous2021/09/29 18:00 ID: her0s0b

I find it somewhat funny that a card that beats the 1080ti in everything, is 2x faster than an rx580, is often labeled as only good for 1080p and derided.

Its only weakness in this segment is when used with PCIe3 motherboards, where in most games it loses a couple percent, and a few games loses up to 20%. But even in the worst case it is at least 50% faster than an rx580 -- and rx580 8gb owners can sell those on the open market right now for a high price, making an 'up-trade' to a 6600XT for cheap. Of course that is region dependent, but for many places in the world its a 50% to 2x faster card for a fairly low net cost difference.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/29 18:26 ID: her4le0

My GTX 1080 recently broke, I got the opportunity to buy an RX 6800 XT and I'm super impressed with the performance, including the ray tracing!

Even the H.264 and H.265 encoding support is extremely efficient and clear on this new architecture, which was one of my fears since I do a fair bit of remote streaming.

No complaints really!

31 : Anonymous2021/09/29 18:43 ID: her6zzx

Why are so many still struggling so much to find GPUs? It's bad, but no longer impossible.


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